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Cindy had been working very late on an important presentation which she had to give in the morning. One minute she was striding tiredly but confidently through the parking garage in her dark gray blazer and skirt, holding on to her expensive leather briefcase and clicking her high heels on the concrete floor.

Less than a minute later she was trying to scream through the gag that had been placed in her mouth.

Three minutes after that she was squirming stark naked on the filthy concrete floor, her arms pulled around and under her legs and shackled in place.

Two minutes later she was tossed into the back of a minivan where some creep played with her big bare ass for hours as she was driven to a small house out in the Adirondacks.

The following morning, at precisely the time she was supposed to be making her presentation, Cindy was wiggling her big ass, crying, and begging as her tormentors were fucking her ass for the tenth time since she had arrived in the mountains the previous night. As her boss was angrily calling her home to find out why she had a room full of customers waiting and fidgeting, Cindy was wiggling and fidgeting her big bare red-striped ass as she was porked relentlessly in what was to become her new home.

Cindy would spend the rest of her life naked, shivering, and being fucked morning, noon, and night.

She was teased and spanked in between. She could barely remember her previous life through a haze of drugs and constant arousal. She no longer begs to be freed. Now Cindy does all she can to please her owners in the hope that, someday, they may actually let her have an orgasm.

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