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Erma was walking toward her apartment on a warm evening in Sarasota when an unfamiliar man approached her holding a map. "Excuse me but do you by any chance know where 231 Bridge Street is? I have been up and down this block and I can't find it. According to this map it should be right here," he asked.

Erma stopped and started to study the map when the stranger moved behind her and grabbed her from behind clamping her mouth hard with his hand. Before she knew it, two other men were dragging her feet into the back of a plain white van. The door closed and they started groping her and removing her clothes. She felt her pants slide off and then her underwear was ripped off. The man holding her mouth slid his hand up and pinched off her nose. She opened her mouth to scream but they stuffed her underwear in her mouth and used her pantyhose to secure them in place by wrapping them several times around her head not only locking the panties inside her mouth but blindfolding her too.

Her hands were stretched overhead and tied together. Her legs were bound at the knees and the ankles. She wasn't going anywhere on her own anytime soon.

Erma had just turned 21 and graduated from college only a week ago on May 6th. She had decided that she wanted to take some time off and experience life before going to work as a school teacher in the fall. Erma had been an eager student and had succeeded with high grades all through her education. This didn't leave much time for fun, dates, love or even sex. Not that she was a virgin. She had dated while in college and experimented with making love. She was educated about STD's and decided that she didn't want to run the risk of unprotected sex with just anybody. Word soon got out that she would put out but that she insisted on her men wearing condoms. So the line at her door soon dwindled away. Now her studies took up all of her free time and so she mostly just focused on completing her education.

This morning she had received an e-mail that her blood work had tested OK and she knew now that her quest had begun. She had signed a contract which would pay off all of her student loans if she worked in the sex trade for six weeks. She was guaranteed personal protection from physical harm and that any of her encounters would be free from STD's as well. She figured she would learn how to be a great lover and get some hard core experience before she committed to a long-term relationship and a full time carrier.

At the end of the six weeks she had the option to sign a second contract for an additional 6 weeks if she wanted a down payment on a house. She figured that she might only get a few days off the whole summer because she had started taking the pill that lengthens your period to once every 3 months. She would be taken away from her home town and used where no one would know her. She also knew that they would use her hard. They told her they would. They also told her also that she could quit anytime she wanted but if she did she would receive nothing. They gave her a code word to use and she would be returned to her apartment and released if she felt that she needed out. Erma had learned of this organization from a fellow student who had graduated the year before and recounted to her how great it was to be out of debt so soon after graduating. Her friend also said that while the encounters were at times intense, most of the time they were very pleasant and the sex was awesome.

Basically she would be a high price hooker although they had instructed her to say she was an escort if anyone asked. Her friend failed to mention the rough start but she had said that she could not tell any details. She would get a bonus if Erma made it through the first contract and double if she made it through the second. Erma had decided she would do her best and they both would succeed. Erma would have the opportunity to recruit her friends if she made it all the way. The organization liked referrals because their success ratio was much higher.

It had been hours since she was taken and while Erma wasn't in any pain, she was somewhat uncomfortable. She started to squirm when one of her captors spoke to her for the first time. "Hold on there missy, it wont be much longer until I deliver you to the ranch. Once you are signed over you can do as much fussing as you want. Now lie still and don't make me have to worry about you again. You got 42 days on your contract and they want you working all 42."

Erma stopped resisting her bindings when he said 42. That seemed much longer than just 6 weeks even though it was the same length of time. What had she gotten herself into?

The van bumped down the road for almost another hour before it slowed to make the turn down a dirt road. 15 minutes later, it stopped and the back doors were opened. Erma was lifted out and then just placed on the ground. There was some discussion between the driver and the ranch hand and then the van drove off.

Erma's head was held up and she could feel cold steel slip down the side of her face. Fear shot through her as she realized what was taking place. But the blade didn't harm her as it cut away the pantyhose. A large paw reached into her mouth and cleared the underwear freeing her tongue and allowed her to swallow for the first time in hours. A bottle of water was offered to her lips and she drank letting the liquid refresh her.

"Thanks!" she gasped as she swallowed the last drops down.

Erma was picked up and slung over the shoulder like a piece of meat.

"To the orientation area for you young lady," gruffed the brute as he carried her to a building around the back of the compound. "All new arrivals are taken to a holding area where you will be checked and given an aptitude test like you never had before. My advice to you is to do your best. If they think you are holding anything back, they will provide incentive that you won't soon forget. Keep your yap shut and follow directions and in less than a week you will be well on your way to working off your debt."

Erma could feel that this guy was really trying to offer some good advice and she made a mental note to keep his words in the forefront of her mind as she met this first challenge.

The door was open and he set her down on a bench that looked like a locker room. He took the same knife out and cut her hands, knees and ankles free. "Take the rest of your clothes off and be quick about it!" he commanded.

Erma hesitated for a second as the request set in and for that split second she thought about the lack of modesty and then she remembered that it was a condition she wouldn't know the entire summer. She was now naked and stood before him facing him for the first time.

This guy was definitely older but built like every cowboy she had ever seen on TV.

"Spin around, bend over and spread em," he neutrally said. She bent over the bench and opened her legs as wide as she could comfortably while still maintaining her balance.

It took a minute but then she felt his hand probe her deep first up her clit and then up her butt. This wasn't much different than when she had been checked at the doctor's visit.

"Ok you can get up now. I just needed to check to make sure that you didn't hide anything from us. We don't do drugs here - ever," he said as he removed the latex gloves and tossed them in a trashcan.

"Your locker is number 16. Put your stuff in there and put on what they left in there. When your done go through those doors and keep a stiff upper lip kid. Your kind of cute and I wouldn't mind training you myself." If you want just ask for ole Harry." He laughed and then walked out and locked the outside door.

Erma was alone for the first time and was a bit apprehensive as to what was in store for her in the next room.

The outfit was a very sheer red baby-doll top that left nothing to the imagination. There was a makeup kit in the locker as well that had a comb, red lipstick and some blush. Erma applied the lipstick and the blush combed her hair and took a deep breath. She faced the door, paused a second, took the handle in her hand and in one motion opened the door and walked into her destiny.

She was greeted with a curt hello from a woman dressed in a trainer's outfit holding a clip board and a stop watch. The room was entirely dark except for a small light over her head.

"Your first test is to give 6 men blow-jobs in 12 minutes. They all have to come and you need to swallow as much of it as you can. You will do this until you get it right so you better figure out how to get these boys off quick our you will be on your knees all night."

The lights came up revealing 6 men standing naked. Three on one side and three on the other.

"Ready, get set, begin!" the trainer commanded.

Erma moved to the front of the first man and decided to take a second to move on him in a way that would excite the entire group. She took her finger nail and touched him in the chest and traced a line all the way down until she had his dick in her hand. She could feel it start to grow as she slowly followed the route her finger took with her tongue letting her left nipple brush the tip of his penis.

She knelt before him and took him deep. She grabbed the remaining shaft firmly with her left hand and in unison stroked and in no time she felt the warm explosion in the back of her mouth. Two gulps and most of his deposit was gone. She turned on her knees to face the man behind her. She reached up and grabbed his balls and then she reached over and grabbed the balls of the guy standing next to him. Needless to say she quickly had their attention and she tugged on the second sack forcing the guy to move closer. With that she moved her hands so that she was gripping both shafts with her hands while teasing the heads of their manhood with her thumbs. Taking number two, she slowly pushed her hand down with her lips, until she felt the head of his penis hit the back of her throat. Sucking hard, she worked her tongue in and out and she soon had to swallow his contribution to this effort. Moving over to number 3, she could tell he was ready because of her teasing him this whole time. His engorgement was near peak. Her lips just about touched his member when the spew began to pump. Erma quickly opened her mouth and milked it dry. When she had his charge down she took him fully inside and withdrew as if she was licking a popsicle stick clean.

When she turned to address number 4 she stopped in amazement. She had never seen a cock this big. His sword was over 9 inches long and equally fatter than any of the first three toys she had just played with. Taking both hands, she placed one at its base and then one in front of that. Stretching her mouth as wide as she could she managed some how to get it to fit inside. But his size made moving on him difficult so how was she going to excite him enough to get him off? She pulled out and released her grip. She took her evening wear off and moved so that his dick was between her boobs.

She grabbed his cheeks with her hands and used his position to leverage her moves as she stroked him up and down. She worked him hard and stroked him the full length of his shaft. The muscles in his legs tensed and she knew he was ready and she once again stretched her mouth over his head. He was noticeably larger than the first time and he barely fit. Two pumps and the fountain poured into her throat filling her with his hot milk. Four swallows later she had him completed.

Number 5 and 6 were no longer standing. The anticipation of their turn, watching her devour the first 4 was too much to bear for them. Erma stood and pushed number 5 back in his chair. She proceeded to bend over him with her butt facing number 6. She spread her legs creating a view that was irresistible. She placed a hand on each side of number 5's chair and using a push up motion she worked him off pumping him clean in no time.

Number 6 was out of his chair driving his shaft deep into her pussy. This was a problem. She needed him to come inside her mouth. At this rate she would fail her assignment if she let him empty himself inside her hole. Swallowing quickly so to not spill any of number 5 she pushed off and stood up. This move surprised number 6 but he remained engaged. He grabbed a breast in each hand and Erma knew she was in trouble. He was near his climax when Erma decided to appeal to him to stop. She arched her head so that she was looking up at him and said "You can have me later but please let me complete my assignment. You can do anything you want, just please let me suck you off."

He was so near the point of no return that her appeal just sent him over the edge and he emptied his tank inside her. Not good, she thought.

"Time?" she asked.

"8 minutes 12 seconds," replied her trainer.

"What do I do now?" Erma asked.

The trainer replied, "You need one more, number 6 didn't count."

"Who?" Erma pleaded. Then she thought of Harry. "Get Harry, please!" she pleaded.

With that the trainer went over to a wall phone and had a quick conversation and then came back. About 30 seconds later in walked Harry. She helped Harry unbuckle his pants and drop his underwear. "Please have a seat," Erma offered.

Harry sat. Erma climbed on his lap startling his legs with her. She kissed him full on the mouth and then offered him one boob to suck on and them the other. She whispered in his ear that she was thankful for his help. Harry acknowledged her thanks with a smile.

Erma proceeded to make love to Harry using her mouth and tongue to please him and drive him into ecstasy. Harry responded with a full load for her to consume. Erma continued to draw his juice taking every last drop. Licking and sucking until he finally lifter her head off and made eye contact.

"Thank you" he said. And she smiled.

The trainer spoke up at this point. "Ok people we are done with this test. Erma you did very well, so well in fact, that you can rest until we are ready for you tomorrow. Harry will show you to your room." Suddenly very sternly, "Number 6 you're expelled! Get him out of here boys."

With that, the room cleared. Harry put on his pants and Erma put on her teddy. Then Harry led her outside to another building and to room number 16. She noticed that the lights were on and the door open in number six and the stud that had almost made her fail was packing his bag while two security guards watched warily. Many men did not like failing.

"No money for him," Harry said. "He was being tested and as you know he failed." This was his third fuck up. He just could not control himself! That dumb SOB just can't follow directions."

Erma just smiled, unsure what to say.

Harry unlocked the door and switched on the lights. "You will find everything you need inside." He said.

"Harry, will you stay with me tonight?" Erma asked.

Harry smiled and said, "Honey you already made my night, I suggest that you rest because you will be challenged tomorrow."

"How well did I do tonight?" she asked.

"Well, I guess just about as well as we have ever seen from a rookie. Most of the girls need to do that test two or three times before they learn to work more than one guy at a time but you figured it out almost right away. I was impressed with how you dealt with that big guy. Man, is he hung!"

"You saw all of that?" she asked.

"Yep, I was watching on the closed circuit TV. I had a feeling about you the minute I laid eyes on you," he said.

"Well thanks for coming to my rescue, I didn't know what to do," she said.

"No problems," he smiled. "You can use me anytime." He bent over and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, "Now get some rest."

With that he stepped out and started to head down the hall. He stopped and turned around and said, "Oh yes, if you ever need anything just ask, ok?"

Erma was exhausted and excited at the same time. She jumped into the shower and washed herself clean. She hit the bed soon after and was instantly asleep. What would tomorrow bring? She could only imagine.

Erma – Part 2

Harry was up early holding a meeting with his staff. They met every Monday morning to review the progress of the talent trainees and discuss the plans for the new trainees. Harry had retired from a long-term carrier in a communication company a few years back and had come up with this idea to meet a demand for high price quality sexologist. He set up shop on a ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal and he established links to all the major casinos. The Birds and Bees Ranch, as they called it, was located outside Las Vegas North of the speedway.

The subject of their new trainee came up early in the conversation. Erma had definitely impressed everyone. Not only did she complete her assignment under the time limit but she had used creativity, overcame setbacks and dealt with the unwelcome intrusion of Number 6's excitement and refusal to cooperate without spilling a drop. They all agreed that she was a natural.

"We'll see how Erma does today before we move her to the top of the class," Harry said. "She has a full day ahead of her and if she isn't ready to quit by the end of the day we will know for sure."

The criteria to be selected as a trainee were fairly basic. You needed to be healthy and free of STD's, carry a 3.2 average or higher, have an attractive face with no missing teeth or unsightly physical characteristics – and last but very importantly they need to like sex. This didn't mean that they had to be experienced, in fact the trainees with the least experience often made the best escorts.

Erma was going well so far because all of this was new to her. Once you decide to release your inhibitions, every experience has the potential to be exciting.

She was lying in bed waiting for the trainer or who ever they sent in to tell her what to do when number 4 with the big cock walked right into her room totally naked. He stood before her and said, "Are you ready number 16?"

Erma hesitated because it was the first time she had been addressed that way. "I guess so" she responded.

"Come with me. You need to fuck for your breakfast."

"Excuse me?" she said.

"You heard me. We have to perform sex acts for our food. Every morning we give you your assignments for the day and we must stay on schedule. Your assignment according to this sheet starts with you meeting all the trainees in the breakfast room. There were 8 of us guys until last night but you were the undoing of number 6 so there are just seven of us horny hungry guys waiting," he replied.

"Does that mean I have to fuck all seven of you?" she choked out.

"You'll see," he said as he threw a sheet of paper with the number 16 on top at her.

Erma grabbed the sheet and started to read the schedule and sure enough it started with fucking all other trainees with only one stipulation. That she must do it in seven different positions... oh my God..

Number 4 said, "Well are you coming or do I need to carry you down to the breakfast hall?"

"I'm coming! Just let me put on my teddy and brush my teeth," she said trying to stall for a little time to put herself in the right frame of mind.

"Don't bother with the teddy. We will just rip it off anyway and then you won't have anything to wear later," Number 4 grinned.

Erma quickly brushed her teeth and took a pee. She combed her hair and put on some lipstick to look nice for the boys. She was kind of looking forward to screwing number 4 because of his equipment.

Number 16 entered the room where all 7 boys and 7 other woman were standing around waiting. It hit her that her assignment said all trainees and she assumed that it meant all the guys but now she knew she was in for a real work out if she had to fuck the woman too. She didn't have any experience with making love to another woman.

Erma decided that she was going to take charge right away rather than let this crowd take advantage of her being a rookie.

"Which one of you studs is first?" she shouted as she made eye contact with all seven guys one at a time.

All seven raised their hands on cue and so she once again did a once over and picked number 3. She remembered that she had grabbed him by the balls last evening and had drug him next to her while she was working on number 2.

"Sweetie you go first. Which way do you want me?"

Number 3 took her by the hand and led her over to a chair where he sat down and gestured for her to mount him facing him. The chair was in the center of the room for all to see. Erma saw that a table had all kinds of supplies on it and so she picked up a tube of lube and walked over to her first quest and knelt down and proceed to suck on his cock until it was rock hard. She then lubed it up and slowly stood up and moved over her target and slowly lowered herself, brushing her tits against his body. The crowd was cheering like crazy as she continued to move on him and in no time she felt him explode inside her.

She had enjoyed herself and she knew she had won over the crowd. They were all shouting, "Me next!" Even the women were yelling.

Erma decided that she would select the smallest girl to be her first female conquest. She walked over to her and whispered in her ear and number 12 gave a big grin and headed out of the room. She was back in a flash with a strap on dong and helped Erma put it on. They both applied some lube to the rubber dick and then number 12 bend over exposing her backside. Erma rammed it home in the front door and proceeded to hump her first lady until she was screaming with excitement.

When she was done she turned to the ladies and said, "OK ladies go get your favorite toy for me to use and I'll be sure to make you sing just like I did number 12."

From there on it was just one big fun event trying out many different positions and different toys. At one time she even worked two ladies at one time using a double dildo and holding it in the middle while she stroked it between them.

She was saving number 4 for last along with her favorite position - her on top….

When she had satisfied all the rest, she sauntered over to him and massaged her body against his, Rubbing him and teasing him until he was at full attention. She took him to the center of the room and motioned for him to lie down. Then she knelt over his face and took him in her mouth as she offered her well used pussy to taste. The whole room was wild with her antics.

Number four was being taunted to clean her out. So he dove in and started to lick her clean. She maneuvered her bottom so that he had good access. He was clearly expert at muff diving. He had her near jumping out of her skin and then she came in a big gush. The crowd cheered even louder. Slowly Erma moved herself around so that she could lower herself on him and give him the ride he deserved. She offered him her tits one at a time and slowly withdrew them as she pushed herself all the way down his long shaft. Again and again she moved them back into position for him to taste and then slowly she took them away. The tension was building and he started to arch and she started to arch and she pumped harder. He pumped harder in tune with her and the room disappeared as she brought them both to the ultimate climax.

Cheers and applause were heard all over the facility. Even Harry watching from his office, was giving her a standing ovation. Never had they had a rookie perform so well. Harry wished that every one of his students would be half as good as Erma.

Standing first, she took Four's hand and helped him up. She took a bow and motioned for him to take one too. The cheers started all over again. Erma smiled and asked, "What's for breakfast? I'm starved. Is every morning this much fun? Wow, I love you all."

With that, she was presented with a robe with the number 16 embroidered on it from her first lady lover. The rest of her 'lovers' put their robes on and then led her over to a table and had her sit down. They waited on her, bring everything and even took turns feeding her. She was being totally pampered and she loved it. One by one, they introduced themselves and told them who they were and where they were from. The mix covered all four corners of the US and every point in between. They told her that the rookie orientation was almost always the same format, but that the guys usually had more trouble when it came to doing another guy.

She also learned that a new recruit was brought in to replace a candidate that made it through orientation or that one was washed out for failing three assignments. The facility supported eight woman and eight men in the program which lasted anywhere from 5 to 12 days depending on your ability to master techniques. Graduation day consisted of the whole class making love to the person leaving performing any or all of their favorite acts.

Sometimes graduation took almost 24 hours…

Erma liked her choice more and more. These were great people full of energy and alive with enthusiasm. They were confident and secure and she knew that they all would succeed in life. Any fear she had about not being able to perform on cue was gone. She had bonded with this group and she knew they would work well to achieve their goals.

The next session on her schedule was a first day orientation with one of the trainers. She asked directions and headed toward her appointment in room TR12.

When she walked in she met a person all dressed in black leather. He was even wearing a hood so there was no way to identify who was behind the costume.

"On your knees," a very male voice commanded. She knelt down but held her body erect and head up. He unfastened her robe and removed it from her body.

"Hands behind your back!" he barked. She folded her arms behind her back but as she was attempting to position them he grabbed both arms and brought them together with the palms together straight behind her. A rope was wrapped around her wrist and then a second rope was wrapped around her arms just above the elbows. He drew this rope tight drawing her two elbows together. This was very uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. She kept her mouth shut. She figured that she was being tested for endurance and although she had heard about BDSM she had never tired anything. But then again she was a bookworm. Most of her skill came from her reading sex novels as a diversion from her studies.

Her trainer attached a rope that was connected to the ceiling to her wrist. He pulled the halyard up causing her to stand bent over with her arms stretched to their limit.

This position totally exposed her backside and he took advantage of it.

WHACK! He hit her with a flat riding crop. It stung. WHACK! He hit her other cheek. This hurt.

Tears formed in her eyes. She felt like she was being punished and she didn't know what for.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! Two more slaps on each cheek. She openly sobbed now but didn't say anything and didn't attempt to move. She knew that her response was critical to her completing her assignments so she hung in hoping he would give up before she broke. He hit her a dozen more times and each time it felt like they were harder. Her threshold was almost at the breaking point. But she hung in there.

She heard the door and thought he left her standing alone but instead it was number 4. He walked in front of her and then circled around behind her. "Try to relax," he said as he put a hand on each hip.

"What are you going to do, hit me again?" she asked.

"No, be still and keep quiet," he whispered. "This may hurt if you don't hold still." Then, without warning, he rammed his 9-inch rod all the way up her butt.

His large size stretched her ass hole to the tearing point. She let out a scream but held her ground.

"Sorry," he said, "but I have to do this and you need to have it done to you"

"Ok but make it quick. My arms are numb and my ass hurts inside and out," she said with a bit of humor in her voice. This broke the tension in the room and Four pumped her full of his special sauce in just 10 strokes.

"Thanks," she said when he pulled out and stood in front of her.

"Lick it clean," he commanded and moved to where she could reach his now relaxing manhood. She took her time and cleaned him from top to bottom all the way down his shaft.

When she was done he knelt down and kissed her on the mouth. She responded to his kiss and allowed her tongue to probe his mouth. He stood and released her wrist attachment allowing her to stand upright. He picked her up and laid her face down on the gurney. "I will tie you up now, nice and tight." He tied her legs at the ankles and then again around the knees. He drew her legs up to her arms and completed her hogtie.

He bent over her again and gave her another kiss and said, "Someone will be back to get you for dinner, don't go anywhere."

She replied, "I'll be Ok don't worry about me, I do this all the time."

He smiled and then said, "Open wide"

She held her mouth open and he place a ball gag inside her mouth and fastened the straps under her chin and around the back and top of her head.

Then he added a rope from the ring at the top of the head harness to her ankles and pulled her into an arch. This was a very uncomfortable position but he wasn't done yet. He rolled her on her side and started to suck on the nipple on her left tit. When it was erect, he attached a clamp that pinched really hard sending a exciting sensation inside her. He did the same thing in the same order to her other breast. He probed her tingling clit with his finger and teased her until she came.

This combination of pain and pleasure, while being confined, was exhilarating. She had learned she could be open to any perversion and respond in a positive way. She had this assignment wired. As a smile took over her stretched face, she attempted to say 'thank you', which came out almost unrecognizable.

But Four acknowledged her with a kiss on the forehead, rolled her over back on her stomach and left her in her confinement to ponder what might be in store for her next. Whatever it was she would be ready, willing and able. "I wonder what time dinner is?" she asked herself.

Erma - Part Three

Erma was left alone all secured in her hogtie. Four had tied her up tight and she couldn't work her way out of it. She tried but with no success. She hoped that escaping wasn't part of the test. About an hour had passed since Four had left when the door opened and in walked her First Lady number 12.

"How you holding up number 16?" she asked. "It looks like they did a good job of keeping you just the way they wanted you to be. That's good because that was Four's assignment. Everything that happens here is assigned so don't take anything personally. If they do something to you it's because it is to teach everyone involved some lesson or technique."

As she was speaking she unfastened the gag and head harness to give Erma a partial rest from her confinement and offered her some water to drink.

"Thanks," Erma said. "I've never been tied up before but it isn't so bad."

"I know what you mean," said number 12 "I had all kinds of issues the first time they had me strapped up like a piece of luggage but once I relaxed it went OK. Looks like Dr. Pain visited you? Your cheeks are still red."

"Yeah, that SOB did the job on me! What gives with him anyway? Who is he?" Erma asked.

Number 12 took some hand cream and rubbed it on her back side easing the sting from the riding crop. None of us know who he is. He always comes fully dressed from the faculty area and returns without removing his hood. Some of us suspect its Harry but I think he is too tall to be Harry. Anyway Harry is always kind and I've never even seen him angry when a student fails. So it must be someone else. Wait until you meet the Madam. Now there is a treat. She wears a studded tit's-out leather outfit and boy will she give you a workout! The guys all call her the Wicked Witch and she definitely has a different approach to what pleasure is."

Twelve rolled her over and saw the nipple clamps. "I'm sorry I didn't see these earlier or I would have removed them first. I hate the damn things but you will find that they do serve a purpose but it's OK if I take them off now." She removed both clamps and then rubbed the nipples to restore some blood flow. They failed to responded quickly so she sucked hard on one and then the other, back and forth until both nibbles were showing signs of recovering. She didn't stop. She massaged both breasts with her hands and licked, sucked and kissed the entire area arousing Erma. She kissed her full on the lips and then drove her tongue deep inside Erma's mouth. Her right hand slid between the legs and found her love gateway and probed deep with her slender fingers. As the juices flowed, she increased the count until she had her whole hand inside Erma. She wasn't as big as Four but the sensation was so different. It felt like she was holding on to some part of her but on the inside and the constant massaging inside and out had Erma jumping in her confinement.

"You're fantastic at this!" Erma exclaimed. Suddenly the explosion that was building erupted from deep inside. It was nothing like she had ever experienced before and she knew she would quickly get addicted to such a good feeling.

After Erma caught her breath, Number 12 replaced the gag but didn't refasten the head rope or reattach the nipple clamps. She kissed Erma on the forehead and left the room.

Erma was near exhaustion. She needed food and some rest. Could she sleep like this? She thought she might as well try.

The sound of the door woke her from her slumber. A man walked in and set up a table in the middle of the room. He lit candles and turned on some soothing music.

"Good afternoon, madam, I am Paul the resident physical therapist and I am here to give you a massage to work out the kinks from your restrictions. Would you like to have a massage?"

Erma nodded yes and looked at him with pleading eyes. He lowered the lights in the room and approached where she was lying. He removed the gag and asked, "How will you be paying for this?"

"I don't have any money! How am I supposed to pa…" She stopped mid questioned and asked, "What is your fee?"

"Very good, you catch on quick. Well a blow job gets you 30 minutes and a fuck will get you an hour."

She cheekily replied, "I like to fuck, what do I get for both?" She smiled.

For both I will arrange for you to skip the pre dinner performance and throw in a one hour massage with hot oil, but you will have to do the blow job first and then after you are all limbered up, I get to take you any way I want."

"Ok, deal. Don't just stand there! Get me untied so I can taste what you have to offer."

Paul untied her knees and her ankles but left her arms bound. He rolled her on her side and then helped her to sit up. He waited a few minutes for her to gain her equilibrium then he helped her down off the gurney and led her to a kneeling position in the center of the room next to his table end. He lowered the table to a slightly higher than sitting height and removed his pants and underwear. He sat in front of Erma and said, "Ok, have at it!"

Without saying a word, she bent over and took his not so erect cock into her mouth and sucked it all the way in. He responded with an instant reaction and she felt him grow inside her mouth. She rode it all the way up until it was at full salute. She worked her tongue around the head, paying special attention to the bottom. When she felt him tense she took him full in until he hit the back of her throat then she let him come inside her mouth and she drank it down. She withdrew and knelt full upright and she stood and turned so her arms were facing him.

Paul could barely move, but recovered enough to sit up and eventually untie her elbows and her wrists. Erma was free for the first time since Dr. Pain had wrapped her up like a pretzel.

She slowly turned. "Thank you for my freedom. I enjoyed my dessert. "Grinning, "You were very tasty."

Smiling, Paul got up and readjusted the table and then helped her to lie down. He took out the oil and began to work on all of her knots. There was pain and pleasure at the same time as his hands did a marvelous job kneading each and every muscle. He was an expert and soon she was almost unconscious from his attention.

The hour passed quickly and as he worked the last tension out of her forehead, she smiled and said, "How may I serve you Master?"

Paul smiled and said "I want what you did to number 4 this morning."

Erma rotated out of the table and stood in front of Paul and undressed him starting with his shirt and working her way down to his pants which he had put back on. She motioned for Paul to lie down and helped him position himself on the table. She climbed on and as she had done with Four she slowly lowered herself on his erection. She worked her boobs to his mouth and then out several times. She sped up the frequency pumping harder and deeper. She felt him arch and she took both his hands and placed them on her tits as she straightened to vertical. She stopped and settled her weight on his shaft until his urge settled. She had him at near peak and she teased his hands by rubbing herself with them. "Is this how you want to finish or would you want to try a second position?"

Paul considered her offer and said "I would but I think I'm too far gone. It's OK if you continue the way you were going."

"No really, I insist. If you could have any position which one would you choose?" She pumped him one time to keep him on edge.

"I love doggie style," he said.

"Well then doggie style it is." And she disengaged and steeped off the table allowing Paul to roll over and get up on his knees. Erma climbed back on and offered her tail to him shaking it as she bent low giving him a complete view. He mounted her grabbing on at her waist and driving it home. He pumped it hard and his pleasure was her pleasure. They both reached orgasm at the same time.

"Wow, you're great; I don't think I have ever been fucked that hard!" Erma proclaimed to boost his ego. "I'll bet all the ladies get in line to have you."

Paul just shook his head and replied, "I've seen some real talent come through here but I got to tell you that you are the most natural student we have ever had. You seem to have a instinct as to just what to do and just what to say without us teaching you. You'll go a long way. You should consider making this a career and not just a summer job. I'll bet you could be a very wealthy young woman. In fact, by the time you turn 25, you could write your own ticket. Now let's get you ready for dinner. I'll bet you're starved, I know I am."

Paul helped her down off the table and helped her put on her robe. He led her to the dinning hall where the pre dinner activity was just wrapping up. It looked like they were playing some kind of game and it looked like number One was about to be declared the winner.

Dinner was a feast and Erma was ravenous. Over dinner the conversation was a recount of what everybody did during the day and the rumor was high that a new number 6 was going to be introduced this evening. They said that if this were true, a staff member would be in to select the welcoming committee. Erma wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not considering what she had to go through just 24 hours ago. Wow that seems like last week not last night, she thought. She had had more sex in one day then she had her whole entire life and maybe even if she counted the horny dreams she could remember having. They all thought she was relying on her experience but she only was using her photographic memory from the many books she had read.

Number 14 was excited because she was near the completion of her training and her day had been spent getting a make over and then a full photo shoot. Soon her portfolio would be shown to an international clientele that would bid for her services. She would have to complete her first assignment as part of her final exam. She would be taking to town to shop for a wardrobe fitting a lady of her distinction complete with the sexy outfits to wear while she was performing. A driver and limo would be assigned to her to transport her to appointments and watch over her. The Company would provide everything she needed. Insurance, food a penthouse apartment in her assigned city, accountants, lawyers, doctors, dentist, you name it. Anything that she needed was hers for the asking.

The door opened and in walked the Madam in her full regalia. The group immediately fell silent. "I want 2, 5, 8, 12, 14 and 16 to follow me. The rest of you get to the gym and get a workout in and then meet with your trainers before hitting the sack."

She turned and marched out and the chosen acolytes followed her in silence. When they entered the reception room that Erma knew so well, they were placed in the back where it was pitch dark so they were out of sight from the newcomer.

In walked a tall blond boy. He had a swagger and it was obvious that he was over-confident. Erma smiled when she saw the look on his face when he focused on the Madam. She got his attention and took control all in one quick move. She took her crop and slapped him across the face dropping him to his knees. "Wipe that silly grin off your face rookie, we have serious work to do here and we won't leave here until you complete your assignment.

He had nothing on but a thong which showed a large bulge between his legs. "Stand up you pussy," she cackled, "and get that thong off!"

Blond boy responded as he was told and as he stood up Madam backed him against the wall and put his left arm in a hand cuff and then did the same to his right arm. Turning she hit a switch and the lights reveling the six came on the same time the slack in the cord connected to the cuffs was winched in and his arms raised to the 10 and 2 o'clock position.

Madam cackled her wicked laugh and walked directly in front of him allowing her nipples to touch his chest. "I guess you want to suck on these?" she teased. "Well I have something for you girlie." The Wicked Witch made appear out of nowhere a device that looked like a round ball, made of metal with about a inch and a half hole at the seam. It soon became clear what the hardware was when she opened the device and then placed his cock and balls inside it and then closed and locked so that there wouldn't be any access to his private parts.

"Ok hot stuff, your assignment is to lay for all six of these fine people. I can tell that they are some of the best we have here and so you should treat them with respect and do whatever they ask. You have 15 minutes to complete your task or you start over until you get it right."

Erma wasn't sure if she had any limits or who would go first. She could just imagine how Hot Stuff was feeling about now. She knew that a mixture of fear and confidence was causing the adrenalin to flow.

"Who wants to fuck with this guy first?" the Wicked Witch barked.

Erma stepped up and asked "May I, please?"

"Thank you! Yes, please show this fairy what he's good for!" The witch responded.

Erma whispered in her ear and the Witch cackled loudly. "Yes you may, dear. Be my guest. What you need is in that top drawer over there. I'll get your student ready." She lowered the cuffed arms and replaced them with a pair of normal handcuffs and then released the wall mounted pair. She led him to the center of the room where she had placed a short chair and had him bend over the back of the chair and then locked his arms to one of the lower rungs. She took a spreader bar and locked his ankles so that he was totally exposed.

Erma returned to face her charge sporting a strap-on dick that resembled number 4, long and thick. She grabbed it with one hand and offered it to his face. "Do you want to swallow all of this or should I ram this up your ass?"

He tried to open his mouth to take in her plastic attachment but couldn't get it past his overbite. "Poor baby, I'll just have to get my kicks all by myself." She circled behind him dragging a fingernail along his side to add to the anticipation. She put some lube on her toy and lined it up and then rammed it home. His reaction was less then perfect and he bucked as she started to pump. Erma's side of this toy was stimulating her and she focused on getting herself off all the while putting it to his ass. She reached a climax and backed out and then smacked him hard on his bottom just to let him know who was boss tonight.

Number five volunteered to be second and he followed Erma's led and offered him his real dick and then took it back and shoved it up his ass as well.

The poor boy wasn't holding up too good at this point when the First Lady number two took pity on him and decided to release him and let him go down on her and get her off. He was much better at pleasing her then he was a piece of ass. The rest of the crew came up with a few more challenges including a real blow job and a face fuck. He just barely finished inside of the time limit and the inductors were released to their quarters to get some rest.

Erma headed right for the shower and to bed. She had a lot to reflect on and she replayed the day over and over before she fell to sleep. Morning call would come soon and they had a new Number Six to fuck before breakfast. What would tomorrow bring?

Erma – Part 4

The morning sun was streaming inside Erma's window causing her to stir back to life. She had hit the sheets the night before and fell instantly asleep. It was the best rest she had had in days. Paul's massage may have had a lot to do with it. She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to freshen up before the morning activity. She picked up the schedule for the day and brought it in to the bathroom to study.

The second part of the initiation of the new number six was first on the list followed by breakfast. A session with Harry was slated for an hour then she was to meet several of the guys in the Madam's classroom. That should be interesting, she thought. Somehow she didn't think she would enjoy this lesson. The afternoon was marked obedience training. Oh oh.

And the evening had a graduation celebration for Number 14. Should be fun.

Erma headed down to the breakfast hall where the student body was gathering. Erma knew what she went through as a female but how would a guy get all the other guys off? He didn't seem to like his challenge the evening before and now he has to face all seven guys and eight woman.

Two other guys were escorting number 6 down the hall naked. They were almost dragging him from the time he saw the crowd waiting for him.

Number four stepped up and put a collar on him with a leash. "OK mutt, you have to make everyone – and I mean everyone in here come before you eat. Only one rule, you can't do the same thing twice. Got it? To make it easy for you, we put all our numbers in a hat and we let the last member to join our group the honor of picking them. That would be number 16." He held the hat out for Erma to pick and she faked shielding her eyes as she stirred them around and picked his first challenge. It was number 5. Tough one to start with but he decided to suck it up so to speak and got down on his knees and proceeded to give him a good blow job.

The next number was 14 and he sat her down and spread her legs and licked her until she came. This went on until she pulled her own number. For some reason Erma didn't want him anywhere where she had to look at him so as he approached her, she turned around and bent over. Now he had already made it that way with one of the other woman from the rear so what would he do? He went over to the toy location and picked up a large dildo. He went to shove it in to her but was stopped by number 4. "Put some lube on that or I will shove it up your butt so far you will need a dentist to remove it!" he said.

Number 6 apologized and quickly lubed the shaft before he gently inserted it. Erma was surprised by his expertise and she soon was near climax. She held it off because she wanted to make him work for it and it did feel good. When she could no longer hold back, she let it release and washed its ecstasy. She turned on him as the probe slipped out and kissed him on the head. "Not bad for a rookie but I have a few more numbers to pull and I'm hungry." The whole group including number 6 laughed.

After breakfast, Erma headed to Harry's office. He had her remove her robe and then offered her a seat. He held out three envelopes and beckoned for her to pick one. He then explained that she had chosen her own fate and that what every challenge was written inside the envelope would be what she would be doing for the next hour. He asked her if she wanted to know what the choices were or did she just want to be surprised.

She said that she would just be surprised.

Picking the middle envelope, she handed it to Harry and he began to read. "You will be strapped into a new contraption called the X-10. Wow kid, you sure picked the hardest thing we have here. I'm told that most can't make it through the cycle. But I got a feeling about you. By the way if you do succeed, you will be offered a different opportunity as a star in show art at a casino either on the strip or other parts of the world. There are two other envelopes. If you want to change, I'll let you."

Erma replied, "No I will try this X-10 thing, it sounds challenging."

Challenging isn't a word I would use and there is no shame in not completing the entire cycle. I'll personally watch you through it and if at any time you can't continue you just need to hum a song. What song do you want to use?"

"I think row row row your boat. It's easy to remember but it isn't a song I would hum by mistake."

"Ok shall we get started? Follow me please." He led her down a set of steps to a large room that had a strange looking piece of equipment in the center of the room. He handed her a metal bra and helped her adjust it snugly. He had her sit up in the middle of the unit and then lay down face up. He took her arms first and strapped them to the arms of the machine. This was very restrictive. He put a mitten style glove on each hand and strapped it hard around her wrist. He moved to her legs and put a soft shoe-like cover on each foot and tightened a strap around each ankle. He inserted probes up her butt and vagina locking everything up tight with a metal belt that was attached to the equipment near her back and wrapped around her waist and between her legs. Her legs were tightly stretched straight out pulling her from her wrist with no room to wiggle. Straps were added to her legs and then one was tightened around her chest below her boobs and then a second one above her boobs. Next he attached all kinds of wires to her body including a clamp on each nipple. These stung at first because they pinched hard but the pain numbed quickly. She was now strapped spread eagle to this contraption and except for her ability to wiggle her toes she couldn't move anything. Harry moved to her head and buckled her forehead down to a headrest. He commanded her to open her mouth wide and he inserted the last probe and connected the last straps. Sensors were attached to her body to monitor her heart rate and breathing.

Harry then explained what would happen. The X-10 had a 10-cycle session that once started couldn't be stopped unless she hummed the arranged song. She was the only one that could turn it off. If there were any medical problems, the equipment would react automatically and the session would be terminated. He explained that there were trained personal who would be monitoring the session and that it would be recorded for future reference. He also told Erma that he would check on her after the first few cycles because the interval between the session would start at 5 minutes and would reduce as the sessions progressed and that the session would get longer and more intense.

"Are you ready? Blink once for yes and two for no."

One blink.

"Good. I have been told by some of the other woman who have tried this thing that the first few sessions are very exciting but the intensity is just too much and they couldn't last through it after the fourth or fifth session. Remember that there is no shame in not making it. Ok let's get going!" Harry hit a switch and the machine came to life. There were a few beeps and then an alarm sounded. Harry checked one of the connections and then hit another button and more beeps then a bell sounded. "Ok the system is up and booted and has completed its self-test. We have all green light now. We had one bad connection that I needed to correct which caused the alarm. I'll be just on the other side of that mirror. Try to enjoy the ride."

Erma was now all alone strapped to this strange medieval contraption. She started to use some breathing control she had learned when the first jolt coursed through her legs. The second jolt traveled up her arms. Then another and another pair causing her muscles to contract in rhythm. As the frequency increased stimulus to her nipples was added to the cycle and the growing urge between her legs was pleasantly building. Erma felt the moisture flow when the inserted probes energized causing her to come – almost instantly! The first session lasted 10 minutes and she knew she had made it through the first wave as the intensity lessened. Harry came in soon after the last jolt and removed her mouth probe. He offered a sip of water from a straw in a cup. She took a good pull and wet her lips and swallowed allowing the water to coat her dry mouth. Harry asked if she was OK and she replied she was. He reinserted the probe and connected it back up. A light flashed and Harry said "That's my cue to leave. I'll be back in about 12 minutes."

Once again she found herself alone but this time she began to anticipate the cycle starting and it didn't disappoint her. She could tell that the system had stepped it up a notch and it wasn't long until she was climaxing repeatedly. The 11 minutes flew by with Erma having 4 orgasms.

As it started to wind down, Harry returned. He offered her another drink and checked all of the connections and straps. Satisfied that everything was OK, he checked her willingness to continue, then he put the probe back in her mouth. She wondered if this was really necessary because it didn't shoot any electricity through her mouth. As if Harry could read her mind, he explained the function of the probe was to measure her jaw tension and protect her teeth. The light flashed 30 seconds sooner this time and Harry left.

Sessions three four and five were progressively more difficult do endure and were just now approaching unbearable. The sessions were almost a blur and Harry wasn't visiting between them anymore.

The session 6 started several notches higher and was working her body out in an almost convulsive state. She was loosing focus and with that her ability to block out the jolts that racked her body. The line between pleasure and over stimulated was soon crossed. When the penetrating probes fired it felt like there was a set of hot pokers stuck inside her. And her tits were so hard from the charges that they were sticking straight up without any droop on the sides. It lasted a full 15 minutes and left her wasted to the point that she dropped off near sleep.

Her breathing had barely returned to normal when session seven started with all four appendages being shocked at the same time at full intensity with a very rapid frequency. It wasn't clear to her if she was having any organisms because every nerve in her body tingled so strongly. She knew she had to do something to block out some of the input but what would help? Erma thought about screaming but she knew that it wouldn't work for long. The only physical control she had was her breathing so she tried to get control and pass the time concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. The thought of humming was strong and she had to fight to not give in.

She laid on the table with just three sessions to go when Harry walked in and removed her mouth piece and gave her some more water. He didn't speak. She swallowed several gulps trying to refresh her body hoping to gain the strength to make it to the end. She tried to speak but Harry just pushed the probe to her lips and she let him slide it in. And he was gone. She braced herself for the first spark.

When number eight hit, she almost passed out. Erma had to fight to keep herself in control. She wanted to hum badly but something inside her head wouldn't let her. What was she trying to prove? She didn't know but she did know that if she could get through this one the next two would be doable. She worked hard to regain her breathing and she tried to enjoy the spasms between her legs. To her surprise she found that if she concentrated she could block out most of the distractions and focus on the intense stimulation and then ride the orgasm. She lost count but when the break came she knew that she was going to make it.

Both sessions nine and ten were taken in stride and as the last jolt stretched her body she heard a crowd of people cheering. She opened her eyes and the entire staff and student body had entered the room. This was a historic event because they had never had a student make it to the end before. With so many people in the room she was released from her captivity in no time. Harry helped her sit up and offered a towel and a cold drink. She drank it down as she wiped the sweat from her forehead and neck. All the girls wanted to know how she did it and the guys were just glad they were never put to any test like this one.

Harry quieted the crowed and then asked them to give her some space. He helped her stand and then put a robe on her. She wrapped it loosely around her body. Harry said, "Look, you have earned the rest of the day off. Why don't you go get some rest and we will talk about your future later?"

Erma nodded to Harry and then took a bow to the crowd. She knew now she would be immortalized as the first student to conquer this damn machine. She turned to Harry and said, "Hey, I want it named after me!"

Harry thought a moment and shook his head in agreement. "Done, I will have a sign made up calling it 'Erma's Endurance Endeavour. E cubed.'"

"Fair enough," she said and turned and walked up the stairs and back to her room. Erma wasn't sure she wanted the afternoon off. Somehow she wanted to be occupied and not just left alone. She thought she might shower and attend her next scheduled lesson anyway – although it would be hard to top what she had just accomplished.

Erma - Part 5

Erma felt refreshed as she stepped out of the shower. The X-10 had thoroughly worked her over and yet she was still riding the high from the experience. Harry was standing there watching here and this took her off guard for a second. "How long have you been standing watching me?" she asked.

"Believe it or not, I just entered the room as you turned off the shower. I wanted to speak with you about your accomplishment. No one in our school has ever completed this exercise before. I contacted the organization that manufactures the X-10 and told them of your success. They were very excited, because they have only had a few other women show enough resolve to make it through. They want me to do a few other tests and then depending on the outcome they want to interview and possibly make us an offer. You see if they decide that they want you they will offer to buy your contract. You would of course have the option to decide if you wanted to go. They will make a presentation to you outlining their deal and what your obligation would be. I can tell you that they have a very different application for your talent. Either way you will achieve your goals and will have choices to make affecting the rest of your life. In fact you can actually do both jobs if you want some of the action you signed up for. Now lay face down on your bed please."

Erma complied with Harry's request and dropped her towel and laid sideways across the bed near the foot. Harry brought over a bag and began to lie out different lengths of rope and assorted other devices. He first covered her head with a hood that was very tight fitting but left her eyes, nose and mouth exposed. It buckled under the chin and around her neck. Next he pulled her arms straight back and placed her palms flat together. He slipped a bag like device all the way up to her shoulders and attached it to the collar on the hood at the back of her neck. Pulling several straps starting at her wrist, he drew her arms tight together all the way up to her elbows. This was very confining. He spread her legs apart and inserted a vibrating dildo into her vagina. A second probe went up her butt and then was inflated causing a very tight and exciting sensation. Harry closed her legs and wrapped a thick rope several times around her knees. He completed the tie with a few wraps – a cinch - between her legs and drew everything up tight. A similar wrap was applied around her ankles. A long tail was left on the rope that threaded between her ankles and was passed through a ring on the top of her hood. Erma was nearly lifted off the bed as the rope was drawn tight pulling her feet and head toward each other. Two straps were passed on either side of her tits and pulled tight to the arm binder holding it in place. A rope tied her knees to the other end of the arm binder. It was clear she wasn't getting out of this on her own.

Harry moved to her front and lowered his head so that she could focus on his face. "I am almost finished preparing you for your next task. Is there anything that hurts?"

"No," she replied.

"Good. Now listen carefully. I will be placing a gag in your mouth that will allow you to breathe through it. You will be checked by someone every half-hour or so. If you need to be released you just need to let them know and I will come at once. Any questions?"

"How long will I have to stay like this?"

"That depends on you mostly. Anything over 8 hours would be good. 12 would be great. Now are you ready to start the clock?"

"Let's do it!" she said. Harry inserted the ball gag with the hole in it and snapped it to the hood. He clamped two vibrating nipple clamps to each of her protruding tits. He noted the time 11:32 AM.

To her surprise, three other members of the staff wheeled a gurney into the room and help Harry to lift her onto it. She was moved out into the covered courtyard in the center of the facility and placed on a table with a pad hidden under a cotton cloth.

She was now on display for all the school to see and play with if they felt like.

Erma was the topic of a fast spreading conversation and soon a crowd had gather to take a look at this live statue. Number 6 approached her and fondled her tits groping, pinching and generally just being rough. He was enjoying her predicament and wasn't respecting whatsoever. It wasn't long before he found himself being hog-tied and gagged with a sock. It seemed to Erma that the whole student body had taken a dislike to him and he was now lying naked in the hot sun unable to move anything. No one even gave him a second glance. After about an hour the faculty moved him inside and he wasn't seen again. The kid just didn't get it. His head just wasn't in the right place.

As promised about every half-hour or so, a classmate would remove her gag and check that she was OK. They would offer her a drink and see to it that she was not in any pain. If she complained about a rub of a rope they would adjust it to reduce the strain. Some asked her to describe how it felt; others just tended to her needs and quickly replaced the gag and moved on.

When it was number 4's turn to check her he was very gentle. He wiped her down with a damp cloth and brought her some cold juice to drink. He checked every connection and binding and then when he was almost ready to put the gag back in he kissed her tenderly square on the lips and told her how beautiful he thought she looked and he was pulling for her to make it all the way. After he inserted the gag he hung around for a long time just being with her.

As the hours wore on the vigil grew. At 8 hours, all 14 students were silently sitting around her to give her support. They even missed dinner. By ten hours most of the faculty had joined the audience. She was asked again if she was OK and if she was ready to stop. Again she just opened her mouth wide and waited for them to re-insert the gag. By now number 4 had taken command of her care. He was checking every 15 minutes by making eye contact and getting any signal from Erma that she was willing to continue.

At exactly 11:32 PM, a stranger to their group walked right up to Erma and removed the gag. "Hi sweetheart, my name is Jane and I was called earlier and told of your success today. I jumped on a plane and came right out to meet you and congratulate you on your accomplishments. Are you ready to have your life changed?" she said loud enough for all to hear.

She turned to Harry and said, I want this kid too." And she pointed to number 4. "I liked the way he looked after number 16 and he isn't bad looking either." Harry nodded his approval. Jane turned to Four and said with authority, "You work for me now. Get Erma out of that rig and get her some food and water. Take her to her room and see to it that she gets whatever she wants. And I do mean whatever."

Four was a little confused but because of his affection toward Erma, he immediately worked to release her as he was told to do. The other students helped and in no time at all, they had Erma sitting up and drinking water. One of them covered her by wrapping a robe around her and Four reached between her legs and withdrew the two probes.

Erma was a little shaky as he helped her down. She tried to walk but her legs were like rubber so he scoped her up in his arms and carried her up to the cafeteria where a feast was awaiting the whole class. It soon turned into a party with dancing and singing. Four sensed that Erma needed some rest so he took her hand and began to lead her away to her room. She stopped and faced the class as they were all clapping for her. She raised her hands to quiet them and then thanked them for all of their support and told them how grateful she was.

Four started a shower for her and set the water temperature to hot but not too hot. She slipped off the robe and kissed him passionately and invited him to shower with her. Four was hoping she would invite him and could hardly contain his manhood as he gently washed her entire body. He even shampooed her hair and she just stood there enjoying all of the attention. He finished rinsing her down then cut off the water and patted her dry.

Erma rewarded him with a kiss and thanked him for all of his special care. Four thought she was dismissing him so he started to dress when she stopped him and led him to her bed. "I want you to make love to me tonight! I have been having all kinds of sex these last few days but I want you!" This was the best assignment he had received so far and it wasn't going to be a problem doing what he so wanted to do every time since he met her on the first night. He knew she would want him to be tender and so he started by having her lie facedown and he rubbed lotion into her entire body gently kneading her muscles as he worked from her feet up to her head.

When he finished her back he repeated the process on her front. He added some kisses on her breast and on her mouth as he worked on the upper part of her body. He knelt between her legs and slowly spread her legs wide. He lowered his mouth on her sex, probing her with his tongue. The sensation was wonderful and her body was reacting positively sending her to near climax.

She wanted him inside her so badly - all of him! She reached down and lifted his head and said to him, "I want you inside me NOW!"

Four was ready and he repositioned his body to enter hers. She was ready and he slid deep into her on his first push. Then he began to stroke slowly letting the expectation build. He sucked on each nipple as he completed the out stroke and kissed her on the lips as he bottomed out. His rhythm increased until they were both seconds from exploding. Erma hugged him tight as they came together. It was fantastic. The sensation was so real and the feeling came from so deep that all the artificial stimulation she had received would never be the same.

This was what making love was all about. Sex was fun but this made her feel so complete, so right, she never wanted it to end.

Erma woke slowly and reached for Steve. Some time during the night they formally introduced themselves to each other. He wasn't in bed. The sun was full up and the clock said it was almost eleven. Erma then began to wonder if it was all just a dream. Did she really just have the most unbelievable 24 hours?

"Good morning sleepy head," Steve said as he entered the bedroom carrying breakfast on a tray. "I'm famished, I think I could eat a horse."

"You were amazing last night," Steve said. "I never expected you to have any energy left after your ordeal but I'll never forget it, awesome just awesome!"

Erma was actually a little embarrassed by her performance because she had never let herself get so totally out of control before and she had had orgasms so intense that she thought she would just pass out. A little shyly, "I enjoyed it very much too. And you weren't so shabby yourself. How many times did we do it anyway?"

"I lost count too. I was so focused on staying with you that I lost all track of the rest of the world; time, space you name it I couldn't tell you anything else that went on around us."

She ate her breakfast with a smile on her face as she relived each stroke of their lovemaking. The combination of great coffee and delicious food along with her own movie in her mind made her horny again. She handed him the tray, grabbing the syrup as he started to take it away. He placed it on the desk and turned only to be met by Erma standing naked and reaching for his belt buckle. She undid it and pushed his pants down and grabbed his shorts and pulled them down so that he could step out of both. She led him to the end and pushed him down. Then Erma happily poured syrup all over his now erect member. She spread his legs wide open and knelt so that she had easy access. Using her tongue to keep the syrup from running all over the bed she circled the base like you do a melting ice cream cone. She followed with long licks toward the top until she had an even coat of syrup. Savoring the moment, she rose up and made eye contact with Steve just as he gulped.

"Are you ready for this?" she asked. Unable to speak, Steve just nodded his head. She opened her mouth wide and gave the head one last lick and then ever so slowly she lowered her mouth and tormented him as she inched her way down. Using the techniques she learned in class she swallowed and then relaxed her throat allowing herself to take him full inside, all the way. She reversed and slowly withdrew. Down she plunged again, a little faster, all the way to the bottom. She could feel him struggling to not lose it but she knew he didn't stand a chance. She grabbed his sack with her left hand and wrapped her right hand just below the head. She stroked her mouth and hand firmly up and down together until Steve could not contain it any longer and emptied her reward into her mouth. She remained engaged and swallowed all of it getting every last drop each diminishing spasm offered.

Steve was all but paralyzed. He was totally speechless as the rush of the chemical release coursed through his blood. Erma stood smiling, inordinately pleased with the reaction she had achieved. She wanted to thank him for how he had protected her and cared for her throughout her test. She could think of no better way.

She dropped on the bed besides him, waiting for him to recover. She toyed with his hair causing him to open his eyes and turn to look at her. She planted a big kiss on his lips and said, "Thank you for taking care of me yesterday."

"Do I get one of those every time I take good care of you?" he asked.

"Maybe…" she replied.

There was a knock at the door so Erma jumped up and put on a robe while Steve pulled some covers over his still erect penis.

Erma opened the door as the woman who had showed up at the end of her test just stepped right in and started talking almost non-stop.

"Hi, my name is Jane and I and my friends have a very unique company and we just bought your contract for the summer so you now work for me. When I saw how well you and this stud hit it off I bought his contract too. I have good news and bad news. The Good news is that you won't be working as a high price piece of meat. The bad news is that if you were looking forward to having sex with a bunch of strangers all summer, it won't be happening. My firm "The Basic Elements" is in show business. We have contracts with casinos all around the world to provide adult entertainment on the casino floors. Your ability to be bound in a compromising position for 12 hours qualifies you to be fitted into a display element. Since your number here is 16 your stage name will be Sulphur 16 on the Periodic table of elements. Sulphur is a yellow crystal like substance and we will outfit you in a living piece of art and incorporate this feature. Number 4, that's Steve, right? He will be your personal attendant responsible for your care and safety. He will be your voice when you are performing. Your comfort will be his number one concern and if for any reason he doesn't feel that everything is 100 percent OK, he will see to it that it either is corrected or he ends the session. You have the option to complete your training after we take a body mold or you can come to our ranch and just rest until we have your hardware ready for you. Any Questions?"

Erma was trying to take it all in. The business part was clear. This whole living art thing was very different. "Do you have any pictures of any of your art?" Steve asked.

Jane pulled a booklet out of her bag and handed it to him. "This should answer all of your questions. Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to get to know each other. I have about 15 other active elements in play and I could use 15 more. Erma, I need you for about an hour this afternoon after lunch. Steve, please make sure that she is ready by one-thirty."

With that she turned and left as fast as she came in.

"Well it looks like we are spending the summer together," Erma said. "It's not what I expected but I don't think I'll miss screwing smelly old farts even if they are rich!"

"I must admit I was looking forward to studding countless women but spending the summer with you will have its own rewards." Erma started throwing pillows at Steve. He fought back until he had her in his arms and then is just hugged her. "Let's do this better than anybody and I suspect that you will be able to work as long as you want and make enough money so that you never have to worry about anything the rest of your life."

"What about my teaching career?"

"You can get back to that in a little but let's ride this wave as far as it takes us. Chances like this only come along once in a lifetime and you have to jump when the do."

"A leap of faith so to speak…" Erma replied and she kissed him. He picked her up and put her down on the bed and then made love to her. Her new life was really beginning now.


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