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Karen entered the room of the programming director with assurance and large smile. Her high heels clear platform shoos were clicking on the tiled floor. She wiggled her butt encased in an extremely tight pair of non stretch jeans up to the chair where she sat following the director's gesture. She leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, her arms encased in a thick and very tight layer of shiny blue spandex covering the hands with attached gloves. She handed him a document. He started to browse it.

"It's an idea I had about a new reality show: Survivors, but fetish style", she said, all excited.

"That document is quite extensive. Why don't you explain it to me?" he said. Putting back the document on the desk.

"Very well Phil. Here how it goes:

Each women is encased in a rubber suit comprised of 3 layers of rubber and 2 layers of Kevlar mesh body stocking. A carbon fibers corset and carbon fibers pointed toe boots complete the outfit.
Their hands are moulded into thumbless mittens. Their heads are encased in a rubber/Kevlar hood, eyes covered with tinted lenses and ears plugged. They're gagged and have to be tube fed, as well as experienced enemas for cleaning.
They have embedded carbon fibers corset, elbow and knee cuffs, wristlets and anklets, all with D rings, including the corset.
The outer coat or 6th layer of the rubber suit is a clear, very shiny and resistant polymer that will protect the suit from abrasion and superficial cuts.
Don't worry, all this technology and procedures are available.

Now, their goal is to survive 8 weeks in a bug infested island. If they are to cut open their suit, the bugs will sting them. Although not deadly, it will render them quite sick. Of course that's not true, but they will not know it. Just the fear should be enough for them to take good care of their… confinement."

"Eight weeks? What would they do for all this time? Just wander around?"

"Hell no! They have to survive, and to succeed they have to take care of each other and make their own food. Of course, we provide them with the basics, fruits, meat, proteins, etc, but since they can only eat food in paste or broth, they have to put it in the blender themselves. Only problem is that they don't have readily available electricity. They have to use a power generating treadmill, which needs two girls to operate, and two other to operate the blender as one has to hold the wires to it, and the other do the blending. They have to think that once there will be only three of them, making food will be impossible, so they have to build a reserve.

Of course, it will not be that easy, relatively speaking. They will first have to find the key to unlock the treadmill and similar tasks and challenge like finding containers to store the food, get water, etc."

"And for their sleep?"

"Only one bed will be provided. The other three girls will have to sleep on stands.
The first one is a classic bondage bed, very narrow, where the girl is heavily strapped in.
The second one is a classic X frame.
The third one is a vertical pole with a protruding horizontal shaft. The girl sits on that shaft then her legs, suspended in mid air, are tightly cinched together. Her arms are tightly tied in her back around the vertical pole.
All her weight is carried on her crotch on that shaft. The secret is that it is vibrating. It's the only device that gives some sort of stimulation, but is also one of the toughest. It will be fun to watch the girls fight over that one.
Of course, the one sleeping on the bed have to prep the other girls first, and release them in the morning."

"Interesting idea, but all they have to do is sleep on the ground and they will forgo their night of bondage."

"Yes, I thought about that. We'll play it with the food supply. We'll setup a food container distribution box and a food container storage box. No more than one container could be out at any given time. Meaning that if they take one to fill it up, they can't have another one until that one is stored into the storage box. The storage box will be refrigerated to allow conservation of the food. One container is enough for one person for one day. If they do not follow the rules, we'll take out one container per person not following the rule, for every count of it."

"Okay, and about the survivor? How do you plan to eliminate three of them and leaving only one?"

"That's the beauty of it. The four of them have to learn to survive together for 4 weeks and prepare the last 4 weeks for the survivors. After the 4 first weeks, traps will be setup, and if all goes according to plan, one girl will be taken every week and put into a severe bondage situation for the remaining weeks.
The first one is chained to a rock face, arms in her back, short chain for the legs linked to the ground, and a chain from her collar to the rock face, long enough to allow her to stand up or to sit, but not to lay down. And when she sits, the short leg chain forces her to have her legs close to her.
The second one is a vacuum bed but where the rubber sheets have been coated with adhesive, making unnecessary the vacuum once it I set. She is stretched on a steel frame and suspended on one side of the chained girl.
The third one is a carbon fibers mummification mould, covered in shiny rubber. She too is suspended on the other side of the chained one.

The traps will be shut down after the number of prisoners is captured for the week. Per example, if on the first week, no girl is taken, more traps will be setup. The traps will be shutdown only if in the second week, two girls are taken, three if on the third week.

The last one has to survive, meaning the one that was capable of avoiding the traps, will have to survive alone the last week while taking care of the others. If she succeeds, all four of them will win the prize money, of course the survivor will win more, otherwise all will loose."

"That's a very interesting, elaborate and thought out setup, Karen. I'm impressed. I'll have a word with the suits of the station and keep you posted. One question though: Where did those ideas came from?"

"It's a fantasy of mine, Phil. Deep down, I'd love to be in it."

One week later, Karen had the approval of the top brass of the station and auditions for selecting the four survivors were taking place.
Three weeks later, the selection was done and the project was rapidly going forward.

Less than two months after her initial presentation, the show was aired. The first episode showed part of the selection process, the entire encasement procedure, proving that it was not fake and that the women were really sealed in their rubber, Kevlar and carbon fibers suit.
Then the first day of their struggle on the island was aired, a recap of the day's activities where they have first to find the key to unlock the treadmill, then make their first batch of food and finally setup themselves for the night. Of course, they all choose to sleep on the ground but to their dismay, as it would be revealed on the next show, although they were able to make 8 containers of food, only 4 would remain. The next night, they will setup each other properly."

The next morning Karen was called into Phil's office.

"What's up?" she asked, entering the office her high heels pumps clicking on the floor and her extremely tight leather jeans creaking with each step. She sat on the chair, putting her leather covered elbows on the desk and placing her face in her leather covered hands, smiling. "I heard it was quite a success on yesterday night's ratings."

"You got that right, Karen. We never had so many viewers for one show for years. All the news stations are on us, talking about our extreme survivor show. Ratings are going to the roof, and the suits are very happy with that. It was a great idea."

"That's great!" said Karen, all joyous.

"Yeah, but we seem to have a little problem?" said Phil, looking at a pile of notes.

"How come? What is it?"

"Have you read the viewers' comments?"

"No, honestly, I didn't had time to review them. Why? You got me worried there, Phil."

"Oh, not to worry, they love the show and want more, and that's the problem. You see, they would like to see a fifth woman with them, a slave de service, a girl, heavily bound, only there to serve them as needed or be used as a punching bag to expel their frustration. As I said, she would be heavily restrained and put in heavy bondage when not needed or when the survivor girls feel up to it. A bondage slave/toy if you get my drift."

"Wow! Interesting, but we won't have time to audition someone for something like that on such a short notice. We would have to introduce that toy right off the start. I'll take note of that for the next edition of the show." She said with a wink.

"You're right on that, we don't have time, and honestly, the suits don't want to wait for the next edition. We have to get someone now."

"You have someone in mind?"

On that, the door opened and two strong build men entered.

"Yes, I have, and it's not a suggestion, but an order from the suits. They say it will be just proper that you live a part of what you're subjecting them to, and since that you said yourself that deep down, you would love to be in it..."

"No… Wait! I created this show, I have to supervise it, I mmff."

Karen struggled to get out of the men's firm grip but it was useless. She struggled to keep her face but she was somewhat glad about what was going on.

On the next show, one new character was presented. She was dressed like the others, but her ankles were permanently linked by a 10 inches chain. Her arms were secured in her back into a single carbon fiber glove. Her corset was way tighter than those of the survivors and reaching her shoulders where it met with her collar.

On some occasions, she was fitted with a serving tray and used to hold and carry the food containers, or the equipment needed for the enemas. She was used as a foot rest, as a playing throwing ball. When not needed, she was tied up in different positions, even suspended upside down to a tree branch. She was the relief toy of the survivors.

Although exhausting, she appreciated most of the setups and thought about new predicaments for the next show. After all, she was the only one fitted with a double vibrating dildo. And since she had a lot of time to think, she thought a lot about the next show and perhaps the introduction of a male slave.


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