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After an hour or so of slavishly licking the pussies of Tonisha and her obnoxious friends, while using her own fingers to keep herself right on the edge of an incredible, humiliation-fueled orgasm which she was not allowed to have, a sobbing, teeth chattering slave shannon was put to bed on the hard floor of the cage she now lived in.

The cage was against the wall in the living room where any one who visited was sure to see it, and its pathetic occupant. Tonisha had two cameras covering every square inch of the cage and slave shannon was told that if she EVER had the audacity to orgasm without permission, she would be paddled to tears at the next party, forced to edge herself, and the videos sent off to her parents and her younger sister.

Poor shannon spent her days and nights in terrible frustration, waiting in shame and anticipation for the next party in the desperate hope that if she put on a really humiliating show, they just might let her have an orgasm. She had to try! Her humiliation was exquisite. Tonisha laughed at her every day.

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