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    Julia Revisited
...This, however, was one of those good moments that Anne reveled in! Anne, wearing only a pair of black thigh highs, was bound into a severe hogtie. Now, being hogtied like that was not new to her. It was a favorite position of theirs. What was different about this tie were the little "enhancements" Dorothy had added. One enhancement was the rough rope Dorothy had used. Another was the linking of all the ropes that encircled her body. Every loop that bound her was tied to the next loop until movement of any part of her body but her fingers and toes was not possible. Dorothy had then taken care of those moveable digits by tying her fingers together with twine and connecting her big toes to her ball gag strap. Anne was lying on, well more accurately; tied down to a heavy, low coffee table in her living room. The rope that linked her wrists and her ankles was attached to a vertical rope looped through a hook in the ceiling. This line pulled her hands and feet towards the ceiling, arching her back and lifting her thighs and shoulders off the table. It was so tight that the table was almost lifted free of the floor. A rope was looped several times around her eyes as a blindfold, tied off to the lifting rope, which caused her head to be lifted up and back...

    Novelty Store
...At one point she put this weird looking thing on the counter. It was made of a flexible gel, sort of conical shaped, and was called a butt plug. It started out narrow, but quickly widened before narrowing again at the base, which flared to a 'T' shape. I could tell it was made to be put in and left for a while. Who the hell thinks up this stuff? I wondered.

"Oh, look," Janet said happily at one point. I couldn't quite make out what they were looking at. They had taken something out of its packaging. Then she turned around and showed it to me. "Look, honey, nipple clamps," she told me, eagerness in her voice. There were two small alligator clamp things hooked together with a short chain. She opened and closed them a few times, then walked up to me, intent on applying them. I tried to back away, but I was cornered next to a shelf of massage oils. "Come on honey, I just want to try them out." The clerk came over and held my shoulders as Janet attached the clamps. They weren't pinching too bad, so I figured, another part of the joke. Then she started to turn the little thumbscrews on them to tighten them. I could only make muffled moaning noises through the gag. She tugged at the clamps and they stayed on, pulling my nipples out. "Now come along, don't be such a grump." I followed close behind her as she pulled me forward with the chain...

    High Tide

He seemed to be well organised. As he manoeuvred alongside she noticed two ropes dangled over the side. "Can you catch that rope?" he asked. "Don't move; just hold it." The second rope fell into his hand and he tied it to the dinghy. "Now, if you could pass your rope through that ring and give the end to me? Lovely. Thanks. Now it's all safe and shipshape. Climb aboard."

    The Revenge
...Julie could feel the block against her pussy and actually started to rub herself against it because of the teasing action of the rope on her thighs, the box gave her some relief as she ground against it. "Now, now Julie" Valerie mocked, "Iíll give you some real fun now" she smiled. Julie was moaning loudly now and Valerie was afraid of someone hearing so she now took some duct tape and taped her mouth once more but this time she also took a hood and pulled it over Julieís head, the hood was made of silk and felt soft against Julieís face adding an erotic feeling for her driving her even more into a world of senses which was now overwhelming her. Valerie now took a control box which was wired to the dildo and pushed on of the small buttons mounted on it. Julie felt the box between her legs come to life and moaned in what was now just total ecstasy. "This box has more than one trick up itís sleeve" Valerie laughed as she turned a dial on it which controlled the intensity of the different pleasure options on the box. As she turned the dial the box clockwise Julie felt the vibration more intense and it also pressed itself tighter against her clit which really was turning Julie on now...

    Payback, part 1
...It was a while later that I finally used the key and peeled the rubber hood off. Her upper torso was laced in a heavy leather corset combination that covered her from the neck to the top of the hip length ballet boots. Under the tight leather across her chest I had just taken the two pieces of cord already in use and knotted them several times around the base of her breasts. That had drawn a few whimpers from under the hood.

Jessicaís arms were firmly secured inside a leather single arm binder with the only bare skin at her crotch and, now, from the neck up.

She was on her back with each leg, encased in laced leather ballet boots, tied wide apart to posts that were nearly three feet tall. Very vulnerable!...

    Payback, part 2
...Jessica was in my salon chair and I used pressure on the back of her neck to hold her head still as I forced the thick, stubby, rubber penis gag all the way in until the flange settled over her teeth and inside her cheeks. The gag was attached to an upright post that, in turn, had its base welded to a metal bar over her lap between the two armrests.

I hooked a strap in the D ring on the collar around her neck pulling it tight to the same upright. That kept the gag in but left the rest of her head, from the collar up, completely free and accessible yet immoveable...

    Guardians of the Home bondage story | sergeant, escape, gag

A young war volunteer teams up with a Home Guard in an exercise designed to test their skills in the field but they never bargained for a pretty 'spy' determined to escape at all costs

    The Cage
...Natalie walked around to the side of the cage and reached in and took hold of one of her wrists. She slowly closed one side of a rigid cuff around Kate's wrist. She then double-locked the cuff. She then took the cuffs, passed them around one of the bars of the cage, and locked it around her other wrist. "These are maximum security cuffs, with tumbler locks Ö I had better not lose the keys this time" Natalie joked.

With that she tucked the key into her knickers. "It should be safe there" she smiled. She then repeated the exercise by cuffing Kate's feet, again around one of the cage bars. Kate started to wriggle around to see if she could get out of the cuffs, her pert arse sliding on the mat as she did so. However she soon found that Natalie had locked then so tightly there was no movement at all.

"No bondage is complete without a gag," Natalie smiled as she reached into the cage to lock the red ball gag in her captive's mouth. Kate heard the click as the padlock snapped shut. Natalie held up the key. "Without this key, you'll not be saying another word," she smiled as she again tucked it into her knickers...

    In the Dark

Even as I pulled it away she relaxed into a soft heap in the chair and the look on her face would surely have made the Cheshire Cat envious. "Oh boy," she said: "Now I know why those girls like to get tied up. That was... that was... "

"Are you O.K?" and I started to untie her.

"I'd rather you didn't untie me," she said softly, "but in truth, I need to go upstairs and change my undies."


I replaced the gag, made sure that she was truly silenced, and crossed to the wall where there was a display of handcuffs, chains, locks and God knows what. Padlocks hung in several rows each row of a different size; beneath each lock hung its key. I selected four locks and put them with their keys in my pocket and lifted also a couple of pairs of steel handcuffs and one set of leg irons with a chain between. I added a couple of lengths of chain and stowed it all in my forlornly empty bag.


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