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The rope bit harshly into Anne's skin in several places and chafed her as she moved against the restriction. Dorothy had come up with another intricate situation for Anne to experience and Anne was delighted as always to be under her control.

The sisal rope that Dorothy had used was especially hard on her skin. Anne veered off into a remembrance of the time she had gone out to run after a session with Dorothy with the rope marks still visible on her arms and legs. She had been acutely embarrassed at the time, but upon reflection, Anne had decided it was a good thing to tease the vanilla people in the world. She had since been in public many times with the mark of the rope still on her and enjoyed the reaction she got.

No sleeveless or short sleeve tops tonight, however! She was taking a client to dinner and had to appear to be the conservative, buttoned-down consulting engineer that she was truly not in her real life.

Although they lived apart, they were together much of their free time. They were bondage partners on the web site and in real life, with Dorothy always the inventive and resourceful tier. Anne joked about tying up Dorothy, but they both knew it would never happen. Their roles in the bondage relationship were clearly and unalterably defined.

The women had become lovers several days after the first bondage shoot. Dorothy had brought the raw files of the photos over to Anne's apartment for her to see them. The sexual tension that had developed between them in the moments after the shoot was still evident as they greeted each other at the door of Anne's apartment. The greeting hug they shared was heavy with longing and desire. The effect of viewing the photos and the memory of the shoot was the catalyst that brought them together. Who had made the first move was lost in the intensity of what had followed and as they lay exhausted after their lovemaking in a tangle of limbs and sheets it really didn't matter to either of them. What was important was that they had taken the plunge and connected. From the start, the sexual pull between them was strong. Now, two months after their first encounter, the pull was as strong or stronger! Bondage fueled the sex, in a lot of ways. Anne had begun to participate in the joys of sex while bound. Dorothy was an expert at placing Anne in vulnerable situations where Dorothy could enhance and exploit that vulnerability. Dorothy was well aware of Anne's history with such matters and took it slow and easy with her.

Anne could not believe her good fortune in having met Dorothy. It scared her that they were so close, but Anne tamped down her fear of the loss she would feel if they parted and enjoyed the moment as much as possible.

As important as the sex was the relationship that was developing between them. They had become true friends and found much in common that sustained them when they weren't in bed or Anne wasn't tied up. They had a warm kibitzing-type relationship and each took delight in antagonizing the other. They were so comfortable together in so many ways that their inevitable differences were downplayed.

This, however, was one of those good moments that Anne reveled in! Anne, wearing only a pair of black thigh highs, was bound into a severe hogtie. Now, being hogtied like that was not new to her. It was a favorite position of theirs. What was different about this tie were the little "enhancements" Dorothy had added. One enhancement was the rough rope Dorothy had used. Another was the linking of all the ropes that encircled her body. Every loop that bound her was tied to the next loop until movement of any part of her body but her fingers and toes was not possible. Dorothy had then taken care of those moveable digits by tying her fingers together with twine and connecting her big toes to her ball gag strap. Anne was lying on, well more accurately; tied down to a heavy, low coffee table in her living room. The rope that linked her wrists and her ankles was attached to a vertical rope looped through a hook in the ceiling. This line pulled her hands and feet towards the ceiling, arching her back and lifting her thighs and shoulders off the table. It was so tight that the table was almost lifted free of the floor. A rope was looped several times around her eyes as a blindfold, tied off to the lifting rope, which caused her head to be lifted up and back.

Anne could sense Dorothy moving around her and heard her camera beeping as Dorothy shot pictures for the bondage photo site. Anne had developed quite a following on the site, appeared regularly and had developed her own fan base. Some of those fans were scary in their devotion to and obsession with her, but most were harmless. Anne still insisted that her face be hidden and Dorothy totally agreed.

Anne was constantly amazed at the intensity of the e-mail she received at the site. Most had suggestions on how she should be tied and what she should wear. Everyone had a comment and Anne was struck by how needy people seemed for bondage and how strong a fetish it was. Most of her correspondents were men, but there were a few women. On the site she was called Kate (her middle name) and all her e-mail was addressed as Katie or Kat or something. It was all very personal and on some basis, sad. She answered every message with a thank you and she had actually started up e-mail exchanges with some of the customers.

Dorothy undid the strap and popped the gag out of Anne's mouth. This, of course, freed up the strain on her toes and it felt wonderful!

"Had enough, sweetie?"

Anne had to work at getting her jaw to operate. " I think so, Dot. I have that meeting tonight. This is going to take a while to recover from."

"I know exactly how to get you to unwind!" Dorothy ran her fingers over Anne's nipples.

Anne shivered. "Oh yeah? Does this unwinding involve sex in any way?"

Dorothy giggled. "You are such a bondage slut, Annie!"

"Don't call me Annie! And lets not forget that you're the reason I am such a slut, as you put it!"

As they bantered, Dorothy was untying rope until the final one was removed. Dorothy helped Anne stretch and sit up on the edge of the table. She ran her hands gently over the multitude of rope marks on Anne's skin.

"You better cover up tonight, sweetie! That rope does a number on you!" Anne laughed. "I was just thinking that. Remember when I went out that first time? So embarrassing!"

"Yeah! So embarrassing that you do it all the time now!"

Anne rose from the table and stretched. Dorothy was again taken by how natural Anne was and how unaware she was of the effect of her appearance on Dorothy and on everyone else. Dorothy rose too and gathered Anne into her arms. She pulled her close and they kissed. Anne was aroused as always by the bondage and responded passionately to the kiss. She pulled back and held Dorothy at arms length.

"Come with me!" She took Dorothy by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

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Chapter 2

Anne giggled and arched her back against the feathery touch of Dorothy's tongue on her sex. She sighed and rubbed her hardened nipples as Dorothy continued her attentions to Anne's clitoris. Anne felt free, happy and extremely turned on. Her giggles dissolved into moans as Dorothy touched just the right spot. Anne felt her orgasm begin and gave herself up to the sensation. It rippled through her in an intense wave, leaving her shuddering in its aftermath. Dorothy moved from her position between Anne's spread legs and stretched out, gathering Anne into her arms. She held her, kissing her deeply as Anne shook through the aftershocks. The hint of Anne's taste on Dorothy's lips washed away as the women kissed. After one last shudder, Anne fell back, one arm under Dorothy's neck, the other flung out to the side of the bed.

"I can't believe how easily you can do that to me, Dot!" Dorothy smiled and kissed Anne on the cheek.

"You are a woman of easy virtue, sweetie, that's for sure! But we are good together, aren't we?" In fact, Dorothy was astounded by the change in Anne from the severe, serious person Dorothy had met at the Starbucks into such a playful, open and giving lover. It was as if Anne had been possessed by someone else's personality. Anne, for her part, was a little concerned that she had opened up to Dotty so quickly, but it felt so good that it was worth the risks. After those long months of solitude and withdrawal, she felt renewed and acutely aware of a better future. Anne was in love, or at least in lust, and she reveled in the feeling.

They still had their differences, as in any relationship, and the rough spots reared up from time to time to disrupt all the sweetness and light Anne and Dorothy generally felt and experienced.

What they argued about mostly was the dark cloud of the bondage and sexual abuse that Anne had suffered at the hands of Julia Morse. Dorothy wanted Anne to confront Julia and settle the issue. Anne seemed frightened to deal with it in a direct manner, which was very unusual for her. And since a lot of the basis of Anne and Dorothy relationship revolved around the very thing that caused Anne's problems with Julia, that is bondage and sex, the matter was of no little consequence. Compounding the issue was the continuing interjection of Julia into their relationship via Dorothy's bondage website.

There was one e-mailer whose messages Dorothy kept from Anne. Each time she appeared, Julia Morse, Anne's sexual tormenter (rapist really) from several months past, wrote with suggestions for additional shoots and each time the requests became more bizarre and off beat. Dorothy kept these messages from Anne, but she was developing a sense of urgency that the issue should be dealt with.

They, Anne and Dorothy, had argued several times over this and now Dorothy was about to bring it up again.

Anne roused herself and went off to the kitchen to get them each a drink, water for Anne and tea for Dorothy. Dorothy stared at her retreating form taken by the physical grace and athleticism in the way Anne carried herself. Anne wasn't a great beauty in a classical sense, but the whole physical package of her sculpted body was something to see and Dorothy thanked her lucky stars that they had met. She was disappointed when Anne returned in a short robe. She loved seeing her naked! She shifted herself around on the bed until her back was against the headboard. Anne sat in an effortless cross-legged position on the end of the bed. Anne handed Dorothy her tea

"I'm hungry! Want some Thai takeout?" That was another thing. Anne could eat and eat and never show the effects of her high caloric intake. Dorothy on the other hand, was concerned about every morsel of food she ate. Dorothy wasn't heavy or even overweight, but truthfully felt a little inadequate when she compared her image to Anne's athletic body.

"I don't know! Why are you always so hungry? And why don't you ever show it?"

"Well, we could cut out sex! That would reduce my need for food!" Anne prodded Dorothy thigh with her bare foot.

"That's OK. We don't have to do anything that drastic! I guess Thai is fine!" Anne made to reach for the portable phone.

"There was a message on the site from Julia today!" Anne stopped in mid-reach and slumped back into her lotus position.

"Why do you have to spoil things, Dotty? Can't we get through one weekend without you mentioning that bitch?" Anne eyes filled with tears as they always did when Julia's name came up. Dorothy was not going to be deterred by Anne's tears this time. She felt strongly that the issue had to be dealt with and soon.

"She wants us to use two fucking machine on you…one orally and the other anally…while we beat you!"

Anne was silent, her eyes large and round, a disbelieving expression on her face. "What?"

"You heard me, Annie!"

"Don't call me Annie, you know I hate that!"

"Whatever! You heard what I said. We need to get to her and stop this. She is getting weirder and more aggressive in her requests. Each time it is something more bizarre. I think she is losing it!"

"You think? Dorothy, she was insane when I first met her! What you mean is you think she is getting more dangerous!" Anne had stopped crying and was now pacing back and forth in the small bedroom, hugging herself. She stopped to look out the window, the waning afternoon sun making her into a silhouette. Anne fell silent. Dorothy waited, staring at her back. Anne finally turned around after several minutes of silent introspection.

"All right, Dotty. We'll go and see her and maybe we can stop this!"

Dorothy smiled at her troubled lover. "A good decision, sweetie! How about that Thai food now?"

Chapter 3

One week later, after much discussion as to how to proceed, the two women set out on a beautiful January Saturday morning to visit Julia Morse. They were going uninvited, figuring surprise was the best approach. The plan, such as it was, was to try and talk Julia into dropping her interest in Anne by threatening to not include Anne as a model on the site anymore and to threaten legal action (this part was very tenuous) for harassment if she didn't stop. The plan was pretty bogus, really. The most useful part of the whole thing was for Anne to finally confront Julia and hopefully rid herself of that particular monkey.

Anne piloted the 911 Carrera with her usual skillful abandon. Dorothy held on tight to the panic bar and tried not to look at the speedometer. It got no better when they left the interstate for the country roads that led to Julia's isolated estate. Anne worked the roadster around the curves and up and down the rolling hills as if she were in a road race. Both women were quiet and were going over in their minds how they thought the visit would go.

Anne looked over at Dorothy and smiled. "Don't worry! I won't blame you when this goes all to hell!"

Dorothy grimaced. "Keep your eyes on the road. I don't want to end up under some manure truck!"

"No worries! They don't haul manure around this time of year." Anne said as she swept by a pickup truck crawling along the secondary road.

A grim faced Dorothy was relieved when they finally reached Julia's driveway. Anne, however, visibly tensed up. This time Dorothy reached out to comfort Anne. "It will be fine! We'll deliver our message, we'll leave and you can get back to terrorizing me on the back roads of the Commonwealth!" Anne gave her a wan smile as they drove up the drive and parked.

They got out of the car and stared at the imposing structure that Julia called home. Anne had not spent any time admiring the house on her first visit and despite her anxiousness now she was fascinated by its size and beauty.

"Must be nice to have money," Dorothy mumbled.

Anne ignored her and headed for the front door that was centered under the marble columned and slate roofed portico. She forced herself to be calm as she strode to the door and rang the bell. They could hear the muffled echo of the chime in the house. After about a minute and no response Anne rang again. Again no one came to the door. Anne spun around in impatience and stared off to the right at the equally imposing garage that angled off the house. It was in that part of the house that Anne had been held. The memories came flooding back and she wrapped her arms around herself in protection. Nonetheless, she was here and she was going to confront Julia. She headed off towards the person door at the end of the garage, Dorothy in her wake.

"Where are you going?" Dorothy caught up to Anne at the edge of the cobblestone-paved area in front of the six bays of the garage.

"This was where I was held. There's a space above the garage that she uses as her "studio." Despite her resolve, Anne's voice had a quaver to it. Dorothy put her arm around Anne and pulled her close. "Sweetie? We don't have to do this. Maybe it was a bad idea!"

"No! No, you were right! We…I have to do this!"

She shrugged off Dorothy's embrace and tried the door. It was unlocked. They stepped into the dimly lit garage. Julia's Mercedes was in its space as were the Hummer and the Escalade. Anne felt the hoods of the vehicles. All were cold. There was a fourth vehicle in the garage. It was a Honda Civic, locked and also cold.

Anne stared at the Honda, remembering that her car had been parked right in the same spot as this one. Dorothy was hanging back, obviously uncomfortable about being inside the building. Anne walked back towards her and stared into the corner at the stairway that led up to Julia's studio.

Anne grabbed Dorothy's hand and gave it a squeeze, for both of their benefits. "C'mon!"

Chapter 4

Anne led Dorothy to the foot of the stairs. She hesitated for a second and then began to climb. Dorothy hissed at her. "Anne? Where are you going?"

Anne put her finger to her lips and continued climbing. She reached the landing at the top of the stairs where she had left Julia bound and gagged. Dorothy, obviously nervous, was shaking and had a worried look on her face as Anne leaned against the outer door of the entrance to the studio. It too was open and swung quietly into the hallway. At the end of the short hall was the inner door to the studio. Anne stopped and listened. There was no sound coming from behind the studio door. Determined to see this through to whatever happened, Anne walked up to the inner door. She knew that the door opened from the outside as a regular door, but that, unless you were inside with the key, you couldn't get out. She leaned her head against the door and listened. Still no sounds! She was disappointed that no one might be inside. Having come this far, she wanted the catharsis of confronting Julia.

Anne turned to Dorothy who was ashen and wide-eyed. She whispered to Dorothy. "I don't think anyone is inside, but I have to look. Are you OK?" Dorothy responded with a barely perceptible nod.

Anne turned the knob and cracked the door open. As soon as the seal was broken, sound began to seep out. It was unrecognizable at first, and then both women realized it was the sound of something hard slamming into flesh followed by a muffled shriek of pain. Anne, her adrenaline pumping, shoved the door open and burst into the room, Dorothy right on her heels.

There were two people in the room. One was Julia who swung around to the noise of the door banging against the wall. Her face, cold and lovely as ever, held no expression of surprise or of any kind. She froze, leather strap in hand, and stared at them with the dead-eyed look that had always intrigued and frightened Anne.

The second person was also a woman. She was hanging upside down by her spread ankles from the ceiling. They couldn't see anything of her features, because her head was encased in some type of hood that covered her eyes and mouth. The horrible sounds they had heard when they opened the door were coming from this woman. At the moment, she was just moaning softly. Her elbows and wrists were bound and pulled out straight behind her and down, attached to a ring in the floor. Clamps with heavy weights adorned her nipples. Both women were dressed in the schoolgirl attire of white blouse, pleated skirt and knee socks that Anne remembered so well from her visit. The hanging woman's short skirt flopped over her belly and lower back exposing her sex, which was distended by clamps that opened her up wide. Her sex and crotch were a fiery red and her butt was streaked and bruised.

Anne felt her anger rise and all the fear and loathing she had experienced in this room flooded back into her consciousness.

She rushed Julia, catching her off guard and crashing into her. The two tumbled to the floor, Anne flailing away with her fists at Julia with a fury she had never summoned before. Dorothy jumped in and pulled Anne away from Julia. Julia scrabbled away for Anne and sat against the wall, her face still void of expression, a slight reddening on the point of her jaw. Anne puffing from exertion and adrenaline straightened her clothing and screamed at Julia.

"You sick fuck! What is wrong with you? You ought to be locked up!"

Julia finally arranged her features into a cold smile. "Well! Hello, Anne!"

She glanced at Dorothy and then focused back on Anne. Dorothy shivered and thought that she had never seen such evil in a person.

Anne, gaining some self-control, spoke more rationally. "Julia, I came to see you to try and resolve things that I am still carrying from my "visit" here. But you know what? Seeing you and what you are doing? I realize that you are a just a predator and a very dangerous one at that. I think that I am going to be able to have you put away somewhere where you can't hurt anyone anymore and maybe you can get some help. All the crap you put me through that I blamed myself for? You did it to me. I was your victim not a willing participant! Just like this poor woman here. How did you get her here, Julia? Was she working for you? Did you suck her in like you did me?" Anne was building up her anger again as Julia sat impassively on the floor, the cold smile on her lips, but not in her eyes.

"Why Anne! I can't believe you're saying these things to me. We had such a wonderful time here. Remember? You were so hot! I couldn't get enough of you!" She paused. "Or you of me as I remember!" Julia laughed.

Anne's face flushed red. "You bitch!"

Julia continued. "You remember the first time we made love, don't you? How you cried and said you loved me. Remember? And now you're calling me a…a monster? Maybe it's you that needs the help."

Anne's eyes filled and she hung her head in confusion. Dorothy stepped in and began to say something to Julia in Anne's defense and Julia snarled at her. "Shut up, you cow! This doesn't involve you!" Dorothy snapped back. "You're wrong! I'm involving myself! I am going to untie this woman and I am sure she will be willing to tell the cops enough to have them put you away!"

"Stay away from her!" Julia began to get to her feet. Anne, recovering her self-control, put herself between Julia and Dorothy.

"Try and stop me, you whacko!" Dorothy moved to the woman and touched her gently. She moaned in terror. "Hon? I am going to help. Just hang in there!" Dorothy realized what she had said and giggled. Anne picked up on it and laughed herself. "Nice, Dot! Hang in there?"

Anne told Julia, "Behave yourself, Julia! Remember how I left you the last time I was here?" She smiled at Julia. Julia pulled up short and stared at Anne with undisguised hatred. "You got lucky, bitch! You and your chunky friend there aren't a match for me!"

Julia pushed at Anne to move her so that she could get to Dorothy who was beginning to loosen some of the ropes on the hanging girl. Anne sidestepped Julia's lunge and grabbed her arm as Julia stumbled past. Anne twisted Julia's arm, brought it up behind her in a half nelson and kicked her feet out from under. Anne sat on Julia's back and called to Dorothy to toss over a set of handcuffs that were hanging on the wall. Anne caught them in one hand and clicked one cuff onto the wrist she had held up behind Julia's back. She caught Julia's other wrist and cuffed it to the first. Julia struggled futilely under Anne's weight. Anne dragged Julia to her feet and pushed her against the wall. She held Julia in place by muscling her with the full weight of her body. There was a collar attached to a chain on the wall and Anne managed to get it fastened around the struggling woman's neck. Anne stepped back.

"You were saying how we weren't a match for you, Julia?"

Julia spat on Anne and the saliva splattered on her chest. Anne slapped Julia hard across the cheek and shoved her against the wall. She grabbed Julia's neck and squeezed. Julia struggled for breath, her face reddening. "Don't do that again!" Anne released her grip on Julia's throat. Her fingers had left an imprint. Julia struggled for breath, a look of pure hatred in her eyes.

Anne turned her attention to Dorothy and the woman still bound and hanging. Anne found the control for the winch and began to lower her. Dorothy had already removed the wrist and arm bonds and had loosened and removed the hood. With Dorothy there to guide the woman's body, Anne slowly lowered her to the floor. Both women worked at undoing the ankle bonds and the clamps and such.

They helped her to a sitting position and sat back while she gathered herself.

Her face was streaked with tears and flushed from being suspended upside down. She was about 25 or 26 years old, very pretty even in her disheveled state. She wept silently for several minutes, and then seemed to shake it off and gather herself.

"Thank you! Thank you both! Who…! How…! I'm sorry! I'm a little flustered!"

"Take your time…" Anne said.

Julia piped up. "Keep your mouth shut, you little bitch! Tell why you are really here! You are in a lot of trouble; all of you cunts are in trouble. My lawyers are going to tear you all new assholes. Breaking and entering! Kidnapping! When he gets done with you, you'll all be fucked, you cunts!"

Anne excused herself and rose with the recently removed ball gag in her hand. She jammed it against Julia's lips and pinched Julia's nostrils shut. After maybe 30 seconds of being deprived of oxygen, Julia tried to suck in a breath through clenched teeth, which gave Anne an opening to work the gag into Julia's mouth. Anne roughly tightened the strap and silenced Julia. Julia spluttered and continued her expletive-laced rant.

Anne returned to Dorothy and the other woman and sat back down on the floor.

"Sorry 'bout that!"

The girl glared at Julia. "No need to apologize for that!"

"My name is Nancy, Nancy Witman. I answered an ad for a landscape architect to work on improving the grounds here. It was such a wonderful property, I couldn't resist even though she gave me the creeps." Nancy thrust her chin at the bound, gagged and glaring Julia. "I came here for a meeting and she must have drugged me or something, because I woke up all tied up." Julia spluttered something behind her gag and was ignored. Nancy began to cry again. Anne and Dorothy slid over and began to comfort the weeping woman. Nancy pulled herself together and continued. "She did despicable things to me. I've been here…what day is this? Sunday? Shit! I've been here since Thursday afternoon!" She began to sob loudly. She waved away the solicitous hugs of her two rescuers. Anne and Dorothy let her cry, waiting silently,

Finally, Nancy cried herself out and faced Anne and Dorothy with a new resolve having seemed to work out something in her mind.

"Did one of you actually say, "Hang in there" to me?" Anne looked at Dorothy and back at Nancy and burst into a fit of laughter. All three began to laugh and the tension level between them dropped considerably.

Nancy wiped her eyes on her, actually Julia's, blouse. "What do we do with her? I want her punished!"

Anne looked at Dorothy. It wasn't something they had talked about while planning the visit here. They had no idea this was what they would find.

Chapter 5

Anne was silent for a bit and then spoke, haltingly at first and then picking up speed as a plan solidified in her mind.

"We are here illegally, Nancy. We could be arrested for trespassing and probably more! And I want to keep Dorothy out of this." Dorothy began to protest and Anne hushed her.

Anne tried to assess the young woman's state of mind. "You are the one that has to make this work. Julia has been keeping you here against your will. That's probably kidnapping at a minimum. Do you think you can you stand up to her and her lawyers and the cops and the publicity?"

Nancy hesitated, obviously conflicted and scared. "I guess I'll have to, won't I!" The women moved out of earshot of Julia and constructed their plan. Basically, it involved Nancy telling the police that Julia had drugged and kidnapped her and that she managed to get the upper hand, overpowering Julia and then calling the police for help. She would have to stick to her story and fend off Julia's attempts to tell the real story. Anne mentioned that if the story hit the papers, maybe other women would come forward. After a moment, she volunteered herself as one of those women.

Dorothy looked closely at her friend. "Are you sure, Anne?" Gazing at the still distraught Nancy, Anne just nodded. Nancy also looked studied Anne. "Were you here before? Like…like me?" Anne nodded. Nancy stepped forward and they hugged. "Don't worry about me", she said. "I am a first rate drama queen. I can do this!" She smiled with a confidence that buoyed Anne's spirit.

In the best tradition of television cop shows, Anne and Dorothy wiped off everything they had touched just in case there were doubts about Nancy's story. They found additional sets of cuffs and after a struggle managed to cuff Julia's ankles and draw her into a hogtie on the floor. The chain was lengthened to keep her attached to the wall. Julia was silent and simply stared at the three women.

They decided that since there was no phone in the studio and Nancy's cell phone was missing, they would have to break into the house so that Nancy could call from there. They speculated that maybe there was even an alarm on the house that would summon police or security, which would be just as good.

The tough part for Anne and Dorothy was to leave Nancy to face the police and Julia. They did not want to be around when the police arrived, because of the dubious complication of how they had come upon this situation. They all agreed that lying and dissembling was the best approach. Anne and Dorothy exchanged cell numbers with Nancy. Nancy said she would call them when she could, probably tomorrow.

Since they were convinced of Nancy's resolve to see Julia punished, the two women left her to do the honors and break the sidelight on the front door. Anne and Dorothy exchanged cell numbers with Nancy. Nancy said she would call them when she could, probably tomorrow.

Anne shot down the driveway and out onto the secondary road that led back to the interstate. Neither spoke as they drove away and not five minutes out a town police car running with its light flashing passed them headed back towards Julia's. The cop driving seemed intent on getting to wherever he was going and Anne hoped that he wouldn't remember her car. At the time they were in a line of three or four cars, so that possibility was unlikely. For the first time ever though, Anne wished she didn't have the distinctive Porsche.

Anne and Dorothy held hands all the back to the city though they did not speak much. Dorothy told Anne to slow down several times and Anne told Dorothy to be quiet, but that was about it.

Anne dropped Dorothy off at her apartment and drove home alone. She scanned the evening news and the late news for any indication of a story about Julia and Nancy, but saw nothing. And nothing appeared in the media for several days.

Chapter 6

The following Sunday after they had first met her, Nancy finally called. She said she was OK and asked to meet Anne. After agreeing on a place and a time, Anne called Dorothy and asked her to come along. They arrived at the appointed place on time and immediately saw Nancy waiting for them at a table in the back. Nancy rose and beckoned them over. Cleaned up and casually dressed, Nancy was obviously a beautiful woman. She was as tall as Anne and was a bit bigger-boned, as Anne's grandmother would say, but certainly not heavy. She had strong shapely legs that indicated a lot working out and a good butt. She had honey-blonde shoulder length hair that was pulled into a ponytail. She wore little visible makeup. All in all, she was very attractive and Anne was a little flustered upon seeing this version of Nancy. She hoped that Dorothy hadn't noticed her reaction!

Nancy greeted them both warmly with hugs. Anne thought that Nancy hung on a little longer and tighter to her, but maybe it was wishful thinking on her part.

Nancy told them that all had gone fairly well. Julia had protested and named Anne as having broken into her house, etc. etc., but on the strength of Nancy's appearance and story the police had arrested Julia. Apparently the police had found photographs and videos of other women in bondage and torture scenarios in the studio and they were attempting to identify who they were.

Julia had made bail. Because of Julia's status in the community her lawyers had apparently been able to keep the story quiet so far, but there was no guarantee that it would stay that way. Nancy said that the police told her that she would have to testify when the case went forward. The three women discussed the case a bit more. Finally the conversation wound down. They hugged and split up, saying that they would be in touch soon.

Anne stood with Dorothy on the sidewalk and watched Nancy walk away.

"She's a strong woman, isn't she?"

Dorothy agreed and said, "Pretty, too!"

Anne looked at her friend. "She's OK! Dot, you're going to think I'm crazy!"

"What? Why am I going to think that?"

"Well, because I want you to take me home, tie me up and make love to me! Do you think that's odd after what has happened?"

"I think it's perfect! Your place or mine?"

and that's all, folks!


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