Cersei and her slavegirls

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Cersei dungeon slaves bondage

With you to the Red keep you brought all of your slaves. And Cersei was quick to Jump into action of traning them. She resented them both and so she had plenty of fun making the Queen of dragons beg for mercy at your hands and at Cersei's. But Margaery she hated the most. Cersei witheld nothing while training her. She used every sexual torture device the scientist at the Red keep could come up with. After a while they both were left as shells of what they were. Now they were iust fuckbags and nothing else.

Cersei reserved the Queen of dragons now Just a whore for you. She didn't like that you fucked other royalty other than herself but she had to accept it.

Plus this way she could keep torturing and teasing the blonde slut whenever she wanted. She even gave Kligain the pleasure of taking the blonde for a ride. The proud and powerfull Queen was now nothing but a slobbering mess who's only purpose was serving you and anyone Cersei would choose. Life was good.

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