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    Scrapbook of an Exchange Student in Germany 2

"To look like a girl, you must wear a corset, because your body is too square." She had a red corset in rubber all prepared. " But to lace it right you must be stretched. " She dropped from the ceiling a pair of cuffs at the end of a rope and tied my wrist in them. She then proceeded to pull on the rope until I was standing on my toes. " It won’t be long, I promise you. " She pulled my underwear down and covered my body with scented powder, a potent female fragrance. When I was all white, or light pink rather, she took a stuffed bra and tied it around my chest. The shoulder straps hooked to the cups. " You are born for a bra, " she said laughing. The bra was moulded to show erected nipples. It was very sexy looking.

    Scrapbook of an Exchange Student in Germany 3

storycodes: FFM; F/m; latex; bondage; enema; fem; cons; X

Then I felt her getting on the bed, sliding inside that vast rubber bag, zipping the collar shut. No sooner was she in that she rolled over and embraced me with passion rubbing her body against mine, kissing me through the latex, working herself into a level of trance I never thought women capable of. She was kissing me, playing with me, laughing, crying, never totally satisfied because I remained somewhat passive. The bag became hot and sticky, but she had thought of that too.

...I reached in my bag and pulled out the leather helmet. She was already gagged and blindfolded but that was not sufficient for me. I fitted her chin in the lower part and then pulled and stretched it up over her head making sure the two metal rimmed holes were lined up under her nose. Moving around to kneel behind her on the bed I worked on the laces that started at her forehead and ten minutes later was tying them off at the back of her neck.

The two straps across her already blind eyes and full mouth were overkill but once I buckled them tightly they certainly did look good. To test things I took one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and gave it a quick twist. The gag worked!...

    Tying Sara
...“Oh dear, that won’t do” she said and unsnagging the handcuffs pulled them back down to my hands and snapped them into place around my wrists.

“Can’t have you hopping all over the house” she said brightly and used one of the ropes I had earlier used on her, to join my ankles to the handcuffs. After fussing for a bit, she untied the ankle rope from the handcuffs and reconnected it to my elbows, pulling hard, to make my ankles meet with my hands. That was a severe hogtie.

“Back in a minute, love” she said and left the room...

..."I'm afraid that it's the clover clamps for you," I said, brandishing them.

She shook her head and mumbled something unintelligible into the gag, but I ignored her and instead turned my attention to her gorgeous breasts. I leaned forward and flicked her left nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, feeling it harden between my teeth. Once it was hard enough, I opened the clamp and held it over her nipple. Pauline shook her head again, and closed her eyes as the jaws closed, gripping her nipple very firmly. A low groan escaped her gag as I began work on her other nipple, and repeated the process. The groan got louder as the second clamp attached, and got even louder when I tugged ever-so-lightly on the chain connecting them.

I moved around behind her and untied some of the ropes, releasing the hogtie and her legs, but keeping her wrists and elbows bound securely. I sat back and watched her get up on her knees, shaking her breasts in a vain attempt to dislodge the evil clamps tormenting her so, still moaning into the ballgag.

"Having fun?" I asked...

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany, Part 4

storycodes: FFM; F/m; latex; bondage; enema; fem; cons; X

Grabbing a basket, he went through a storage room of used equipment and pulled out hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, ropes, a rubber hood with an inflatable gag, an neck collar with locks, a cincher, and he explained three types of crops to be used. He trained me to use them on a sand bag with the right amount of strength. It was all so new to me that I felt in a dream world. He asked me to describe her bed, her room, her apartment. With every detail, he would adjust the kind of items I was to use. Finally he added a pair of nipple clips, a butt plug, and a soft dildo with a hook for the G spot.

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany, Part 5

storycodes: FFM; F/m; latex; bondage; enema; fem; cons; X

Over her latex underwear Krista was wearing her blue cat suit concealed under her comprehensive yellow rubber raincoat with a wide waist belt; her head was lost in a large hood, tied tight under her chin; it was a hood within a hood, so to speak, because the tightening part was interior to the hood, not just on the edge of it: a rather ingenious construction. Red rubber gloved hands just appeared out of her wrist tightened sleeves, and since the coat was mid-calf length, knee high red rubber boots were more than adequate. Elegance and discretion combined with attractive sensuality in motion best describe the overall effect of her glowing femininity with all its mysteries, that would belatedly surprise a person paying attention to her.

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany 6

“I want you to dress like a girl for me again, Ken, right now.” She led me to the bathroom, handed the talcum powder which I spread all over my body. She was back with transparent latex stockings, a transparent garter belt with black garters, a padded bra.

“No underpants?” I asked

“Not yet !” she answered with a little smile.

Then she brought a slip, a dream of softness that was tight fitted, almost. Then came a knee high straight skirt and a top with long sleeves and a high collar. It looked fabulous. A pair of pumps, and I was a… woman but for my hair.

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany, Part 7

As time went on, I started the anal plug in very much the same way as the other, but then I dialed the program called “Smoldering fire” which, after about half an hour would switch to “For ever high”. That last one was still very mild compared to “Roller Coaster” or “Fuck me hard”, or “Forest fire”.

From time to time I would release the nipple clips, and that would cause another crisis on top of an already bad one. After the program switched to “For ever high”, I got a balloon gag, for I knew she would wake up the entire apartment complex without it. It was the last moment, for the first contractions began, not too hard, but very much there and enjoyable to her for a very long time. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphggg !!!!!

According to the manual, she would go through three or four stages until perfect bliss would set in. The corset acted like a restrictive sleeve to explosive orgasms. But at that last stage, any touch, any stimulation from any source would act as a body-size orgasmic delight yet without the contractions. This stage of euphoria could last many hours, and be revived along the way, however the emotional state of the woman needed extreme attention and care. How would Esther react to this, how would she understand it? I was taking a chance, but felt confident in that situation.

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany, Part 8

She had hair everywhere, a dense fur. I went very slowly and carefully with the scissors to reduce the length. Then I put shaving cream one small area at a time and applied the razor very cautiously. I had to work on each little area by stretching the skin above it, and shaving it clean. I heard a couple of typical moans, not of pain, but of erotic enjoyment. All of a sudden she had a run of vaginal fluid. She was embarrassed. I was expecting it. She smelled sweet.

“No trouble at all. It happens.” I said matter-of-factly.

    Scrapbook of Exchange Student in Germany, Part 9

The nightgown was mostly semi transparent with a front strip of pink, a gathered collar, and handcuffs. The back had a long and narrow triangle from the hem to the collar. In addition, there were little loops and dainty roses all made of latex. It was a beautiful garment. I helped her pass the nightgown over her head. That sudden cool feeling, the gentle, sensual and electric caress of the material was overwhelming to her. It always is. She threw her arms around my neck in the vain attempt to control feelings that were washing over her in overpowering waves. She was petite and I could feel her reveling inside the comprehensive caress of the garment. After a moment, I led her to the table where I would take care of her. She was out of herself as she lay down. Soon her legs were up and spread apart. I gave her the pink material to handle something. She covered her face with it and went into more contractions. I slapped my rubber gloves on and started with the scissors. I could have explained everything to her, but at the moment she was so far gone that it would have been anti-climactic. My touch was very light. When it came to shaving, I used a shaving cream with menthol. She was going to feel cold at first, and then hot for about two hours. I also had a jell that I decided to put in her tender tissues. That would send her to the ceiling for almost a day.


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