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Do you want to whip your tormentress, or do you choose to forgive her and to take her place.

"Take a good look at her, Olivia. Your tormentress, your rival, the girl who made your life miserable! Kneeling there all naked with her vulnerable ass sticking up in the air, ready to be whipped with a vicious cane, then shown off in the main hall! How humiliating!"

"Go ahead, Olivia... whip her ass. Whip it good! Give her the first twenty strokes on her bare, spread ass! Unless, of course, you're ready to forgive her and take her place??"

Olivia's own pussy began to moisten and then drip as she imagined the incredible pain, and the horrific shame, that Darlene was about to go through... Mmmm... and she deserved it...

"Let her go, I'll take her place." Olivia barely believed that those words were coming from her own mouth. Her teeth were actually chattering as she imagined her shameful fate. The terrible laughter... the humiliation... the taunting... being exposed and shown off... to... everybody!

Even gagged, Darlene began to sneer in contempt as Antonio began to release the cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Ten minutes later when it was now Olivia kneeling shamefully naked in her place, Darlene would happily whip her hard twenty times, laughing at her, and then beg to be allowed to whip her even more before Olivia was dragged off crying and degraded to the main hall for a fate that was unimaginably shameful! Darlene would then get dressed and join the party, egging everyone on to really 'give it' to Olivia, and recording every second of it!

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