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    The Basement, part 1
...Wrists locked in lined steel shackles, locked to the back of the collar around her throat. Elbows cuffed tight together behind her back, thrusting her very firm rounded breasts out. She stumbled and nearly fell, gasping out. The affects of the spider bite lingered, aphrodisiac burning in her veins, as though being tied like this and left in the open wasn't enough. The ring around her tail hummed softly, making her body super sensitive. The shilling little breeze felt like a lovers caress, making her knees buckle...

    The Basement, part 2
...Sabina knelt on the hard floor, her arms again folded up behind her and locked in place, knees spread wide, a short chain from her elbow cuffs to her ankle cuffs forced her to arch back. She could hear on either side of her, Shodan and Felina's soft whimpers and labored breaths. Though she couldn't see them, they were tied nearly as strictly as she was.

Kneeling facing the discipline revue, wrists and elbows cuffed together behind their backs, wrists locked to their ankles in a kneeling hogtie, blindfolded and gagged with fat red rubber balls just like Sabina...

    Never Too Late free bondage story | keys, chain, gag

Maddy and Laura are at it again and their neighbour decides that stern action is required

    The Mall Adventure, part 1
...She slowly reached behind her head and felt for the buckle and sighed as her fingers found the small brass padlock holding the buckle in place. Sammy rolled over gently to look at her friend and smiled to herself when she saw Jenni eyes wide open watching her and smiling. Or at least it looked like a smile. Jenni was also wearing a gag just like Sammy’s, the bright red ball filling her mouth well.

“ood oring,” Jenni gag talked at her friend. Sammy just nodded at her and stretched. Jenni had taken to wearing gags to bed for fun ever since she tried on her first gag...

    The Mall Adventure, part 2
...“Ok,” James said as he turned her back around and removed the handcuffs from her wrists. He laid both sets on the bed and grabbed more rope. He went back to Jenni and applied the rope her wrists crossing them and tying them tight. Jenni was making slight moaning sounds from behind the ball gag but didn’t make any other protest. James then took the leather wrists cuffs and went to Sammy and gently placed each cuff on her snugging the buckle down and then locking the cuffs on with the small padlocks. He then got the ankle cuffs and did the same to Sammy’s ankles. Sammy sighed a little at that. She had just gotten rid of the cuffs on her ankles this morning and here she is wearing them again. Not that she really minded at all. He stood back and looked at the ladies he had as his captives...

    The Mall Adventure, part 3
...She was breathing rapidly and moaning loudly into the gag thankful it was there, it gave her something to bite down on. Jenni was getting close to climax and stepped up her work on Sammy really pushing her face into her friend’s pussy. All Jenni could smell and see was the little world of Sammy. Her tongue was working overtime now with Sammy intent on pushing her over the edge. Sammy started to pull at her arms and legs the ropes stretching just a little, but the knots held. The leather cuffs digging into Sammy skin as she pulled. Sara had been waiting for that and walked over to the bound woman. She waited just a little longer with her hand poised at the nipple clamps. Sammy didn’t even notice her as her orgasm ran up on her like a wave. Sara removed the nipple clamps right that point letting the blood rush back into the clamped area. Now this was the most intense thing Sammy had ever felt and she literally shook in her bonds...

    Rookie Mistake bondage story | belt, gag, cuffs

Daniella chose what she initially thought to be a large ball gag. It was actually a ball gag with a thick bit running through it. She was learned enough to know what a bit was, having ridden horses as a teenager. This gag had attracted her special attention because of its dual functions. "The best of both worlds!" She placed the ball behind her teeth and buckled it very tightly. "Mmmmpphhhh!" she exclaimed. This was going to be her most deviant sexual experience ever! She was already dripping.

    Celebrity Status

The leash tugged hard again on her new nose ring, the thick steel now permanently mounted in her septum. The huge ring gag in her mouth allowed her feeble moans to escape, but provided a mouth unable to refuse any cock. To add to the humiliation, she found she could not help drooling. The three piercings in her tongue didn't help, nor did the bell that hung from the center ring, pulling her tongue out of her mouth, preventing her from uttering any real words. She had been formed into a pet from day one, left on her hands and knees through the clever removal of her ability to stand or sit normally. Here long, curly hair had been braided into a tight, single strand, along with a leather strap, which now connected to the waist cincher locked onto her waist, pulling her head back harshly. Her already small waist had been reduced to 15 inches, making it difficult to breath.

    Breaking Mystique

"I wanted to wait until you were awake before I do this. I want you to enjoy every moment of this." the man said. He picked up something and showed it to Mystique. It was a ball gag, consisting of a white rubber ball about two-and-a-half inches in diameter, with an inch-wide white leather strap threaded through the centre of the ball. Placing a hand under Mystique's swan-like neck, he tilted back her head. Then he parted her slack jaws and squeezed the large white ball between her teeth. He lifted her up to a sitting position so that he could pull back the two ends of the white leather strap, and buckle the strap firmly in place.

    Scrapbook of an Exchange Student in Germany

storycodes: MFF; latex; bondage; enema; cons; X

Going to bed was becoming a special pleasure; I was developing a taste to the feeling of rubber, and I could not imagine any other kind of life. I was an addict, I knew it, I enjoyed it, I could not imagine the harm; it was just fun. Before falling asleep, busy with myself, I could not imagine what it would be to know a gorgeous woman who likewise would know rubber, and especially who would understand my feelings. In fact, Brigitte did, but she was too down to earth, mechanical. She lacked finesse, romance, sweetness and sensitivity. I knew that painful life experiences may harden a person, in particular if that happens during adulthood, however if that happens during childhood, it often will soften the heart. I was trying to imagine what games could be done with latex.


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