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    In Perpetuum bondage story | keys, bathroom, chain

Is love another form of slavery? Is she willing to give up all she holds dear: freedom for him?

    Repeat Performance bondage story | car, hood, gag, chain

Samantha needs bondage in order to obtain orgasm. But like a drug, she discovers that she needs ever tighter, more restrictive bondage and challenging situations to achieve the high she needs. When she ventures outdoors, shackled and chained, Sam thinks she's got it all until she's inadvertently trapped with nowhere to go

    Tug Of War free bondage story | collar, rope, slave, handcuffs

Two slaves are invited to compete for their freedom

    Net Gains, bondage story

Screw Sod's law.... A couple decide to do something about being forced to spend time apart

    A Christmas in Hibernation, free bondage story | chains, tape, landrover

A good samaritan rescues a pretty woman from her snow-bound car, and taking her to his house where they're snowed in for ages. She's anything but grateful but it's not long before he finds out why

    Working Late, part 1
...Unlocking the girls' wrists, she roughly bent her over the desk as she grabbed an arm binder from her pile of toys and roughly forced Nicole's arms in to the single rubber sheath. Once she had pulled the laces as tightly as she could, Nicole's elbows touched. The sheath had an integral collar, which was attached to the arm binder by thick leather straps. She fitted this roughly to the girls' neck, ensuring that the sheath would not work its way down Nicole's arms...

    Working Late, part 2
...In contrast to this, the second customer had requested a much more modern look. Long blond hair, bright make up, rubber corset, short skirt, stockings and knee length boots would not, if for the choice of material, look out of place on any of the fashion dolls found in toy stores across the country. True, they might have to call the range "Barbie Turns Tricks" and Barbie dolls do not usually come complete with dildos fitted front and back. They also did not were ball gags, or posture collars, but overall she could imagine a young girl playing with a scaled down version of the order that had been placed.

The third customer was something different altogether. The doll was to be kitted out in a bright red, rubber cat suit. It was to have dildos inserted in ass and pussy. It would be pieced with painful body jewellery and wear a tight corset, full face rubber hood, with integral penis gag, long blond hair, tied in a pony tail, make up that would look too much on an inflatable sex doll and bound in to an impossible hog tie. Julie had, by this stage, seen numerous dolls in bondage and she still found it amazing to consider that men actually thought that, without years of gymnastics training, a woman could be bent in to some of these ludicrous positions...

    A Dreary Afternoon
...She went back into the apartment to get even more rope. She took a piece about 6 feet long and made a huge round knot in the middle of it and then said, “Come on, open wide, you must be well gagged.” With that she stuffed the knot between my teeth and wound the ends of the rope round my head tree times before tying them off at the back of my neck. The knot was bigger than any ball gag that I had ever had stuffed into my mouth. As she had promised, I really was “…well gagged.”

I must be a slow learner for it was only then that I realised why she had taken me out on the balcony -there was a large steel ring set into the ceiling immediately above my head. She stood on a chair and hooked a pulley on to the ring. Then she a tied rope to my body harness between my shoulder blades, passed it over the pulley, looped it down again to my body harness at the waist then up again over the second wheel of the pulley. You can guess what came next - yes, she tugged on the rope and pulled me up off the floor. She pulled again and again until I was suspended about four feet in the air with my body dangling at an angle of 45 degrees. When she was satisfied with my position she tied the loose end of the rope round my ankles...

    The Eastern Market free bondage story | cuffs, slave

Is slavery still alive and well or is he dreaming?

    Where is Kelly’s Key?
...I attach a 3’ chain to a pair of handcuffs with a small padlock, and I use another padlock to secure the other end of the chain to the leg of my bed. The key to this lock is on Brandie’s collar, while the key to my handcuffs is in the other bedroom on the floor.

Nothing would be complete without my gag. I insert an inflatable penis gag, keeping it in place with another padlock. I pumped it pretty good. I can feel it totally filling my mouth up, but leaving a little bit off room so I don’t accidentally choke on it.

Kneeling, on the floor, I bring both my arms behind my back and secure the handcuffs around my wrists. Now I wait for my fantasy to take over...


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