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    Tightly Bound Bride, part 5
...“Now the fun begins!” said Erika happily. She took another rope, which was tied around Mary’s crossed ankles, then up to the ropes circling Mary’s shoulders. As she began to take up the tension, Mary began to arch. Erika knelt beside the bound girl, and wedged one leg under Mary’s chest. As she raised her knee, Mary’s torso lifted, her arms moving more closely to her bound feet. Erika continued to lift, and take up tension in the rope until Mary was drawn into a excruciating backward bow. Erika tied off the rope, and when she pulled her leg out, Mary was left with only her hipbones and stomach touching the ground. The bow had drawn everything else off the floor—her head, her shoulders, her breasts, and her knees. Mary tossed her head, and a prolonged, but muffled moan of pain escaped from around her well stoppered lips. Erika took a couple of pieces of thinner cord, and made a loop around each of Mary’s big toes. The free ends were threaded through the strap holding the gag in Mary’s mouth...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 6
...Her body was bathed in sweat, and her breath rasped through flared nostrils as she panted in contented exhaustion. Even in her daze, however, she was aware of gentle hands beginning to peel away the layers of restraint like someone would peel a piece of fruit, until the tasty morsel inside was revealed. Erika slowly unclipped the two clamps on Mary’s swollen labia, and Mary groaned with relief. Next the dominant girl removed the clip from the captive left breast, and quickly surrounded the red, tormented flesh with her wet, soothing lips and exciting tongue. It was one of the best feelings that Mary had ever felt, and she arched against her bonds to force more of the stiff nipple between the wonderful lips. Erika gave the other nipple the same treatment, but finished with a sharp, playful nip, which made Mary gasp with surprise. The terrible cord pulling Mary’s head in an arched position for so many hours was next to be removed, followed by the ropes holding the bound girl in her hellish suspension...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 7
...She couldn’t describe her travel accommodations, since she had been hooded into a dark, tight claustrophobic darkness immediately after her hands had been strapped together at the small of her back. The hood was laced until her entire face and jaw was under tension, then tied securely. An immense, cylindrical gag had been jammed into her mouth. It stretched her lips apart, then her teeth fell into grooves on the cylinder just behind the pad which covered and compressed her lips. There were no eyeholes in the hood, but there were pads sewn to the inside which filled the area on either side of her nose, and held her eyelids closed. A nose shaped plastic guard inside the hood kept the tight hood from compressing her nose. There were two attached plugs which were forced into her nostrils, each plug had a breathing tube...

PD will make this caged bird sing. claire is stuck in lockdown and her iron bonds are tormenting enough on their own. Having her cunt plugged surely does not make it any better. When PD lets her out of the cage, though, it is so she can serenade him with her screams. she sings when she is whipped, clamped and vibrated and her sexy song is beautiful.

Hooded, she is led out from her cage and bound into a new and more challenging position. she will be a good display piece for PD in the future. she follows commands, sings for him and stays for him; an excellent bondage slut.

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    Tightly Bound Bride, part 8
...The gag pushed inexorably into her mouth until the blunt end reached her soft palate. Mary fought off a choking sensation as her teeth slipped into a groove just behind the pad that covered her lower face. The gag was so thick that her tongue was pushed to the floor of her mouth, and even with the strap unbuckled she couldn’t open her mouth wide enough to free her teeth from the slots and push the gag out. James left the gag unbuckled, and turned his attention to the discipline helmet. Since he knew that she would be laced up for a full week, he hadn’t fully tightened the lacing. This was now remedied. James unbuckled Mary’s collar revealing the knotted end of the laces. He unfastened the knot, then systematically began tightening the laces from the crown of her head down the back to her neck. Once had had made one pass from end to end, he started back at the top, and re-tightened each set of loops...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 9
...Mary picked up one set of cuffs, and clicked them around her ankles until they were uncomfortably, then painfully, tight. She licked her lips, then opened her mouth to accept the ball. It was large, but not as large as some she had worn, but Mary pulled it very tight, so that the ball was deep, and the straps cut into the corners of her mouth. Mary picked up the blindfold, placing it over her eyes, and buckling it behind her head. She could see a little light around the edge, so she adjusted the fit, and tightened the strap one more notch. Perfect! She picked up the other set of cuffs, and was about to capture one wrist when the image of that other captive girl popped into her mind---a girl in simple, but effective bondage....two handcuffs, a blindfold, and a ballgag. Mary knew that she could do better than that! She put down the handcuffs, and reached to unfasten the blindfold. She left the gag in place, loving the way her lips looked stretched, red and glistening, around the rubber ball. She thought about the room. There was not much here, but maybe.....

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 10
...She sighed, taking the corset, and placing it around her waist. The busk had 5 fasteners, and Mary found that she had to make the laces as slack as possible, and suck in her tummy to get the busk fastened. It was quite tight even unlaced, and as Mary began working the laces closed, the steel stays began to do their work. Mary gasped as the back of the corset almost came together. She pulled and pulled, but still could not close the opening. Finally she looped the free ends of the laces around a doorknob, then turned her back and pulled away like she was a dray animal pulling a plow. All her body weight came to bear on the open corset, and slowly but surely the gap closed. Quickly, keeping the laces taut at the small of her back, she un-hooded the ends from the doorknob, looped them around her waist, pulled them tighter still, and tied a knot...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 11
...Unable to resist the inexorable pressure, Mary’s mouth opened to accommodate the expanding metal mouthful. When her jaws were open so far that her bones began to creak, Erika stopped, and removed the key. The gag was so severe and so large that Mary could not get it out of her mouth even if not otherwise restrained. The blunt spikes bit into the roof of her mouth, and the expanded petals filled her cheeks, making them bulge. Her tongue was captured, and held down, so that speech was impossible. Erika lowered the top of the cage until it pressed into Mary’s back. The captive girl could bend no lower, due to the spiked bar under her breasts, which now supported the weight of her torso. Erika grinned evilly, then pushed the top of the cage until the bars pressed into Mary’s back, and her breasts were squashed even more painfully into the cross bar. Erika reached between the bars, and took Mary’s left arm. It was looped under the cross bar with the elbow bent around the spike bar. A heavy iron cuff attached to the side of the cage was fastened to her wrist, and locked. Her right arm received the same treatment...

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    Tightly Bound Bride, part 12
...Mary stood meekly with her arms at her side while Erika tightened a leather harness around her chest and shoulders. It had two buckles in the front, one above her breasts, and one below. Straps went across her shoulders and around her back. There were two more buckles, one on each shoulder. Erika tightened locking cuffs on each of Mary’s wrists. There was a foot of strap dangling from each cuff, with a hole punched every inch. Erika took Mary’s left arm behind her back, and bent it at the elbow, taking the hand up into the center of her back in a hammerlock. She fed the strap through the buckle, took up the slack, and made it fast. The same procedure was followed with the other arm, and Mary was soon helpless, both arms captured high upon her back, between the shoulders. With her slave’s arms now totally helpless, Erika turned to Mary’s legs. She was told to kneel, and with difficulty due to bound arms, she plopped onto her knees. Erika took a strap, and looped it around Mary’s folded leg at the top of the thigh, capturing her ankle against her ass, and her shin tightly against the thigh. Again, the same procedure on the other limb. A spreader bar was attached to each knee, holding Mary’s legs splayed apart A thick foam blindfold was tightened across Mary’s eyes. “Open.” Erika ordered. Mary submissively complied, placing her tongue against her lower teeth. She was expecting a typical leather or rubber plug to be jammed in her mouth...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 13
...Today had been “silver day”, one of her less favorite chores. The household had hundreds of pounds of sterling silver--tableware, tea services, platters and candlesticks--and once a month it was her task to clean them. She would be dressed in a tight corset and her gray, functional maid’s outfit. An immense harness ballgag would be wedged between her teeth, and her lacy maid’s hat would be placed upon her blond head. She would be collared, and lead down to the pantry, where she would be perched on a hard, uncomfortable stool. Her ankles would be cuffed together, with a short chain threaded through the rungs of the stool. So as not to scratch the silver, her wrists could not be cuffed. Instead a leather belt was locked around her corseted waist. There were rings on either side of the belt. Leather cuffs were locked around each upper arm just above the elbows, and these cuffs were locked to the ring on the belt, keeping her elbows tightly against her sides...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 14
...As the two women came closer, Mary could see more--slim but shapely legs, a tight ass, a set of prominent, pink pussyl ips on a shaven mound, a slim waist, smallish pert breasts with large stiff nipples, and finally a beautiful exotic face surrounded by shining, jet black hair. The girl wore a narrow tight collar and was lead by a leather leash. There was a large, red ballgag strapped tightly in her mouth. Mary gasped when she saw how the girl’s arms were bound. The girl was slim with narrow shoulders, so her elbows were easily bound together with thin cord which cut deeply into her flesh. What was amazing to Mary, who thought she had been bound in almost every way possible, was the position of the girl’s hands. With elbows together, rather than having her hands together down her back behind her ass, the girl’s arms were doubled back and up between her shoulder blades, and tied palm to palm! Even for a slight, supple young girl, the position was contorted, and must be, Mary assumed, painful. The cord around the girl’s wrists was tied extremely tight, and her hands were dark, with lifeless fingers...

    Tightly Bound Bride, part 15
...The girl’s torso was bound into a tight ball by a number of leather straps. Her arms where bound together elbow to elbow inside a leather single glove, the end of which was strapped to her bound ankles. The girl’s body was covered in a thin black rubber “catsuit” which had built in feet and fingerless mitts at the ends of the arms. The black rubber disappeared underneath the leather collar, and Cissi assumed that the girl’s head was covered by a built-in rubber hood. Maria quickly undid the straps binding the girl’s body to her doubled up legs, releasing her from the tight ball...

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