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    Debbie's Dilemma
...The dildo received similar attention and was promptly rammed inside her vagina. The crotch piece slid in place securing the two intruders deeply inside but before he locked it to the waist belt Eddie pushed a small metal clamp through a hole in it and captured Debbie’s clit in the jaws.

He untied her right foot and swung her around until her legs were together then used metal bands at the mid thigh, below the knees and around her ankles. He joined them with metal rods up the outside of each leg taking away any possibility of them bending.

The metal cone shaped piece he picked up next came to a sharp point and the two halves were hinged down their length. Settling Debbie’s feet already encased in the ballet boots inside the cone he pulled her to the end of the bench and used the large vice to slowly bring the two halves together until the locking pins engaged...

    Entomology - hood bondage story

Once up the length of the workshop and back again and I was satisfied that she wasn't going to panic; she had never shown any sign of claustrophobia and now, if anything, she seemed to be convulsed with laughter. "You had enough?"

She shook her head and stuck her tongue out. I rolled her again. "I'm going for a coffee. You can stay there until you cuff yourself."

When I came back she was just lying in there; the handcuffs had disappeared from the bottom of her jar and I soon spotted them on her wrists which were fixed behind her. She had the hood back over her head and the drawstring was tied about her neck. It was total surrender?

    Jill's Jarring Performance

After I pulled her out of the jar, I switched the steel cuffs for leather ones with a six-inch chain connector and she was still in them when we fell asleep. I was awakened next morning with some none too gentle pummelling on my chest. "James. James. Wake up. I want back in my tube."

I rolled my head groggily and looked at the bedside clock. "Seven forty. It's Saturday! Good God, woman, it's the middle of the night."

..."Next, I want you to fetch a length of black rope from the wardrobe. Oh, and a short length of chain, a padlock and a pair of handcuffs. Good. Now, tie the rope around the base of each breast. Tight. I want to see them swell by at least three cup-sizes. Look at that, they're reddening already. Now tie it off. Excellent. Take the nipple clamps and put the middle of the chain at the back of your neck, draping the clamps over your shoulders so they go down to your breasts. Good. No, don't attach them yet, that will happen in just a minute. Grab the other length of chain and loop it to the clamp chain at the back of your neck. Excellent. Let the ends hang down to the middle of your back, and reach up behind you as high as you can and padlock the ends together. You're doing great. You'll need to hold the clamps, since the weight of the chain might pull them over your shoulders. Now, get the handcuffs and hang them from the loop of chain you've just made in the middle of your back. Good, you're almost ready. Now, you can attach the clover clamps to your nipples..."...

    The Gift
...For a brief moment her ballet shoes were removed and Jennifer quickly found she was unable to flatten her feet. Her tendons had tightened over the night. Sarah pulled a pair of black latex leggings over her feet and up her legs, then replaced her torturous shoes. Her arms were unbound for the first time in 20 hours and left to dangle at her sides. Sarah slipped shoulder length rubber gloves on her, then John began pulling a rubber body suit up her legs. The suit fit over the panties and bra, the inflation bulbs for the dildos fitting through small holes in the crotch. Each leg overlapped the leggings perfectly, creating a nearly seamless link. Her gloves were overlapped similarly. Her ball gag was removed and a rubber hood was stretched over her head and smoothed across her face. The rubber was skin tight, pressing tightly against her cheeks and pressing her hair flat. The end was fed underneath the body suit collar, then the suit was closed at top. The hood left open eyes and mouth, plus small holes for her nostrils. John quickly inserted stoppers up her nose and before Jennifer could panic, she realized she could breath through small tubes inserted through the stoppers. She looked down to see a blow up gag being pressed against her lips. With a quiet sigh, Jennifer opened her mouth and let Sarah push the bladder in. She could feel her friend lock the gag in place, then John began to inflate the bulb. She could feel the rubber grow until her tongue was pressed down hard and her jaw was stretched. She looked up to see John smiling at her, continuing to pump. Already her eyes had begun to water and she pleaded with her eyes for him to stop. But he pumped on until she was certain the ball would burst. Finally, she watched as John twisted the connection at the front of the gag, then removed the inflation bulb....

...Each women is encased in a rubber suit comprised of 3 layers of rubber and 2 layers of Kevlar mesh body stocking. A carbon fibers corset and carbon fibers pointed toe boots complete the outfit.

Their hands are moulded into thumbless mittens. Their heads are encased in a rubber/Kevlar hood, eyes covered with tinted lenses and ears plugged. They're gagged and have to be tube fed, as well as experienced enemas for cleaning.

They have embedded carbon fibers corset, elbow and knee cuffs, wristlets and anklets, all with D rings, including the corset...

    The Cruise
...A thick rubber tube was put over her torso. It was covering her from the hips up to her armpits. Cups were cut to allow for her breasts. It was thick and rather rigid, but not exactly tight. That was until industrial dryers went to action. She felt the sleeve contract, crushing her stomach in a corset like vise. It was getting smaller and smaller, compressing her hips, her waist and her ribcage. She was panting in short gasps. She started to squirm around when it finally stopped.

Next, they came up with spray guns, and began to spray her. Two coats were applied. Then the molded ballet toe boots were put on her legs. They were made of carbon fiber, and they were snapped together around her leg, covering her up the knee...

    The Perfect Opportunity
...Karen looked at herself in the mirror: tight and shiny black latex catsuit, heavy leather corset constricting her waist four inches. Lace-up platform boots, knee high, made of fine kid leather. Three inches wide leather collar with front and side rings. Rubber hood with attached blow-up gag pumped to its maximum and tinted lenses. Leather cuffs locked on her wrists, elbows knees and ankles. The knee ones were linked together. The ankle ones had a six inch chain. The elbow ones had an intricate setup:

A long length of chain was attached to the left elbow cuff and was fed through the ring of the right elbow cuff, dangling down. She took the chain with her hand and pulled down on it effectively drawing her elbows together. She maintained the tension on the chain while she took the padlock, fed it through the wrist cuffs rings and to the elbow chain. It was not easy but she practiced a lot.

She put the padlock in position and had a last thought about her setup, reviewing everything in her mind. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and… click!...

    Kristen In Custody
...She pulled a chain around my waist and the pillar and padlocked it. Then she removed the leg irons and the cuffs on my wrists. The collar chimed twice and then it started to beep. Joan put my wrists and ankles in the cuffs and fastened them with one bolt. This held my ankles together with my wrists on the outside of my ankles. The beep rate slowed down, but it didn't stop.

Joan said, "It seems to want you so you can't twitch. Move your arms away from your body."

I hunched over and moved my arms as much as I could. Joan pulled a rope across my chest and under my armpits and tied it behind the pillar. The beeping stopped...

    The Lock Up
...Rebecca led Claire into the bathroom where Louise locked her wrists behind her back to the radiator.

"Since you enjoy keeping someone in captivity, I'm sure you'll love being chained up here," Rebecca smiled as she pocketed the handcuff key. The women turned up the TV to drown out any cries for help and left her to enjoy the rest of her hen weekend chained to the radiator...


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