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    Sorority Sister Competition

Codes: M-f, consensual, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, breathplay, chastity, electricity, enema, extreme, games, humiliation, latex, mummification, predicament, self-bondage, slavery, suspension, torture, toys

...She was collared to the wall by a long and thin, but sturdy, chain. Her wrists and ankles were, likewise, enclosed with steel-banded shackles connected by a foot-long chain. On her hips rested the bands of a pair of metal underwear, it appeared to her. Shiny, shaped metal shielded her vagina from the open air and, to her astonishment, her own curious fingers. Sitting up she felt the familiar feeling of fullness in her lower abdomen. Apparently, this metal underwear included a dildo, size unknown, that invaded her most-private of parts...

    The Milk

Codes: M-f, consensual, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, kidnapping, mind-control, slavery

    From Bad To Worse
...Following was a rubber bra with tiny spikes inside the cups.

Next was a thick latex catsuit with attached feet and gloves. The suit was fitting her very tightly and it was a struggle to put on, even with all the talk powder in the world. Getting the zipper up was a struggle as well as an arousal as it squeezed her stomach in and pulled on her crotch seam, pushing on the dildos.

A thin clear rubber hood covered her head, It was tucked inside the high collar of the catsuit. More would be added later, but for now, only a wig covered everything. Yes, her face would appear shiny, but on a rainy day, one expect to see someone with a wet look face.

Next came the boots: thigh high, lace up platform-ballet toe boots. They were as high as ballet boots, but with a platform heel and sole, making the walk easier. Then she placed two large leather cuffs on her ankles and over her knees, buckling them tightly before locking them. She did the same with her wrists...

    Our Rack
...My arms really were in some serious pain. I don’t know how long I was in this position but it was longer than I could bear. Unfortunately they weren’t listening. Amy pulled out the bag that was filled with all my stuff they took from my house. She pulled out my nipple clamps and applied them to each of my nipples. My nipples had grown hard from the ice and normally this would have hurt like hell but since the ice also made them numb, it wasn’t too bad. Next she pulled out my leather riding crop and gave it to Jenny.

“I’m going to ask you again and for every time you don’t answer correctly, you get 5 smacks.” Amy told me while pulling on the chain of my nipple clamps. “What is the combination?” ...

    The Price of Losing
...The “clothes” pile has bikini, bra and panties, thong with no top, and thong with tank top. Each of us had our set of clothes to change into for whatever card we drew. The “tie” pile has cards that say hogtie, normal (which just means hands behind back and ankles tied), hands above head, chair tie, and tie to pole. There’s a pole in Amy’s basement, which is where the so-called dungeon is. Next there’s an “accessory” pile which has ball gag, cleave gag, tape gag and a special “blindfold and choose a gag” card. Then last but not least was the “torture” pile. Spanking, clamps, clothes pins, ice cube and flogging cards where in this pile. Also, after getting a little adventurous, we added the “all” card so you get tortured with every card...

    Charlie's Belt, part 1
...Eve responded, "I have taken the liberty of modifying one of our Model G belts to incorporate the cylindrical version of the vibrator. It locks into the belt. Both devices are in your top right desk drawer. The vibrator's remote function is keyed to Dr. Seaton's and your transponder only."

Margo felt a twinge of excitement as she sat behind the desk and opened the drawer. The two items were connected so she twisted the vibrator from its locked position on the belt and held it in her hand...

    Charlie's Belt, part 2
...Finally she opened herself to both hands and the fingers moved into her freely, in and out. All at once, Charlie felt something different as Elke pulled the crotch strap tightly through her legs. Before the helpless girl knew it, Elke had grasped one of her outer lips and secured it into the spring-loaded clamp. In two seconds the other outer lip was secured and the crotch strap pulled forward.

Elke grasped the rubber ball in one hand and pulled the crotch shield tightly against Charlie's clitoris. Two squeezes on the pump ball pulled the clitoris into the recess and secured it. Elke completed the process by buckling the crotch shield tightly to the belt in front...

    Charlie's Belt, part 3
..."Nghh, Mpfff!" Charlie grunted through her gag.

Elke looked down into her victim's eyes and slowly inserted both cubes into the opening between the cage clamps. Charlie's muffled screams changed to high-pitched squeals and her body gyrated wildly as she fought against the freezing cold between her legs. She struggled and twisted in her tight bindings until finally, two tiny pieces of ice dropped out on the carpet between her legs.

"Well, Bug." Elke said. "You are getting pretty good at this. I'll bet you can't do it again with a larger ice cube."...

    Charlie's Belt, part 4
..."You know, Bug?" Elke leaned forward and exhaled slowly against Charlie's sensitive breasts. "I have always thought your nips could be a little longer. Its time for me to help you out." She picked up two small rubber suction cups, squeezed the air out, and attached one to each of Charlie's excited nipples.

The helpless girl gasped when each hardened bud was sucked tightly into the rubber sphere. The pain seemed to increase her passion rather than decrease it, the ache, merging with the now forgotten sensations between her legs. Elke ran her fingers lightly down the bound captive's leg, pausing at the top of her boots and returning up the inside to mid thigh.

"Are you ready for the vibrator yet?" she whispered...

    Charlie's Belt, part 5
...Charlie looked around the mirrored room. She saw the closet door next to the open exit. A sense of excitement ran through her body as she walked over to the wall and picked up her boots. Returning to the bed she sat down and pulled them on. Then she picked up the cuffs and looked at them with a smile. Bending down she snapped one on each ankle and rising, one on each wrist. Quickly she walked to the center of the room standing under a cable hanging from the ceiling. Taking a deep breath, she stood on tiptoe and hooked the cuff rings to the hook at the end of the cable-and waited...


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