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Little Stocks

These "little stocks" are the most basic form of stocks. They are extremely simple to construct, portable, and effective. They hold wrists and/or ankles securely, and provide a quick and effective method to restrain someone.

Difficulty: Very easy

Finalize Design

This design is too simple to bother with a top/side/front diagram. It's just two identical pieces of wood, each cut with four semi-circles. Placed together, they form four complete circles: two for wrists and two for ankles. This design avoids a hinge, using dowels as pins instead. The four pins keep the boards aligned, and a hasp locks them together (black rectangle in diagrams). Here's the way they attach: Little Stocks Closing Diagram

Measure your intended occupant's wrists and ankles, allowing a bit of slack, to size these respective holes. Space them as desired. Depending on what you'd like to do with these stocks, you might shoot for a very short or long set of little stocks. For example, longer stocks could be secured to a frame or doorway.

Little stocks are most easily made from wood. 2x4 is a cheap and easy approach, and 1x4 hardwoods make very attractive stocks. With appropriate equipment, a similar piece can be made by bending two metal bars appropriately.

Building It

Building the little stocks is quite straightforward:

1 - Cut the two pieces of wood to length.
2 - Mark, cut, and sand four semi-circles into each board, ensuring that the two sets match up.
3 - Mark and drill matching 3/8" holes for pins, two or four in each board to about 1" depth. Use a dowelling jig if you have one. Lacking one, you may wish to clamp both boards in position and drill all the way through the bottom one to ensure a proper match. See diagram. Through-drilling Diagram
4 - Cut four pieces of 3/8" dowel to an appropriate length. Glue these into the bottom board. You may want to bevel the upward-facing end of the dowel for an easier fit.
5 - Clamp the boards together and screw the hasp and staple into place.
6 - Finish as desired. You may want to pad the insides of the holes.

Finished Little Stocks Pictures

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