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Breast Press

Tits and nipples are natural targets for torturous attention.. they jut out, calling attention to themselves! This page will eventually be a hodge-podge of toys to torture breasts. Very simple projects will be here, with more involved ones linked to sub-pages at the bottom.

Monster Clamps

Nipple clamps may be the most common "first found item" among BDSMers. Who hasn't had a pair of clothespins in their toybox forever, perhaps since that fine carry-all was just your nightstand drawer?

People that like (or like using) very powerful clamps don't have many commercial options, but the hardware store has many options. Here are my personal favorites: Adjustable Clamps

These strong-springed buggers are available from 2" to 12" long, and cost a few dollars to about 10 depending on size. Because they're very, very strong, an adjustment is a good idea. Those shown add a 1/4" carriage bolt and wing nut behind the pivot to loosen the pressure. Just clamp the clamp in a vice, drill, and slide in the bolt. Because the bolt must change angle, overdrill the hole. You don't need to work about a recess to hold the carriage bolt head... it will lock against the angle of the handle.

Nipple Presses

These are miniature versions of the common breast press, with a nice improvement easily added if you have a router table. I made this pair from a 3/4" x 3/4" strip of poplar left over from another project. Nipple Presses

These presses are 3" long and 3/4" wide. Total height of the two wood pieces is 1.5". As shown in the end view above, a concave recess is routed along both sides in the center. This focuses the force on a smaller cross-section, and helps the press stay on by squeezing flesh through to the front side. These presses clamp down tight with very little force!

They're easily made from a single piece of hardwood, 16" long and 3/4" square. This piece of stock should be square and smooth. Sand all surfaces along it's length before beginning. The steps from there:

1. Cut the piece in half (obviously, you could start with two 8" pieces)

2. Measure and mark the following on one surface of each pieces (this side will be the outside in the final project):
- Mark exact center. Run this mark down both adjacent sides to align pieces in step 5.
- Mark 1/2" to both sides of center. The middle inch of each piece will be scrap, and the marks made here define one edge of each finished part.
- Mark 3" out from each of the marks you just made. These define the other end of the 3" final pieces. You should end up with about 1/2" of scrap on all ends.

3. On one of the pieces, the "top" piece in step 4, place centered marks 3/8" in from those placed in step 2. See diagram. Nipple Presses, marking diagram

4. Place the two pieces together, with the marked faces to the outside of the sandwich and center marks aligned. Side-clamp them in this position. With the side bearing centered drill marks up, drill perpendicular holes at these four locations through both boards. This approach ensures aligned holes in the final presses. From this point forward, pairing and alignment matters. Hole 1-top and hole 1-bottom must be used together. Mark well enough to keep track of this!

5. Route both pieces to the correct cross-section. I used a 1/2" convex router bit in the setup shown below. You should leave the center 1/4" of the inside surface intact. Nipple Presses

6. Cut the four individual pieces to length using the lines marked earlier. Finish as desired.

I used 2.5" carriage bolts, washers, and wing nuts. Chisel a recess to hold the square tang of each carriage bolt. Screw them together and you're ready to go.

The Projects

Here's the quick summary of the other breast torture projects on BDSM Workshop. You might select one to complete as described, or pull ideas from several to come up with something unique.

Breast Press

Pictured in prototype at the top of this page, I think this design is a major improvement on the more traditional "two boards plus screws" approach often seen in pictures. Easy project that can be completed in a few hours.

Nipple Stretcher

A simple device mostly of metal, used to stretch tits/nipples out from the body usinf any pair of small clamps. No pictures yet.


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