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A Boola-Boola is basically a suspension cuff made out of rope. Personally I think it better then a suspension cuff made out of leather, because every time you make it, it will be a perfect fit and you can customize its size depending on what you do. This is good to use when you going to tie arms and legs spread apart, such as to a bed, or to furniture. Also this is probably the most important technique for doing suspensions, which it can be done to limbs and the whole body itself.

rope cuffs suspension

Step 1: Find the center of your rope, and create a bight.

Step 2: Pull a length of rope from the bight ... for a wrist or leg, you going to need about 1.5 to 2 feet of rope and about 10ft for the body for wrapping and banning.

Step 3: Holding the tails end, wrap the bight around the wrist 2 - 3 times till the desired band width is reached.

Step 4: Take the bight and cross it over the tails

Step 5: Pull the bight thought between the wrist and the band back to the original side.

Step 6: Now take the bight and bring it up, and tie a square knot with the bight and the tails, generally you want to leave a 1.5-2" bight loop on the end.

HINT: If you have extra rope coming off the boola-boola, you can use that to tie to furniture with a half hitch.

HINT 2: If you playing with an escape artist, you can but the tails through the bight loop before you tie it off to the furniture. This will make it impossible for the escape to untie the knot.


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