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    A lesson well taught, part 1
...Like her, the other girl was also tightly bound and gagged. A mile of rope surrounded her slim body. Her arms had been bound behind her back with a million wraps of thin, tight cord. Her legs had also been lashed together just below the delicious swell of her hips, above and below her knees as well as her ankles but worst of all, it was the cords looped between her hands and feet preventing her from going anywhere. They'd been pulled so tight only centimeters separated the slim, shapely heels of her delicate feet from her questing fingers between the heavily muffled grunts escaping her lips. As if the manner she'd been tied up wasn't bad enough, the huge gag wedged between her mouth just compounded the problems...

    A lesson well taught, part 2
...And that shiny black… rubber contraption had to be a straitjacket although she couldn't fathom the need for all those buckles and straps. The rest of her toys might as well have arrived straight from Mars. More shiny black straps, long shiny bars of varying lengths, leather tubes with laces and straps sticking out of them... and any number of… gags? Some of them looked exactly like the kind of instruments of torture the Daleks might've favoured...

    A lesson well taught, part 3
..."Ok, Jo, ready or not?" Traci suddenly said before pulling the first cord tight. A sudden liquid fire blazed through her privates and she couldn't help shrieking into her tight gag as Traci pulled her crotchrope tight. Joanne felt as though she was dancing over hot coals as Traci carefully pulled the second, parallel strand tight, forcing her bound wrists that much further downwards during the process before looping the last remaining inches around her roped waist and tying a tight, tight series of knots so nothing would slip or loosen...

    A lesson well taught, part 4
..."I said so," Joanne smiled before wonderingly spinning Traci's ballgag around in her hands. All those straps and buckles. The glossy black leather shone under the soft, diffused light the windows were providing. How was she ever going to get this on? "So… Traci, any famous last words?"

"Yeah… "Traci sounded embarrassed again. "Could you gag me really tight as well? When you do up each strap, pull it as tight as you can before buckling it."


"Then…" Traci hurriedly interrupted before Joanne had a chance to finish. "You see that ring on the top of everything there? - on the top of my gag?"...

StrictRestraint presents:
Strict Restraint features stocks, shackles, chains and straps along with intense BDSM scenes and sadistic doms.
Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries

Beautiful Audrey Leigh is bent over and shackled. She whimpers and moans as her Master spanks her ass. Her panties are removed and she is flogged and paddled. Her pussy is vibed and she is brought close to orgasm... The stocks are cold against Audrey's flesh. But, all grows warm as she is caned. Her sumptuous nipples are fitted in the suction cups, as is her cunt. The caning continues across her ass and bare feet and then her cunt is vibed and her pussy lips are clamped... Strapped, face down on the bench, Slave Audrey has her pussy fingered. Master Liam's dual floggers twirl mid-air before striking her already tender flesh. A pole mounted dong slides deep in her pussy. Her Master then works her body over with the violet wand. Her pussy is hooked, then her nose before Audrey is left alone in the Dungeon... After chaining Audrey to the box, Master Liam clamps his slave's nipples with clothespins. As his subject moans, he works her body with the riding crop. Unable to free herself from her binds, Audrey finds her liberation in pain as she is coated in wax... Now, Audrey is chained to the Dungeon walls. After her body is flogged and shocked, the magic wand brings her to a ferocious orgasm...

Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries
Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries

    A lesson well taught, part 5
...Joanne was setting off now and she incredulously watched with increasing wonder while her friend wound and wound each strand in the opposite direction to the other before reaching the center of her breast harness where she tied another knot before attaching the trailing ends to her crotchrope. After checking the security of her knots, Joanne methodically repeated the procedure with one major difference; she looped the ends around the ropes connecting her harness and crotchrope. In effect, she was weaving her lithe young body into a complex web of rope Charlotte would've envied. Traci shook her head again before happily squirming against her bonds. It was so good being reunited with her lovers and she understood exactly where Jo was going. Joanne had moved downwards and she was wrapping everything around her hips and the insides of her crotch forming an inverted triangle of sorts, which of course had been split in two by her crotchrope. The ropes were startling while against Joanne's luscious brown body and she sighed into her gag. Jo was so beautiful...

    A lesson well taught, part 6
...At long last after the most agonising journey she'd ever endured, Traci reached the dining room table. Her breasts had been rubbed raw by the carpet, her arms and legs were on fire and her mouth was being split into two by the gag strapped in her mouth. Even her crotchrope hurt as well. Every time she'd bounced/wriggled forward, it'd buried itself deep in her crotch and after almost two hours of this torment, she'd had enough of her 'joy' rope...

    A lesson well taught, part 7
..."Look, try not to feel too bad about it." Traci's voice was a feather soft caress. "We all make mistakes. Sometimes the only way you learn is through experience. I honestly can't blame you for getting over-excited."

"I suppose so…"

"Yeah…" Traci grinned. "But… be more careful next time!" she scolded. "Never, ever tie yourself up again like that, ok?"...

    The Fair
...Kate bought the chain up to Anna's waist where again she wrapped it around her waist and back on to itself. She then took a pair of handcuffs and locked her wrists together in front of her. She then padlocked the cuffs to the waist chain. She continued to work her way up the Swedish woman's body wrapping the chain around her chest and twice around both elbows before again locking it back on to itself. She finished off by wrapping the chain around Anna's neck and securing it in place with yet another padlock.

Kate then took a ball gag and pushed it into Anna's mouth. She tightened the strap around her head and then padlocked the buckle closed. "How does that feel?" Kate asked...

Holly Wellin - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
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Holly Wellin is back and better than ever in our latest update. If you are already familiar with Holly, you know she is an ultra hot babe who loves sex and being dominated. If you don't know her, well... you will soon. Holly shows up in a hot little see-through net dress, and we promptly ask her to get out of it so we can see that body. After she strips, she gets her pussy nice and wet for us. After her intitial warm up, The Pope gets her in a gravity suspension and flogs her ass, tits and pussy. Pausing only to clamp Holly's nipples, The Pope then goes to town on her pussy with the magic wand until, Holly explodes in orgasm. After her initial orgasm, Holly is tied in rope and thrown on the bed, only to be victimized a little more by The Pope's brutal hand. Flogging, electric shock, dildo gagging and nipple pumps are all applied and dished out in massive quantities, before Holly is brought off again. Changing gears, The Pope ties Holly to a steel bench in a head harness and ball gag. By now, Holly's pussy is sopping wet and The Pope uses it to his advantage. After a four fingered assault on her eager cunt, he inserts the speculum and canes her ass and cunt. The removal of the speculum leaves Holly's pussy gaping and begging for more. Once again more than happy to accomodate, The Pope, pole fucks Holly into oblivion with a huge dildo. Not quite yet satisfied The Pope rages on, tying Holly to a bench and stretching her hot little body before applying clothes pins to her nipples and pelvis. And then, he coats her body with a little wax. In the grand finale, The Pope ties Holly spread eagle and gagged in a bar chair and peppers her pussy with the flogger. Then, he applies the magic wand to her pussy one last time. Holly who cannot take it any longer, submits and explodes in a urine soaked orgasm.

    Bonds of Love, part 1
...After waking and reluctantly allowing Andy to untie her, (asking if she could stay tied up would have been a dead giveaway) they enjoyed a leisurely swim together between chatting about school and what their friends were doing until Andy had to go home for dinner. The subject of the tying up 'competition' that they'd just enjoyed together never rose although it was always there. The untidy tangle of rope and a series of vividly red corrugated bands decorating Sureerat's flawlessly smooth skin at wrists, ankles, knees and her upper arms provided an all too visible souvenir of her very first real bondage. In fact, it was several hours before each set of ropemarks branding her body finally faded away until only a faint tinge of red remained to mark where she'd been tied up...

    Bonds of Love, part 2
...After making sure that it properly securedl between her lips, Andy carefully pulled everything around behind her head, pulling her lips into a deliciously achy rictus. Sureerat closed her eyes with disbelief before groaning out aloud while the cloth completed another circuit around her head before being knotted off as tightly as possible.

Sureerat thought that she could not possibly be more thoroughly gagged than she already was. She was wrong. As if securing every inch of cloth inside her mouth was not enough with the gag he'd used upon her, Andy began folding yet another piece of cloth until it was two or so inches wide. After checking the width, he pressed it over her mouth before passing everything around once, twice and tying the ends in a neat, tight knot out of sight in the nape of her neck. Her mouth was now totally covered by a neat two-inch wide band of white...

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