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prisoner of the Orcs

When the Elves departed Middle Earth forever, Princess Larawen made the decision to stay behind with her human lover. Once the last ship sailed, Larawen was stranded forever. Well, nearly forever, since Elves were near-immortals with lifespans over a thousand years. This would seem to be a good thing, except for when the Orcs killed her lover and captured her.

Larawen was stripped naked, placed bent over in heavy stocks, and mounted onto an open cart that the Orcs wheeled wherever they went. One or two Orcs always rode on the cart with her, spitefully tweaking her nipples and fingering her clitoris to keep her constantly 'on the boil', begging for their use. She would never be allowed an actual orgasm of her own.

Whenever they stopped for a meal or a rest, Larawen had to service up to a hundred of them with her now toothless mouth and tongue. Whenever they stopped for the night the Orcs would line up behind her like dogs waiting for a bitch while hundreds of them took their turn fucking her, alternating her pussy and her ass.

The truly horrifying fact was that the Orcs, like the Elves, were also near-immortals. After a hundred years as their naked prisoner, she was still giving blowjobs and still being fucked from behind. Only about a thousand years more before she could expect the sweet release of death. That is, unless the Orcs decided to eat her first. They planned to do exactly that, roasting her naked squirming body v-e-r-y slowly on a spit in about nine hundred years. She would moan and beg for days during the roasting, begging for release.

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