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"Do we really need to do this?" I asked.

Pauline didn't look at me - she was too busy concentrating on keeping the car on the road. It was a dark and stormy night, and she was peering through the rain-swept windscreen as she replied.

"We don't need to do this at all, Laura," she said, "but it's always nice to learn a few new tricks."

"But... bondage classes?"

"You're just complaining about the fact that we're only allowed to wear sexy lingerie."

"Well, it does seem a bit odd," I said, folding my arms under my breasts.

We were both wearing long coats to protect us from the cold, the rain and the prying eyes of passersby. Underneath mine, I was wearing all black - a choker, a basque, a g-string, opera gloves, stockings and heels. Pauline was dressed identically, but all in red. Since Pauline hadn't replied to my comment, I sat back in my seat and looked out of the window, watching the people hurrying to and fro under their large umbrellas. We eventually stopped at a red traffic light, and Pauline surprised me by reaching across and pulling my coat open, revealing my very sexy black underwear...

"What on earth are you doing..?" I asked, looking at her - but then I saw the guy looking into our car as he queued next to us on his motorcycle. "You cheeky cow," I murmured to Pauline, while blushing at the guy on the motorbike as I closed my coat.

"Just getting you into the mood," Pauline winked, opening her own coat to flash her assets at the biker.

Just then, the lights changed to green and we were off, leaving the dazed biker sitting at the junction. A few minutes later, we arrived at the school. It was a short dash across the car park in the rain before we found the main entrance - we followed the Adult Education signs until we got to the classroom.

Inside was just as we had imagined - desks, blackboard, chalk, hot women in sexy lingerie. The only two desks that were free were at the back of the class - typical. We slowly removed our coats and hung them on the hatstand in the corner, getting a few admiring glances as we did so. The walk to our desks at the back of the room seemed to take forever - I thought that everyones' eyes were on me and the flesh I was baring... I was relieved to get to the back of the class, Pauline was (of course) enjoying every second of the attention she was getting. We sat on the hard wooden chairs (which were very cold against our bare buttocks, I might add) and waited for the teacher to arrive.

"Good evening, class," said the teacher as he breezed into the room - he was dressed all in black, and was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, "I hope the rain hasn't put out your flames of passion tonight. I see we have some new faces tonight. If you would care to sign the register and the disclaimer, we'll begin."

Pauline raised an eyebrow at me as she nodded in his direction - obviously, she had also noticed how sexy he was. Two slips of paper were handed around with pens for us to sign - the first was a simple register, the second was a disclaimer which stated that we were sex slaves for the duration of the class, to be used and abused. We shrugged and signed it, thinking nothing of it - being slaves to that good-looking teacher sounded like fun and obviously the other girls here had come back for more.

"Right, class, let's begin. For those of you who don't know me, I am Mr Bates - but you can call me Master."

Pauline got my attention and whispered something - I couldn't make out what it was, but it sounded like a joke, so I leaned closer and indicated for her to repeat herself. She never got the chance.

"I see we have a pair of trouble-makers in the class," said the teacher, "how did I know it would be you two sitting at the back? Don't you know it's rude to speak at the same time as me? You, in the red, come here!"

Pauline got slowly to her feet, while I grinned broadly as I wondered what her fate would be. She walked slowly to the front of the class, her stiletto heels clacking on the hard floor.

"I'm sorry..." she mumbled to the teacher, looking as meek as she could.

"I'm sorry what?"

"I'm sorry for being rude, Master."

"You will be - now, turn around."

Pauline did as she was told, and turned away from the teacher. He reached into his desk and pulled out a shiny red ballgag. Reaching around Pauline, he pressed the gag to her lips and she obediently opened her mouth - he buckled it tightly in place behind her head, securing it with a small padlock. He then pointed at Pauline's desk, and she walked back, trying to look as proud and unfazed as possible... which is quite difficult while wearing a ballgag. I had to suppress a giggle as she sat down next to me, feeling around for the padlock - I could see the frustration in her eyes when she realised that she wouldn't be removing the gag without the key.

"Does anyone else have anything to say?" asked the teacher. "No? Then we'll begin."

As he began to lecture about selecting decent ropes and the basics of cinch knots, I turned to watch Pauline, still fiddling with her gag. I was tempted to say something cheeky, but didn't want to risk being gagged myself. Instead, I stuck my tongue out at her, winked, suppressed a giggle when she glared at me and looked back to where the teacher was drawing some diagrams of knots on the blackboard. Maybe this would be good fun after all - I felt like a little schoolgirl again.

"Now that I've given you the theory, it's time to show you the practice. Could I have a volunteer please?"

It was at that moment that Pauline pinched my bum... the combination of my stifled yelp and my chair scraping along the floor got the teacher's attention. He looked at me, smiled, and gestured for me to approach. I glared at Pauline, who looked the picture of innocence, despite the gag.

"That... erm... wasn't me volunteering," I said, nervously.

"No, that was your mischievious friend volunteering you," the teacher replied, "Don't worry, this won't hurt much. And I'm sure you'll get the opportunity for revenge later."

I got to my feet and walked to the front of the classroom. I felt everyones' eyes on me, and felt a blush forming already. The teacher had placed a chair in front of his desk, ready for me. He took my hand, smiled reassuringly, and guided me to step up onto the chair in my stiletto heels and sit on the edge of the desk. And there I was... wearing the briefest of sexy underwear, under the gaze of all these strangers. Despite my blushing, I was beginning to feel rather aroused.

The teacher moved behind me and took hold of my gloved wrists. He pulled them behind my back and quickly, efficiently, wrapped the soft white rope around them and tied a tight, snug cinch knot. He then put some pressure on my shoulder, indicating that I should lay on the desk - I did as he wanted, manouevring onto my tummy so he could use the rest of the rope to tie a second cinch knot around my ankles, putting me into a very simple but effective hogtie.

"There, class," he smiled, "with just a short length of rope I have rendered her utterly helpless."

I felt another blush forming as I quietly, discreetly tried to free myself. The teacher, despite his good looks, was beginning to get on my nerves with his condescending, patronising tone. I pulled at my bonds a little harder, cursing under my breath when I found that the rope wasn't going to give even the tiniest bit of slack.

"How do we know she's utterly helpless?" asked one of my classmates - a tall blonde who was wearing a simple white lacy teddy and heels.

"If she wasn't helpless, would she let me do this?" the teacher asked, rolling me onto my side so I was facing the class, my bound hands and feet out of their sight, before he reached around and began to fondle my breasts.

"Hey," I complained, struggling harder.

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"Feeling a little helpless and vulnerable?" he winked, pinching a nipple hard between finger and thumb.

He was being really annoying now... and the last thing I wanted was for him to realise how aroused all this was making me. I struggled harder, but when I opened my mouth to complain again he pulled a ballgag between my lips and fastened it behind my head. I mmmmmphed in vain, and looked to Pauline for help - but she just winked at me from the back of the class. The teacher pushed me so I was on my tummy again.

"If you don't escape within the next five minutes," the teacher continued, "I'll let the class have their wicked way with you. Judging by how much you're blushing, you would probably enjoy that... but I know that you'd never admit it, so you'll struggle as hard as you can to try to avoid it. What a dilemma..."

And, with that, he stepped to the edge of the classroom and joined the rest of the class in simply watching me struggle on top of his desk. Well, I knew that I wasn't going to give up without a fight. I started my struggles by simply twisting my wrists to try to work the ropes loose. When I realised that that wasn't going to work, I looked over my shoulder to try to work out where the knots were, and had a good attempt at trying to reach the knot between my ankles, to no avail. I was wriggling more fervently now, rocking from side to side as I struggled, and noticing how hard my nipples were getting as my breasts were alternately crushed beneath me.

"Time's up," came the teacher's voice from behind me, as he pulled a blindfold over my eyes "although I don't really want to interrupt such a spectacular one-girl show. Still, it's about to become a many-girl show..."

I heard the sounds of chairs scraping against floor. And then I felt hands... many hands... moving over my body. They were stroking my arms, stroking my legs, stroking my back and testing the knots which were binding me so securely... they pushed me over onto my side, and then I felt hands fondling my breasts and rubbing the moistness between my legs. I pulled at my bonds and mmmphed into my gag, but I could do nothing to stop the many hands from playing with my helpless body... My struggles for release became writhes of pleasure, my complaining mmphs became aroused groans, and I knew that I was fast approaching orgasm... but despite the pleasure, despite the promise, I didn't want to cum in front of all these strangers. I tried to resist, to fight them, but their roaming hands were too much for me and I found myself biting down on the ballgag as I came...

I was given a moment to get my breath back.

The knots were untied and the blindfold and gag removed. I rubbed my wrists, blinking in the light, and saw the girls who had brought me so much pleasure returning to their seats. I even saw the gagged Pauline sitting down. I smiled to myself and walked back to my seat before the class settled down, no longer conscious of their eyes on me. Pauline raised an eyebrow as I sat next to her, and I replied with a satisfied smile.

"Now, class, let's see if you've learned something," the teacher said, "divide up into pairs and practice your new skills. I've provided enough rope inside your desks."

I looked inside my desk and, sure enough, there were a few small lengths of rope inside. I looked across at Pauline, and she looked back at me.

"You're going to get tied up," I smiled, "and I'm going to do anything I want with you, until you tell me to stop..."

It was Pauline's turn to look nervous, and she tried to say something into her gag.

"I'm sorry," I grinned, very evilly, "I didn't understand that."

And, with that, I got up and stood behind her. Leaning over, I pulled her hair away from her neck and kissed her soft skin, gently. Looking around the class, I saw that the other girls had all divided into pairs and were tying each other up. Most were going for chair ties, but a couple had claimed the teacher's desk for some hog-ties. I decided to go for something different.

I took hold of Pauline's wrists and slowly twisted her hands up behind her back, in a reverse prayer (hammerlock) position. She mumbled something into the gag and shifted her position as I cinched her wrists together with rope. I then wrapped a few loops of rope around her arms and torso, to keep her arms securely in place - she was sitting up straight now (not that she had much choice) and her 36D breasts were jutting out proudly in front of her, straining against her basque. I created a crotch rope, from the back of her neck to the front of the horizontal rope just above her breasts, to give her something to think about, before I used another rope to pull up on the horizontal rope just below her breasts to give her some support. I hooked my finger around the two vertical ropes between her breasts (one for breast support, the other a crotch rope) and pulled Pauline to her feet before I planted a warm, wet, passionate kiss on her bright red ballgag.

"Shall we go see how our classmates are doing?" I asked, smiling sweetly.

Pauline didn't answer - I think she was too busy enjoying the crotch rope. Perhaps I shouldn't have put so many big knots in it which just so happened to settle between her legs... We wandered around the classroom, our stiletto heels clack-clacking on the hard floor, enjoying watching the futile struggles of half of our classmates. Some of the girls who weren't too busy tying up their partners paused for a moment as we came near to slap Pauline's bum, play with her breasts or just pull on her ropes...

"Aaaah, the little troublemaker," the teacher said as we approached him - Pauline hadn't wanted to approach him, but she hadn't had much choice in the matter.

The teacher smiled at me as I pulled Pauline towards him - he inspected the ties, tugging on the ropes to make sure the knots were secure (and illiciting some gagged moans of pleasure from Pauline into the bargain). I stood back and grinned proudly as his inspection became more rigorous - he was playing with Pauline now, making her struggle, seeing if she could get free, but I knew he wouldn't find any loopholes in my secure bondage.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"It will suffice," he replied, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the key to the padlock on Pauline's gag, "The time of your punishment is over. I hope you've learned your lesson."

He placed the key in one of her gloved hands while she nodded, meekly. As he turned to inspect some of the other students' work, I took the key from Pauline's hand... she wouldn't be needing it for a while, I decided. And the night was still young after all.

"We're going," I grinned, leading her to the hatstand.

I put on my coat before draping her coat over her shoulders. She wasn't in any position to resist as I pulled her to the door.

"Hey, don't think I don't know that you've got some of my bondage equipment..." said the teacher.

"We'll bring it back next week," I called as we disappeared through the door.

Pauline definitely wasn't driving home tonight. And it was my turn to get revenge and expose her to other motorists... I was looking forward to next week's bondage class but, first, I was looking forward to getting Pauline home. She was due some punishment (or reward, it's difficult to tell sometimes) for volunteering me in the class... and, of course, I had my rope technique to practice. I didn't let her wear her coat for the drive home, but I did make sure that I took every opportunity to stroke the growing moistness between her legs...


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