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Madalene had a bad fall when she was a little over five years old. She'd lain in a coma for three days and when she awoke, she was totally blind. However, she was fortunate in her parents who refused to allow her to be different from other children. True, her schooling had been more difficult than for most and she had been taught to walk with a long white cane but that was only when she attended classes for the blind.

At all other times, they encouraged Madalene to walk without the cane, to use her ears and to have faith in those around her. They encouraged her to make friends and to play with them as though she were sighted. They enforced only one strict rule and that was that everything had to be kept in its proper place so that Maddie was able to walk around in safety; it doesn't take children long to learn such behaviour because they are perceptive enough to tell the difference between proper discipline and gratuitous abuse - that is, she was always treated with love and kindness so she quickly picked up the importance of these lessons.

She was closing up on eight and I had just turned ten when we came to live next door. Perhaps something in her appealed to my male protective instincts; it took me three days to realise that she could not see me and that she would never see me. In her everyday life, she was far from being helpless but it didn't require an adult intelligence to know that she was vulnerable. Thus she became my mission in life; I took her with me everywhere, no matter the occasion. As I acted as her eyes, I learned to keep talking as she walked beside me; that way she did not need a guiding hand always in contact. Inevitably we became very close friends; I lacked a sibling and she only had one sister who was much younger than herself. Therefore, our relationship soon became that of brother and sister. We lived full comfortable and often exciting lives and it never occurred to me that one day it might end.

So it was that I passed my nineteenth birthday, she was days away from her seventeenth and we were still as close as ever. However, that particular birthday for her was the beginning and end of her short life. The events of that momentous and tragic day also sparked a massive and irreversible change in our relationship.

Maddie's Father, away on a business trip, suffered a horrific car accident and was taken into hospital more than three hundred miles away. Naturally, her Mother went north to join him and Maddie moved into our house, it being impracticable for her to accompany her. My Father had recently died and so we were just three for Maddie's birthday. The evening before her birthday, my Mother collapsed with severe stomach pains and was whisked away to hospital with, of all things, food poisoning the very next morning. Thus the birthday girl, Maddie and I found ourselves alone together on what should have been an occasion for joy.

Late that evening, we sat on either side of the fire each in one of the big armchairs and, as I naively thought, each enjoying the other's company. The CD-player was gently murmuring Mendelsson's Violin Concerto and all was so very cosy. Maddie suddenly electrified me. "John, why don't you love me?"

It took a few seconds while I turned the question this way and that before I could acknowledge what she had said. "Maddie, whatever brought that on? I wasn't aware that anything had changed."

"No. Don't misunderstand me please. I hear the other girls talking; because I can't see, my hearing is much better than most give me credit for. And anyway I'm treated as though I wasn't there. Boys... young men in particular... they all avoid me as though there's something wrong with me. But they all seem to pair off and do things which perhaps they shouldn't; they smooch and neck and cuddle and, let's face it, sleep together."

An awkward silence followed before Maddie sadly continued. "Y... You... don't avoid me but neither do you ever make a pass at me."

I had no idea what to say. But I tried. "Maddie. I don't know what... I never really think of you that way... to me you're more like the sister I've never known. It's never occurred to me... but... come to that, I've never met a girl I would want to..." I tailed off lamely feeling a bit of a fool at making such a gaff.

"One of them, " she went on, " has a boyfriend who ties her up. She seems to get a lot of excitement out of trying to escape and I presume he gets a lot of it too from watching her try to escape. What made me think about it was that he doesn't just tie her but also gags and blindfolds her. It seemed to me that, if someone were to blindfold me ... well... I wouldn't know the difference. You see what I mean?"

"I can see that yes. But why should that make you think we don't care about you?"

"No, no. I know you all do. But, John, you never want to do things to me. You never touch me except to guide me or draw my attention. Would you... would you tie me up?"

I didn't know what to say. Again. Tie her up? What?

"I'd like to know what it feels like to struggle for freedom that I no longer have; to feel that somebody isn't treating me like a... delicate, fragile flower or... ornament. If you tied me up, oh, I know that I'll be safe with you but... I could imagine that..." She stopped and I saw her face and neck change to a deep red colour.

"Maddie, if that's truly what you want ... yes I would do anything for you, you know that. But are you really sure?"

"To be honest... I don't know. But there's only one way to find out."

"Well," I said, "I believe there's some rope in the back of the garage - we use it to tie stuff on top of the car. Hang on... I'll go look."

"I'm not going anywhere."

Most blind people actually look like blind people; their eyes seem to be lifeless and shrunk into their sockets. Perhaps because Maddie had once seen; perhaps because she had such a lively mind, her eyes always looked normal and always "looked" toward the scene of interest. When I returned she was still sitting there 'watching' the fire. "I was right... there's one short rope, one medium and one long one. Just like the Three Bears."

She smiled and I handed her one of them. "Feel what they're like," I said.

"Certainly feels like rope but I've nothing to compare it with. As always, I'll take your opinion."

"O.K. Are you sure?"

"John. If I wasn't sure about this, why would I have asked you?"

"Fair enough. I suggest we take it in easy stages; do it gently at first. Give me your hands."

I crossed her wrists and wound the shortest piece around them several times, crossed the ends and wound it in the opposite way locking her arms in a cross formation. I tied the knot reasonably tightly on top. "Try that for size."

She just pulled on her bonds at first, gently and then with a greater force. She pushed her arms outward and then pulled them in. Next she tried twisting them. "Seems to be fairly loose," she said, "but I can't get my hands free."

"I tied the knot on top. It's a reef knot... the Americans call it a square knot because of its shape. See if you can untie yourself with your teeth."

She raised her hands to her face and ran her lips delicately over the knot; then to my astonishment she repeated it with the tip of her tongue. Suddenly she attacked the knot with her teeth and in no time at all, she tossed the rope in my direction.

"You sure you've not been secretly practising?"

"You're being too kind," she giggled. "Better do it properly next time."

"O.K. You asked for it." This time, I wrapped her wrists a bit more tightly and then tied the knot underneath. She didn't bother with the preliminary inspection but twisted her wrists to the left and, with only a little more effort than her first go, once again tossed the rope at me.

There was a great and mischievous grin on her face. "I did ask you to tie me tight."

"Right-ho. This time you stay my captive. Stand up and put your hands behind you. Let's see just how far you can bend that neck of yours."

I repeated the same tie behind her and, just to rub it in, I brought the ends of the rope around her waist and tied them in front. "It's the same knot, " I said and sat back to watch the show.

Maddie put on a very good show too but after a short struggle she stopped: "I can't wriggle out of it and I can't find the final knot so... I have to grant you victory this time. I can't see, " she added, I thought with a touch of shyness, "and I can't use my hands but there is another way to stop me using my teeth?" Slyly, "I could still shout for help."

"So... you want me to gag you? I'll see what I can find but there is something we must get clear. Gags are dangerous things and, while you're wearing one, I will never leave you alone by yourself. If you want to stop, stamp on the floor three times or grunt in series of three like this... Uh, uh, uh... Uh, uh, uh. Let me hear you do it so that I'll be sure."

She started to grunt and then dissolved into laughter. "You talk of the three bears. I sound more like the three little pigs."

In one of the kitchen drawers, I found a linen glass cloth that looked big enough and I rolled a new J-cloth into it to form a bulge. Returning to Maddie I commanded, "Open wide."

"Just like the dentist's," she said. "Only this is more fun... I think."

I tied it at the back of her neck, turned her around and sat her back in her chair. Then I tied one of the other ropes around her ankles. "Now first... let me hear your alarm signal."

She squeaked dutifully for me and then began to writhe about in the chair; her hands were trapped under her weight as well as in the ropes and I found myself getting very interested in her antics. Slowly it dawned on me that my interest in her was getting to be most unlike that of a brother. I had never seen Maddie like this; she was bound only in the most minimal sense but the effect as the ropes pulled about her body and the white cloth that was wedging her mouth open quickly had a most erotic effect on me. The thought that Maddie was entirely dependent on me, her safety and everything about her was now entirely and absolutely in my care increased the intensity of my feeling.

I had a gigantic bulge in the front of my pants, which my left hand was busily investigating, and the most unusual but extremely pleasant... no, exciting... feelings were running around all over me. Now, of course, I know where it would have ended but it all stopped abruptly as I became aware that the alarm bells were sounding - Maddy was behaving in a most alarming fashion. I leaped to her side and frantically began to untie the gag.

Even as I pulled it away she relaxed into a soft heap in the chair and the look on her face would surely have made the Cheshire Cat envious. "Oh boy," she said: "Now I know why those girls like to get tied up. That was... that was... "

"Are you O.K?" and I started to untie her.

"I'd rather you didn't untie me," she said softly, "but in truth, I need to go upstairs and change my undies."

The next night, I put her into a hog-tie; she had a great time but she frightened the hell out of me. I also came to the conclusion that I would never look at Maddie again with the same eyes. And that was that; all good things have to eventually end; this is an immutable truth of life

My mother recovered from her bout of food poisoning and returned home; Maddie's father was transferred to a local hospital and so her Mother also moved home and Maddie, of course no longer stayed with us - That hogtie party marked the end of sharing the fire between the two of us alone together. As the days passed into weeks and then into months, I was forced to acknowledge what would have been obvious to anyone less green and inexperienced and it came as a huge shock.

So I did something about it.

Our next encounter alone was on our wedding night.

Maddie's great wedding gift to me is the total trust and the complete confidence which she places in me. She undoubtedly has a wonderful body which I regularly bind in ropes for her delight - and mine - but the bonds which she weaves between us are stronger than any rope.

Frequently, she reinforces our union when she seeks my hand and places it on her swelling belly.

We spent our childhood in each other's company; in two magical days we leaped together into adulthood. Now we are about to share in parenthood; of course everybody knows that the future inevitably holds sorrow as there can be only one end. But unhappy events are always offset by happy memories and ours are recalled easily with the aid of a simple length of rope.


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