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"So… how did you enjoy all that?" Traci asked after sitting down. She'd just prepared a pot of delicious Brazilian coffee before seating herself alongside Joanne by the TV.

"Mmm…" Joanne didn't know how to begin. Should she be honest and tell Traci how she really felt about being tied up? They'd always been honest with each other – it was one of the reasons their friendship had endured over the years – but how could she possibly bare her soul? She looked into Traci's smiling face and found only a deep compassionate understanding in her eyes – and it decided the issue. "Umm… It was absolutely wonderful…" she hesitantly began before being rewarded by a warm smile. She bit her lip before wonderingly studying the neat, patterned vivid weals left by the cords where they'd met bare skin. She was still wearing her lingerie and several sets of red bands scarred her arms, wrists, legs and ankles where she'd been bound. They looked a bit like ritual tattoos and she smiled before continuing. "I… I really enjoyed myself."

"Yeah… I could tell," Traci dryly commented before smiling. "Like I said… you're a natural. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself though."

"Yeah… thanks…" Joanne sighed. "I sure did. Th- Thank you so much for tying me up and… everything."

"Hey! You're welcome," Traci smiled. "So you think you'd like to do it again?"

"Of course!" Joanne exclaimed before giggling and glancing around. The ropes used to tie her up were untidily scattered around the floor where Traci had dropped everything after untying her. Wonderingly, "I… I never realised that being tied up could feel anything like this."

"Yeah I know…" Traci breathed. "Why do you think I just love being tied up so much?"

"Oh for sure..." Joanne happily replied. "You know, it was such a turn on for me as well. I… I've never experienced anything quite like that… orgasm I had before today."

"Bondage kinda has that effect upon people," Traci giggled. "Hey… look. There you are again." She pointed to the TV and Joanne laughed.

Traci had replayed the video after sitting down and there she was humping against her crotchrope with a startling intensity between straining against her tight bonds.

"I can't believe that's me," Joanne breathed before breathlessly giggling. "I had so much fun."

"Same here…"

"This is making me so hot," Joanne giggled before staring in the direction of the TV. She was already wet again. Oh my God.

"Yeah… How do you think I feel? Being tied up is the best thing in the world," Traci mused.

Her voice contained such naked, wistful longing it melted Joanne's heart. How she understood what her friend was saying. "Um… look… I was just thinking… would you like me to tie you up? If you showed me what to do, um… then I could do you now so you can enjoy yourself as well."

"Really? Are you sure?" Traci was so stunned with her friend's generosity and thoughtfulness she was momentarily lost for words.

"Yes of course!" Joanne exclaimed. "If you want to, that is."

"Yes… of course I want," Traci breathed. "You know, it's been so long since I've really properly been tied up."

"Yeah, I know," Traci smiled. "That's why I asked – because I know how much you like this as well. You've tied me up already, now it's your turn."

"Joanne… Thank you so much…" Traci breathed before hugging her. "I really, really appreciate this. Yes, I would love to be tied up again… um… if that's OK by you."

"Of course its OK!" Joanne smiled. "But you'll have to show me what to do because I've never done this before."

"Sure…" Traci happily agreed as her heart caught. "I can't believe we're doing this together."

"Me too," Joanne breathed. "Much more fun than shopping huh?"

"You said it, girl," Traci giggled. "Guess we won't be seeing much of Chapel Street for a while huh?"

"Yep, because you'll be all tied up," Joanne smiled.

"Oh, I can hardly wait," said Traci.

"Join the club," Joanne giggled. "It's only twenty or so minutes since I was tied up but… I already want to be bound and gagged again so much it hurts."

"I could tie you up again now if you want," Traci offered.

"No, no…" Joanne hastily replied. "I said I would tie you up and that's what I'm going to do because you're my best friend."

"Thank you so much again…" Traci sighed. "I really don't know what to say."

"Hey, it's OK!" Joanne smiled. "What are friends for?"

"Yeah… that's true," Traci slowly replied. "To be honest, I've really missed being tied up, it's been so long since the last time."

"Yeah… I sure know how you feel."

"Ok… look…" Traci mused. "In that case then, you can tie me up now then I'll tie you up again after dinner. You could even stay over if you like then I'll keep you bound and gagged overnight like Mickey used to with me. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes please… I would love to," Joanne breathed. It would be so exciting being tied up overnight and her skin prickled with excitement.

"No worries," Traci smiled. "Consider it done."

"Well, in that case, what are we waiting for?" Joanne giggled before picking up a piece of rope. "Shall we?"

"I can't remember the last time I had such a good student," Traci admiringly smiled after watching Joanne roping her hands together without pausing. She'd soaked up every lesson like a duck learning how to swim.

"Thanks…" Joanne happily replied while she proudly studied the ropes circling Traci's bound wrists which she'd obligingly held out in front for binding. Picking up the basics hadn't been hard with her patient tuition. "I'm really enjoying myself."

"Same here," Traci smiled. "Learning the ropes is good fun huh? Well, it gives me great pleasure to say that you've graduated with first class honours from Bondage University 101."

"Oh, thank you!" Joanne giggled. "Guess it's time for that graduation ceremony now."

"Oh yeah!" Traci laughed. "Way to go, girl!"

"I'm looking forwards to graduating with you, babe," Joanne smiled. "Anyway are you ready now? Then I'll tie you up – unless you want to change first or anything?"

"Sure… Can you wait while I go change?" Traci asked. "I've got to go get some more rope anyway."

"Wowww…" Joanne breathed. "More rope? You want me to tie you up tight huh?"

"Y-yes please…" Traci hesitantly replied. "If that's Ok with you?"

"Of course it's OK!" Joanne smiled. "But… if I tie you up good and tight, you have to tie me up the same way later ok?"

"No worries, it's a deal," Joanne happily replied while the heat between her legs increased. She would have to make sure that she really did the job on Traci.

"Ok… you wait now," Traci said. "I won't be long."

"Oh woowwww…" Joanne breathed while she disbelievingly studied her friend. "You really need that much rope?" Traci was carrying only enough rope to sink the Titanic – twice over. It was almost impossible to comprehend the depth of passion behind the vast amount of cord she was carrying - but after experiencing the magic of bondage earlier, Joanne's heart went out to her friend. How much she must have wanted this.

The big red ballgag she'd seen earlier was sitting atop the pile of rope and her breath quickened. Traci had two of those didn't she? What would it like being gagged like that? Oh well. She would just have to wait until her turn rolled around again.

"You can never have too much," Traci smiled before dumping everything on the couch and lazily stretching.

"Oh, for sure," Joanne happily agreed. "Always be prepared and all... Oh my word…" Her words suddenly died away as she disbelievingly studied Traci. Although they were well used to going around nude in each other's company, she'd never seen Traci wearing anything like the gorgeous lingerie decorating her lithe body. A red and white torsolette bra covered her stomach and breasts. Her washboard stomach and belly button were clearly visible beneath the most beautiful filmy see-through gauzy material supported by a pair of white ribs inlaid with a series of tiny red dots and a soft, delighted sigh escaped her lips while she incredulously studied the delicious swell of Traci's breasts. They were partially visible above the outlines of her nipples she could just make out beneath each red and white cup supporting them.

Each snow-white cup had been picked out on top with a flowery red motif and a matching pair of straps ensured nothing would slip downwards. A pair of stockings climbed all the way up Traci's long legs before halting around the middle of her shapely thighs where they'd been attached to her torsolette by yet another set of suspender straps. The top one or so inches of each stocking had also been decorated with the same red-on-white decorative pattern. However, it was Traci's impossibly sexy panties (if one could call the filmy wisp of material barely covering her bush 'panties') which really captured her attention. The front and back of her undies had been fashioned out of the same filmy material covering her stomach and the soft, fluffy thatch of hair jealously guarding her private bits was clearly visible beneath everything. They'd also been decorated on the top and sides with the same lacy red and white tulip pattern. Clearly delighted with her friend's approval, Traci insouciantly swung her lips from the left to right before slowly spinning around with an ecstatically happy smile.

"Wowww…" Joanne breathed, "it's absolutely gorgeous! I really, really love it! Were on earth did you find it?"

"I got it from Siren Doll in Collingwood," Traci smiled before happily plucking one suspender strap. "I really enjoy wearing this because I just feel so sexy then." Suddenly shy, "You know… it's the first time I've worn it for bondage. I've always wanted to wear this while I was tied up."

"Oh yeah… For sure…" Joanne couldn't help sighing again. "Look good, feel good, huh? Your lingerie is… it's just so sexy." Thoughtfully, "Bondage is such a sexy thing as well and I think… it just goes really well with that."

"Oh absolutely," Traci agreed before pausing as their eyes met in mutual, shared empathy.

"You want me to tie you up now?" Joanne asked.

"Y- Yes please…" Traci slowly replied. She was trembling like a leaf being buffeted by a gale and she hoped Joanne wouldn't notice how much this was affecting her, how much being tied up, to once again experience the sweet kiss of cords looping then tightening around her wrists again meant to her.

"No worries…" Joanne gently replied before wrapping her arms around Traci and pulling her close for a big hug. "Thank you so much for being my friend and… everything. Anyway… I'll tie you up now."

"Thank you too, Jo," Traci whispered. "I'm glad we're friends and um… thank you again for tying me up."

"Honestly, it's a pleasure," Joanne smiled. "Anyway… shall we?"

Traci nodded. She couldn't speak.

"I'll do your legs first," Joanne decided. "Then you can tell me if I'm on the right track."

Traci bit her lip before nodding again.

"Sure thing," Joanne replied before glancing upwards, "You still want me to tie you up tight? Like… the way you tied me up – what do you call it again? A hogtie?"

"Uhmm… Yes please," Traci whispered. "A hogtie, you know… it's my favourite. I really love being tied up like that."

"I can see why," Joanne giggled. "I felt so helpless after being... hog-tied. I liked it though."

"That's why I love it too," Traci replied before hesitantly adding, "Um… Could you tie me up as tight as possible? I mean, really tight?"

"Yeah… sure." Joanne stared into her friend's eager, anxious face before smiling. "You really like this don't you?"

"Yeah… I sure do," Traci slowly replied. Anxious to justify herself, "It's just… been so long, you know."

"It's OK…" Joanne gently reassured her friend. "Now I know what it's like, I understand how you feel."

"Thanks…" Traci sighed. "I really appreciate your help and everything – and I promise to tie you up as tight as you want later on."

"I'll hold you to that," Joanne giggled while her puss dissolved into liquid fire. "Anyway… what say we get going now? Otherwise we'll be up all night talking."

Traci laughed. One of the reasons they got along so well together was because they both enjoyed talking about anything and everything. "Yeah, I think so too."

"No worries…" Joanne beamed into her friend's face. She was enjoying herself so much – and she couldn't help sensing a new level of closeness between them that this tying up thing had just created. It wasn't so much sexual as… emotional. She was totally hetero but… somehow tying each other up was seemingly as natural as breathing. It wasn't something she would ever be able to articulate in words. "Just show me what to do, ok?"

"Sure," Traci replied as her heart caught. It was a bass drum and she was certain Joanne could hear it's rhythmic, throbbing beat while she indicated the rope lying on the coffee table. "Ok… lead on Mac Duff."

Joanne nodded before selecting one of the shortest lengths. Her chest was tighter than ever while she uncoiled everything. Being tied up was one thing. But… tying up her very best friend was entirely another. Hopefully, she wouldn't let her down. Ok… Deep breath.

Traci had already obligingly positioned her bare ankles alongside each other for tying and she bit her lip before doubling each strand and pulling the trailing ends through. "That's right… you're going great so far," Traci encouraged Joanne while she painstakingly wrapped each doubled strand around her slim ankles so nothing would catch or overlap. After completing five or so loops, Joanne carefully passed the last couple of feet through the anchor point before cinching everything as tightly as she dared. Knot… Joanne remembered Traci saying something about placing the knot on the outside of her ankles to prevent her from reaching or unpicking anything so she carefully positioned just above the instep before tucking the last remaining inches out of sight.

"Ok, how's that?" she anxiously asked. "Not too tight or anything?"

"Perfect," Traci happily replied. "You're doing a great job so far. I feel very helpless already."

"Wait till I'm finished with you!" Joanne giggled. She was beginning to settle down now. "You'll really feel helpless after I've finished tying you up."

"I just can't wait," Traci breathed.

"I might not untie you until dinner," Joanne said before smiling. The look on Traci's face told her she wouldn't mind such a fate the slightest little bit. "Dinnertime it is then," she gigglingly agreed before wishing it was her who would spend the afternoon like that. "Anyway I'll do your knees now."

Traci nodded before selecting and handing her another hank of cord. "Could you tie my legs above and below?" she asked while Joanne swiftly doubled everything.

"Wow… You really want this don't you?" Joanne smiled before passing the ropes around Traci's legs. "Well in that case, your wish is my command, as they say."

"Oh that feels good," Traci sighed while she happily ran one hand over the cords lashing her legs together above as well as below her knees. So far, Joanne had done a fantastic job of tying her up. Her bonds were neat and secure – just the way they should be. No slack or anything – and the knots had been positioned on the outside of her legs as well.

"I know the feeling," Joanne smiled. "I kinda felt like I was being hugged all over while I was tied up. I felt so safe and secure as well, I don't know why but I did."

"That's exactly it," Traci agreed while she wriggled her bound legs from one side to another.

"Anyway, what now?" Joanne asked. "Start doing your hands now?"

"Um… no not yet," Traci cautiously replied. "Could… could you do my thighs now?" she asked before indicating where she wanted them bound.

"You don't want to be tied up, you want to be mummified," Joanne giggled before picking out another piece of rope.

"Something like that," Traci smiled. "I've always believed that if I'm going to be tied up, it's got to be with lots of rope so…"

"…you can't escape or anything like that?" Joanne finished the sentence.


"Amen to that," Joanne smiled.

"Why do I get the impression that someone enjoys being tied up so much?" Joanne giggled while she pushed the last remaining couple of feet of rope between the cords circling Traci's thighs and her panty-covered crotch. The seat of her undies was soaking wet and the fragrant smell of her arousal was stronger than ever after being inadvertently transferred to Joanne's fingers.

"Yeah… No more than someone else I know – who shall remain nameless," Joanne smirked.

"Ok, ok, you've got me. Touche, as they say," Joanne laughed while she pulled the first cinch tight. "You know, this is also turning me on as well."

"Who needs a man when you've got rope?" Traci joked.

"I sort of felt the ropes were a bit like a lover," Joanne thoughtfully mused while she began the second cinch. "I really liked the way they were just holding me nice and tight."

"I know what you mean… Same here," Traci replied while she stared downwards. Four neat bands were circling her kegs now and she gustily exhaled while Joanne pulled the last cinch tight. "Um…. could you make it a bit tighter?"

"Sure," Joanne agreed before pulling hard on the cord. She could see the ropes actually burying themselves in the soft flesh of Joanne's thighs. They were so tight that they left a half-inch indentation on either side of her legs. "Ok, that tight enough now?"

"Oh yes…" Traci breathed. "That feels just fine."

"Terrific," Joanne beamed. "Just remember I'm not going to untie you until dinner time," she said after carefully tucking the last knot tight.

"Attagirl," Traci cheered. "You would make a great kidnapper."

"Let's see if you still feel as grateful later on," Joanne smiled.

"Ooo… should I be scared?"

"Yes – very!" Joanne quickly fired back before smiling. "I'm glad you're happy though."

"Thanks again for everything," Traci replied before sighing. "You've got no idea how much this means to me."

"That's Ok…" Joanne gently replied. "I know…" She bit her lip before continuing. "Anyway perhaps I should finish tying you up now," she suggested.

"Good idea," Traci smiled before handing Traci a relatively short length of cord. "Ok… could you do my hands now?"

"Like your feet?" Joanne asked.

Traci nodded. Her throat was dry again as she stared into her friend's eyes before slowly turning and crossing her hands over each other behind her back for tying. It was a sacred moment and she knew their lives would never be quite the same again after today.

Joanne's chest was tighter than ever as she took Traci's slim wrists. This was it now. She was tying up her best friend. She hoped that Traci wouldn't notice how shaky her hands were as she gently took her wrists. Traci's flawlessly smooth skin was the same beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion beloved of English girls worldwide and she could only compare them to her much darker hands. Suddenly, before she had a chance to study them further, Traci slid her wrists around until they were lying parallel alongside each other with the palms of her hands facing each other. "Could you tie them like that please?" she suddenly said.

"No worries." Joanne closed her eyes before inhaling. Here goes…

Tying Traci's hands was harder than she'd expected. At least her ankles and legs had been planted on solid ground but she had to support her wrists as well as tying them together and it wasn't all that easy. Fortunately, Traci stoically sat through a couple of abortive efforts without commenting on her performance and her patience made her feel better. She had the basics right; it was just a matter of putting everything together.

Suddenly, as if controlled by a spell from Harry Potter's wand, everything magically began happening and several swift wraps later, she had Traci's wrists securely bound together. Her fingers were a blur as she methodically cinched everything the way she'd been told, pulling and tugging on everything until every last inch of slack had vanished. There was no way Traci would be wriggling out of anything. Each wrap now sat very snugly around her wrists. Pleased with herself, she happily tied a series of very tight knots between Traci's bound wrists as far away from her questing fingers as possible. Traci was a statue while she critically examined her handiwork. Traci would neither see nor unpick anything. Hopefully. "Ok, how does that feel now?" she anxiously asked. "Any good? Not too tight?"

"Oh that feels great," Traci breathlessly replied while the heat between her legs soared out of control. At long last she'd finally (almost) achieved Nirvana. Bound hand and foot… Perhaps her ropes were a little tighter than they could've been. Her circulation could be a problem later but she was so eager to continue that she didn't say anything. It was an oversight she would regret later.

Joanne could see how happy Traci was and her heart went out to her bound friend. Her angelic blonde features were glowing in a way she hadn't noticed since meeting Mickey all those years ago. Traci was wriggling around like an edgy schoolgirl anxiously waiting for the final bell and she smiled again. It'd been so long since she'd seen her this happy and she silently vowed to ensure her afternoon would be a memorable one. "Oh, I'm really glad to hear that. Well, Trace, you're officially tied up now," Joanne happily parroted her earlier words. Traci's nipples were trying to escape from the cotton confines of her bra and she couldn't help grinning. Her nips had betrayed her excitement in exactly the same manner.

"Yes, I sure am… Mmm… that feels so good," Traci warbled. "Keep tying me up please."

"Sure… What do you want me to do now?" she uncertainly asked.

"Um… could you do my elbows now?"

"Your elbows?"

"Yeah… my elbows," Traci hesitantly replied. She couldn't understand why she suddenly felt this awkward about asking Jo to bind and gag her as tightly as possible. She could see the surprise in Joanne's face and she couldn't help obtaining the impression that her friend could see right through to her soul.

"Oh wowww… you really want to be tied up, huh?" Joanne commented. "Ok, no worries but you'll have to tell me where."

"You can do them the same way as my hands – if you start about two or so inches above my elbows, that should be fine. Too close and it can cut off the circulation a bit."

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" Joanne asked, concerned for her friend. "I don't want to… hurt you or anything."

"Look… you're going a great job so far," Traci carefully replied. "You've already got the hang of the basics so far – and now it's just a matter of… um… developing a feel for everything."

"That's true…" Joanne admitted.

"The only way you're going to learn is with experience," Traci smiled.

"Yeah right – and guess who'll have lots of fun along the way?" Joanne giggled.

"And of course you'll have to spend some time tied up so you learn how everything feels as well."

"That's much more like it," Joanne laughed.

"I think we're going to have a great time along the way," Traci happily observed.

"Too right," Joanne agreed. "OK, I'll do your elbows now. I suppose you want me to tie them right together?"

"Yes please," Traci breathed. "If you could tie them nice and tight, that would be great."

"No worries," Joanne smiled before picking up another piece of rope. "Just tell me if I'm hurting you though ok?"

"Sure and… thanks," Traci happily replied. "You know, I really love having my elbows tied together because it's just so inescapable, there's no way I'll ever be able to get out."

"Which is the point of the whole exercise, isn't it?" Joanne reflectively said while she carefully drew the ropes around Traci's arms, just above her elbows. "Ok… have I got it right so far?" she asked after drawing the loop tight.

"That's fine," Traci replied while she leant forwards as far as possible so Joanne could do her arms. "Don't pull the first loop too tight – you'll have to use both hands to help support as well as pushing my elbows together while you're tying them up. The idea is to progressively tighten everything until they're just about touching – then the cinching finishes everything off."

"I think I get it," Joanne doubtfully said. "Anyway, I'll have a go and see how I go."

Traci's arms were unusually long. Apparently it was something which ran in the family. She'd always had trouble finding clothes with long enough sleeves to fit. However, the same genetic mutation which occasionally drove her mad turned out to have an unexpected side effect – tying Traci's elbows together was easier than she'd expected. All she had to do was support them with the crook of one arm before wrapping everything around them. Traci was right – bringing her elbows closer and closer together became much easier with the application of each loop which she drew tight before beginning the next one. They were all but touching now and the soft sighs escaping Traci's lips were anything but those of pain. Slightly awed with the effects of her handiwork, Traci threaded the trailing ends between her arms before pulling the first cinch tight, drawing her arms imperceptibly closer together in the process.

"Tighter please," Traci said and Joanne grinned. Traci was a real glutton. A bondage pig. However, if there was one person who deserved the sweet kiss of tight, inescapable cords more than any other after going without for so long, it was her and Joanne happily yanked them tighter still before repeating the procedure. Virtually only the width of the soft cords now separated Traci's arms and she disbelievingly shook her head, unable to believe she'd been the architect of such numbingly tight bondage. Traci's arms might as well be two logs of wood the way she'd tied them together. How could anybody handle being bound this way for any length of time? she wondered before pulling the second cinch as tight as she dared. The ropes had sunk into the soft flesh of her arms now and she wonderingly studied the tight cords before knotting and tucking the last remaining inches out of sight. Traci would have a wonderful set of ropemarks to show for this later.

"Ok, how does that feel now?" she asked. "It's not um… too tight?"

"It's tight," Traci admitted before sighing with pleasure, "but it feels so so good." She closed her eyes before ecstatically wriggling around. "I feel so helpless now."

Joanne grinned. The musky scent of Traci's arousal was thick in the still air of the living room. "Yes, I could kinda tell."

"Yeah…" Traci said without any trace of embarrassment; "this is such a huge turn-on."

"If it feels this good now, wait till I've finished tying you up," Joanne smiled.

"Please," Traci moaned. "Tie me really tight. Don't hold back."

"Don't worry, you'll get your wish," Joanne replied while she thoughtfully perused the pile of rope Traci had brought in with her. It hadn't appreciably shrunk despite the amount she'd already used on her. One, shorter hank protruded outwards and she picked it up. "Ok Traci, turn around again," she ordered.

"Huh?!?" Suddenly the awkward, unsure student had become a confident master of all she surveyed and she wasn't sure whether to be pleased or worried.

Joanne didn't answer while she passed the cords around her arms just below her elbows and she couldn't help grunting as Joanne drew everything tightly together. Michael had never tied her like this.

"You wanted to be tied up really tight so I'm tying you up really tight," Joanne smiled while she carefully positioned each wrap so nothing would pinch. This was so easy! All you had to do was follow the basic, logical way of doing things and everything followed from there. Cinching up everything was marginally more difficult because she had to thread the ropes between Traci's already tightly bound arms but eventually she succeeded in locking one, then a second cinch so tightly that the cords were buried up to the level of the indented skin of her forearms.

"Ooh, that's tight," Traci groaned while Joanne tied the last knot savagely tight.

"Too bad," she smiled before breathlessly inspecting the job she'd done so far. Four neat bands of white cord circled Traci's legs while another three equally tight sets of ropes took care of her arms. Traci's eyes were huge and round while she happily writhed from one side to another. "Like I said, you wanted this. Oh, and by the way, don't even think about being untied any time soon because I won't."

It was the first time she'd ever held this much power over another human being and for the first time, Joanne understood how addictive it could be. She was in total control and it was a heady feeling like no other. She'd tied up Traci by herself – but much more importantly, Traci was now dependant upon her for release. She certainly couldn't untie herself, that much was certain. The strangest thing though was the way she sensed how much Traci wanted this, to be hopelessly bound and gagged without any hope of escape or release. Just like her earlier. The incredible head-spinning rush she'd felt upon being hog-tied had been like nothing else she'd ever experienced.

Traci closed her eyes before ecstatically savouring the sheer tightness of her bonds. If anything, her arms had been lashed too tightly together for comfort but… it wasn't like Jo was being tied up or anything. She stared downwards before smiling again. Her tits were really sticking outwards now. Being tied like this was pulling her shoulders back and it'd forced her to change posture. If she struck problems, all she had to do was let Jo know and she would untie her. At least she could relax and really enjoy her bondage though. That wonderful, existential feeling of pure helplessness was back for the first time since losing Mickey. He'd been a strict but fair taskmaster – whenever he'd bound and gagged her, Traci knew she wouldn't be released for ages – certainly not because she felt a little uncomfortable or bored and she wonderingly glanced over where Joanne was sitting. How on earth had she understood how simply being tied up wasn't always enough? It was that real captivity she craved like a drug and Joanne had just delivered it to her on a plate. Not only she'd been bound hand and foot, she wasn't going to be untied anytime soon and she couldn't help uncomfortably squirming again while the heat between her legs boiled out of control. She was so hot it wasn't fucking funny.

"Are you all right though?" Joanne suddenly asked.

Relieved that Joanne wasn't spiralling out of control like the sinister, smooth-talking computer HAL in Stanley Kubrick's 2001, Traci gustily exhaled before replying. "Oh, yes… I… I'm fine so far."

"Terrific. I'm really glad to hear that. Anyway, shall I do your arms now?" Joanne asked. "Like you did me before?"

"Yep… go right ahead," Joanne smiled before awkwardly heaving herself upwards.

"Huh? What- What are you doing?" Joanne gasped. "I thought you-"

The wide, comfy armrest was only a couple of feet away and Traci hurriedly hopped towards it before flopping down on it so she was half-sitting, half-standing. "What did you think I was trying to do? Escape?" she giggled.

"Something like that…" Joanne replied.

"Awww… and to think you don't trust me?" Traci sighed before laughing again. It'd been so long since she'd enjoyed herself so much. It was so good being tied up again. She'd almost forgotten what it was like being bound and gagged – and the way things were going, she was in for a treat she wouldn't ever forget. Joanne was surprisingly good at all this. "No, seriously, it'll be much easier for you to tie me up if I'm sitting up here rather than down there."

Joanne nodded before grinning. "Real eager beaver huh? Well, you're gonna be tied up for long enough anyway so why get your knickers in a twist, huh?"

"Did you really mean that about not untying me until dinnertime?" Traci asked.

"Yes, I really meant what I said. You wanted to be tied up so I tied you up. Why should I untie you now?" Joanne giggled before jeering, "Why? Have you had enough already?"

"Just wanted to know," Traci replied while a melange of excitement, fear – and relief flooded her system. Jo wasn't like some softhearted people who just untied you as soon as you complained about feeling uncomfortable. There was no way her friend would untie her anytime soon and one glance into Joanne's determined, set expression told her all she needed to know.

"Good. I'm glad you know where we stand then," Joanne smiled before trying not to think about the likely retribution she would face after dinner. Payback was such a bitch wasn't it? "Anyway, I'll just finish tying you up now then you can relax until dinnertime."

Traci nodded before smiling. "No worries and thanks again. You really are doing a great job so far." Her fingers were already beginning to tingle a little bit but she dismissed the early warning signs of the impending loss of circulation in the tidal wave of sexual excitement overwhelming all rational thought.

Pleased with her friend's approval, Joanne replied, "Thanks… I'm really enjoying myself too," before picking up the very long piece of rope Traci had used on her earlier. "I think I can remember what to do so just tell me if I'm on the right track ok?"

Traci breathlessly nodded again. Her chest was very tight while she happily strained against the ropes holding her captive. Being tied up was the best thing in the world and it was about to get better still. Right now she was in heaven. In her ignorant, bound bliss, she had no idea how quickly how quickly everything could change from Heaven to a screaming, nightmarish Hell.

Joanne was looping each doubled strand of rope around her chest now, pinning her already tightly bound arms against the small of her back and she happily closed her eyes before gustily exhaling. Joanne was pulling every wrap as tight as possible before progressing with the next and she inwardly smiled. Her friend was a fast learner. She hadn't even had to say, 'Tighter please' this time around. Joanne had completed wrapping everything around and around her body, just below her breasts and she'd moved upwards before repeating the procedure just above the lacy edges of her bra.

Each very tight wrap was pinioning her arms ever more securely against her back now and Traci knew she wasn't getting out of this one without divine intervention – or Joanne's help. Joanne wasn't sparing the rod and she involuntarily grunted as the girl yanked harder on the cords surrounding her body. Amazing. She hadn't even had to tell her what to do. Jo had a good memory and she admiringly watched her threading the ropes beneath the cords sitting just underneath her breasts before pulling upwards. Creating a rope harness just like the one she'd tied on her earlier. Joanne was looping everything over her shoulders now before looping the last remaining feet beneath and around each twin band of rope surrounding her body and she was… Oh my God… Ever resourceful, Joanne was twisting everything around and around the cinched cords helping secure her elbow bonds before moving back upwards again over the other shoulder. There was no way she was ever going to escape now. Her imaginative friend had all the answers. But then, that was Joanne. She'd always scored better marks than practically everybody else had at university because she always paid attention to detail. She crossed her 'T's' and dotted her 'i's' – just like today...

Joanne was completing her harness now and she couldn't help sighing with acute, unalloyed, atavistic pleasure while the ropes squeezed her breasts with a wonderful firmness. She'd attached each white band of cord to the other, splitting the valley between her tingling, excited breasts with a neatly woven bridge before securing everything with a series of carefully tied knots. The flow of chatter had dried up and Joanne was suddenly all business while she looped still more rope around her stomach before adjusting everything just above her belly button and setting off.

One firm wrap quickly became three, then four before Joanne stopped again. Tying a knot in the center of everything and she instinctively tensed. Traci knew what was coming. Joanne didn't say anything while she carefully threaded the cords through the narrow gap between her bound thighs and crotch although the grin decorating her lovely face told the real story. Joanne's hand also lingered above her soaking crotch much longer than it had any right to before eventually withdrawing much to her disappointment. She was sure the way her nimble fingers had briefly massaged her aching, tingling crotch hadn't been accidental.

There was still heaps of rope left and she briefly wondered how Jo was going to use it all upon her while her friend swiftly pulled everything through until it hung loosely downwards before disappearing between her legs. Joanne had retreated behind her back now but it wasn't hard figuring out what Joanne was doing. Fortunately, the video camera was faithfully recording everything for posterity so she wasn't worried about missing anything later. Joanne was carefully passing the trailing ends beneath her hands and the small of her back before pushing the ropes between her bound forearms and wrists. After looping the rope over and around the cinching separating her bound wrists and methodically pulling everything through again, Joanne pushed and threaded everything back the way it'd come between the shapely round globes of her bottom. At last the thin cords shyly emerged from the tiny triangular gap between her crotch and thighs and she tensed again. This was it.

After pulling everything though, Joanne shifted position until she was standing behind her again before pulling the first strand tight and she couldn't help shrieking out aloud as the ropes bit into her crotch with an delicious, irresistible pressure. If only she'd already been gagged but there was nothing she could do about the situation now. Her tight crotchrope was a violin bow and it was already playing a Mozart concerto on her tingling privates – and it could only intensify still more. Joanne was pulling downwards now, tightening her crotchrope as well as further immobilising her bound hands with this one maneuvre. Talk about killing two birds with one stone and she grinned. No wonder Jo had enjoyed herself so much earlier.

Suddenly the second strand tightened and she groaned again while Joanne looped everything around the cords she'd wound around her waist earlier before tying a tight knot so nothing would slip. Somehow she'd managed to position the cords directly above her ultra-sensitive clit where they would create the maximum possible amount of damage. There was absolutely no slack or play in the cords and she groaned again. Jo was clearly playing for keeps. The cords were pushing the soft silky satin of her panties between the lips of her vagina and they were already massaging her most private bits. How she was going to handle the sweet torment of her embarrassingly tight crotchrope during the hours to come, she had no idea. Traci could see the cords splitting her mound in two and she smiled before grimacing. There was no way she could ever shift or budge anything. Well. At least she wouldn't be bored so it was some consolation.

There was still a couple of feet left over which Joanne attached to the rope harness surrounding her breasts. This too was pulled tight and knotted off. No amount of struggling would ever shift the cords surrounding her waist, much less loosening the cords she'd run through her crotch. Her crotchrope was there to stay whether she liked it or not.

However, Joanne was far from done and she smiled again. The girl was wrapping still more rope around her waist just above where the inverted 'T' junction of her crotchrope was located. Jo was a fast learner. Quick-minded, good with her hands, she'd taken to this bondage thing like a duck to water. Joanne was pulling each wrap very tight – although she took great care to ensure nothing overlapped or pinched her skin. Her arms were totally immobilized now and Traci bit her lower lip so Joanne wouldn't see just how much being tied up like this was affecting her – not withstanding the ways her body were betraying her. The sweet scent of her arousal was an invisible cloud. Traci was sure Joanne could hear her heart. It was a hammer while her friend continued tying her up. Even her breathing was shorter and sharper than normal and she closed her eyes before vainly trying to calm down.

Meanwhile Joanne calmly continued tying her up as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She was cinching the ropes surrounding her waist now and Traci couldn't help sighing again. About all she could do was wiggle her tingling fingers and that was about it. It was so good being tied up again. It was the best thing in the world. Her whole life and Traci couldn't help thinking that she would die happy like this. As attentive to detail as usual, simply cinching everything wasn't enough for Jo. She was looping and wrapping everything around the cords surrounding her arms, chest and waist in an increasingly intricate – and inescapable web of rope. She'd even looped more rope around her crotch and she wonderingly stared downwards where a white arrowhead of rope now surrounded her crotch. It was the sexiest sight she'd ever seen and she disbelievingly shook her head before sighing again. She wasn't ever, ever going to squirm or wriggle her way out of this one. Her bonds were so tight, she could hardly even lean forwards. Everything was inter-connected to everything else in such a way that no matter how hard she struggled, about the most she could generate was a healthy sweat.

"How does that feel now?" Joanne suddenly asked.

"I think you've got me now," Traci sighed before happily straining against her bonds. "Oh, you've done such a fantastic job of tying me up. I don't think I'm ever going to escape."

Delighted with Traci's enthusiastic and appreciative approval, Joanne proudly studied her handiwork before gustily exhaling. She was still somewhat overwhelmed with the way everything had panned out. There was her best friend bound hand and foot with a million yards of rope. Traci looked so beautiful and she happily returned her friend's ecstatic smile as their eyes met. "That's the general idea," she smiled before tugging Traci's bonds. "Anyway, I'm really glad that you're… enjoying yourself so much."

"Oh, I sure am!" Traci gushed. "Thanks again for tying me up and everything."

"Dearest Traci," Joanne slowly replied before trying to catch her breath. Incredible. Saying thank you for being tied up. Her chest was so tight it hurt. "That's what friends are for," before smiling again to defuse a potentially awkward moment.

"Yeah… Who needs enemies when I've got friends like you?" Traci giggled.

"Enough already," Joanne laughed. "I think we'll have to do something about your mouth."

"Like?" Traci asked while a painful, tight ache squeezed her chest like a giant fist.

"Like this," Joanne smiled before holding up Traci's ballgag.

"You wouldn't dare."

Traci was in one of her giggly moods again and Joanne couldn't help laughing. This was all just so much fun!

"Try me. Just try me…" Joanne smiled before depositing the ball and it's attendant collection of straps on the coffee table. "I'll just finish tying you up first then I'll gag you."

"Sounds good to me," Traci said with an eagerness in total contrast to her position. Before Joanne had a chance to react, she awkwardly stood before hopping the few short feet back to the sanctuary of the wide, soft couch. "Could you help me lie down?" Traci suddenly asked before bunny hopping around so she was standing with the couch on her right hand side.

"Sure," Joanne replied before gently helping Traci down until she was lying on her stomach. "You're Ok so far?"

"Yeah…" Traci slowly replied. The slight tingling in her fingers was a worry. Those cords circling her wrists were tight - but Jo would rescue her if she had any problems. "I… I'm fine."

"Terrific," Joanne happily enthused. "Ok, I'm going to tie your hands to your feet now… what do you call it again? A hogtie?"

"Yep… a hogtie," Traci happily replied. "Gee, you're a fast learner, Jo."

"Thank you…" Joanne smiled before studying Traci's radiantly happy face. "You know… I just felt so helpless when you hog-tied me. I knew I wasn't going to escape then. It was so exciting as well."

"Yeah… That's why I love being tied up like this so much," Traci mused. "It feels so good."

"Yeah… you've only told me that a couple of hundred million times," Joanne teased before smiling again. It's Ok, I liked it too. But I don't know how you're going to escape though."

"I like it so much better when I'm tied up with heaps of rope," Traci sighed before luxuriously straining against the unyielding cords.

"I know…" Joanne smiled. "That inescapability thing huh?"

"Got it in one…" Traci grinned.

"Anyway… Stupid question, I know… but I suppose you want me to make it tight?" Joanne asked before selecting a relatively short piece of cord and doubling everything.

"Yes please…" Traci breathlessly replied. The great moment was almost upon her now. "Really tight. As tight as possible," she breathed before wondering what she'd let herself in for. Why did she always say the same thing? It would be the death of her one day.

"No worries," Joanne relied before kneeling downwards and looping everything between Traci's ankles. Pull the rope through the rabbit… There. "But just remember that I won't untie you until dinner time. You'll be here for a while, I can guarantee that. Now you still want me to make this tight?"

"Mmm… Yes please." Traci hardly hesitated while the fire between her legs exploded out of control. This was it. She was really committed now.

"Ok, ask and ye shall receive. But just remember that I won't untie you until dinnertime," Joanne reminded Traci before folding her legs inwards upon themselves. "Now what do I do?" she hesitantly asked. "Sorry, I've never done this before."

"That's Ok," Traci replied. "Pass everything around the harness just above my elbows then pass everything back between my ankles again."

"Ok, I got it," Joanne said as she threaded the trailing ends around the Gordian tangle of cordage just above Traci's tightly bound elbows before briefly marvelling how anybody could stand being tied up that tight. Pass everything between her ankles, return the other way. "Ok, now what?"

"Ok now pull tight," Traci instructed her friend. Her chest was tighter than ever while Joanne continued tying her up. Being hog-tied like this was just simply the best and she couldn't believe that Joanne was doing this for her.

"Sure," Joanne nodded before pulling.


Joanne pulled harder. "Tighter?"


Joanne pulled again. The heels of Traci's feet were now almost flush against her bum.

Traci closed her eyes before groaning again. Everything was suddenly, magically tighter. From long experience she knew any movement would be virtually impossible so tightly she'd been bound and her head spun while Joanne continued pulling. Suddenly she stopped before hesitantly asking, "Now what?"

"Same like last time then pull as tight as you can," Traci replied.

"You're really a sucker for punishment huh?" Joanne grinned before swiftly repeating the procedure and yanking hard. There was still plenty of rope left and she bit her lip before wondering what to do next. Ahh yes... Her hands. She gustily exhaled before methodically looping the cords around the cinched ropes separating Traci's bound wrists before slowly working everything underneath. There wasn't much room left because she'd already lashed Traci's wrists against the small of her back and her wriggling, upturned bare feet were obstructing her vision as well. The soles of Traci's feet were shockingly pink but she barely noticed them while she carefully threaded each strand of rope through. At last she'd somehow pushed everything though and she quickly pushed the cords between Traci's ankles yet again before removing what little slack was left and pulling. She was rewarded with another grunt as Traci awkwardly shifted position to compensate for the increased tightness of her bondage.

Joanne had never believed that the human body was capable of being bound this tightly while she wonderingly studied Traci's contorted position before continuing. Arms bound together like so many lumps of wood, with each leg hammerlocked in a going-nowhere-fast position. The meaning of the word, 'hogtie' was never as apparent as now while she examined the last trailing inches of cord. She remembered Traci telling her the key to everything was the knots. Therefore she had to make sure Traci couldn't reach anything. That, and make it so hard to reach and undo anything Traci would have to be the Incredible Rubberman or something to even contemplate the idea. She'd tied up Traci – and stay bound Traci would, come what may. She grinned again before setting off for the last time. After another last hard yank which extracted another groan from Traci, she wound everything around the Gordian knot of rope above her elbows. Not even Theseus could undo that lot, Joanne thought while she methodically twisted, looped and knotted off everything in an increasingly complex and tight series of knots.

"I reckon that should just about do it," Joanne suddenly said before standing. "If you somehow escape from that lot, I will barrack for Collingwood for the rest of my life. Promise."

"Trust you to make a promise you know you'll never have to worry about keeping," Traci said before laughing. "You know I would hold you to it if I could, don't you worry about that, mate." A fanatical, one-eyed Carlton supporter, Jo hated Collingwood more than most. As an one-eyed Collingwood fan herself, it was the one great sticking point between the girls. Every year she offered to buy Jo a Collingwood membership and her offer was equally graciously declined without fail. "Dammit Jo, you know I'll never be able to escape, Jo. You've tied me up so good."

"That's the general idea," Joanne smiled. "How does all that feel now?"

"Mmm… tight." Traci happily closed her eyes before moaning again. The merciless pressure of her bonds was already unbelievable and they'd hardly begun, even. Everything was tighter than ever and she ecstatically strained against her bonds again, savouring the unbelievable constriction of the cords circling her body. They were great, immovable bands of steel Traci knew she would never shift or budge. Joanne had really done the job on her. Instead the unrelenting tightness of her bonds told her how tightly she'd just been tied up. Her arms had been fused together. She couldn't even move her bound legs. The ropes circling everything above and below her knees had automatically tightened after being hog-tied. Even the crotchrope massaging her aching, tingling privates was tighter than ever. There was no slack or play anywhere. About the most she could manage was wriggling her hands and feet.

And Joanne hadn't even gotten around to gagging her yet.

Joanne disbelievingly shook her head while she studied her bound and hog-tied friend before replying. Traci was wriggling and squirming from one side to another like a worm although in reality she was achieving very little except tightening everything further. She couldn't believe that she'd been the architect of the mind-numbingly tight bondage she'd just created. Traci clearly wasn't going anywhere but the rapturous expression decorating her beautiful features told her that she wasn't exactly unhappy about the prospect.

"Well, I can see you're obviously enjoying yourself," she giggled.

"Oh yes… very much," Traci breathed. "You know Jo, this is the best I've ever been tied up."

"Really?" Joanne screamed. Delighted and disbelieving, she shook her head again. "But… what about Mickey?"

"He never tied me up anywhere near this tight," Traci sighed. She couldn't help feeling slightly bizarre chatting away with Jo while helplessly bound hand and foot. The stress was already dissipating and she felt better than any other time since breaking up. "Like I said already, you've done a great job."

"Thanks…" Joanne murmured before admitting, "but you did help me though."

"Yeah, I know but…" Traci smiled again before continuing. "However, you really have a feel for this. Some people do, most don't."

"Mmm… I suppose so," Joanne hesitantly agreed. "But I did enjoy myself though. This is such good fun."

"Me too." Traci's smile was a sun and Joanne gently caressed her friend's shoulder before replying.

"So you're happy now."

"Oh yes! Very." Traci inhaled before gustily expelling the air in her lungs with a loud 'whoosh!' "Thank you so much again. You've got no idea how much I needed this."

"Yes, Blind Freddy could see that," Joanne giggled. She couldn't resist. "I think I like you much better like this though. We'll have to do this again."


"Hey nothing," Joanne firmly replied before reaching over and picking up Traci's gag. "I really think it's time we have some peace and quiet around here."

"If you say so."

"I said so," Joanne smiled before wonderingly spinning Traci's ballgag around in her hands. All those straps and buckles. The glossy black leather shone under the soft, diffused light the windows were providing. How was she ever going to get this on? "So… Traci, any famous last words?"

"Yeah… "Traci sounded embarrassed again. "Could you gag me really tight as well? When you do up each strap, pull it as tight as you can before buckling it."


"Then…" Traci hurriedly interrupted before Joanne had a chance to finish. "You see that ring on the top of everything there? - on the top of my gag?"

"Yeah… I see it."

"After you've finished gagging me, could you tie a piece of rope to the ring there then pull it tight."

"Oh wowwww…" Joanne was impressed and surprised. "You really want the full enchilada don't you?"

"Yeah… Because I…"

"just love being tied up really tight." Joanne finished the sentence for her before grinning. "You know what?"

"Huh? What?"

"You remind me of a drug addict," she giggled. "Tie me tighter. Tighter please,"

"Yeah… I suppose so," Traci sighed. "Sorry."

"It's OK, you don't have to apologise. I understand," Traci smiled before sympathetically kneeling alongside her squirming hog-tied friend. "In a way, it's a bit like a drug isn't it?"

"Bondage is a drug," Traci smiled. "I just can't explain that feeling which comes over me whenever I see some rope – or while I'm being tied up. It's just something you want so bad it hurts."

"And you're a registered addict," Joanne giggled again. "Traci, Traci, whatever are we going to do with you?"

"I don't know. You tell me."

"Join the club?" Joanne giggled. "If you can't beat them, join em, as they say."

"I think you already have," Traci observed.

"Yeah, I sure have haven't I?" Traci smiled while she thought about the sweet kiss of tight ropes she was already missing. She was actually jealous of Traci as well. Imagine that. Being jealous because her best friend was tightly bound and... gagged. "I want to be tied up again so much as well, it's not funny," she eventually admitted.

"See?" Traci triumphantly exclaimed.

"You talk too much," Joanne replied with a calmness she didn't feel. This bondage talk was making her hot again. Time to do something about it. "Ok… open sesame."

"Yes, Joanne," Traci obediently replied before eagerly opening her mouth wide. She loved being gagged so much. In some ways, it was the best part of bondage because it always made you feel so helpless.

Joanne closed her eyes before inhaling. That ball was wicked. The reflective red surface of Traci's ballgag glowed like a lava lamp and she wonderingly turned it over again before wishing it was strapped in her mouth, not Traci's.

The first order of business was untangling everything. That strap obviously went there… this one over… Joanne's excitement increased while she carefully sorted out everything. The heat between her legs was back while she unbuckled the last strap before popping the ball in Traci's waiting mouth.

"Nnmmghnn!" Joanne grunted as she pushed it home. The thing was surprisingly large and she'd been surprised how much effort was involved with wedging everything behind her teeth. It was a real gag and she had to fight the temptation to pull it out of Traci's mouth and… She shook her head before exhaling. Later. Now the ball was where it belonged, she could see how the complicated system of straps used to secure everything worked. Here goes… Joanne took the first strap before passing everything around Traci's slim neck and pulling it through the buckle. It was exactly like doing up the belt supporting her jeans and she smiled before pulling it tight. Suddenly remembering Traci's instructions, she pulled harder before somehow forcing the metal prong of the buckle through the hole opposite and threading everything through so it wouldn't slip. This wasn't so hard after all and she grinned again before pulling the second strap over Traci's forehead. It'd been split in two before passing the bridge of her nose and joining the straps either side of the huge ball filling her mouth. Quickly, she buckled up this one as well before beginning on the strap around Traci's forehead. It'd obviously been placed there to ensure its wearer didn't try hook the second supporting head-strap on something or another and loosen anything. Joanne couldn't help smiling again while she pulled this one tight as well. She could only admire the foresight of its designers who were obviously well versed in the art of restraint. Only one strap was left now and she buckled this as tight as it would go beneath Traci's chin while her friend's wide, round eyes stared into hers.

"Not so talkative now?" she chuckled. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Mmggrrggghh!" Traci's reply was a heavily muffled grunt although the amusement – and unbridled radiant joy her eyes contained was totally at odds with her mock annoyance.

"Dearest Traci…" Joanne smiled before gently taking her friend's head in her hands and kissing the ball protruding out of her mouth like an apple. "Seriously, I'm really glad you're so happy. I do know how much this means to you, honestly I do."

Traci tremulously nodded before vainly blinking away the tears she could feel forming. She felt as if she was being hugged twice while Joanne held her. Jo had always been caring but a new closeness had developed between them during the last couple of hours or so and it was a very special moment she wanted to cherish. Being tied up was her life and it'd hurt without anyone to share it with.

Joanne smiled again before checking her watch and rising. "It's almost four o'clock now. Say I'll leave you until seven or so – then I'll untie you and we'll go out somewhere for dinner. How does that sound to you?"

Traci nodded again. She couldn't think of a better way to spend a quiet afternoon than bound hand and foot in the stringently, unrelentingly tight bondage of the kind she loved above all else. Her bonds were wonderfully, deliciously tight and she happily strained against each set of cords in turn before lying still and smiling through her gag. Escape was a million miles away but that didn't matter because as far as she was concerned, Joanne had already granted her a precious freedom few would ever experience – or understand.

"Terrific." Joanne smiled. "I'll just finish this off then I'll leave you to it."

Traci closed her eyes again before happily moaning into her gag. Her head had been drawn far backwards by the cords attached to the ring atop the straps holding the huge ball which had been driven deep within her already aching jaws. Although she could glance sideways to some extent, basically all she could do was stare straight ahead.

She was in Heaven and she never wanted to leave.

The only cloud on the horizon was her tingling hands. They were already half-numb but she resolutely ignored the increasing discomfort. It was all part and parcel of being tied up and she could always ask Jo to untie her if necessary. Exercising her fingers in turn was helping ward off the gradual loss of circulation anyway.

Joanne was nursing a glass of water and she smiled when their eyes met. "Having fun?" she suddenly asked.

It was a rhetorical question, which she didn't bother dignify with a reply - notwithstanding the torrents of drool escaping her lips. There was no way she could swallow the natural secretions of saliva her body produced and it had to go somewhere…

Joanne enviously studied her beautiful friend lying on the couch. She'd just given up flopping around like a freshly caught fish before methodically testing each of her ropes one by one – although it wasn't half obvious her efforts had everything to do with savouring her new found freedom. She was luxuriously straining against her bonds again before giving up and lying still. Despite the tightness of the gag strapped in Traci's mouth, it wasn't hard to see how happy her friend was and she gustily exhaled to relieve the sudden tightness in her chest.

The utterly delicious sight of her stringently hog-tied friend was almost too much for her to endure. She wanted to be tied up like Traci. Bound hand and foot, hog-tied and tightly gagged. It was all she could think about and she couldn't help blushing after realising that she'd gotten this bondage thing bad. Why on earth had she teased Traci so much about her acute need earlier? Traci hadn't been kidding when she'd said that bondage was more addictive than any drug and she bit her lip again before grinning. What better way to demonstrate her newfound empathy as well as serving some penance in tight, inescapable bondage? Yeah, just because you want to be tied up, she thought. Any excuse would do.

Joanne wonderingly studied the squirming Traci while she vainly tried to calm her racing brain. I just can't believe I managed to tie her up like that, she proudly thought. If only I could be tied up like her as well…

There was still plenty of rope strewn around the floor and she guiltily glanced around before thoughtfully examining everything. Joanne knew she was going to do this. Tying herself up. Whatever next? However, Joanne knew she just had to go ahead and do it. She wouldn't be happy until she joined Traci in bondage. Then they really would be together forever. Well, what are you waiting for? She told herself. Just do it.



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