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    The Morning After

I removed the pillows and pulled her back down. Then I untied one foot and used a pair of handcuffs to secure the feet together. She played with the feel for a few seconds but said nothing. I flipped her over on to her face, fitted the waist chain and locked the second pair of cuffs on to it . Then I untied each hand and slipped her wrists one after the other into the cuffs. Then I cleared all the rope and announced: "Now you can go to the toilet."

    My Mom
...Her right ankle was brought up to her right thigh and several coils of hot pink rope were wrapped around it. She then cinched it tightly by added more coils of hot pink rope in between. She made it so tight that her heels were pressed into her ass cheeks. It didn’t help her that she also wore some 5 inch pink stilettos with a metal heel on it. The same was done on her left side as well. She also took the time and wrapped additional coils of hot pink rope between her right and left ankle, creating a hobble link of some sorts. Not like she would be able to stand up anyways.

Next was her upper body, she had an amazing network of ropes that encircles the most crucial parts of her body. She had a piece of rope that wrapped around her waist and from there it went from the front to her back and it seems to connect to her wrist rope. Every time she moves her wrists I heard her moan a little. She had ropes that criss cross her C Cup breasts creating some sort of rope bra and from there it finished off into the back like a harness. She had coils of rope above and below her breast thus pinning her arms even tighter to her body. However the most amazing tie was her elbows. How was she able to get them to almost touch?...

    Katís Mistake
...Celine crouched down in front of Katherine and silently padlocked one edge of the chain to a D ring at the front of the collar; she applied pressure, slowly pulling the chain down towards the bar at Katherine’s thighs, forcing her to bend until her head was nearly touching the floor. Another padlock secured the other end of the chain to the bar.

Celine picked up the remaining bar and walked behind Katherine’s increasing immobile form. She quickly screwed the end of the pole into a small hole in the middle of the ankle bar. When she was satisfied it was secure she pushed it slightly forward and reach over to grab hold of the d ring in the end of the single arm glove which locked with the last padlock. Katherine moaned as she slowly adapted to her position...

    Cold Storage, part 1
...Perhaps what worried Melanie more than anything that she was subjected to, was her own reaction to this cruel treatment. She had quickly become aware that her climaxes were intensified when she was restrained and recently the mere thought of being tied up or gagged caused her to be become aroused. She had finally decided that it had all gone too far when Edward had stripped her naked, hogtied her with brutal efficiency and then locked her in a metal trunk...

    Cold Storage, part 2
...Edward and Max walked between the woman admiring the view and clearly impressed. As they browsed they threw further questions to Dr Perry. Melanie was horrified to notice that , if she looked closely, she could see the eyes of the trapped women moving to follow their spectators. Somehow this confirmation that there were real live girls in this ghastly tomb was more frightening than a trace on a computer screen. Like the men, Melanie was struck by how similar the captives all looked. It was amazing how important hair proved to be in characterising a woman. Without it, one slim, naked young woman looked very much like another. Edward raised this point...

    The Unobtrusive Chain

I threw the duvet aside and made for the mirror only to fall flat on my face; my ankles were now encircled by similar chains but these were linked in a hobble. I must have sat there on the floor for more than an hour as I stared in horror at the shackles. Now I had no option but to stay indoors; chained in that manner I couldn't even get dressed!

...Pauline did as she was told, and turned away from the teacher. He reached into his desk and pulled out a shiny red ballgag. Reaching around Pauline, he pressed the gag to her lips and she obediently opened her mouth - he buckled it tightly in place behind her head, securing it with a small padlock. He then pointed at Pauline's desk, and she walked back, trying to look as proud and unfazed as possible... which is quite difficult while wearing a ballgag. I had to suppress a giggle as she sat down next to me, feeling around for the padlock - I could see the frustration in her eyes when she realised that she wouldn't be removing the gag without the key.

"Does anyone else have anything to say?" asked the teacher. "No? Then we'll begin."...

    Taking The Waters bondage story | rope tied, ball gag

To my surprise Mrs. M went behind my prisoner, reached over Tasmin's shoulder and pinched her nose. As the girl made the obvious response she crammed a dun-coloured ball-gag into her mouth and proceeded to buckle it very tightly behind her head. I heard her voice clearly as she scolded Tasmin about the quality of her god-forsaken language. If that was the best use the girl could find for the tongue the good Lord had given her than it was best she should be without.

    Marriage bondage story | chain, gag, gagged

A young couple attend a wedding but little do they know that the bride and groom aren't kidding when it comes to the bonds of matrimony

    Ten to One free bondage story | chains, dungeon, cuffs, gag

When a group of women challenge their male companion to prove men's superiority over women, he grabs the opportunity with both hands


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