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Debbie’s boyfriend was a “Jack of all Trades” but Eddie specialized in custom metal work and was also a qualified electrician. They had been an item for nearly two years and Debbie had moved in to his home several months ago. The large property doubled as a workshop for his projects and offered privacy for their more erotic hobbies.

Among other things they were into bondage. Well that is Eddie was quite expert at putting Debbie in bondage and she loved the feeling of helplessness that made it impossible for her to avoid his sexual attentions during a session. Not that she wanted to; the bondage just magnified the sensations. She was not into the pain scene and Eddie was very careful not to push things in that direction.

They had a large collection of leather and latex fetish clothing plus all the ropes, chains and straps needed to follow their pastime but Debbie was still not satisfied.

“Everyone does the same things as us Eddie.” She said again one day as she was surfing the net for ideas. “Why can’t you come up with something different just for me? Something that no one else has done!”

Eddie said he’d think about it and then just let the request slowly germinate at the back of his mind.

Then three things happened that gave Eddie the impetus to bring the matter forward and give it his undivided attention.

He landed a contract to do some specialized wrought iron work out of town and was to be away for three days.

Debbie got bored by the second day and went bar hopping.

Eddie completed the job in two days and came home to surprise her in time to see the guy Debbie had picked up leaving their home and being sent on his way with a lingering kiss. He waited out of sight for a couple of hours and then drove up as if he had just arrived. Debbie damn near pissed herself at the narrow escape and thanked her lucky stars for it! This wasn’t the first time she had been loose with her favours but it was the closest she had ever come to being caught.

She would eventually find out that her stars weren’t that lucky but it took Eddie nearly a month of concealed, suppressed anger and hard work to prepare her punishment for cheating on him.

Once his preparations were complete it didn’t take much persuasion to talk Debbie into a bondage session. He soon had her in a leather arm binder that, while it put her arms out of commission behind her back, was not particularly tight.

Sitting her up on a large flat workbench he put a cuff around each ankle and attached a chain to the left one pulling it straight out to the side. Gently he forced the right leg in the other direction until Debbie was doing the splits and chained that one as well. The unsuspecting girl looked down to see that her crotch was very close to the edge of the table. Oh yeah she thought, he’s going to drop his pants and take me standing up!

But he didn’t. What he did do was give her a kiss and then hold a ball gag against her teeth. With out a qualm, as she had done so many times, Debbie opened her mouth and got a very uncomfortable surprise.

The gag was not one of their usual ones instead it was huge and Eddie stood in front of her with both hands around her jaw and his thumbs on it to force it in place. He let the anger show on his face as he increased the pressure and the rubber ball finally popped behind her teeth. The strap wasn’t necessary but he buckled it tightly at the back of her head anyway.

She stared at him and ummffed the unintelligible question she wanted answered.

“You wanted something special, just for you and your going to get it.” There was a snarl in Eddie’s voice as he hooked a finger through Debbie’s nipple rings and gave them a twist. “Maybe when I’m finished you will realize that screwing around on me was not a good idea.”

Fear replaced the questioning look in the girl’s eyes and she shook her head violently to try and make him change his mind.

It didn’t work!

Eddie busied himself pulling all of the last four weeks work out of hiding and Debbie’s eyes grew wider and wider at the sight of what he stacked around her.

Taking several deep breaths, and reminding himself to not let his anger at her hurry his meticulously planned revenge, he began by pushing her flat on her back and running a strap across her chest to hold her there; then he started on her legs.

The heelless leather ballet boots were part of their regular bondage wardrobe and as he laced them up to Debbie’s thighs she started to relax a bit forgetting the other things she had seen. The only thing she couldn’t figure out was why he had first trimmed her toenails.

Swiveling her around on the flat surface Eddie left her now leather encased legs again tied wide in the splits and with Debbie face down he began the job of immobilizing her arms. He handled her easily as he removed the arm sheath and tied each wrist to the front of the table.

Getting a stool he arranged his supplies and, ignoring her grunted pleas and begging eyes, grabbed each finger on her right hand and cut the nails all the way back to the fingertip. He fitted a very tight kid leather glove over the hand and then taking the finger next to her thumb he bent it until the pad at the tip was tight against the base of the finger.

The open metal band was ?” wide and set in the jaws of a pair of special pliers. Slipping the band over the bent finger he settled it against the nail and slowly clamped it until the ends met over the top of the knuckle.

Debbie’s finger was now held permanently bent until he decided to release it. He did the same to the other seven fingers. The thumbs were locked across her palms with two larger bands that crossed the back of her hands and met over the bent thumb in the middle of her palms. Two thick leather mitts laced over the completely unusable and almost flat hands and the sleeves laced to her armpits. The mitts were boned from the uncomfortably bent and locked fingers to the elbow taking away any movement from her wrists.

With her arms still stretched out in front of her, and strapped down, he had little difficulty getting the heavily boned corset under her torso and lacing it partially closed. Taking another of his tools Eddie hooked the two pins in the opposing grommets about five from the top and levered them closed. That allowed him to tighten the laces until the edges met.

Following this process the corset was soon excruciatingly locked around her and crushing her waist to a ridiculous 19”, down from the 24” she had been so proud of! The corset covered from her neck to the top of her hipbones but left her breasts completely exposed.

Leaving his girlfriend face down Eddie untied her right arm and bent it up her back in a wicked hammerlock until the back of her hand was flat against her shoulder blade, strapped it there and then did the same to her left arm. The metal band he selected fitted under and around the elbows and had raised flanges at each end.

Fitting a long threaded bolt through the two flanges and screwing a nut on it he very slowly used a wrench to bring the two ends of the band together. It had to be done slowly to allow Debbie’s muscles to adjust as her forearms were pulled together down the middle of her back. Patiently, Eddie worked until the ends of the metal restraint met and then used a hacksaw to cut off the extra length of the bolt protruding from the nut.

He installed a similar but larger band around her body just above her breasts. The ends met in the middle of her back locking her hands and wrists flat against her spine and he stepped back to mentally review his next move.

Tears were flowing down Debbie’s face as she realized what her mistakes in the sack had cost her. She was unable to communicate with Eddie to apologize or beg and now knew that he would not listen anyway.

He flipped her over on her back and selected a 1” metal band to fit around the base of her right breast. Once it was as tight as possible without breaking the skin he did the left one. These bands were his own design and had small oblong openings around the top edge of the rims and were connected to each other with a short bar.

He removed Debbie’s nipple rings and replaced them with copper caps held in place by thick pins through the nipple holes. A curved, flat metal piece hooked through one of the holes in the flange of the cap and its other end slotted in one of the openings in the top edge of the base ring. Four more followed until Debbie’s breast was tightly caged in a web of metal bars; Eddie repeated the process on the other one.

The breast cages were so tight that Debbie’s skin bulged out through the spaces between the bars and she whimpered around the ball jammed in her mouth.

The next item Eddie had made was also metal. It was a wide belt that he settled around her waist over the corset. A flat tongue on one end slid in the slot on the other end and as he added pressure there was a click when the pieces met and a locking pin fell in place. Two short metal rods snapped on the bottom of each breast band and then in openings in the top edge of the belt.

A matching wide metal collar wrapped snugly around the helpless girl’s throat and Eddie connected it to the front and back of the band around her upper body to prevent her head from moving.

Pushing her flat on the bench again Eddie moved his attention to her crotch. She kept it shaved and had done it that morning so that was one thing he didn’t have to do.

He had picked up the butt plug and dildo from the “toy” store in the city but then adapted them so they could be fixed to a curved metal crotch piece he had made that would lock to the front and back of the waist belt.

They were both made of hard rubber but had several metal studs along their length as well of several areas where the rubber was much thinner and quite flexible.

About the only merciful thing he would do during the process of preparing Debbie he did now by squeezing a good dollop of KY at the opening to her back entrance and some more on the knob of the butt plug before he worked it inside.

The dildo received similar attention and was promptly rammed inside her vagina. The crotch piece slid in place securing the two intruders deeply inside but before he locked it to the waist belt Eddie pushed a small metal clamp through a hole in it and captured Debbie’s clit in the jaws.

He untied her right foot and swung her around until her legs were together then used metal bands at the mid thigh, below the knees and around her ankles. He joined them with metal rods up the outside of each leg taking away any possibility of them bending.

The metal cone shaped piece he picked up next came to a sharp point and the two halves were hinged down their length. Settling Debbie’s feet already encased in the ballet boots inside the cone he pulled her to the end of the bench and used the large vice to slowly bring the two halves together until the locking pins engaged.

Metal now sheathed Debbie’s legs from mid-calf ending in the point below her tortured toes and, from the neck down, she could not move a muscle.

Eddie studied the leather and metal bound form lying in front of him and decided that, for now, he would let her keep her hair. He forced a rubber plug in Debbie’s left ear and a small speaker, much like a hearing aid, in the other then pulled a heavy rubber cap over her head.

Inserting a wedge between her teeth he forced her jaws apart another fraction and was able to work the ball out of her mouth. She was gurgling at him but the wedge made any intelligible speech impossible and he ignored her as he captured her tongue, pulled it out and installed the hard rubber clamp around it.

The clamp had a metal stud on the top and bottom and, as he stuffed it back between her teeth he made sure a small wire from it hung outside her mouth.

Removing the wedge he forced her jaws as close together as they would go over the packing in her mouth and then ran several turns of wide tape around her head completing the gag.

He thought the helmet was one of the best pieces of metal work he had ever done. Like the foot cone it was in two halves. The back one fitted from the neck collar and up behind her ears to the crown of her head while the front half molded to her face with just small openings for her to see through and two short tubes that fed up in her nostrils. He locked it in place and, just for show, held up a large padlock for her to see before he fed the hasp through metal loops under her chin and snapped it closed.

The round turntable was 3’ across and very stable as it sat about 4” off the floor in the center of the room. Two waist high posts were set vertically just in from the edges and there was a small hole in the middle.

Eddie was in excellent shape and had no problem carrying Debbie’s rigid body over to the turntable, positioning the point of the foot cone in the center hole, and holding her upright while he swung metal arms from the top of each post and locked them to the waist belt.

He spent several minutes making sure that most of the pieces of metal that held Debbie so immobile were properly hooked up with electrical wire and plugged the final connection in an adaptor screwed to the turntable.

Wheeling over a table with a computer on it next to the victim of his revenge Eddie then collected a 3” wide metal band and, using a step stool, hung it over her head to a chandelier like apparatus he lowered from the ceiling. Lowering it further he guided it down until it encircled Debbie’s body with the metal nipple caps just touching the inside.

A wire dropped from the ceiling and he connected that to the computer that he booted up.

Eddie pulled a beer from the fridge against the wall and sipped on it as he stood where Debbie could see him. Using a small microphone wired to her earplug so she could hear him he said, “Now you cheating bitch, let me explain this set up for you.”

“First of all you can get used to the idea that your arms will stay as they are except for maybe once a month when I’ll undo everything and clip your nails before I put you back where you belong. Unless, that is, I come up with a better idea. The same with the boots so you better learn to walk on your toes when I let you off the turntable.”

“Everything is wired together and the contacts are those caps on your tits. As the turntable rotates very slowly the caps will slide around the inside of the band. Some of the inside is lined with different lengths of rubber but the rest is bare metal. I’ve set the computer to a random program and when one of the nipple caps hits metal a circuit is completed. As you continue to turn and both contacts land on metal, that’s another circuit; there are dozens of combinations and your only relief will be when both contacts are on rubber.

“You’ll get – well – lets say titillated somewhere different each time – your tits, the butt plug, the dildo, your clit and even your tongue or maybe two or three of them. When the program hits the plugs they can also inflate which will cause the flexible bits to expand inside you and become somewhat uncomfortable. When the turntable has completed a revolution, which takes an hour, the computer will start a new random program.

You couldn’t wait for me to get home, well now you are going to get much more than frustrated because I designed this program to tease you to the nth degree without giving you enough impetus to take you over the top. My gift to you for cheating on me is to keep you tottering on the edge of satisfaction for as long as I like.”

There was one other item programmed in the computer that he didn’t tell her about. Every once in a while, without warning, the system would close the tiny traps inside her nose for 15, 30 or, occasionally, 45 seconds shutting off her air. That, he felt, should scare the hell out of her more than anything else he had done.

Finishing his beer Eddie looked through the metal eyeholes into Debbie’s tear filled eyes and told her, “In a day or so I think you’ll be begging me to bring you off and I’ll consider it, maybe. By the way, I’m going bar hopping so enjoy yourself until I get back.”

He shut off the microphone, pushed a key on the computer pad and the turntable started in motion.


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