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    Payback, part 3
...I think it was, perhaps, the fact I returned some time later wearing one of my black leather cat suits with high-heeled knee boots and my hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that got her attention. Either that or it was when I removed her head harness and clipped the bit gag down to the table with a short chain at each end...

...I returned the favour, pulling a ballgag into Pauline's mouth and locking it securely in place with a padlock. We continued to flirt with our eyes, even trying a gagged kiss, before Pauline picked up a pair of handcuffs (the key to which was behind the stereo) and closed the cold metal around my slender wrists, binding my hands in front of me. She then picked up a collar and fastened it around my neck, before using my last padlock (the key to which was behind the phone) to fasten the handcuffs to the front of my collar.

She fastened a collar around her own neck before her hands went to my hips and she turned me around, so that I was facing away from her again, and she bent me forward. I felt her strap-on pressing against me... she had one hand keeping me steady by gripping the padlock at the back of my ballgag, while her other hand guided the dildo... with my hands cuffed to the front of my collar, I was quite helpless...

...I reached in my bag and pulled out the leather helmet. She was already gagged and blindfolded but that was not sufficient for me. I fitted her chin in the lower part and then pulled and stretched it up over her head making sure the two metal rimmed holes were lined up under her nose. Moving around to kneel behind her on the bed I worked on the laces that started at her forehead and ten minutes later was tying them off at the back of her neck.

The two straps across her already blind eyes and full mouth were overkill but once I buckled them tightly they certainly did look good. To test things I took one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and gave it a quick twist. The gag worked!...

    Tying Sara
...“Oh dear, that won’t do” she said and unsnagging the handcuffs pulled them back down to my hands and snapped them into place around my wrists.

“Can’t have you hopping all over the house” she said brightly and used one of the ropes I had earlier used on her, to join my ankles to the handcuffs. After fussing for a bit, she untied the ankle rope from the handcuffs and reconnected it to my elbows, pulling hard, to make my ankles meet with my hands. That was a severe hogtie.

“Back in a minute, love” she said and left the room...

..."I'm afraid that it's the clover clamps for you," I said, brandishing them.

She shook her head and mumbled something unintelligible into the gag, but I ignored her and instead turned my attention to her gorgeous breasts. I leaned forward and flicked her left nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, feeling it harden between my teeth. Once it was hard enough, I opened the clamp and held it over her nipple. Pauline shook her head again, and closed her eyes as the jaws closed, gripping her nipple very firmly. A low groan escaped her gag as I began work on her other nipple, and repeated the process. The groan got louder as the second clamp attached, and got even louder when I tugged ever-so-lightly on the chain connecting them.

I moved around behind her and untied some of the ropes, releasing the hogtie and her legs, but keeping her wrists and elbows bound securely. I sat back and watched her get up on her knees, shaking her breasts in a vain attempt to dislodge the evil clamps tormenting her so, still moaning into the ballgag.

"Having fun?" I asked...

...I picked up the booby trap I had been caught in earlier that evening: it was a shoebox-sized black box, with two large-ish holes on one of the long sides and two very small holes directly opposite them. The lid was hinged, and took half of each large-ish hole when the box was opened - much like a stock or pillory. It also had some incredibly small holes on the inside of the box, on the lid and base, through which I now knew tiny spikes would emerge once it was activated. There was also a small chain attached to the box, which ended with a matching collar. Catherine's eyes widened as I put the box next to her, and she realised what I intended to do with her - but before she could complain or beg for mercy, her beloved cat brushed its tail in her face and she shook her head to stop the tail going in her open mouth.

I moved the cat to one side and began to unbutton my captive's blouse. I smiled when I discovered that she wasn't wearing a bra. I smiled even more when I noticed how hard her nipples were already. I had never seen her breasts before - they were large and pert, nicely round with prominent nipples...

...Loop upon loop of rope was passed around Melanie's slim ankles. He allowed sufficient slack to cinch it all together with several passes of the cord ends between her legs, before drawing them in tight with a hard double knot. He then bound the girl's legs above the thighs in the same way, and below the knees as well so that her legs were a single helpless unit, as her whole body was soon to become. He was careful to place the knots so that they would rub painfully between her legs. He also had to push her skirt and slip up to her thighs in order to do the cinching. In the acts of tying, the backs of his hands inadvertently stroked calves and thighs, brushed sensuously across nylon encased legs and from time to time became tangled in the folds of an almost sheer slip of purest silk...

...Belatedly, she took the burglar's advice and followed her breathing attentively. She could breathe with comparative ease through her nose. A little air could also be drawn in around the gag. But it was stale and it grew increasingly difficult to breathe through her mouth as the wad of silk became saturated and therefore more airtight. The gag caused her to drool and a small line of saliva trickled down the side of her mouth that was close to the floor. The corners of her mouth itched and her jaw ached. The silk organza material stretched taut over her lips and around her cheeks was scratchy enough to begin a slow chafing as she tossed her head from side to side. Perhaps the discomfort would have been less if her captor had used one of the pure silks, Melanie speculated, like the additional wadding that cushioned the hard edges of the large knot that filled her mouth...

...She could turn her wrists a little in the broad cotton bands but they were held inescapeably all the same. Brendan had made a couple of turns one way, tied it off with a tight double knot, then a couple of turns the other way - horizontally then vertically - followed by another double knot. There had been enough left for him to cinch once between her wrists before tying off a final double knot. Melanie was unable to free her hands but she was comfortable. She guessed she could probably spend the same number of hours trussed up as before, but with less damage to her skin. That is, if the rest of her was bound as gently. She sat on the bedroom chair and watched in fascination as Brendan knelt before her and tied her ankles together. He did it the same way as with the ropes, even cinching it off, but the pressure of the cloth around her legs was like that which held her wrists, secure but relatively comfortable...

...His brain might not have been thinking straight, but Brendan's hands were as sure as ever. The cord was turned twice around the woman's wrists horizontally, snugged tight, and tied off with a hard double knot. The translucent cuffs of Melanie's long-sleeved blouse served to cushion the bite of the fibres a little. There was still plenty of length available, and two more turns were made around the captive's wrists, this time vertically, so that Melanie's hands were fastened in an inescapeable criss-cross. Still there remained loose ends of rope. Brendan used them up by passing the two ends in opposite directions between Melanie's wrists, cinching the ties that were already in place. The last knot was pulled tight to the accompaniment of a soft intake of breath on the girl's part...


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