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    Obsessed free bondage story | table, brather, bound

Dealing with someone obsessed with you is never an easy task until he discovers her special secret

    Blacksmith's Legacy bondage story | chain, locked gag, cuffs, brank

When someone lands in hospital after an accident, who's going to take care of the girl in his charge?

    The Third Week bondage story | gag, boots, cuffs, gagged

A young woman faces losing her job after being tied up all too long whilst away with her boyfriend

   More than SJ bondage story | straps tied, chair

Beware of unexpected surprises when opening the mail - especially when it's been addressed wrongly!

    One Size free bondage story | self, bands, woods

An imaginative inventor has the perfect remedy to deal with unwanted intruders

    The Bet bondage story | wax, slave, stockings

Tania has to decide if the torment that she is being subjected to by her husband is worth the end reward

    The Price of Luxury free bondage story | chains, fear, escape

Which is more important; a life of luxury or freedom?

    Simple Loops bondage story | rope, gag, handcuff

A young man demonstrates his knowledge of knots to a girlfriend and it's not long before he finds that he has a captive audience!

    Trap Line free bondage story | rope, handcuff, leather

Sometimes desperate measures are required to prevent nosey friends from poking around your house or work space...

    Lonely People bondage story | chain, gag, slave

A lonely bachelor rescues a young woman from a watery fate only to plunge her into an even more precarious situation...


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