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After the destruction of the Elvish army by the Ore horde, and the subsequent capture of the capital of Belendel, the Orcs killed all of the Royal family with the exception of the beautiful young princess Faelwyn, who they cruelly enslaved.

The former haughty princess has been used as a sex toy for the entire Orc army. With dark magic, she is spitefully kept at a hair's breadth away from 'cumming' as she constantly squirms and begs pathetically for an orgasm. She has been told that she may earn one, occasionally, through the use of her 'pretty, moist, little tongue and lips' ! The Orcs slap her on the ass as they laugh at her about her frustration and pitiful need.

Poor Faelwyn tried to nobly hold out as long as she could, but now wantonly licks any Orc cock that comes within range of her mouth, mewling and pleading for the release of an orgasm as she slurps and snorts like a little pig.

Faelwyn will be kept this way for over a thousand years. She would gladly trade her Elvish near-immortality' for just one orgasm... just one!

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