The Cage | basement and cellar bondage story

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Kate was a slim attractive woman in her mid-twenties. She was a corporate lawyer and worked for a well-respected company. She had had a number of short-term affairs but was currently single.

She had arrived late at the flat. She had walked around for a good half an hour before she'd found the right place, a ground floor and basement flat situated behind a row of shops. She rang the doorbell. Natalie, the woman whose advert she'd seen in the local paper opened the door. "Sorry I'm late," Kate started, "this is not the easiest place to find". Kate stood there in her smart, well-fitting trouser suit and looked at the other woman. Natalie, who was wearing jeans and top, checked her watch.

Natalie was not a typical prostitute. She was about 21 years old, slim and good-looking. She spoke with a soft European accent. Her well-fitting blue jeans were done up with a thick leather belt, the colour of which matched her long dark hair. "You're a bit late" she replied, "and anyway I don't usually take female clients."

"But can I just tell you what I am after?" Kate continued as Natalie opened the door wider and beckoned her in.

They sat down in the small sitting down. "You said in the advert that you offer bondage and that you have a steel cage for locking people up" Kate babbled nervously, "and I just want to know what it feels like to be imprisoned like that, you know, totally helpless".

"Yes, I do offer that" Natalie replied, "but its now 6pm and I'm going out shortly."

Kate, having come this far was not going to give up so easily. "OK, what about locking me up for the evening, I'm willing to pay whatever."

"I don't usually do lesbians," Natalie continued.

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"I'm straight", Kate quickly replied, "I just don't have a guy right now and anyway I've never tried this before and I think I would trust a woman more than a guy."

Natalie looked across at the attractive woman who was offering her money simply to be locked up. "OK, standard fee and I'll keep you locked up until I get home later this evening."

"What about until tomorrow morning?" Kate asked.

Natalie smiled at her "OK, I'll leave you to rot until the morning."

Kate smiled as she followed Natalie out of the room and down a narrow flight of steps to the basement.

The basement was small, with no windows and little furniture, apart from a heavy looking steel cage in the middle of the room. The cage was no more than 4-foot square by 3-foot high, constructed out of steel and could only be entered through a small panel on the top. The cage was securely bolted to the concrete floor.

"Take your clothes off and place them over there," Natalie ordered.

"Can't I leave them on?" Kate replied. "I just want to experience being imprisoned."

"You do it my way or not at all!" Natalie snapped back.

Kate felt uncomfortable about undressing in front of this woman, but slowly removed her suit and blouse and folded them in a neat pile in the corner of the room.

She stood in the middle of the room wearing only her black silk knickers and bra. Natalie opened the cage and beckoned Kate forward. The lawyer slowly climbed in one leg at a time, sat down on the small mat that lay on top of the bottom bars and tried to make herself comfortable.

With barely a word, Natalie lowered the cage door. She slipped the padlock through the hasp and clicked it closed. She then pocketed the key and stood up to leave. "Right, enjoy your night behind bars," she said as she left the room and closed and locked the basement door behind her.

In the dim light that shone through a crack above the door, Kate started to explore the cage. In was made of solid steel, with thick bars placed at narrow centres. She felt very vulnerable; here she was, a successful businesswoman locked inside a cage in the basement of a prostitute's flat wearing only her underwear. She sat there with her knees together pulling at her small knickers, trying to make them cover more of her arse. However, it was also perfect; there was no way she could ever hope to escape from her prison. The feeling of helplessness excited her.

While Kate was enjoying her imprisonment, Natalie was sitting in a local bar with her girlfriends. Her keys, including the one to the cage were in her jacket pocket, which she had left in the boot of her friend's car. At the end of the evening, Natalie returned home much the worst for wear with drink and without her jacket or her keys. She had stumbled to her front door before she realised she didn't have her keys. She sat on the doorstep giggling for a few minutes before having to wake her neighbour, for her spare set of keys. Her neighbour, of course, only had spares for the front door. Natalie stumbled in to her house and sat down on a kitchen stool drinking coffee in an attempt to sober up. She soon went upstairs to bed.

The next morning, still wearing only her knickers from the night before and an old T-shirt, Natalie came downstairs, still suffering from the effects of the previous night's drinking. It was only as she was drinking more coffee, that she remembered the woman she had locked in her basement the night before. With coffee cup still in hand, she climbed down the stairs to the basement, unlocked the basement door, the key to which she had fortunately left in the lock, flicked the light switch and looked towards the cage.

Kate was still lying behind the locked steel bars, curled up with her knees by her face. Natalie was clearly still drunk as she walked towards the cage. She smiled at her captive as she perched her pert arse on top of the cage and looked down between her thighs at her captive. She started to hiccup.

Kate looked up at the figure sitting inches from her face. "You know… it really is an amazing feeling to be locked in here," she said. After a pause Kate continued, "but anyway what time is it? I have to work today."

Natalie smiled, almost spilling her coffee on Kate as she did so, "Don't worry - You've plenty of time, and anyway I'm not letting you go until you've paid the bill," she giggled.

"OK, my purse is over there by my clothes," she replied.

Natalie suddenly gasped and then started to laugh. "You may be a little late for work, I think I left my keys, with Anna last night!"

"What!!" was all Kate could reply. "Surely you must have a spare?"

"No that was the only one" she replied, as she looked down at the figure beneath her. Natalie pulled gently on the padlock as if to check it was locked, although she knew that she had done a professional job of incarcerating her the night before. Natalie jumped up, picked up her mobile phone and sat back on top of the cage, the bars forming indentations in her knicker-clad arse. She dialled.

"No reply, I think Anna must be out of town today," Natalie concluded, "and my keys are in my jacket, which is in the boot of her car". She paused. "Sorry honey, you're stuck in there until late tonight at the earliest". Kate pulled at the bars that surrounded her, but they did not even rattle, it was terrifyingly secure. As Kate started to realise the permanency of the situation, her attention started to be drawn towards the slim, tanned figure, sitting above her.

"No way of breaking the lock I suppose," she enquired in a tone that suggested she already knew the answer.

Natalie smiled. "It would take really heavy cutting gear and a long time to get through that, and anyway there's no way I'm inviting the authorities back here. Sorry, you're locked up a good while yet."

After Natalie had brought Kate a really bad cup of coffee, she was not the domestic type, she asked if there was anything else she wanted.

"Well, given that I am effectively your prisoner for another day, you may as well treat me to the whole works," Kate replied.

"You want me to lock you up even more?" she exclaimed somewhat surprised.

"Why not, you've been pretty good at incarceration so far," Kate observed.

Natalie jumped off the cage and went over to a box in the corner of the room, from which she picked a number of steel restraints. She placed then in a pile in front of the cage and smiled at Kate, "Are you sure you want me to do this, I already feel bad about losing my keys and keeping you locked up for another day."

Kate didn't reply.

Natalie walked around to the side of the cage and reached in and took hold of one of her wrists. She slowly closed one side of a rigid cuff around Kate's wrist. She then double-locked the cuff. She then took the cuffs, passed them around one of the bars of the cage, and locked it around her other wrist. "These are maximum security cuffs, with tumbler locks … I had better not lose the keys this time" Natalie joked.

With that she tucked the key into her knickers. "It should be safe there" she smiled. She then repeated the exercise by cuffing Kate's feet, again around one of the cage bars. Kate started to wriggle around to see if she could get out of the cuffs, her pert arse sliding on the mat as she did so. However she soon found that Natalie had locked then so tightly there was no movement at all.

"No bondage is complete without a gag," Natalie smiled as she reached into the cage to lock the red ball gag in her captive's mouth. Kate heard the click as the padlock snapped shut. Natalie held up the key. "Without this key, you'll not be saying another word," she smiled as she again tucked it into her knickers.

She stood over the cage, looked down and smiled. "Now you truly are under lock and key", she said as she surveyed the semi-naked woman before her. Natalie, still wearing only knickers and a T-shirt, then climbed the stairs to take a shower.

An hour later Natalie returned wearing tight denim shorts and another, clean T-shirt. She sat down on top of the cage and crossed her tanned legs. "Well I can't really do any business today with you here. Do you want to do anything?" Natalie asked, "maybe play cards?"

When no answer was forthcoming, she remembered that she had Kate securely gagged. She stood up, retrieved a key from her short's pocket and proceeded to unlock the gag. Ten minutes later, Natalie had located a pack of playing cards. She sat down cross-legged on the floor in front of the cage. She started to shuffle and deal.

"I'm not going to be able to play much of a game with my hands cuffed behind me," Kate noted.

Natalie smiled, "Sorry I'd better unlock those." She stood up, reached into the pocket of her tight shorts and pulled out another key. After she had unlocked one wrist, she insisted that she re-cuff Kate's hands in front of her. Kate had no choice but to comply.

The two women started to play cards, Kate struggling with the rigid cuffs and the bars. After an hour, with Natalie having won most of the hands, they stopped playing and started talking to pass the time. Natalie was sitting on top of the cage, her shorts resting on the bars just above Kate's head.

They continued to talk until late afternoon when Natalie decided to go around to her friend's house. "I want you properly chained and gagged before I leave," she smiled as she re-cuffed Kate's hands behind her back and around one of the bars of the cage. She also re-locked the gag in place. This time she also took a 'D'-lock, the type usually used for securing bicycles. However, Natalie used it to secure Kate's neck to one of the bars of the cage. She pocketed all of the keys and smiled.

"I don't think I've ever put anyone in quite such secure bondage before," Natalie remarked. "You can't move your hands or feet or even your head; you can't speak; and you'll certainly never escape – not in a hundred years. I could leave you to rot here and no one would ever know." She blew a kiss to her prisoner and left the room.

Natalie returned ten minutes later dressed for the evening. She was wearing tight, white cotton trouser and top. "All the keys are in here," Natalie smiled as she tapped her arse. Kate could make out the line of Natalie's knickers beneath her trousers; the line arching around here pert backside and disappearing as it curved between her legs. She could also just make out, underneath her knickers, a small bump showing where Natalie had hidden the keys to the restraints.

Natalie turned and left the room, locking the door as she left.

She didn't return until much later that evening. Kate had been unable to do anything but wait silently for her captor's return. By the time Natalie arrived, her arms and legs were stiff and painful from the restraints. Natalie came in, sat down on top of the cage and looked down at the heavily shackled woman beneath her.

"Good news, I've just been to see Anna and have managed to get my jacket back. The bad news is that I quite like having you incarcerated here, and I'm tempted to keep you chained up for a bit longer."

Kate tried to show Natalie that she was in pain from the bonds.

Natalie smiled, "I know just how painful it can be wearing those restraints for a long period, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to release you."

However, after a few minutes she took pity on the poor woman. She undid her trousers and slid them down over her hips. Kate now found herself staring at the prostitute's arse and long tanned legs. Leaving the keys still attached to her knickers by the key ring, Natalie crouched down beside Kate and pulled the keys until they just reached the keyhole of the handcuffs and proceeded to unlock the restraints. She repeated this for the remaining bonds, although she kept the cage firmly padlocked.

She then detached the last key from her knickers and held up the padlock key. "You know that you've now been locked in that cage for over 24 hours," Natalie stated.

Kate was well aware of her situation. Natalie sat down on top of the cage door and inserted the key into the padlock. She turned the key and removed the lock.

"At last!" Kate exclaimed.

"Not yet," Natalie replied, "You'll not be going anywhere with me sitting on the exit." Kate looked up at the knicker-covered arse and long tanned legs above her.

"Do you really want to be released right now?" Natalie asked. There was no reply. She knew exactly what that meant, as she slowly re-locked the padlock, imprisoning Kate once more.

"Maybe just one more thing," Natalie smiled as she took the key and inserted half of it into a gap in the concrete floor. She then stood on the half that was protruding until after some effort, the key became very twisted and misshapen and finally snapped in two.

Kate could only watch in disbelief at what this beautiful woman had just done. Natalie stood there in front of her in her underwear, hands on hips, smiling at the woman she could not now release from her steel cage.

Part 2

Natalie stood looking at the cage and the beautiful women inside it. She had just destroyed the only key to unlock the cage and now couldn't release this woman even if she wanted to. Kate couldn't believe what her captor had done. As far as she knew, there was now no way she could ever escape from her cell. However, the feeling also excited her. She watched the woman standing in front of her wearing tight cotton trousers and realised she was enjoying the feeling.

Natalie walked over to cage and walked around it so that her thighs rubbed along the bars. Kate kept turning so that she could see her as she moved. Natalie then sat down on top of the cage, the bars forming indentations in her pert arse. Kate couldn't avert her eyes. "Do you fancy a drink?" Natalie asked.

Natalie returned five minutes later with a bottle of vodka. It was a warm evening. She put the bottle on the ground and started to remove her trousers and top. She then picked up the bottle and went over and sat down on top of the cage. She took a swig from the bottle and, taken aback by the strength, spilled some of the drink. It fell down on to her thighs and dripped down on to the women below. They both sat there in silence, listening to the distant traffic and the far off thunder.

"I can't believe I've done this to you," Natalie whispered, still sipping from the bottle. She passed the bottle down, between her legs to the women below.

The two women spent the evening talking. Natalie was sitting on the floor, just feet away from Kate, but with a very thick and very permanent barrier between them.

Later that evening, when both were much the worse for drink, Natalie left the basement to crash out upstairs. Kate, still wearing only her black silk underwear, wriggled around trying to get comfortable on the small mat inside the cage.

The next morning, Kate opened her eyes to see Natalie smiling down at her. She was wearing very short denim shorts, which barely covered her knickers and a white T-shirt with her long dark hair still wet from the shower. "So how does it feel to be entering your third day behind bars? Your third day totally at my mercy?" she smiled as she looked down at Kate's big brown eyes.

Kate was feeling intoxicated by the power this women had over her and was losing track of how long she'd been inside the cage, or what else it was that she should have been doing in the outside world.

Natalie tugged at the padlock. "You realise that I really don't have a key for this thing?" she checked. Kate looked up at the bars enjoying the felling of helplessness, but at the same time wondering how long this woman was going to leave her locked up. Natalie could read her expression.

"As much as I like having you locked up," she said, "I'm going to have to release you at some point." She studied the padlock for a few moments. "Maybe a hacksaw will be the only chance of getting you out, I'll see what the hardware store has to offer, but before I leave…"

Natalie picked up some of the restraints and walked towards her captive, while Kate watched every move she made. She reached into the cage and slowly locked a pair of rigid handcuffs around Kate's wrists and around one of the bars at the back of the cage. Kate didn't even struggle in her bonds; she knew from experience that there was no way she would escape. She then dropped the handcuff key between Kate's thighs. "Thought I'd give you some chance of escape," she smiled as Kate started to wriggle in an attempt to reach the key."

Natalie then took a gag and buckled it tightly in Kate's mouth. "Maybe I should just add a padlock," she smiled, as she clicked it shut behind her head. "And this key you don't get," she purred as she slowly and deliberately tucked it into the front pocket of her shorts. "Not a word from you," she smiled as she tapped the front of her thigh.

Two hours later, Natalie returned with a bag from the local hardware store, which she dropped on the floor in front of the cage. She saw that Kate's wrists were still firmly handcuffed together, but that they were also slightly bruised from where she had been struggling. "This is the only way out, honey," she smiled as she picked up a small metal hacksaw and started to saw the padlock. After a few minutes she paused, already exhausted from the task. She saw the sad look in her captive's eyes and took pity and unlocked the gag.

"Can I try?" Kate offered.

"Sure, be my guest" Natalie replied as she sat back on the floor rubbing her hands after the exertion. "You'll have to uncuff me first," Kate continued. Natalie reached into the cage to retrieve the key, which by now Kate was sitting on, and unlocked her prisoner's wrists. Kate picked up the hacksaw, knelt next to the padlock and started to saw. After ten minutes, she paused for breath as sweat started to roll down her back and on to her knickers.

"This will take forever," she complained. "We've hardly started to cut through."

Natalie smiled, picked up the saw and took her turn.

By ten o'clock that night, the girls were only half way through the thick steel padlock. "This is hopeless!" Kate cried as she hit against the bars with her hand. "How could you do this to me?"

"Relax sweetie," Natalie replied. "Isn't this what you wanted after all?"

Kate looked at the beautiful girl sitting on the floor in front of her and knew she was right, she was loving every moment.

"I'll leave you to it, then," Natalie smiled as she watched Kate fighting with the small hacksaw once more. She then blew her a kiss and left the cellar.

That night, Kate continued cutting the lock until just before 3am, she finished and the padlock fell to the floor. She undid the hasp, opened the cage door and slowly climbed out. It felt strange to finally have escaped from her prison. She wasn't sure what day it was, although she knew people would be wondering where she was.

She slowly walked towards the door of the basement, unsteady on her feet after so long behind bars. She opened the door and climbed the stairs to the ground floor. All was quiet. She tried the front door to the apartment, it opened, and she could leave now if she wanted. She closed the door and went into kitchen and sat down on one of the chairs.

She realised she was still wearing the same knickers and bra that she had been wearing when she arrived. She stood up and went into the bathroom to shower. After showering, Kate crept into Natalie's room and saw her sleeping uncovered on the bed. Kate looked through her drawers for some underwear. She took two pairs of knickers and left to return to the basement.

She walked back towards the cage and sat down on top of the door. She imagined what it would be like to have someone trapped in there beneath her. She then climbed inside the cage once more and closed the door above her. She imaged that she was still sitting on the exit above, her pert arse shutting her inside.

Still inside the cage, she took the second pair of knickers that she had taken from Natalie and threaded them through the hasp so that they acted like a padlock. She then knotted them to symbolically lock herself inside. Once the feeling of helplessness returned, she lay down and fell asleep.

When she awoke the next morning, Natalie was standing in front of her wearing a pair of tight denim shorts and top. As Kate awoke, she went over and sat down on top of the exit. "You had your chance to escape," she said, "but you're still here?"

"Maybe you should make sure that I don't get the chance again," Kate replied.

With that, Natalie took out her mobile phone and called a friend.

"Anna," she said, "can you come round to my place this evening. Use your key to come in". She then threw the phone across to the far side of the basement. She then untied the knickers that were holding the cage closed and stood up to open the cage. Kate watched motionless as Natalie slowly climbed into the cage and closed the door above her. Natalie then took a padlock, reached through the bars and re-padlocked the cage door.

She wrapped a chain around her waist and padlocked it closed. She then repeated the exercise with a chain around Kate's waist. She then lay down so that their heads were at opposite ends of the cage.

"Just put your head here, honey," Natalie said as she placed Kate's head between her thighs. Kate complied as if in a trance. Natalie then reached through the bars to pick up a 'D' shaped bicycle lock. By squeezing Kate's neck tightly between her thighs, she managed to get the lock to go around both of her thighs just below Kate's neck. Once Natalie had turned the key, they were both locked very tightly and very permanently together. Just to make sure that the bicycle lock could not be slid down her thighs, she took the spare end of the chain that was locked around her waist and locked it to the bicycle lock. The bicycle lock could now not slide off, Natalie's legs could not be opened and Kate's head could certainly not be released from between Natalie's thighs.

Natalie then took two pairs of handcuffs and locked each of Kate's wrists in turn to her ankles. Kate didn't resist, she now felt totally helpless with her head locked so firmly between Natalie's thighs.

"Now for the tricky part," Natalie said, as she placed her own head between Kate's smooth, tanned thighs. She took a second 'D' lock and proceeded to repeat the exercise, this time locking her own head between Kate's thighs. She then finished off by locking Kate's waist chain to the bicycle lock and locking her own wrists to Kate's ankles.

They were now both locked inside the cage, chained very securely in the '69' position.

"This is it," Natalie smiled. "Shall I throw the keys outside the cage?"

Kate was now trembling with excitement. "Are you sure Anna will come round later?"

"Well if she doesn't we'll probably end our days here with our heads between each other's thighs," Natalie smiled, as she threw the bunch of keys far away to the other end of her basement.

The two wriggled around for a few minutes, but their bonds, each other's thighs, stayed tight. Kate looked through Natalie's legs and the bars of the cage to the outside world. It would be a while before she made it out there.

Part 3

Three hours later, the woman heard the front door to the flat open and close. Five minutes later, they heard woman's feet descending the stairs to the cellar and the cellar door being unlocked and opened. A tall, shapely brunette stood in the doorway casually dressed in a pair of short cotton shorts, t-shirt and beach sandals. She walked towards the cage and smiled.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" she smiled as she saw the two women, wearing only their underwear, locked in the 3 foot by 5 foot by 3 foot high cage, chained together in the '69' position.

"Hi Anna. I'm certainly glad you've come home," Natalie smiled from between Kate's thighs. She rattled the handcuffs locking her wrists to Kate's ankles. "We got a bit carried away with the bondage thing."

"So I see," Anna replied still taking in the situation.

Kate's position was equally if not more constricted. Her head was chained between Natalie's thighs and her face was pushed up against Natalie's arse. Her nose was resting right between Natalie's bum cheeks resulting in her air supply through her nose being cut off every time Natalie's tensed her arse. Natalie's more shapely thighs totally engulfed her neck leaving very little room for movement.

Anna saw the keys lying on the floor on the far side of the room and giggled to herself. "Oh dear, you two really are stuck!" She pulled at the padlock locking the cage door closed as she looked down at the two women. She then crossed to where the small bunch of keys had landed, picked them up and put them in the front pocket of her shorts. She then returned to the cage to admire their handiwork.

Kate looked up at this new woman as best she could. Anna's tanned legs towered above her to her very skimpy blue cotton shorts above. From a normal perspective the shorts left little to the imagination, but from where Kate lay she could see up her shorts to Anna's pert arse nestled in its white knickers. The all-important keys were in her shorts, without which she would never get free from between this prostitute's legs.

"Just unlock us, will you?" Natalie urged in her soft French accent.

"In time," Anna replied as she started to walk slowly around the cage.

"Arrh," Natalie called out as she pulled vainly at Kate's thighs.

"Who's the friend anyway Nat?" Anna asked.

"Just a client," Natalie replied. "We'd had a couple of drinks, that's all."

Anna stopped walking and sat down on top of the cage. Kate watched as the bars made indents into Anna's pert arse.

"OK…" Anna finally announced as she stood up and searched for the keys to unlock the four pairs of handcuffs that connected Natalie and Kate's wrists to the other's ankles. Anna then turned her attention to the U-shaped bike locks that held the two women in such an effective '69' position.

"I've never seen a bike lock used like that before," Anna smiled as she reached through the bars and released each head from its respective thighs.

"Right I'll see you girls later," Anna smiled as she went to leave the room.

"Hey, don't forget the padlock on the cage!" Natalie cried.

"I haven't forgotten about that," Anna teased, "I just haven't unlocked it."

"Oh come on!" Natalie started to plead. "Don't leave us in here."

Anna started to walk around the cage again, a safe distance from any reaching arms. She smiled as two pairs of eyes followed her every move.

"Later," Anna finally replied as she re-pocketed the keys and climbed the stairs out of the cellar.

Natalie and Kate sat in the cage watching in disbelief as the blue shorts and their precious cargo of keys left the cellar.

"Well… We're freer than we were," Kate offered to her cellmate.

"Yeah but still pretty helplessly caged up," Natalie replied as she punched the bars with her open hand.

Half an hour later, Anna returned having changed into her blue jeans and black top.

"You two still here?" she joked as she came over and sat down on top of the cage.

"Just let us out!" Natalie demanded as she sat on the floor of the cage beneath her housemate.

"OK, I'll let you out" Anna smiled as she took the bunch of keys out of her pocket and searched around for the right key to unlock the padlock.

She slipped the key into the padlock and the shackle popped open. Natalie pushed at the cage door, which was on the top of the cage, to try and get out. However, Anna was sitting partly on top of the door and one of her thighs kept the door firmly closed.

"Move your arse," Natalie said as she pushed again at the bars at the top of the cage. Anna slid across slightly so that the door could be lifted up. Anna pushed it open and climbed out. As soon as Natalie was out, Anna closed the door and moved one leg across so that her left thigh held the door closed again.

"Hey, what about me!" Kate shouted from inside the cage.

"I only said I'd let Nat out, not you," Anna replied as she looked down at the woman beneath her. Anna smiled as she saw the look of desperation on the young woman's face.

"Oh don't be so cruel," Natalie smiled as she watched the discussion.

Knowing that this might be her only chance, Kate pushed hard at the door and managed to lift it half an inch and was able to slide two fingers in underneath.

"You'd better take your fingers out" Anna warned, "before I put all my weight on to the door." Kate didn't move, but continued to push upwards. Anna then slid across so that her arse was sat fully on the doorway. Her weight made the door slam shut, catching Kate's fingers in it as it went. Kate cried out and started to nurse her bruised fingers. Kate looked up to see Anna's jean covered arse sitting squarely on top of the opening and its owner relocking the cage with the padlock.

"You are so cruel," Natalie remarked as she watched Anna snap the padlock closed. "Do you know that Kate has now been in the cage for almost two days now and we're really going to have to let her go soon?" Anna seemed not to be interested as she slid the bunch of keys back into her pocket.

Kate looked up at Anna's arse sitting on top of the locked cage. "Its OK," she chipped in, "I've made some calls, I'm OK until tomorrow."

"She really does like incarceration, doesn't she?" Anna smiled as she stood up and picked up one of the U-shaped bicycle locks. She pulled the keys out of her pocket and removed the pertinent key. Anna then reached inside the cage and grabbed Kate by her hair and pulled her back until her head rested against one of the bars of the cage. She reached in and put the lock around Kate's neck and the bar. She then closed the lock, inserted the key and turned it a quarter turn.

"A little present," Anna smiled as she threw the key to Natalie.

"Thanks," she smiled as she slipped the key into the top of her knickers.

"OK, I'll leave you two to talk," Natalie continued. "Since my head been between Kate's thighs for the last three hours, I think I'd better take a shower and change."

"What about my head being between your legs?" Kate said.

"Yes not a nice prospect," Anna joked.

"Too bad, you're the wrong side of the bars," Natalie smiled.

"I'll guard our prisoner!" Anna smiled as she looked down at the helpless woman beneath her".

"We have some friends coming over for a party tonight," Anna suddenly said, "and we thought you might as well stay and provide some entertainment. Is that OK?"

"Do I have any choice?" Kate asked.

"We're going to have a disco down here in the cellar, and well, a beautiful caged woman in the middle of the room would be cool," Anna continued although Kate's eyes already held the answer.

Two hours later, the music and lights had been set up and Kate had been allowed out of the cage to shower and change. Natalie let her back down to the cellar wearing nothing but skimpy black knickers and bra and of course hand and feet cuffs. The chains jangled as she walked down the stairs and over to the cage.

"Sorry about the chains," Natalie purred, "but I just know you wouldn't have wanted a chance to escape."

Natalie opened the cage, "Inside!" she instructed. Kate climbed in and tried to make herself comfortable on the small mat that lay over the bottom bars. Natalie closed the cage door and secured it with the padlock. She stood back to admire the sight. Natalie was wearing black hot pants that barely covered her arse and a tight red top. She also wore a pair of black leather boots.

"Can you unlock these cuffs?" Kate asked hopefully.

"Sorry babe, they are part of your outfit for this evening," Natalie purred.

Anna then returned to the cellar wearing a short miniskirt and tight top. "She all ready?" Anna asked.

"All locked up and ready to thrill," Natalie replied. "Which keys to do you want?"

"I'll take the key to the cage," Anna replied. Natalie handed the key to her housemate. Natalie then proceeded to attach the handcuff keys to the back of her hot pants so that they hung down against the back of her thighs and swung around as she walked. Natalie then fitted the ballgag in Kate's mouth and locked it in place with a small padlock.

An hour later, the cellar was filled with about 50 people, all young, all beautiful. Kate sat in the cage in the middle of it all and watched. This was the alternative, trendy scene she had only heard about. She had had a sheltered upbringing and had never been to a party like this, certainly not as the main attraction.

The music was loud and echoed around the stone walls. There was a smell of perfume and alcohol mixed with the smoke from the dry ice machine. At times the dry ice was so thick that Kate could not see beyond her barred cell. People started to show interest in the caged woman, with some people, both guys and girls, looking a little too often. People also started to use the cage as a seat and soon there were half a dozen people sitting above Kate. She winced when on one occasion, a woman dropped a lighted cigarette end on to her. Kate knew that she had dropped it deliberately, but she was in no position to complain.

Two women came over, took their shoes off, climbed up on top of the cage and started to dance. Kate looked up to watch them balancing carefully on the thick steel bars. Both women were wearing skirts and from where Kate was locked up, she could see more of their knickers than she could their faces. The number of women dancing on the cage grew, as Kate just lay there and watched from her unique viewpoint.

By 2am, most of the guests had left and the music was more chilled.

"Maybe now's the time to have some more fun with our captive," Anna smiled as she turned the music down lower. "Who wants to challenge her to a 69-wrestle?"

One woman came forward encouraged by her friends. She was slim with long blonde hair. "Take off your skirt," Anna ordered as she hitched up her own skirt, removed the key from her knickers and unlocked the cage. The woman, called Chantelle, slipped off her skirt, kicked off her shoes and climbed in. Anna wasted no time in relocking the cage.

With the help of a few of the woman around the cage, Anna padlocked a chain around Kate's waist. The chain was then passed down between her legs and back on to itself at the back. A second chain was then padlocked around Kate's neck. The new arrival inside the cage was then chained in the same way.

"You'd better unlock Kate's wrists and ankles," Anna said to Natalie, "it's going to be hard enough as it is." Natalie detached the very obvious keys and released Kate from her shackles. She also unlocked her gag.

"Now lie down head to toe," Anna ordered the two captives. Using two more padlocks, she then locked Kate's neck chain to the chain locked between Chantelle's legs, and vice versa. The women were effectively locked in the 69-position, although there was some play in the chains that allowed them to try and move their heads out of the way of the other's grip.

"Just to make it a little more fun to watch," Anna continued, "we're going to cover you in oil!" The others joined in helping to rub oil on the contestants, especially on to their thighs. "The rules are simple," Anna explained. "The person lying on top of their opponent at the end of two minutes is the winner and is released from the cage. The loser has to fight again."

The game started and both women fought to get to the top. Kate took the early advantage and got on top. She held on to the bars of the cage to try and keep her position.

"You bitch," Chantelle giggled as she fought to get out from underneath Kate. She then managed to catch Kate's head right between her thighs and gripped tightly, crossing her legs over each other as many times as possible. Despite the oil, Kate could not escape. Kate tried to get a scissor hold around Chantelle's neck, but each time she was able to slide her head back out to relative freedom.

The advantage turned as Kate struggled to take breathes and was eventually overturned. Her opponent gripped on to Kate's neck and the cage bars for the rest of the two minutes. As the time was up, Kate lay on her back panting.

"Bad luck babe" Natalie purred as Kate looked up at the French woman sitting on the bars above her. Anna unpadlocked Chantelle from Kate's thighs and unlocked the cage. Chantelle climbed out to the cheers of her friends.

"Who's next?" Anna asked.

The next contender was Jackie, a very fit gym goer. Once the chains were on, Jackie quickly got the scissors lock in place and from there, there was no escape. Her muscular thighs gripped so strongly that Kate stopped struggling. Jackie's oil covered skin was rock hard, her thighs and arse forming an inescapable ring around Kate's neck. She even broke wind before releasing her pray.

"What about you next?" Natalie smiled at Anna. The others approved and so Anna stripped to her underwear and climbed inside. "Give me your keys," Natalie smiled at her housemate. Natalie closed the cage door and padlocked it before applying the chains for the game.

"Hey this is too tight!" Anna complained as Natalie locked each neck chain to its respective crotch chain. "You've got to give us a chance to escape the scissors grip."

"Must I?" Natalie purred as she threaded all the keys on to one ring.

The contest started and as before Kate lost, Anna's athletic body too strong for the lawyer. Natalie sat on the cage watching.

"OK, let me out!" Anna demanded.

"Non" Natalie replied. The others laughed. It dawned on Anna that this was Natalie's revenge from earlier.

"Oh please Natalie," Anna pleaded. "At least unlock us from this 69".

"Non," Natalie repeated. "I'm sure you'll have fun in there tonight."

Anna relaxed her head which landed on Kate's arse; she knew there was no way out. Kate lay on her back engulfed by Anna's legs. She watched as a drop of sweat ran down Anna's tanned arse and on to her face. She had been in this position before and also knew that it was pointless to struggle, she would be in this woman's crotch until morning.

By 4am the party was over. Natalie checked the cage padlock and smiled at the two women inside.

"Bon nuit" she smiled as she turned off the light, locked the cellar door and went upstairs to sleep.


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