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Bondaged and tortured with crotch ropes, gagged tied stories.

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    It's a team thing
...I disbelievingly watched as Mei Hua pushed all of it inside Kathy's mouth, virtually cutting off her outraged protests. She was far from finished though, forcing another, much longer piece of cloth between Kathy's lips before drawing the training ends behind her neck and tying them brutally tight. If not for the seriousness of our situation, I would have laughed, Poor Kathy looked so funny; her rolling eyes very wide above her cleaved, distended lips. The gag had forced back Kathy's lips into a rictus but Mei Hua was not in the least moved by her discomfort. Another tight knot followed the first before a second length of cloth appeared. It was wider and longer than the first and I wondered how Mei Hua could possibly silence Kathy any more than she already had. Without any difficulty, it appeared. Mei Hua was all business now, passing the cloth over Kathy's severely gagged lips before repeating the procedure several times, reducing her protests to a heavily muffled, incoherent gurgle. There was no way anything would be coming off soon...

    Anniversary, part 1
...She held up the harness ball-gag, with its multitudinous straps and buckles and turned it this way and that, wondering what it would be like to be gagged with that. With a sudden thrill, Jade realised she also wanted to try it on but she could not figure out the placement of the straps and buckles. As soon as Jade saw the smaller classic ball-gag, she decided to put it on. She put the ball in her mouth, marvelling at the way it felt and it's size. It felt huge in her mouth. Unhesitatingly, she reached behind her head and buckled up the strap rather tightly, thoroughly gagging herself in the process. Jade could not believe the way it felt - the way it filled her mouth so thoroughly like that. She tried to speak but found she could not. "Mmmpffpphhhhh mmphfhh!" was the most Jade could manage...

    Anniversary, part 2
..."The gags are over this way," he commented, as he led the two girls towards the imposing array of gags hanging on the other wall. Jade could not help being bewildered at the number and variety of gags on offer. Suddenly her roving eyes fell on a harness ball-gag, very similar to the one she had seen in the chest but did not try on.

"I like that one, can I have a look at it?" she asked.

Sure," he said retrieving it off the wall and handing it to her. Jade turned it this way and that, admiring the smooth feel of the half-inch leather straps, the polished metal buckles and the quality of its construction. She knew she wanted to try it on but hesitated to express her desires...

    Anniversary, part 3
...Melissa laughed loudly with Jade's reaction to her crotch rope. "You DO like this don't you?" she said, as she knotted the ropes around her waist rope before taking and tying the remaining ends to the tie in front of her breast ropes, which tightened the crotchropes just that little bit more. "It's called a variable crotchrope," she said. "The more you struggle, the more it will rub on your hot little cunt." She went on, "That's what you want, isn't it?"

Jade eagerly nodded her head - yes!...

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bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

First time tied

There's nothing so entertaining, nothing which offers such devious emotions as tying up a beautiful young model for her first time. Micah is only 19, and it seems she hasn't run across such dastardly bastards as us in her life or modelling career. We tie her up in the clothes ahe arrives in. Tight jeans and small a small top. We gag her and Micah falls right into a submissive state. She pouts and rolls around and her beautiful eyes get very big as we begin to undress her. We pull her jeans down to reveal a perfect ass and hips. Then we pull her top up to show off her young tits. Then it's time for Micah to cum. We strip her and tie her to a chair with her legs frogtied and spread. Her hands are pulled behind the back of the chair and we rig the magic wand directly to her clit. We turn it on and Micah realizes that she isn't going anywhere and neither is the vibrator. She cums and gasps for breath as the buzzing continues. At the end she cums and squirts her juice all over our antique velvet chair. It's ok Micah, we loved it! 79 Pictures, Plus 6:08 video.

Bedroom Slave

Not for the faint hearted. Micah Moore is like a walking heart attack in the first place. The face can go from adorable and cute to sexy as fuck in a glance. Her ass is allready legendary, her pussy is like velvet and Micah has exotic looks unlike most young models. She starts out posing in a tight little outfit and her personality shines. Smiles all around as she teases us with her ass and eyes. If we all just had a girl next door like Micah the world would have a constant hard on. Of course, there's nothing we'd rather do to a cute and innocent looking young woman than tie her up. So we tie her wrists to her ankles and gag her. She seems fairly relaxed until we roll her onto her tummy and she starts to realize how helpless she is with her pussy so exposed. We take ait a step farther and tie her spread eagle on the bed. Micah is at our complete mercy as we rig a vibrator directly to her clit. She jumps when we turn it on and what procedes is a sincere struggle for pleasure and release. Micah flows through orgasms and sensitivity, then over sensitivity, then desperation as she realizes the absolute truth of her situation. No matter how she moves, the vibrator will not come off of her clit. We ask her to try to get away from it and she simply cums again. Truly at out mercy, we finally do let her go. But we really didn't want to. 100 Pictures, Plus 12:33 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

    Client, part 1
...Yet, Julia was not yet done. As Anne groaned in agony, trying to adjust to this new position, she felt Julia work a rope around her big toes, jamming her socks into the space between her toes. Anne was incredulous as Julia tightly tied her big toes together. Anne felt a rope being worked under the strap of her gag. She moaned into her gag as Julia pulled on this rope. The gag strap cut further into her cheeks and forced the foam further into her mouth. The other end was attached to her toes and now Anne’s head was held up and pulled back by a rope to her big toes. It was so uncomfortable and yet Anne still had feeling in all her limbs. As she squirmed and settled into this new indignity, the ropes adjusted and shifted on her body. It was incredibly tight and she certainly couldn’t move, but strangely it didn’t really hurt her...

    Client, part 2
...Anne was stunned by how she looked. From the front she appeared to be armless. The gag distorted her features slightly, and, with her hair pulled back from her face in a ponytail, her face was dominated by the gag. With her arms held tightly behind her, Anne’s breasts became more prominent. Her erect nipples were clearly visible beneath the tight fabric. The crotch rope was buried in the folds of her crotch. It was so tight that it pulled the waist rope, which was very tight, down her belly a bit forming a slight “v”. From the back, the tightened waist rope made her hips look wider.

Responding to how….sexy she looked all tied up, Anne moved her hips a bit and felt the pressure of the crotch rope on her sensitive spot. She moaned at the intensity of the feeling. That rope may come in handy, she thought...

    Client, part 3
...Her relief didn’t last long as she learned the purpose of the new rope at her wrists. Julia had thrown the rope over the branch and was now pulling Anne’s hands and arms up behind her. Anne had to bend at the waist as her arms continued to be pulled up. The discomfort was real and painful. Julia didn’t seem to notice Anne’s muffled protests. She continued pulling until Anne’s arms were almost pointing straight up. Anne’s legs were straight and her knees were locked and she was bent over at the waist. She had a good look at the boots now! Not for long though. Julia worked a rope under the ball gag strap and used it to raise Anne’s head by passing the free end between Anne’s upraised hands and pulling. The free end of the rope ended up entwined in Anne’s ponytail. The relief she had felt in her neck muscles was replaced by an uncomfortable strain...

Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries Under a scorching desert sky, Micah is shackled and restrained to a massive rock formation... She gasps in angst as the cold, hard water stream pelts her naked body head to toe. Her Master flogs her wet body and then turns the firehose back upon her flesh before fingering her to orgasm... Now, she is chained to a tree. Again, her Master's flogger works it's magic upon her bare flesh as he viciously strikes against her bare back, ass and pussy. The magic wand is pressed menacingly against her cunt. The pleasure from the vibrator briefly soothes her pain as she cums explosively... Micah now finds herself head over heels, suspended in chains from the roof line. Her Master applies electric nipple clamps to her breasts and pussy lips. She wriggles, writhes and drools as the power flows. The wand is applied again causing a convulsive, shrieking orgasm that even her ball gag cannot contain... Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries

    Client, part 4
...Anne’s muffled screams filled the room as she was dragged along the floor towards the hoist. Her legs were soon pointing straight up as the hoist slowly, inexorably lifted her, seemingly without strain. Soon she was balanced on her neck and the back off her shoulders and then her head and then she was clear of the floor. The hoist ground away until Anne’s head was about two feet off the floor. She was swinging gently side-to-side and was twisting slowly as well. The noise and the lifting stopped. Her head throbbed from the pressure of hanging up side down...

    Client, part 5
...The woman wasted no time in restraining Anne. She was rough and efficient. A bar cuffed to her ankles spread Anne’s legs wide. Her hands were pulled up high behind her back, bending her at her waist until her torso was parallel to the floor. Heavy straps were buckled to the tops of her thighs and additional ropes were wrapped around her chest. Using these restraints, the woman pulled Anne up and off her feet until she was hanging in an upright “L” position by her shoulder ropes and the straps on her thighs. The toes of her shoes barely touched the floor. The woman secured the bar at the midpoint to the floor further straining Anne’s already tortured body. She roughly pulled Anne’s head up and back by threading a rope through her hair and pulling it tight to her wrist ropes...

    Client, part 6
...She gathered them up and pounced on Julia’s unconscious body. Anne was a bondage novice, but knew how to tie secure knots. And she had received a crash course in bondage over the past two days. She was a fast learner and had no doubts that she could adequately secure Julia. She soon had Julia’s hands tied palm to palm behind her back. She checked Julia’s breathing and was relieved to hear her breathe in and out as if she was asleep. All the ropes seemed to be entangled so Anne had to take precious time to sort them out. Julia had not stirred. Anne shook a piece of rope out of the pile and tied Julia’s elbows together. Julia was more flexible than Anne was and Anne was able to draw the woman’s elbow together so that only the rope cinch kept them from touching...

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