Isabel, part 4 - free bondage story

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When she finally woke up the next morning, Isabel started having her first regrets about her week with Ron.

Her entire body ached from the brutal suspension of the day before. She didn't think her crotch would ever recover from the vibrating clamp on her clitoris. And her ass felt like someone had poured concrete into it.

At least her bed was soft, she thought as she drifted back to sleep. A little drafty, though...

An hour or so later, she rolled over and tried to stretch, but her limbs wouldn't extend.

A familiar ball of apprehension started rolling through Isabel's insides.

She found her wrists shackled to her thighs with maybe 18 inches of criss-crossed chain links for slack. Her mouth was filled with a hard rubber ball zipped tight behind some kind of leather mask, and her hands were encased in leather mittens lacking even the benefit of thumbs.

Then she realized her whole body was wrapped in leather.

And she was lying in what looked like a large wicker basket on the floor.

Isabel rolled onto her back and tested her bonds. The chains formed an X over her midsection as she held up her hands and pulled. She rolled the other way so she was kneeling with her hands in front of her, and struggled to crawl out of the basket.

Once on the floor, she looked around the room and saw a full-length mirror. With some difficulty, she crawled into its reflection.

Oh, now he's gone too far, she told herself. This is ridiculous.

Every inch of her body save her breasts, her crotch and the cheeks of her ass was covered in dark leather. What must have been a mile of laces molded it to her every curve. Even her feet were bound in what looked like leather ballerina slippers with the longest spike heels she had ever seen.

She almost laughed when she caught herself thinking about Nancy Sinatra singing "these boots weren't made for walking..."

As suspected, he had wrapped her face in a discipline helmet with a zipper across the mouth. Curiously, it had two little triangle flaps sticking up on top that almost looked like the ears of a cat.

Then she saw the long black tail sticking out of her behind.

Reaching around with some difficulty, Isabel grabbed it as best she could with the mittens and tugged. Her regret was immediate as the thick butt plug attached to the tail shifted dangerously inside her rectum. She tried to dislodge it, but it wouldn't budge. Feeling around her groin, she realized there was a thick strip of leather holding it in place between the holes that exposed her private parts.

And what was that tinkling sound?

Isabel looked down at her chest and saw the tiny bell dangling from a collar.

She heard footsteps coming toward the door.

"Here, kitty, kitty. Time to use the litter box."

The door opened and Ron walked in, holding a leash.


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