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Free bondage photos blog 27 January 2022

At last! Tonisha had finally got that freaky white bitch Shannon Turner right where she wanted her. They had been bitter rivals at first, and actually hated each other, but Tonisha saw that little 'tell' in Shannon's eyes that told her that she was a closet submissive.

The way she looked down, and even very slightly shivered whenever Tonisha flashed her long ebony legs. Shannon fantasized about being dominated by a black girl! Holy fucking shit! This was too good to be true!

Little by little, Tonisha led her on... and reeled her in! Once Tonisha slapped a lip lock on her and forced her tongue down Shannon's mouth, she was hooked. Once Tonisha licked her ear, Shannon was sunk. Once Tonisha got a bunch of pictures and videos of Shannon submitting, not just to her, but to her obviously under-aged little sister, Shannon was enslaved. And that's when Tonisha took out her revenge on that white ass of hers... big time1.

Shannon sobs all the time now, and cries. Most of the time from humiliation. She also cries because she so desperately needs an orgasm that her teeth now chatter loudly!. Hahaha!

This photo was taken for Tonisha's photo album as she and her slave wait for their friends to arrive for the latest party. There have been a lot of parties so far, and 'slave shannon' and her red ass is the 'star' of each one! She's the laughing stock of the whole school!

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