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Two stocks

Stocks have been used as a restraining device for many years. The picture above shows two small stocks from the middle ages, and was taken at a museum in Germany. Many confgurations are possible. At left above, a stock for two people's ankles and wrists. At right, a single person stock for head and wrists. What distinguishes stocks is that they have two or more crossmembers that are held together to create channels for at least two appendages.

Variations, from the Simple to the Complex

Stocks represent a simple concept... enclosing someone's wrists, ankles, and/or head between some wood is an easy way to limit or eliminate their freedom. The variations on this concept are plentiful. For example:

- Little stocks used like handcuffs, or even thumbcuffs
- Bigger stocks not secured to anything... basically a yoke
- Stocks in a box
- Stocks in a doorway
- Ankle and/or wrist stocks at the end(s) of a table or rack
- Head and wrist stocks at the end of a horse
- Stocks in a dedicated frame, for standing, bent over, sitting, and/or lying down positions

When designing stocks, you may want to think about ways to reuse pieces in althernate configurations or accompodate more positions in the design you're building. This isn't always possible (box stocks, for example), but thinking about it can add excellent versatility to a piece.

The Projects

Here's the quick summary of the three different stocks projects on BDSM Workshop. You might select one to complete as described, or pull ideas from several to come up with something unique.

Little Stocks

Little Stocks

This is a very simple design of the most basic free stocks. Diagrammed for wrists and ankles, but applicable for either alone.

Box Stocks

Box Stocks

Also a simple design, this project has seperate stock pairs for wrists and ankles mounted in a small box. The result is secure restraint in a hunched-over position.

Frame Stocks

Frame Stocks

This very flexible design in a free-standing frame. As planned, the piece can accommodate many appendage combinations in a number of positions.

Details, Plans, Pictures

Follow these links for more information about the various versions:

Project page for Little Stocks

Project page for Box Stocks

Project page for Frame Stocks


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