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    A Wild Walk free bondage story | rope, chains, bound, gag, cuffs

Meriam doesn't know what to think when she's kidnapped, bound and gagged by a refugee from the Stone Age - is this a joke or something more real than that?

    Parboiled Payback

He dipped a spoon and tasted her: "A bit bland. Perhaps I shouldn't have washed your feet. I know; there's some smelly fish out back." She shrieked at him through her cork gag but he was already gone into the dark beyond the fire. He seemed to be gone a long time too; the water got hotter and she became alarmed as some bubbles erupted from beneath her. More bubbles. The water surely wasn't that hot yet but... she was squatting on something and the pot could well be getting very hot underneath.

    Life's A Beach
..."But now all I'm interested in is your pleasure, dear Laura," she said, pushing a pink ballgag into my mouth and buckling it tightly behind my head.

"Mmmmmph!" was all I could say, as one of her hands went to my side to steady me and the other went between my legs.

Her hand gently rubbed against me, and all I could do was grind myself against her fingers. Her dextrous fingers parted my wet labia and she slowly pushed one finger inside me. I continued to grind, moaning into the gag, repositioning myself so I could part my legs further as her finger delved deep inside, stroking my inner walls... I pulled at the handcuffs, writhing on her hand, so close... my eyes closed, giving myself up to the pleasure... and then she stopped.

"Not yet, my love, not yet," she purred, leaving me on the edge of orgasm...

...She reached into the toybox and pulled out a second pair of clover clamps, identical to mine. She entwined the two chains, and then attached the second pair of clamps to her own nipples... without even a gasp from her gag... and then she backed away from me, and the entwined chains pulled taut, and the clamps tightened on both her nipples and mine... but I was the one who stepped forward to relieve the pain. I moaned into my ring-gag - perhaps this was her way of showing her dominance over me.

She led me out of the room by my nipples, and all the way upstairs and into Nicole's bedroom. Nicole, as well as being blessed with the Internet, was blessed with the largest bed in the house. The masked intruder climbed onto Nicole's bed and backed away, forcing me to climb onto the bed after her as the chains between our nipples pulled taut again. I was drooling profusely now, and noticed that she was too.

We were both kneeling on the bed, face to face, our nipples connected by clover clamps and chains. And even though we were both wearing ring-gags, I was the only one that was utterly helpless... she pushed me down onto the bed, trapping my monogloved arms beneath me, and spread my legs, leaving me open, exposed and vulnerable...

    The Folly
...Kate locked the silver steel around Anna's wrists and double locked each on to the hapless hen.

With Chrissie still trapping Anna on the ground, the girls added to Anna's growing array of restraints a pair of leg cuffs before locking a pair of thumb cuffs around her toes. Chrissie then released her grip and let the captive explore her newfound bonds. "One more piece of steel to add," Chrissie purred, ass she locked a maximum-security bicycle 'D' lock around Anna's neck.

"What are you doing?" Anna pleaded.

"We know you like a little restraint," Chrissie smirked, "so we thought we'd oblige. Only one more thing to add though..."

Jessica picked up a lockable gag and knelt down by the struggling girl. "Open up!" she giggled and after some struggling Anna complied...

    Galley Slave
...Kate turned so that Nicole's head was between her thighs and reached down behind her friend. She reached for the spare end of the chain that was locked around Nicole's waist and then took a padlock to lock the spare end to the chain connecting Nicole's ankles. Kate then stood up and with her long legs stepped over Kate's head, her thighs brushing the blonde's hair as she went.

Nicole tried to move before realising what Kate had done. "Hey, I can't even stand up now," Nicole smiled as her long legged friend walked back over to her.

"I know. Your head is now stuck at the level of my crotch," Nicole smiled as she pressed the front of her knickers against Nicole's face before turning around and doing the same with her arse...

    Informal Introduction

He did it so quickly that I was caught completely off guard. He slipped his right hand around my waist, caught hold of my right wrist and pulled it back. He then took hold of my other arm and, before I had any idea of what he was about, I was wearing handcuffs behind my back.

    L' Apprentie Sorcier

Around her neck there was a rope-woven collar which extended upward into a head enveloping network which even filled her mouth. She was also hogtied - not painfully but very effectively. "I like to think that my bondage is inescapable," he said somewhat smugly. "You see - no knots. How can anyone untie themselves - or anyone else for that matter - when there aren't knots on which to work?"

    The Armourer

The contents were most certainly curios but as to their origin or purpose - that was another matter. The first thing I lifted out appeared to be a small helmet; too small surely for most men but it could have been made for a woman. Or a child? Attached to it was what I thought to be a neck and shoulder guard made from very small-link chain mail. It was pretty heavy stuff and so not likely to be a child's toy.

    Perilous Magic

"Bring me," he said, " er... that toffee-nosed leader Rachel... blindfolded gagged and hogtied. Abbagrabbabras cadabra."

To his immediate delight he was presented with a female form quite severely hogtied with her eyes bandaged and something tied through her mouth. She struggled furiously and rolled around on the grass as though her very life depended on escape. He enjoyed her for a few moments, listening to the muffled, perhaps desperate, sounds she was making, and then moved closer. DISASTER !


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