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"I've got so much study to do tonight." Andrea's sigh was loud and I sympathized with her. I've been there and done that at university – burning the midnight oil never gets any easier at the best of times. She's studying for her Grade One nursing diploma and believe me, there's a lot involved – so much nauseating technical stuff it's not funny. I can't get my brain around all the medical jargon that she's got to learn – and understand thoroughly. It's not a subject where you can get by on rote learning.

"No worries," I smiled. "I'll keep you company. I've got a good book that I want to finish reading. Maybe catch up on my e-mail." Our study is equipped with two monitors hooked up to a central CPU so we don't have to worry about taking turns. It's also furnished with a couple of soft chairs and a coffee table, which we find useful for time-outs or meetings.

"No you won't," Andrea waspishly replied.


"Because I'll never be able to concentrate. You're a real distraction. You always talk too much."

"Hey!" I smilingly protested. "No fair. I'm just keeping you company!"

"Yeah, yeah," she grinned. "I've got to get going yesterday. I've got this assignment due tomorrow and it's a real bitch."

"Sorry to hear that," I replied before adding, "I promise to be quiet." I unsuspectingly reclined deeper within my chair. I was really looking forwards to reading the latest Harry Potter novel. It'd just arrived in the mail today and I couldn't wait to find out what happened to him.

"Oh, you'll be quiet all right." Her voice should've warned me. Andrea rose before pulling me up. "Come on. I'm going to tie you up."

"What?" astonished, I protested as vehemently as I could. "But I promised to be quiet! Besides… I really want to finish this book."

"Harry can wait," Andrea said with a malicious smile. "Remember the contract that we signed last year? The one that says that I can tie you up any time, any place that I feel like? And that's just what I am going to do – right now. I want a quiet night." She grinned wolfishly. "Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself."

I sighed inwardly. Andrea had me over a barrel. I had no option but to obey. Why did she have to pick now, of all times though? I wasn't happy. Don't get me wrong, I love bondage but… Harry Potter takes precedence over everything – must be magic or something. Oh well, maybe we could compromise. "Ok, you can tie me up," I reluctantly agreed. "But… will you untie me once you're finished?"

Andrea thought for a moment. "You know that I reserve the sole right to decide when, where – and how long you stay bound. But… OK. I'll untie you when I'm finished. You must really want to read that book huh?" she laughed.

I nodded, intently studying my girlfriend. Hands firmly planted on her hips, Andrea's gimlet eyes bored into mine, daring me to challenge her and I shivered with anticipation and not a little trepidation. Andie might have the build of an anorexic shrimp (not that I ever dared say as much) but she owned me – in every way. Her elfin Vietnamese features, I thought, were more beautiful than ever while she solemnly regarded me and I said so.

"Don't try to sweet talk me," she said with a chilling smile. "I'm going to tie you up – good 'n tight, and that's it. End of story."

"Yes, Andrea," I meekly replied (what would my work colleagues say if only they could see me now?) between wondering how on earth two people standing on such opposite poles ever attracted each other – of course, we had that very special one thing in common binding us together… I remembered meeting her only a couple of years ago at university. I'd noticed Andrea sitting by herself between lectures and there was just that something about her which drew me to the girl like a moth to a flame (of course it had nothing to do with the beautiful clear plastic raincoat buttoned up to the neck that she was wearing). I surprised even myself – I never normally approach girls like this, but perhaps a higher being than us wanted Andie and myself to meet each other. Andrea seemed surprised but nevertheless pleased that I was actually taking an interest in her.

The conversation flowed from that moment – I never realised until much later that I'd missed both of my afternoon lectures; the time passed like a blur. We talked and talked – about everything. When I told Andrea about how I'd been tied up for a practical joke during knot-tying practice at Scouts, she dissolved with laughter before gazing into my eyes. 'Not you too?' she'd said.

I knew then that Andrea was the girl I'd been looking for since I was old enough to understand the meaning of the word, 'bondage'. Our eyes met with an understanding that transcended words.

Later that week, after enjoying dinner at Andrea's place for the first time, she shocked me by producing some rope (a lot of rope!) and saying, "I'm going to tie you up now."

Andrea must've had some good teachers. I remained bound – in one position or another for the rest of that long, long weekend – not once did I even come close to escaping. Our bondage games really took off from that point – did I mention that we've also been inseparable ever since?

Although Andie enjoys being tied up, she likes being on 'top' much, much more – and it suits me right down to the ground because I really love being bound and gagged. It's the best thing in the world, and she knows it too. Signing that contract also added that much more excitement to our tying up games – as we often term bondage, for that's all they are (I simply gain pleasure out of being tied up, nothing more), because there's nothing like being bound without any possible chance of escape or release. Andrea's the one who decides how long I remain tied up – or release. Fortunately, she's always been reasonable about how long I stay bound; it's rarely much longer than a couple of hours.

But I personally thought that withholding Harry Potter for an evening was going too far. Didn't she understand?

Andrea must have read my thoughts for she suddenly smiled again before taking my hand and towing me to our bedroom. "Let's look at it this way, it'll give you something to look forwards to later, won't it? Think positive, baby. Now…" her voice sharpened. "Get the ropes out, then strip."

"Yes, Andrea," I sighed before adding, "Is this really necessary?"

Somewhat crossly, "Yes, it's necessary. Now come on."

Andrea was judge, jury and executioner rolled up in the cutest package that I'd ever seen. There was nothing sweet or cute though about the way she was handling the ropes with such practiced assurance and I felt my dick swelling while I studied the cords lying on the bed. Maybe it might not be such a bad evening after all.

"Look, big boy's excited," she giggled, destroying any pretence or excuse I had for wriggling out of my predicament. "Now I'm horny too. Can you imagine how wet I am? That's another reason I want you out of the way tonight." Her voice grew condescending. "Behave yourself tonight and maybe big boy there will see some action tonight."

I grinned. "I want to fuck you so bad. I want to…"

"That's enough. I know all your tricks. Don't even think about it. I said - later, ok?" Andrea was all smiles. "Ok, put your hands behind your back now. I want to get on with my study and we're just wasting time standing around like this."

There's nothing like the sweet kiss of cords looping – before tightening around my wrists. Andrea really knows what she's doing and I already knew that escape was already a far-distant dream while she carefully cinched and knotted my bonds. She'd tied my wrists over each other in a 'X' – I love being bound like this; it's not too uncomfortable but more importantly, it's also almost impossible to wriggle out of.

"I won't tie you too tight," Andrea solicitously said while she wound more and more rope around my arms, wrapping me up the same way a spider deals with its victims. As usual, her bonds were neat and precise, two wide bands of rope circling my body just above my elbows and immediately below my shoulders. To ensure that I didn't slip out of my bonds (I'm a great wriggler!) Andrea carefully cinched everything, drawing the ropes ever more snugly around my pinioned arms and torso, before looping the trailing ends over my shoulders – creating a harness of sorts so nothing would slide downward.

My legs quickly followed. Andrea was all business now; plainly she wanted to return to her study. She lashed my legs together as if they were logs, tying, cinching and knotting everything with her usual meticulous care, leaving them bound at ankles and above my knees. Nothing fancy – just a nice, solid – and inescapable tie-up. I would still be there an hour later – or ten, depending how she felt.

Andrea is nothing if not careful. She doesn't want me going anywhere. She knows that I'm capable of hopping around whilst bound hand and foot – it's easy, it's just a matter of balance. The kitchen is literally a hop, skip and jump away. She's never forgotten the time I wriggled off our bed before making my way to the kitchen, cutting my bonds – then surprising, overpowering and tying her up! Never again, Andie says. She selected another two pieces of rope, attaching one to my ankles, the other to the harness in the small of my back above my bound wrists before securing them to the frame of our double bed. Anchored to our bed, I definitely wasn't going anywhere now – my tether saw to that.

"Well, I think we'll leave it at that for now," Andrea smiled, regarding me tenderly the way a mother might study her child. "I'll just gag you now then I'll get on with my work."

"Uh, how long will I be here for?" I asked while she fumbled around in the wardrobe where we keep our tying-up equipment.

"Until I'm finished," Andrea coolly replied. "Stop making a fuss otherwise it might be much longer. Your call. Deal with it, baby."

"Yeah OK," I sighed. "Hope your study goes well."

"Ha ha!" Andrea's laugh was loud. "What's with this sudden concern? Oh, I know. You want to be untied already huh?" She lovingly stroked my stiff member before giggling again. "No, I don't think so. I'll untie you when I'm ready and not a moment before. Now… open sesame, as they say." She held my gag aloft for me to see.

The red ball gleamed intimidatingly beneath the spotlights illuminating our bed. It could've been worse. Andrea might have picked the big one. The one she'd picked out was only an inch and a half in diameter but it was still plenty big enough. It's also equally secure; there's no way my gag's coming off once Andrea's finished strapping everything around my neck and head. It buckles up in five places – imagine that! I love being gagged as much as I hate it; does that sound strange? Perhaps it's that latent masochist in me. I absolutely, positively adore the feeling of fullness – and helplessness that a tight gag imparts – but it can become so uncomfortable after any length of time. It's an unequal contest that I invariably lose.

Andrea was waiting and I obediently opened wide to accept my gag. Gently, she pushed the ball home before fastening each strap in turn, securely clamping my jaws down on the ball that now filled my mouth. My gag was not tight but I wouldn't be saying much of anything for a while.

"Remember, I love you," Andrea cheerfully said, leaning downward before pecking me on the lips – or rather, the curved surface of the ball protruding out of my mouth.

"uuuhhh oohhhoovvvvhhh uuuh oooh."

Pleased with my response, Andrea smiled again. "I'll talk to you later. Behave yourself, ok?" she said before switching on the baby alarm that we use for our bondage games. "If you have any problems like breathing or anything, just give me a yell and I'll be right around. But…" Her voice hardened. "Don't you dare disturb me for any other reason. Understand?"

I meekly nodded. Hopefully Andie wouldn't be too long.

"Toodle-oo, pip," said Andrea. "Catch you later." Then she was gone, leaving me bound hand and foot, gagged – and very alone.

Eventually I settled down to enjoy my bondage – I really enjoy this nice "feel-good" kind of tie-up, although I wished that Andie was there to keep me company. It's fun watching the TV together while I'm bound and gagged – or vice versa. Once, a sympathetic – and understanding cousin obligingly tied both of us up together, leaving us securely bound and gagged until the Titanic finally sank some four hours (including ad breaks!) later.

The minutes – and hours (well, it seemed that way) dragged past with increasing slowness. Although I wasn't really uncomfortable (my arms only ached a little bit – ditto for my jaws), the loneliness and boredom began to grate on me. The house was very quiet. I could not hear any traffic noise either. Although it was only early evening, we live in a conservative neighbourhood where everyone's home by seven or so. Someone vandalized a letterbox a couple of years ago – that's about as exciting life gets around here, and we like it that way. I had no way of telling the time and I began to long for Andrea's company – and voice. Anything to break the monotony of studying the walls. I had to do it. I grunted loudly into my gag three times – my pre-arranged safety signal, one that Andrea could not ignore.

"Hello," Andrea brightly said, as she unbuckled my gag. "Are you OK?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine."

"Then why did you call me?"

Because I was bored," I hesitantly replied as her forehead furrowed in the beginnings of a frown. "Uh, how much longer will you be?"

"I don't know!" Andrea replied with some asperity, clearly annoyed that I'd dragged her out here for nothing. "My essay's pretty tough going. I didn't say that it would be quick or easy."

"Sorry to hear that," I murmured – as my heart sank with her words.

"Yeah, I just bet you are."

"Could you untie me now?" I pleaded. "I'm bored and I really want to read that… you know, that Harry Potter book. I promise I won't bother you."

"You already did," she sighed. "What did I tell you? Don't disturb me."

"Sorry." I didn't know what else to say.

"You'd better be." Andrea picked up my gag. "Ok… open up, it's time to put up and shut up, as they say."


"No. And that's my final word on the matter. I'll untie you when I'm finished. I already told you that. Now open your mouth – or do I have to do it for you?"

Defeated, I reluctantly complied.

"Don't disturb me again – or else." With Andie's words ringing in my ears, she left without a backward glance.

Minutes became hours. Hours became days. It's wonderful how time crawls past when you're bored. No longer aroused, my dick was limp and flaccid. The ache within my jaws grew. This was beginning to be no longer fun. I estimated that I'd been tied up – and gagged for something like two hours now – when would Andie ever finish her bloody essay? I thoughtfully chewed on the ball strapped within my mouth while I impatiently waited for her return and the sex which would follow. Luckily it's quite spongy and I can temporarily relieve the ache by biting down on it, although I can't hold the pressure for long. I could even push the ball halfway out of my mouth but it was too uncomfortable holding it there for any length of time so I didn't try.

My ropes were not especially tight but she'd tied everything with her usual meticulous care – every knot, was far, far out of reach where I couldn't hope to un-pick a single thing. Escape was out of the question and I inwardly sighed after testing the security of my bonds for the hundredth time. I would have to stay bound until such a time that Andrea decided to call it a night. I groaned. What was the time anyway? It must be pretty late now. I closed my eyes before sighing again and mentally debating the wisdom of calling Andrea again. If she allowed me to go without my gag, I could handle being tied up for however long she decided. It would be nice being able to breathe properly again – not to mention how much I wanted to relieve the growing ache between my jaws. It, more than anything, decided the issue. Surely… that qualified as a genuine emergency?

I gathered myself before grunting loudly – three times.

Andrea's appearance was instant – one thing I can't accuse her of is lack of concern for my welfare.

"What do you want now?" she demanded.

I gazed helplessly into her eyes and grunted again.

"This better be good or…" Andrea let the words hang in the air as she none-too-gently unbuckled my gag.

"Phew… That's better," I groaned as I worked my jaws up and down. "What's the time?"

"Ten o'clock. And no, I'm not finished yet," she growled. "Now, what's the problem?"

"Well…" I nervously began. "I've been tied up for a while now and… no, no – I'm not asking you to untie me or anything like that yet but… I was hoping that I could just go without my gag."

"Oh, I see," Andrea thoughtfully mused. "You don't like it huh?"

"Not really. It's… very uncomfortable after a while."

"It also keeps you nice and quiet," she said with a smile. "What if I leave it off? Maybe you'll keep interrupting me. Nag, nag, whine, whine. I know you."

"I promise you I won't," I earnestly replied.

Without another word, Andrea rose before rummaging in the wardrobe again. I watched her with a sinking heart. Surely she wasn't thinking about… "There we are." She triumphantly emerged with her spoils and my heart plummeted to the bottom of my stomach. It was a cold, heavy ball as I watched her untangling the straps.

"But… I thought you said it was OK!" I protested.

"I never said anything of the sort," she replied with an aggravating calmness. "I took it off, like you wanted but… I never said anything about replacing it with another, did I?"

I stared with utter horror in the direction of the big ball-gag that she was carrying over. It's the largest – and most uncomfortable gag in our collection. I couldn't believe that Andie was going to make me wear it – much less for any length of time.

"Oh, yes – I am." Andrea's voice was so frosty that I could hear icicles dripping off the edge of her tongue. I warned you – and now you're going to pay the penalty."

"Oh, come on!" I pleaded.

"Be quiet." Without giving me a chance to continue, she unceremoniously shoved the huge ball between my lips before ramming it home past my teeth. Her dexterous fingers worked swiftly on each strap as she pulled every one tight – around my neck, over my head – and under my chin, forcing my jaws down on the hard rubber ball which now occupied every square inch of real estate deep within my mouth. "Don't bother me again or you really will be in trouble," Andrea said with an accompanying warning glare before departing with barely a rustle of disturbed air.

I couldn't believe that this was happening. The quiet night I'd been looking forwards to enjoying with Harry and his pals was in tatters now. I miserably moaned into the ball strapped deeply inside my mouth before shifting position. My hateful gag was so big! Unlike my last gag, the ball was virtually solid rubber with hardly any 'give'. When I bit down on it, the horrible thing immediately sprang back into position. I did not know how I was going to wear it for even 30 minutes, much less any length of time. I rolled around on the bed before desperately studying the door. How much longer I had to stay bound and gagged, I had no idea.

My ballgag was the center of the universe as it swelled inside my mouth like an over-ripe pomegranate, the ache deep within my protesting jaws exponentially growing every minute. Suddenly this tying-up thing was no longer fun – although my dumb dick clearly disagreed with the gravity of my situation. I closed my eyes again before loudly exhaling, unheeding of the fact that Andrea could hear every breath I took. I could only hope she might take pity on me – but none was forthcoming. I had a horrible, sneaky feeling that Andie could easily be up half the night… Some of the stuff that she's expected to learn is pretty complicated – almost as bad as nuclear physics. A chill spread throughout my chest as I gloomily contemplated remaining bound – and gagged until her return.

There wasn't much to see - or do, in short – nothing which might provide any distraction, no matter how small. The TV remained stubbornly blank, its remote far, far out of reach on top. There were some bondage videos in the cabinet nearby but I doubted Andrea would appreciate a call to put something on for me. I moaned again, a cry of pure misery while I settled my head on the soft pillow. Tied up and gagged. What a way to spend a Saturday night. It wasn't that long ago I used to spend every night out on the town with the boys. Wouldn't they laugh if they could see me now? Andrea normally appreciated my company but not, it seemed, tonight. So much for… companionship.

I've never been good at counting sheep or anything else. I could only gaze in the direction of the far wall and the drawn curtains with mute frustration. Hoping against hope that Andie might have missed a weak link, I frantically explored the tight cords circling my body with my bound hands – but I could not locate a single knot. Andrea had done her job too well. I could only wonder (yet again) what it was about my chemical make-up which drew me towards this thing called bondage in the same manner birds or trains calls other guys – not withstanding there was nothing in the least exciting about the latter. I tried thinking about the approaching trout fishing season (there were some mighty fine fish waiting for me in the lake up high in the mountains) – but nothing could conceal the growing, increasingly intolerable throbbing ache between my half-numb jaws.

Surely Andrea couldn't possibly be much longer? I desperately tried willing her to come to my rescue but she failed to materialize. So much for telepathy. I couldn't hold out much longer. I just wanted out, out, out - period. Andie wouldn't be pleased – but to hell with what she thought. The most she could do was put my gag back in. I'd never been so wrong all my life.

My heart was in my mouth as I called her.

"My God…" Andrea moaned as she entered our bedroom. "What are you trying to do? Keep me up half the night? My bloody essay's due tomorrow. And all you can do is keep disturbing me while I'm trying to do some work."

I angrily grunted into my gag. What about me? I was the one all tied up, not her.

"Oh OK," Andrea sighed while she unbuckled my horribly tight gag. "You win. So what do you want now?"

I plunged ahead. "Could you untie me now? I've had enough."

"Oh, is that all?" Andreas sarcastically mimicked my voice. "Could you untie me now? I've had enough," she sang in a high falsetto. "What about me? I've had about enough of your carry-on to last a lifetime. Have you already forgotten what I said? Don't disturb me – under any circumstances."

"Yeah, I know," I sighed, wondering if she was ever going to relent. "But… it's just that… well, it's taking you so long. I want to go to bed now. At least I could catch up on my sleep – then I won't disturb you."

"Oh right," Andrea jeered. "You know, if only you'd waited, I would've been finished around now. Then… we could have been enjoying a good screw by now. But you disturbed me – not once but half a dozen times. You know how hard it is for me to concentrate on my work? There I am trying to think about what to say – then you interrupt me yet again. I really hate it when I lose my train of thought and have to start over again," she complained.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"You will be sorry." Andrea smiled. "I think it's time that we taught you a lesson."

"Huh?" I expostulated. "But… what? You're not going to… ? No, you couldn't! Please no!" I exclaimed as she advanced on me, gag in hand.

"Too bad," Andrea coldly replied. "Naughty boys should be seen, not heard," she said before popping the ball straight back in my mouth. Her fingers deftly maneuvered the first strap into position before pulling – much tighter than before. Oh my God… I wailed out aloud with outrage and disbelieving misery as she yanked the second and third straps just as tight, crushing my jaws down on the alien intruder occupying my mouth. The ball was huge in my mouth now as my lips were drawn backward into a tight rictus. Not a single millimetre of slack or play remained. Andrea was really playing for keeps now. I couldn't believe the dramatic change in my normally easy-going partner. Of course she likes to be on top and Andrea knows how exciting it is for me when she controls me like this – but I'd never experienced anything like the terror filling my heart while she buckled the last strap tight beneath my chin. I was really in for it now. This was bondage distilled when release is not only out of the question, it lies so far over the horizon as to be invisible.

I barely had time to adjust to the latest indignity before she returned with an armful of thin, white cotton sash cord. My heart congealed with unbridled horror while I studied the rope she was carrying. Clearly my ordeal would not be over any time soon and I silently cursed myself for behaving so precipitately. If only… "I've been too lenient with you before," Andrea said with a mock sigh while she leisurely untangled the Gordian pile of rope. "I think you need a little extra persuasion to convince you that I'm serious." Andrea's voice was light, conversational while she smoothly uncoiled everything. "And that's exactly what I'm going to do - starting as of now."

I pleadingly stared into Andrea's dark, inscrutable eyes but they contained not so much as a flicker of emotion and I suddenly realised how the condemned must feel as sentence is carried out, when the last avenue of appeal has been exhausted.

"You brought this on yourself, remember that," Andrea coldly said as she began on my legs, retying them much more tightly – adding more cord below my knees and thighs, pulling each cinch so tightly so that the ropes sank into the soft flesh of my defenceless legs.

I could only slump downward in abject defeat on the bed while Andrea re-tied my arms, lashing my wrists parallel, with the palms of my hands facing each other. Every wrap, cinch and knot was tight and terribly secure. Suddenly, before I had a chance to react, I felt rope hissing around my arms – just above my elbows and I groaned before hanging my head as they were slowly drawn together. Andie was uncharacteristically silent while she worked on me, her hands flying as she spun more and more rope around my arms. The pressure on my shoulders was unbelievable as my arms inched towards each other until unbelievably they met above my elbows. Each cinch seemed tighter than the last and I desperately tried to wriggle away but Andrea easily held me down while she tied a series of knots far, far out of reach of my hands, each seemingly tighter than the last. Unbelievably, she repeated the procedure below my elbows, not far above my bound wrists – totally immobilizing my painfully tied arms. My bonds were bands of molten steel and I moaned again as Andrea unsympathetically hauled me upright.

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the entire process was Andrea's silence while she bound me, pulling each wrap tight with all her strength before beginning the next one. The procedure was always the same – loop everything around my body, neatly positioning each coil so it didn't overlap the last – before yanking it tight – and so on, over and over again. My arms felt as if they'd been welded together while she lashed them against my back. I could only helplessly watch while Andrea continued tying me up. Andie wouldn't be going to this much trouble if she planned on releasing me any time soon and I tried not to think about how long I might have to remain like this.

She was looping more rope around and around my slim waist now, pinioning my bound wrists against the small of my back. If not for the seriousness of my situation, I would have appreciated her expertise as these too were cinched tight between my back and wrists and knotted off.

I realised what Andrea was doing now - weaving me into a terribly tight harness of rope – from crotch to my shoulders, ensuring that nothing would slip or loosen. I closed my eyes again, vainly trying to ignore the discomfort of the cords wound around my bottom – particularly my crotchrope. It was a wedgie like no other. I was really, really being tied up now – and I couldn't understand why I was deriving such a perverse pleasure out of the process. My perfidious penis was betraying me again and I just hoped that Andrea wouldn't notice my involuntary erection. Fat chance.

"Well, at least your cock approves," Andrea laughed, noticing my excitement as she rolled me over. "We'll have some fun tomorrow."

Tomorrow? Andie must have seen the question in my eyes because she laughed loudly again before continuing. "Oh yes," she chuckled, "you don't think I'm going to all this trouble so I can untie you half an hour or hour from now? Baby, I'm punishing you remember? I'm not going to untie you until tomorrow morning – no ifs, buts or maybes."

Horrified, I frantically shook my head – no – before disbelievingly gazing downward. The fussiest spider couldn't possibly have found any fault with the job that Andrea had performed on me. Bound from neck to feet, I could only struggle like a captured fly. I grunted a loud protest, hoping that Andrea would take the hint. She couldn't – wouldn't do this to me – would she?

Reading my gloomy thoughts perfectly, Andrea smiled widely, her teeth gleaming in the soft effulgent light of the lamp. "Oh, but I can – and will. Accept the reality. I tied you up – and tied up you will stay until tomorrow morning. Now… just one last thing – then I'll leave you to it. I know you must be tired now." She pretended to fuss around before selecting another hank of cord and looping it around my ankles. I inwardly groaned before tensing myself. Just when I thought it could not possibly get any worse…

Andrea's soft grunt was loud in the stillness of the bedroom as she hauled on the ropes, remorselessly, mercilessly dragging my hands and feet together. Everything suddenly, magically tightened as Andrea wound everything around my ankles before pulling again, expertly using my body as a pulley system to tighten my hogtie. My legs were bent so far backwards that the heels of my feet were all but touching my bottom. I shook my head again as tears filled my eyes but Andrea did not listen, instead pulling my hogtie as tight as humanly possible. Fingers expertly knotting the last remaining inches of cord off not far below my shoulderblades.

I miserably, disbelievingly shook my head as Andrea rolled me on my side – before running yet another length of cord from somewhere below my shoulders – then attaching it to the small ring set into the straps of my gag just below the crown of my head and pulling. "Gluggg…" I could only moan as the huge ball was forced that much deeper inside my mouth – but Andrea ignored my plaintive complaints as she yanked on the cords again, forcing my head further backward before knotting the trailing ends savagely tight. Her fingers worked on the straps, tightening them again. My gag would never slip or loosen now.

This was just… not happening – was I dreaming?

Nope. My bonds, my gag were terribly, painfully tight – and they would not be coming off for ages. Escape – release was simply a fantasy. This was real bondage – of a kind that I'd never experienced before and I was not at all sure I liked this. Oh well. It was too late to do anything about it though. I groaned again before vainly trying to discover a more comfortable – if it could be called that – position. Andie would not untie me no matter how much I begged or pleaded and I swallowed awkwardly while I tried not to think about the long, long night lying ahead of me like an empty highway.

Andrea wore the self-assured expression of a concerned parent satisfied that her wayward offspring is receiving the message she's attempting to impart while she critically studied me, checking and re-checking my bonds before speaking. "Ok, just so you know where we stand – I'm not, as in repeat, absolutely not untying you until tomorrow morning. If you don't like it, that's just too bad. You should've thought of that earlier." She thoughtfully chewed her lip before carefully continuing, elucidating each word with care so that there could be no possible misunderstanding. "Don't even think about asking me to untie – or ungag you, because I won't. Now, I'm aware that you're not very happy about your position – it's not much fun being tied up like this, is it? I also know that you're probably already wondering if I'll untie you? All you have to do is complain, right? Well, I've got news for you, baby. If you disturb me, wake me up just once – for any reason other than compelling medical problems, I'll add another two hours to your sentence. And so on. I'm absolutely, deadly serious. I will, so help me, God." Her eyes bored into mine. "Do you understand?"

I reluctantly, miserably nodded. Andrea had me over a barrel. She had all the answers and I resigned myself to a long, miserable night of utter purgatory. I'd only been tied up for five minutes and already I wanted out. I shook my head again before straining against my bonds. They were so tight, each set of cords tied with a horrid, exacting snugness. How was I going to survive the night ahead? The strangest thing though was that I was more excited than ever. My willie was so hard I thought it would explode. I was certainly receiving enough stimulation.

"Good boy." Andie's toothy grin widened until it filled my vision. "Now, I hate to say this but don't go anywhere while I tidy up and brush my teeth – then I'll join you."

I'd never felt as alive – or miserable while I uselessly heaved and strained against my unyielding bonds. Although I love being tied up very tightly, I could not imagine spending a whole night bound and gagged in this manner. Usually Andrea only bound me for an hour or two at the most. The worst thing was that I knew she would not budge or relent. I was in this for the long haul and it was an utterly cheerless prospect. I wearily closed my eyes before uncomfortably shifting position. Already I was fighting a losing battle – if I relieved the pressure upon one portion of my anatomy, it increased the strain elsewhere. Every rope was unrelentingly tight and I shook my head again before resting my head on the pillow. My ballgag was horribly, cruelly tight – she'd pulled every strap to the max and I was already feeling the pressure. Already my distended jaws were aching like billy-oh and we'd hardly begun!

Andrea was gone for a long time - but I dared not call out while I waited for her return. Who knew how she would react? I was already in enough strife as it was. If only I hadn't cried 'wolf' once too often. If only… The words were a mantra that I replayed over and over while I laid on my side. My protesting shoulders were letting me know in no uncertain terms how they felt about being bound like this but I had no way of relieving the growing, throbbing ache. I'd been so tightly tied up that about all I could move was my hands and feet. I couldn't even roll over on my stomach – admittedly the soft doona she'd thrown over me so I wouldn't catch a chill didn't help.

Eventually after another eternity, Andrea reappeared. Andie grinned widely when she saw me and I grunted loudly before pleading for release with my eyes.

"No." Andrea's voice was curt, unforgiving before softening. "I'm not untying you so don't even think about it. If I let you go now, you won't learn your lesson."

I frantically shook my head again but Andrea ignored my increasingly strident protests, turning her back on me before padding off to the bathroom. I closed my eyes before sighing again. Of course I could use my safe-word but she's made it abundantly clear that it's only there in case of real emergency – boredom and discomfort do not qualify. Abusing my precious safe-word was no option at all.

"OK, I'm back," Andrea smiled. "What say we call it an evening and hit the sack? I'm so tired now. It's been a long night." Her soft see-through clear plastic pj's gleamed under the light as she slid under the sheets – she has this major thing about plastic that possibly exceeds mine. She ostentatiously checked her watch before exclaiming, "Oh, I had no idea it was this late! It's almost midnight now. You know, I'm really looking forwards to a nice lie-in tomorrow. I really need a good rest now. I'll untie you around nine or so – if I feel like it."

"Mmhhmm!" I desperately flung my head sideways before screaming with all my might but nothing much more than an indistinct, heavily muffled gurgle escaped my lips. I gazed into her eyes, hoping to find some element of compassion there but they contained a steely determination which spoke louder than words and my heart sank again. Up until now, I'd half-hoped that she might be putting the wind up me – nothing like a fright to ensure compliance, but Andrea clearly meant to carry out my punishment in full measure. If her steady basilisk gaze was meant to intimidate, it succeeded – eventually I had to look away. I couldn't face those unblinking eyes any longer.

After an awful silence, she eventually spoke. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not untying you, so forget it. Be quiet and stop complaining - or else. Remember what I said about waking me for any reason. I'm tired now and I don't want to be disturbed," Andrea chidingly said before leaning over and bussing me on the cheek. "Goodnight now, my darling. Sweet dreams."

Before I had a chance to react, Andrea rolled over on her side, facing away from me and flicking off the light in one fluid motion.

It was the longest night of my life.

Bound like a pretzel, I could only helplessly lie on my side while Andrea sprawled full-length, her arms and legs carelessly spread outward in careless, indulgent, luxurious splendour. She's one of those rare people with the ability to nod off as soon as she hits the sack. Her breathing was light, steady while I groaned in my bonds. I've never envied anybody their freedom as much as Andrea while I futilely squirmed about one way and that, vainly seeking relief from the awful, unrelenting discomfort of my bonds and gag.

All I could think about was release from this… torment. My bonds maliciously seemed to tighten every time I had the temerity to strain against them. My gag was an unholy parasite that grew and grew – and grew deep within my mouth. My shoulders and arms were on fire now but I had no way of loosening the cruel cords which bound them together. Wriggle as I might, they stubbornly, obdurately refused to shift or budge so much as a millimetre. Sleep was a chimera, which eluded me while my aching, complaining jaws throbbed with the intensity of a toothache.

Still I dared not awake Andrea. She would be furious if I woke her. The brief respite that I might enjoy was not worth the swift punishment which would follow. Andie loves her sleep and I could only jealously, enviously watch as she unconsciously shifted position before lying still again.

I squeezed my eyes shut, unable to believe that Andrea was capable of such… perfidy. I'd never been so uncomfortable all my life. A thousand and one regrets swirled around my brain. I could've been basking in the warm afterglow of making love - instead here I was helplessly bound and gagged with release some time… whenever Andrea decided to let me go. Why, why, why? What possessed me to push the boundaries to the limit with Andrea? I'd known, of course, that she would be annoyed, yet I'd continued carrying on like a pork chop. I was really paying a heavy price for my idiocy. If only I'd waited, left her alone.

Oh well. It was too late for recriminations. About all I could do was… wait. I shook my head again, unable to dislodge my hateful, huge gag wedged between my aching jaws. I had no idea how I could possibly endure this purgatory much longer – but Andie had already told me in crystal clear terms what would happen if I woke her. Broken and cowed, I miserably tried to settle down as best as I could for the night ahead.

I could not, however, work out the behavior of my penis. It was as hard and strong as a rock. I hate using cliches but saying I was as horny as a goat is no exaggeration when describing how I felt. Being tied up just has that effect on me and this was the best (or worst, for that matter) that I'd ever been bound – adding to my excitement was the knowledge that Andrea had no intention of releasing me. The deep ache within the base of my balls was worse than ever and I moaned again as I strained against my unyielding ropes, relishing the way that they held me. The constriction of the cords holding me was marvellous. Perhaps this was how a wine enthusiast must feel savouring a particularly fine vintage – so it was with me.

Perhaps it wasn't all bad news. Andrea was always telling me to think positive. I might never be tied up like this again. I tested each of my bonds in turn, flexing my muscles, slowly, luxuriously savouring the way that they deliciously tightened, then imperceptibly loosened. Already the discomfort of my ropes was lessening – I knew that I could do this. I could – and would see this out. Andrea would receive a shock when she woke to see me still tightly bound as ever. I knew that she would be waiting for me to cry 'uncle' – well, I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction.

Suddenly I realised that I was happy – being tied up is my life and this was the kind of achingly tight bondage I realised that I'd been missing. I was so helpless – and it was a huge turn-on. Andrea is a kindly person by nature and she doesn't really like hurting me. This was the first time that she'd displayed anything like this level of strictness. It certainly had a huge effect on the pleasure – if one could call it that, that I was deriving from my bonds. The physical element is one thing - mental is another altogether. Losing control like this, being tied up without any hope of escape, much less release was terribly exciting.

There was something truly existential being bound like this. Spiritual even. Although I was still terribly uncomfortable, my worries had melted away like the evening shadows, leaving a great inner peace behind. The irony was laughable. There was nothing in the least rational about being bound like a pretzel – much less getting off on the whole thing. Andrea thought that she was punishing me by depriving me of my liberty in such a drastic manner, yet she'd given me freedom of a totally unexpected kind. I was flying now. I closed my eyes again before happily heaving and straining against my bonds, allowing them to caress my tingling skin – then it happened.

With a shocking suddenness, my penis tautened like a bowstring before spastically jerking, squirting jet after jet of viscous come on the sheets. It was the first time that I'd ever achieved such a spontaneous, unaided orgasm – and it felt great.

It was a long time since I felt this good.

Suddenly re-energised, I offered silent thanks to Andrea for doing this to me.

Slowly, I came down from the unbelievable high before collapsing into an exhausted sleep.

"Good morning." Andrea's smile was so tender, so warm that my heart melted. "Did you sleep well, my darling?"

Happily, I nodded.

"Wow, I can't believe that you're still tied up," she giggled. "I really thought that you would give up sooner or later. I was waiting for you to say that I've had enough – then I would've untied you."

For the first time I was very glad that I was still so tightly gagged or I would really let her have it.

"Oh my, what's this?" Andrea disbelievingly held up her hand, inspecting the sticky evidence that I'd left earlier. She doubled up with convulsive laughter. "I see someone enjoyed himself last night." Then, reprovingly, "I hope you saved some for me because I want you."

I enthusiastically nodded agreement.

Andrea grinned again, unbuckling my gag as she spoke. "I'll untie you if you make me happy first. Go for it. You know what to do." With that, she sat on my face and I dived inwards. I was parched after being so thoroughly gagged for so long. Her juices tasted like nectar – which, of course, spurred me onward. It wasn't long before I'd drunk my fill – between thoroughly satisfying Andie.

"Oh my," she moaned after climaxing for the third time. "That was great!"

The sex was terrific. Andrea was an exhausted wreck by the time I climbed off her. Her eyes were sparkling like sapphires as we held each other afterward.


"Do you have much study to do tonight?" I asked Andrea while I cleared the remnants of dinner away.

"Yes. Heaps…" she sighed before smiling as our eyes met.

"I suppose you don't want to be disturbed."

"Absolutely not."

"Will you… would I have to be tied up again?" I asked.

"Of course I'll tie you up!" she exclaimed.

"Of course," I happily agreed.

"I might tie you very tight," she murmured.

"Of course."

"I might gag you very tight too."

"Of course."

"I might not untie you until tomorrow morning."

"Of course."

"Very well." Andrea's eyes were brilliant diamonds of love as she rose before taking my hand. "You want me to tie you like… last night?"

I nodded. "Yes… please. Tie me tight - very tight."

Andie obliged – in spades. Every brutally tight wrap, cinch and knot was a benediction; a special expression of love as Andrea bound me. She did not untie me until the next morning.

From that evening onward, she always stringently bound me before hitting the books – although some things have changed slightly such as loading the DVD player with films before leaving me for the night.

Andrea aced her course, finishing on top of a student intake of some five thousand nurses. When asked how she did it, Andrea said that a quiet work environment really helped her concentrate on her studies.

Andie also reckons that we've discovered the fountain of youth. She might have a point there. I've never suffered from any of the symptoms of stress that my colleagues at the big merchant bank, whom I work for, regularly suffer from. My performance bonuses are also the largest as well. Everyone wants to know how we do it but I'm not telling. That's our secret. Gotta stay on top. It's a tough world out there.



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