Where is your son?

Free bondage photos blog 20 January 2021

Courtney Robinson bound and gagged

“All right guys, get the car ready”, said a man, who was approaching to blindfolded, bound and gagged Courtney. She had no idea, why she got kidnapped, undressed and taken to an old garage. “You know Courtney, your son used to work with us, we were like brothers. We shared, whatever we collected, but in the end, he crossed us. After our last robbery, he took whatever we robbed and escaped. We have no idea, where he is, so we had to kidnap you. Maybe this will help us to find him. My men are going to take you out of city and before that, we should take some pictures of you. Your son have 48 hours to bring back the money, if he wants you in one piece.” Tik Tak …

Courtney Robinson bondage

nipple clamps panties gag crotchrope

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