Payback 2 | gag and rubber, chair bondage story

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Jessica was in my salon chair and I used pressure on the back of her neck to hold her head still as I forced the thick, stubby, rubber penis gag all the way in until the flange settled over her teeth and inside her cheeks. The gag was attached to an upright post that, in turn, had its base welded to a metal bar over her lap between the two armrests.

I hooked a strap in the D ring on the collar around her neck pulling it tight to the same upright. That kept the gag in but left the rest of her head, from the collar up, completely free and accessible yet immoveable.

From the neck down Jessica was anything but completely free and accessible. Mind you, she would have been accessible but for the fact she was sitting on a huge butt plug attached to the seat of the chair. As I had pushed down on her shoulders to make sure the plug was completely buried there had been some very loud pleading, which I ignored.

Her legs, still encased in the laced ballet boots, were folded back and strapped along the sides of the chair seat and, once I was sure the intruder was firmly in place, several other straps across her thighs held her down on it.

As for her ‘shrine’ it was equally full but for the moment, not receiving the full benefits of the set up; that would come later.

Her arms were locked up between her shoulder blades, I hadn’t yet managed to get them in a full reverse prayer position but it was close. Straps over her shoulders, through openings in the top of the chair back, crossed between her breasts then back to buckle behind the chair.

Her eyes followed me as I pulled a very professional looking smock over my tight leather outfit and buttoned it up to my left shoulder. The fact that it was made of a pale pink rubber probably had her wondering what was going on. Then, when I worked a pair of elbow length rubber gloves in the same colour over my hands and the tight sleeves of the smock, I could read the question in her eyes.

After wrapping a rubber cape around her neck I turned the chair on its swivel base then tilted it until the back of Jessica’s neck settled in the curved rest at the front edge of the sink.

“I know how much you love those blonde tresses Jessica. Everyone has told me how they are your pride and joy. Well, right now they are in a damp, scraggly mess and we need to do something about that.”

Unable to move her head the girl looked at me as I leaned over and smiled down at her, her eyes searching mine for any hidden meanings; but, for the next hour or so, I hid them too well.

Her hair was a mess but, hey, rubber hoods, sweat and leather helmets tend to do that. After two washes and a conditioning I wrapped her head in a towel and shifted the chair upright again, turning it away from the mirrors.

An hour later I had her lovely blonde hair falling in soft waves to just past her shoulders. Very smart bangs curled down her forehead almost touching the arched eyebrows and began working on the makeup. I even managed to paint some colour on the lips stretched around the gag. She really was a beautiful young lady, it was a shame her heart had been so full of dollar signs.

I turned the chair around so she could see herself in the big mirrors.

“There now, doesn’t that look better? Every hair in place and a nicely made up face if, that is, we don’t look too closely at the cheeks bulging around the gag. Enjoy what you see Jessica, I’ll be back in a few minutes to start changing the picture.”

I was still wearing the rubber smock as I returned to stand behind Jessica; in my left hand I held an ice-cold cocktail. From behind my back I brought my right hand up, where she could see it in the mirror, holding the electric hair trimmer.

I spoke as the horrified look grew on her face.

“A couple of days ago I met with your husband, John, to give him the souvenir photographs I had promised from your first session. He told me that he had been taking a closer look at the books at his real estate company. It looks like you were not satisfied with cleaning out the bank accounts so you tried embezzling too.”

She couldn’t shake her head and the gag stopped any understandable words but as I spoke, her eyes closed and tears escaped from the corners.

“Since you stole from him and could have ruined his business I promised myself I would steal something from you. I’ll start with the bangs.”

As I put my glass down and thumbed on the switch of the trimmer her efforts to move or speak became desperate but against the restraints she didn’t have a hope.

Three times I pressed the trimmer around the hairline at the top of her forehead; bye bye bangs. Hello tears!

“John found that you had siphoned money from six deals so I have decided we will do this punishment in six installments. That was number one, I’ll be back soon for number two.”

My thoughts were that the wait and anticipation would be almost as hard on Jessica as what I was going to actually do, so I left again for half an hour. Sipping my cocktail I watched through the one-way mirror planning the next steps.

The next time I went in I settled the trimmer just below and behind her left ear then ran it up over the ear to the front hairline. Another swipe a little higher and then I rubbed some gel over the area and used a new razor to shave it clean. Just to rub things in I picked up a handful of the cut off curls and set them on the counter under the mirrors.

“That’s one half of a Mohawk Jessica and installment number two!”

Thirty minutes later I came back and did the right side; number three.

Her tears just would not stop and she was bordering on hysterics. I’ve heard of vanity but she obviously loved that hair to a point that was hard to fathom and I was using it against her. Before leaving the room again I checked that her gag was properly fitted and took up a minimal amount of slack in the strap then made sure her nose was clear.

I took my time with number four, standing beside the chair stroking the mane of blonde hair left down the middle of her head. Lifting the longest strands at the top I trimmed off the back then twisted the topknot and held it straight up from her head.

“Say goodbye to it Jessica and hello to being bald.”

The trimmer severed the rest of her hair in two very, very slow passes. Picking up a new razor I got rid of the stubble and then massaged in a fragrant lotion until Jessica’s scalp gleamed. With a damp cloth I wiped the smeared remains of makeup from the tear streaked face and left her staring at the sight in the mirror; the tears had stopped!

“Just sit and enjoy your new look Jessica. While you’re doing that I must remind you about the count. That was number four and I promised six installments to this punishment so what, you might wonder, are five and six. This doesn’t count!”

As I finished speaking I reached under the cape, flipped the switch on the very large dildo that had been patiently waiting in the front entrance to her shrine, then left her to stew.

When I came back I wiped her face again to clear the perspiration caused by the constant stimulation of the vibrator.

“Your hair wasn’t the only hang up was it Jessica? There was another one!” I looked at her in the mirror and gently fingered her right earlobe with my rubber- gloved hand.

Jessica might be a thief and a gold digging bitch but she wasn’t stupid. Her eyes and the renewed muffled sounds forcing themselves around the gag told me she knew what I meant.

I let it really sink in for a few more moments and then picked up an antiseptic swab. Less than a minute later her shrine had two more holes in it than before.

Installments five and six!

“Those are just the beginning, I have many more planned and I’m not talking about just your ears. Normally I would put a couple of keepers in until those heal and later I will but, for now, I have these lovely big dangly earrings for you. The stones are green Jessica; the colour of greed.”


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