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    It's a team thing
...I disbelievingly watched as Mei Hua pushed all of it inside Kathy's mouth, virtually cutting off her outraged protests. She was far from finished though, forcing another, much longer piece of cloth between Kathy's lips before drawing the training ends behind her neck and tying them brutally tight. If not for the seriousness of our situation, I would have laughed, Poor Kathy looked so funny; her rolling eyes very wide above her cleaved, distended lips. The gag had forced back Kathy's lips into a rictus but Mei Hua was not in the least moved by her discomfort. Another tight knot followed the first before a second length of cloth appeared. It was wider and longer than the first and I wondered how Mei Hua could possibly silence Kathy any more than she already had. Without any difficulty, it appeared. Mei Hua was all business now, passing the cloth over Kathy's severely gagged lips before repeating the procedure several times, reducing her protests to a heavily muffled, incoherent gurgle. There was no way anything would be coming off soon...

    Anniversary, part 1
...She held up the harness ball-gag, with its multitudinous straps and buckles and turned it this way and that, wondering what it would be like to be gagged with that. With a sudden thrill, Jade realised she also wanted to try it on but she could not figure out the placement of the straps and buckles. As soon as Jade saw the smaller classic ball-gag, she decided to put it on. She put the ball in her mouth, marvelling at the way it felt and it's size. It felt huge in her mouth. Unhesitatingly, she reached behind her head and buckled up the strap rather tightly, thoroughly gagging herself in the process. Jade could not believe the way it felt - the way it filled her mouth so thoroughly like that. She tried to speak but found she could not. "Mmmpffpphhhhh mmphfhh!" was the most Jade could manage...

    Anniversary, part 2
..."The gags are over this way," he commented, as he led the two girls towards the imposing array of gags hanging on the other wall. Jade could not help being bewildered at the number and variety of gags on offer. Suddenly her roving eyes fell on a harness ball-gag, very similar to the one she had seen in the chest but did not try on.

"I like that one, can I have a look at it?" she asked.

Sure," he said retrieving it off the wall and handing it to her. Jade turned it this way and that, admiring the smooth feel of the half-inch leather straps, the polished metal buckles and the quality of its construction. She knew she wanted to try it on but hesitated to express her desires...

    Anniversary, part 3
...Melissa laughed loudly with Jade's reaction to her crotch rope. "You DO like this don't you?" she said, as she knotted the ropes around her waist rope before taking and tying the remaining ends to the tie in front of her breast ropes, which tightened the crotchropes just that little bit more. "It's called a variable crotchrope," she said. "The more you struggle, the more it will rub on your hot little cunt." She went on, "That's what you want, isn't it?"

Jade eagerly nodded her head - yes!...

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