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Part 2: Bound for Pleasure

7.30pm, Thursday, August 17, 1999

I do not know what prompted me to do it but I decided to sneak a quick look at one of the bondage magazines and have what us Aussies so affectionately term as a "wank" or simply pulling my pud while Jade was on the phone to her mother. She did seem to be a little happier as well. From experience, I knew it would be a long conversation. I would have plenty of time.

I leant over to unlock the chest. The key slid in easily - too easily. You cannot possibly begin to appreciate the deep horror I felt when I realised that I had left it unlocked. For a moment, I panicked. I was in a mild state of shock as I surveyed the contents of the chest. Has Jade seen this stuff? No, Oh God No! Hurriedly, I lifted the lid up further. Hastily, I looked through all the stuff that I had accumulated over the years. Everything seemed to be in place as usual. It was only then that my heart rate began to slow to anywhere its normal rate. I realised that I had been foolish and panicked for no good reason. Of course Jade hasn't found it! I knew all too well how she would have reacted had she discovered the chests decidedly kinky contents. I was absolutely certain that my dirty little secret was still safe for Jade's behaviour had been entirely normal over the past few days. In fact, if anything, she had seemed to be slightly happier than she had been of late although we were still not attempting any kind of real intimacy. I had no way of knowing how wrong I was or the real reason why Jade seemed to be happier…

To be on the safe side, I locked the chest. Then I double-checked to ensure that I really had locked it up tight so that she could not gain access. The last order of business was to ensure that the keys were well hidden. They went in that last bastion of male supremacy, the ubiquitous garden shed, out back. I knew they would be safe there. Jade hardly ever ventured in there. When Jade finally did come up, I was lying on the bed, reading the latest Stephen King novel as if nothing had happened.

6.00am Friday morning, August 18, 1999

It was just another ordinary Friday morning, like a hundred Fridays earlier. Get up, shower, dress and breakfast together. Each day always began with breakfast and a discussion of the day's events and the latest news. Although it was our wedding anniversary, I didn't feel like mentioning the fact, for I was feeling thoroughly depressed with the turn for the worse our marriage had taken lately. Jade was also subdued and downcast. I noticed that she would not meet my eye while we ate and my spirits sank still lower. I racked my brains for a solution to our dilemma and could not find one.

Sadly, I got up and said, "Well, I'd better get going now. See you later. Have a good day." It was the most perfunctory of farewells. There had once been a time Jade would cling to me all the way to the front door, letting me go only after a prolonged kiss and cuddle. Today, she didn't even look up.

"Bye," she said in a flat voice devoid of emotion.

My heart breaking, I hurried out the door and headed off to work. I could not help feeling that we had had it. I was going to lose her and I wanted to die. Even the rare cloudless blue shy failed to improve my black mood. It was going to be a lovely warm day, all too rare for this time of year but I didn't care.

Jade looked up, as Michael sadly departed, shoulders slumped. Greatly relieved that he had left at last, she gustily exhaled. Thank heavens Mickey did not see how tense I was! I'm sorry I'm hurting you so much, she thought as she regarded him closing the front door. But I had to act like everything is still 'normal' whatever that means. This is 'normal'?!? Happily she hugged herself. But tonight, I will be yours! Yours forever. First things first…

The first task of the day was to check the chest. It was locked and the keys were nowhere to be seen. So he's found out that it was unlocked. Wonder if he knows that I know?

She picked up the phone and called Melissa. A few rings later, Melissa sleepily replied.

"Mel, how are you?" Jade brightly asked, her excitement growing by the minute.

"Fine, how are you?"

"Oh great, great," Jade enthused. "I'm just calling to say I'll be on my way soon."

"Terrific, Well, I'll see you soon then!" Melissa replied. "Hows Michael?"

"Not too happy!" Jade sombrely said, "I know that he thinks that I don't care any more. You should have seen how sad he looked when he left."

Melissa remarked, "But just wait till tonight!" Dryly, "I don't think he'll ever forget tonight!"

Giggling, "I don't think so."

"Well I'd better let you go now and I'll see you soon." Melissa said.

"OK, see you later, Bye!"

"Bye" Jade hung up the phone and hugged herself again, shivering with excitement at the prospect of the day to come. It was going to be a day like no other.

Hurriedly, Jade showered and dressed in one of her favourite outfits, selecting the one that she wore when she wanted to look and feel sexy. Minimally short black leather look PVC skirt, over a black lace body suit and matching PVC jacket. Black stockings and her favourite pair of glossy black Italian leather high-heeled knee-high boots completed the ensemble. Admiring herself in the mirror, Jade could not help feeling how appropriate it was, considering the nature of the days shopping.

Quickly, Jade wrote a short note, explaining her whereabouts. "Happy Anniversary…" she wrote. Her last task before leaving the house was to fill out a short shopping list of required items, none of which were to be found in any supermarket.

Forty-five minutes later, Jade pulled up outside Melissa's luxurious two-storey terrace home. She lived in the trendy formerly working-class inner suburb of Brunswick, just north of the city itself. The rows of expensively renovated terrace homes in the quiet tree-lined street where Melissa lived were now home to various professionals such as doctors and architects, their former working-class occupants having long since moved out. Feeling both apprehensive and excited, she rang the doorbell. A few moments later the door opened and Melissa ushered her in. She whistled when she saw what Jade was wearing. "Oh my, we ARE dressed to kill aren't we?" she quipped.

"Well, you're looking pretty jazzy yourself!" Jade cheekily replied, pointing to Melissa's own equally short figure hugging little black dress and high heels.

"Thank you." Melissa primly said, although her eyes betrayed her amusement. "Ready to rock and roll?"

"Sure am!"

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"Good on you!" She took Jade in her arms and gave her a tender embrace. Jade wished Michael would hold her like this more often as she hugged Melissa back. But its not long now…. Arm in arm, Melissa led Jade up the hallway to the spacious kitchen at the rear of the house. Jade flopped down in a soft chair while Melissa fired up the Gaggenau coffee-making machine, imported at great expense from Italy. Melissa had always been a coffee connoisseur and it showed. Jade was quite certain that if nothing else, she'd get a very good cup of coffee out of the whole day. She was right - it was excellent.

After relaxing with their coffee (cappuccino for Jade and a long black for Melissa) and a quick pit stop to the bathroom to check their make up, the girls were ready to leave.

For the first time in many weeks, Jade felt happy and at peace with herself. She was looking forwards to the shock Michael was going to get. If everything went to plan, not only would she get to be tied up later on that day but she would also make it a wedding anniversary never to forget.

Although the two girls chatted about this and that, mostly about past relationships, sex and bondage in no particular order, Jade was mostly silent, lost in her own thoughts during the drive to the bondage shop. 'Bound For Pleasure' was located in one of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, only a couple of kilometres from the Central Business District. She could not help feeling nervous and apprehensive since she did not really know what to expect. Everything seemed to be happening too fast. Jade could not help wondering what it was going to be like inside the shop. She imagined that it would be dark and Gothic inside and full of whips and chains, staffed by leather wearing sales assistants.

Jade was wrong. It turned out to be anything but. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it was light and airy inside. Both sales assistants were neatly dressed and friendly, introducing themselves as Rick and Tony. After politely advising both girls that they were available if they needed assistance, they discreetly withdrew. Tony was quite casually dressed in a yellow polo shirt and a pair of jeans. Rick was attired in a crisp white shirt and beige slacks. His shoes were polished, Jade noticed. She liked men who took pride in their appearance. They looked and acted so normal they could have been accountants. They behaved as though there was nothing unusual about the entry of two beautiful young Asian women. However, the merchandise was quite unlike anything Jade had seen before in any other shop. God only knew she'd been to enough shops in her time. Many of those shopping expeditions had been with her erstwhile shopaholic friend, Melissa. But this shop was right outside Jade's experience.

Jade goggled at the racks and racks of specialist bondage equipment and toys on display. There was so much to see she did not know where to start. Melissa interrupted her rapt gaze, saying, "Interesting isn't it?"

"Mm, I don't think interesting is quite the word…" Jade replied. "Theres so much stuff here! I can't believe it!"

"I know!" Taking charge as usual, Melissa said, "Well, why don't we look at the ropes? You need to get some for tonight."

The reminder why they were there and the mere mention of the word, 'rope', knowing it was going to be used to tie her up, made Jade feel slightly euphoric. She could feel a distinct moistness beneath her expensive satin and lace panties, as her pussy became increasingly damp in sympathetic reaction to her growing excitement.

Hastily collecting her thoughts, aware Melissa was beginning to look at her strangely, Jade asked, "How much do you think I'll need?"

Jade was under the impression that she'd only need to get ten or fifteen metres or so of rope, which was around 30 to 45 feet. She was shocked when Melissa airily replied, "Oh, a couple of hundred feet or so should do it."

"A couple of hundred feet? Why do we need so much?" Jade asked.

"Aah," Melissa replied knowingly, "You'd be surprised how much rope it can take to tie someone up properly." She leant forwards and said, "After all, you don't want to escape…" She stared into Jade's eyes. "Do you?"

"Uh, no… I guess not." she replied, wondering not for the first time, what she had gotten herself into. Normally used to taking charge herself, especially in her capacity as a taxation accounting manager at work, it was a new experience for her. Jade was surprised to discover that she was enjoying the way that Melissa had taken charge. She decided to go along with the flow and see what happened.

"Good." Melissa said, in the kind of firm voice that brooked no argument. She looked around for assistance. "Can I help you?" Rick politely asked.

"Why, yes you can, thank you!" Melissa replied before Jade had had a chance to speak. "My friend here," indicating Jade, "wants to be tied up and we need some rope." Suddenly embarrassed with Melissa's forthrightness, Jade blushed. Wisely, Rick did not laugh although he did grin at her discomfort. Melissa continued as if shopping for rope to tie her friend up with was the most normal thing in the world, "Could you recommend some good rope? Jade wants me to tie her up tight and she doesn't want to escape." She glanced at a mortified Jade. "Do you, dear?"

"Uh, n-no,"

"Jade wants me to tie her up so that her husband can find her," Melissa informed a rapt Rick. "What he does to her after that…" Ostentatiously, Melissa allowed her voice to trail off leaving both of them in little doubt as to what would happen to Jade after he discovered her tied up in the bedroom.

"Anyway," suddenly all business, "can you show us some rope?"

"Certainly, madam." Rick led them over to the far wall where the large spools of rope were kept. Jade was surprised to see so many different varieties and sizes of rope. For Jade, rope had previously been a purely utilitarian thing, to be used on the trailer to tie down loose rubbish or as clothesline - it now took on a new significance for her. "I'd recommend this one," he said, "I'm afraid it's expensive but it's also the best there is." Holding it up for them to touch, he explained its special qualities. "It's very soft to the touch which means it won't abrade the skin so easily like some other kinds of rope will do." Warming to his theme, Rick continued, "The other good thing about this rope is that it knots easily. Like this." he demonstrated, tying a couple of knots in it, "and like this," untying them.

Jade could not help feeling very impressed with his obvious knowledge and expertise. Since it was to be a very special occasion for her and Michael, she wanted only the very best in tying materials. "That's fine, I'll take it." she said.

"How much do you need?" he asked.

Before Jade had a chance to reply, Melissa answered for her, "Two hundred and fifty feet please."

"What size do you want?" Momentarily nonplussed, Jade looked to Melissa for guidance. Seeing her confusion, Rick explained that 'size' referred to the diameter of the rope. "I'd recommend five millimetre rope - that's just under a quarter inch. Too thin, and it can be uncomfortable. Too thick - although it's more comfortable, it's not as secure. This is the ideal compromise between comfort and security," Smiling at Jade, "since your friend obviously doesn't want you to escape too easily."

"I don't want her to escape at all!" Melissa interjected.

"Neither do I." Jade said, by now gaining confidence. "I want Melissa to tie me up real good."

"My my, you really are getting into this now aren't you?" Melissa said, "I'm looking forwards to doing just that!"

"So am I," Jade said, acutely aware of the growing heat in her loins.

"While I think about it," Melissa mused, "she talks too much. Could you… recommend a good gag?"

The heat in Jade's nether regions abruptly increased as she heard Melissa's suggestion that she needed a good gag. Jade realised, with a slightly guilty thrill that she wished that she could be tied up - now!

"The gags are over this way," he commented, as he led the two girls towards the imposing array of gags hanging on the other wall. Jade could not help being bewildered at the number and variety of gags on offer. Suddenly her roving eyes fell on a harness ball-gag, very similar to the one she had seen in the chest but did not try on.

"I like that one, can I have a look at it?" she asked.

Sure," he said retrieving it off the wall and handing it to her. Jade turned it this way and that, admiring the smooth feel of the half-inch leather straps, the polished metal buckles and the quality of its construction. She knew she wanted to try it on but hesitated to express her desires.

Accurately guessing her thoughts, Melissa asked, "Why don't you try it on?"

A pregnant silence followed before Jade aqiuesced with her suggestion. Hesitantly, "You'll have to show me how to put this thing on - I… I don't know how to." Why did I lie like that?

"Here," Melissa said, "Give it to me. Now open your mouth wide."

Obediently, Jade did as she was told. Almost as soon as she had opened it, the large bright red ball of the gag invaded her mouth, cutting off further speech. Quickly, Melissa buckled up all the straps. As each strap was buckled up, the ball was forced deeper into her mouth. Jade's groin was on fire as she admired her thoroughly gagged visage in the mirror. She could not believe the way the gag felt in her mouth. It was a lot tighter than the one she had tried on a few days ago. The gag really filled her mouth. Jade also had little difficulty wondering how Michael would react when he discovered her tied up and gagged with that gag preventing any speech. She moved to undo the buckles, intending to tell Melissa that she would take it when she felt her hands slapped away. Surprised, Jade stared at Melissa but she was nowhere to be seen.

{[Click for full size image]} Suddenly, Jade's hands were wrenched behind her. Too surprised to react, she felt them being crossed together and ropes being looped around her wrists. Quickly and expertly, Melissa tied her hands together behind her back. After looping and crossing several turns of ropes around her wrists in a square lashing, Melissa carefully cinched them tight and knotted everything well out of reach of her fingers. Hands bound behind her, Jade had no way of removing the gag.

Melissa stared at her bound friend with barely concealed delight. She wondered what on earth had possessed her to do that to Jade? "This is just a very small taste of what you're going to get tonight!" Melissa chortled, laughing at the astonished expression on her face. Jade had never had her hands tied together, let alone like this and gagged to boot. Carefully, she wiggled her fingers trying to get at the knots.

"Oh no you don't!" Melissa laughed. "Don't bother - you're just wasting your time. I made sure that you can't reach them." Suddenly Jade recalled the scene from the instructional video that she had watched and realised that Melissa would have knotted the ropes in the same way, just above the cinching between her wrists - well out of reach of her fingers. She would be staying tied until Melissa decided to release her.

She had never felt so helpless but so free in her life! Jade felt as though she was no longer in control of her own destiny - a new emotion for her. Usually it was Jade who called the shots at work but in this case the roles had been neatly reversed. Suddenly Jade realised how nice it was, not having to make decisions any more. Let's go with the flow… she thought. Happily, Jade wriggled this way and that trying to get a better look at her bound hands in the mirror.

Jade wanted to come very badly by now. However, the way her hands were tied behind her and the public environment of the shop prevented her from doing anything about it.

"How does that feel?" Melissa asked, great amusement evident in her voice.

Jade tried to speak but the only sound she could make was a muffled "mmmpfhhhh."

"What were you trying to say?" Melissa teased. "I think you like being tied up. I think that since you like being tied up so much that perhaps I should leave you like this till we get back!"

"MMMPFHHH!" Jade protested.

"May I suggest this for the lady?" Rick asked, proffering a custom made collar for Melissa's approval. It was one and a half inches wide and sturdily made of shiny black leather. It buckled up in back. Four silver rings protruded from it, one on each side. The kit also included two padlocks and keys.

Melissa took one look and virtually snatched it from his hands, so eager was she to properly collar Jade. Before Jade knew it, it had been fastened around her neck, buckled into place and padlocked. The salesman solemnly handed a five-foot piece of rope to Melissa, which she fastened to the front ring in the collar.

Ignoring Jade's ineffectual protests, Melissa gleefully turned to the hovering and attentive Rick and said, "Jade likes the gag and collar - she'll take both."

"Very good," he replied.

Suddenly solicitous of her friend, Melissa asked, "Anything else you like the look of, Jade?" Spotting the large display case with a great variety and range of vibrators and butt-plugs inside, she towed Jade over to inspect them more closely. After examining several different vibrators and butt-plugs, Melissa settled on three. One large eight inch model which had a range of settings from high to low. The other vibrator was smaller. It was only six inches long but it had one unique refinement that Melissa liked very much. It could be set to turn itself on and off at random times for equally random periods of time. Its purpose was simple - to keep the wearer on the edge of orgasm for an extended period of time but not allow her to actually come. The whole idea was to keep the wearer on the height of sexual tension. The butt-plug was also remotely controlled and was really quite large.

Beaming, Melissa said, "I'll take these too!" She looked at Tony. "I'll pay for these myself." Her smile widened as she turned towards to Jade, "These are my gift to you." Jade didn't like the look in Melissa's face - it presaged ill for her whatever it might be. Not for the first time that day, she wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Melissa was as good as her word. After paying for all three in addition to some lubricant, she forced Jade over to the fitting room. "Could you cut some rope and bring it over please?" she called out to Rick. Completely bewildered with the turn events had taken, Jade felt herself spiralling out of control. Jade felt powerless to control what was happening to her. After all, she had never been controlled quite like this in her life before. Jade had no way to stop what was coming to her and she realised with a small shock that she didn't really want to anyway. She felt scared but strangely excited too. The growing wetness in her groin was testament to her ever-increasing excitement. Jade hoped that Melissa would not notice her rather obvious arousal but she had a feeling that this might not be the case. She rather feared that Melissa had indeed noticed.

Jade was right. Melissa had noticed. Much to her surprise, Melissa realised just how turned on she was by the delicious sight of the bound and gagged Jade and her all too visible arousal. Melissa flushed, as she became aware of her ever-increasing wetness below. She felt very glad Jade could not see her reaction.

After reaching the privacy of the spacious fitting rooms, Melissa motioned for Jade to stand in front of her. Obediently, wondering what Melissa had in mind for her, Jade complied. Suddenly, Jade felt Melissa's hands reaching up underneath her skirt, grasping the crotch fastening of her bodysuit and undoing it before slipping her fingers into the waistband of her already rather moist panties. Before she had a chance to protest, Melissa yanked them downwards. Triumphantly, Melissa held them up for her to admire. Feeling how wet Jade's panties were, Melissa commented, "Oh my, you DO seem to be enjoying this!!" Melissa felt a steadily growing heat in her loins as she perused Jade's panties. She had barely finished speaking when Jade felt her fingers invade, then begin exploring her snatch. She stiffened in total shock, not knowing to make of another woman doing this to her. Melissa continued rubbing her increasingly swollen and wet clitoris and cunt. Her own arousal steadily increasing, Melissa asked Jade, "You like this, don't you?" Jade blushed, knowing that she was indeed enjoying this - very much! "Now for your present. You're going to LOVE this!" Melissa cheerfully enthused, her smile so wide it seemed her face must split in two.

Abruptly, before Jade could climax, Melissa withdrew her fingers. Jade whimpered with disappointment as they retreated from her inflamed pussy. Ignoring her plaintive cries of complaint, Melissa jerked her skirt down before taking the rope that the salesman had given her and tying several loops rather tightly around her slender waist just above her hips before knotting it in front and letting the ends dangle on to the floor. Jade shivered in barely suppressed delight as she realised the eventual purpose of that rope.

Letting the ends drop on the floor, Melissa commanded "Spread your legs!" Thoroughly in control, Melissa said, "Yes that's right," as Jade moved to comply, knowing further resistance was useless. Her feet several feet apart from each other, Jade watched with total fascination as Melissa picked up and slowly lubricated the second vibrator - the one with the random settings. Jade moaned as Melissa inserted the vibrator up her already aching pussy. She was so aroused and wet that it slid easily upwards. Slowly, drawing out the tension, Melissa slid it inch by excruciating inch up her love hole until it was swallowed up inside her. She felt deliciously full as it slipped into place. Once the vibrator had vanished inside her, Melissa carefully taped the remote control box to the inside of her thigh but did not turn it on - yet.

The buttplug followed next. Apprehensively, Jade watched Melissa smilingly lubricate this implement, knowing full well where it was going to end up. She was not at all sure that she wanted anything of the kind shoved up her butt. However, since she had had her hands tied together behind her and was gagged so thoroughly, she had no chance of protesting - which was exactly how Melissa wanted it. Jade had rarely ever felt so alive or turned on quite like this. Suddenly she realised what she had been missing for so long. To be bound hand and foot and casually, carelessly used like this. She resolved that, in future she would take every opportunity to play these kinds of games with Michael.

Suddenly she felt the end of the buttplug probing her puckered little rear hole. Gently Melissa pushed it upwards. Jade could feel her ass cheeks contracting as they accepted the entry of this invader. It slid slowly and wetly upwards until her back end was thoroughly plugged up. Jade could scarcely believe the way it felt. She had expected it to hurt but this was anything but hurting! It felt very strange but she liked it. Her rear had never felt so full. Extremely full. She moaned louder into the gag as her body tried to take in these new, strange and thoroughly pleasurable sensations.

Jade's eyes were enormous as Melissa took the dangling rope ends and passed them between her legs. Melissa looped them over her waistrope behind her and firmly snugged the ropes up before passing them back between her thighs and knotting everything off in front of her, well out of reach of her bound hands. As the crotchrope tightened slowly but inexorably, Jade could feel both devices being pushed ever so slightly further up both her cunt and back hole. The fullness of both orifices astonished her. The ropes also pressed insistently against her mons, intensifying the pleasure below. Only then did Melissa do up the crotch fastening of Jade's bodysuit hiding everything from view.

A wicked gleam appeared in Melissa's eyes as she finished taping the second box to Jade's other thigh. There was no warning as she flipped the switches. For a brief moment, nothing happened and Jade wondered what all the fuss had been about. Suddenly both toys exploded into life. Jade jerked spastically like a rag doll as they pulsated with a scarcely credible alien force inside her. Both her holes felt like liquid fire as the beginnings of a massive orgasm stirred within her. Jade wailed her delight - then suddenly, shockingly they stopped. Moaning with disappointment, Jade slumped as they ceased working their special brand of magic inside her. Without warning, first the buttplug vibrated into life, closely followed by the vibrator. Again Jade spasmed with shock and pleasure. All of a sudden, the vibrator stopped then the buttplug. Melissa rocked with laughter at the look of shock on Jade's face. Half a minute later both kicked in again causing Jade to involuntarily react.

"How do you like that, Jade?" Melissa laughed. "You want to know what I like the most about these toys? Hmm? Of course," she teased, "I forgot you can't talk. I guess I better tell you. You won't have any warning when they switch themselves on - they operate at completely random times. The duration of operation is also random," she happily informed Jade. "Try to walk, see how it feels," she encouraged her. Hesitantly, Jade took a step forwards before stopping dead, quivering in barely concealed shock and naked desire as the vibrator kicked in yet again. Jade's steps were unsteady and wobbly as she tried to adjust to the fullness of both her holes and the way both toys would turn themselves on at such random intervals. While Jade hesitantly walked around the private changing area, Melissa took the opportunity to mention, "Oh and by the way, these are staying in you until we get back to your place!"

"Mmmpffphhhhh!!" Jade whuffled an ineffectual protest.

"What did you say?" Melissa asked, "I'm glad you like them. I knew you would." She leaned close and said, "I know you like them dear, that why I bought them for you."

Once again, Jade could hardly believe her predicament. Tied up, gagged and both holes plugged up with devices each doing their best to provide her with as much pleasure as torment. It was totally frustrating the way they would switch off as she was about to climax. Jade longed for the sweet pleasure they gave her when on. It was torment not knowing when they would suddenly go back on. Walking around was equally difficult what with trying not to react too obviously when one or the other of her sex toys would come on. Periodically, both would simultaneously choose to erupt into sudden shocking life, intensifying the level of shock - and pleasure!

Perfectly well aware the effect her special gift was having on Jade, Melissa informed her, "We're going out for lunch - my treat," Seeing the look of horror on Jade's lovely face, Melissa mercilessly continued, "Then a bit of shopping afterwards," she cooed. "I know how much you love shopping! Perhaps you could try on that little black dress you like so much. And we've got to get some lingerie for you…" Melissa smiled sweetly, full in Jade's face as she pulled her skirt back up, covering both vibrators and the crotchrope keeping them in place. She leant down and picked up Jade's moist panties up. Stuffing them in her handbag, "I don't think you need worry about these, dear." Jade could only watch helplessly as her panties disappeared inside Melissa's handbag.

Melissa led Jade out of the private changing area at the back of the store and towed her around the shop, helping her pick out various items she thought she would need later. A collection of leather straps was added to the shopping bag, as was a leather discipline helmet and bondage harness with a crotch strap, which could be used to secure the wearers arms to their sides. At first, Jade's steps were uncertain and wobbly as she vainly tried to get used to the operation of the vibrator and buttplug. However, it was not long before she got used to the feeling of perambulating around with both orifices being well and truly stimulated.

What Jade was unable to control was when they would come on and she still twitched involuntarily when ever they vibrated into life. This is going to be a shopping expedition like no other! she thought. I wonder what the rest of the day's going to be like? I can't wait to be tied up… I wish we could go home now and be tied up as soon as possible. I want to be tied up, I need to be tied up. Her longing to be bound was so intense she shivered with naked longing and desire.

"Are you OK?" Melissa asked.

Stupid question! Jade thought. How can I answer her if I'm gagged like this?

"Sure?" Melissa asked.

Jade shook her head - no!

Surprised, Melissa asked, "I thought you were enjoying yourself!"

"MMMPfpphhhhh" Jade snarled, frustrated that she could not communicate her desires to Melissa.

"Do you want me to untie you?"

Once again Jade shook her head to indicate no. "Mmpphhh!!" she frantically mouthed hoping Melissa would take the hint.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Melissa asked. "Do you want me to un-gag you?"

Jade nodded - Yes!!

"OK. But this better be good because if its not, I'll put this straight back on you and you'll wear it while we go out shopping whether you like it or not. I might even leave you tied up too," Melissa warned before unbuckling the gag. "Now whats the problem?"

Shyly, Jade said, "I want to be tied up now. I don't want to go shopping, I want to go home and be tied up now."

Surprised but pleased, Melissa commented, "Well now, that's one for the books! I had no idea you enjoyed these games so much!!"

Momentarily embarrassed, Jade hung her head and did not reply.

"Ok," Melissa said, "we go home like you want, then I'll tie you up. But," she admonished, "you'll be wishing that we'd gone shopping instead because I'm going to tie you up real good." Carefully appraising her friend, "You like it like that, I think" The look on Jade's face told Melissa all she needed to know. "Once we get home, you're committed. You still want to go through with this?"

Jade unhesitatingly nodded yes. Not only did she wish to experience bondage, real bondage for the first time, there was also the question of a marriage to save.

"Excellent!" Melissa approved. "You do realise its still only eleven now? We'll be back home around twelve. What time will Michael be back home?"

"Mm, I think about seven or so. Sometimes eight, if hes got lots of work to do." Jade replied.

"That means you'll be tied up for at least six or seven hours. Could be eight if he's running late." Melissa commented. "And, by the way, once I've finished tying you up, I'm not going to release you, no matter what. Be warned." Smiling, she repeated, "Still want to do this?"

Jade looked a little uncertain before blurting out, "Yes!!" She reasoned that since Melissa was her friend after all, she would not hurt her or let her come to any harm. Besides which, she did so much want to find out what it really was like to be very tightly tied up for an extended period of time.

"Terrific!" Melissa enthused, "Well we'd better pay for this stuff now then we'll go home…. Hows that sound?"

"Sounds fine to me." Jade cautiously replied.

"Oh, and by the way, guess what?" Melissa asked,

"What?" Jade wanted to know, by now thoroughly wary of Melissa after the events of the morning. It seemed every time she spoke, it led to yet another bondage for her of some kind!

Glancing at the large pile of stuff on the front counter, Melissa snickered, "You can't leave without paying for all this stuff, can you now?"

"I guess not," Jade said wondering what was coming next. She did not have long to wait.

"Well then," Melissa laughed merrily, "I'd better untie your hands now. But any nonsense and I'll re-tie you so tight you'll wonder what hit you and put you in the car boot for the drive home. Understand?"

Jade nodded in silent acquiescence.

"Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that because I don't want you chickening out on me, I've decided to tie you up anyway and put you in the boot after you have finished paying for all your nice new toys!"

"Awww," Jade whined, "do you have to? I'll be good, I promise!" She continued, "I'll let you tie me up once we get home…You know, I…" Her words trailed off as she noticed the stony expression on Melissa's face. Suddenly, she knew that Melissa meant what she said - there would be no appeal.

"Sorry darling, but you're going to be tied up for the drive home whether you like it or not, "Melissa gently said, "Dear, you signed up for this ages ago and now you're going to see this through. Now," she continued thoughtfully, "this can be as easy or as hard as you like. Its up to you."

Jade could not help being somewhat surprised with the change in her friend. On one hand, while she knew that Melissa was used to taking control at work, she had never expected Mel to control her quite like this! Their relationship had always been one of mutual give and take. She could not believe the way she had relinquished control so easily to Melissa. Yet it came naturally to her, to want to be made to submit to Melissa's whims and tied up any way that she chose. For once in her life, she did not have to worry about making any decisions - they were all being made for her. She sensed Melissa must have instinctively realised this too.

After Jade had finished paying for her purchases, which amounted to a whopping thousand dollars plus, necessitating the use of her gold Amex card, Melissa led her back out to the changing area. She flung the ball-gag and a couple of pieces of rope at Jade and said, "You know what to do with these. Gag yourself and tie your legs together. And I expect you to tie them properly, understand? I'm going out to get the car and bring it around back. When I get back, I want to see you gagged, legs bound and hands crossed behind you." Before Jade had time to reply, Melissa was striding away, merrily jingling her car keys.

Jade knew that she would obey - after all she had no choice! Happily, all her marital woes temporarily forgotten, she leant over to begin binding her ankles and knees together. She squirmed with pleasure as the ropes tightened and bit ever so gently into her skin. Carefully, Jade cinched them tight and knotted every thing off, placing the ends between her legs so she could not reach them. As her legs pressed together, Jade found how it really emphasised the presence of the vibrators inside her most private parts. It would be a long drive home, she thought.

Jade examined her new ball-gag, admiring its construction and the seemingly multitudinous straps and buckles. She felt herself growing wetter as she turned it over in her hands. Jade was no longer conscious of her surroundings as she stared at the gag, about to be used to silence her. The ball seemed to grow in size as she gazed at it. What am I waiting for? she thought. Lets do it!! With that thought, Jade opened her mouth as wide as she could and popped the bright red ball in her mouth, carefully adjusting it so it nestled in snugly behind her teeth. She took the first strap and buckled it tightly behind her and pulled the top head strap over her head and buckled that one up too. Finally, only the chinstrap remained, which she did up, forcing the ball deep in her mouth, cutting off all speech. Jade stared at the padlock - once it was locked in place, the gag would not be coming off until Melissa decided so. She held both keys. Quickly, before she could change her mind, Jade reached behind her head and inserted the hasp of the padlock. She took a deep breath and locked it shut. Jade was now partially bound and very thoroughly gagged. It remained only for Melissa to bind both hands behind her and the bondage would be complete. Jade was so aroused she wanted to come very badly but the devilishly random capriciousness of the vibrator implanted deep inside her lovehole prevented her from achieving orgasm.

Jade crossed her hands behind her back, and moaned through her gag as the vibrators did their dirty work, cutting out just when she thought she could stand it no longer. A few moments later, Melissa reappeared, carrying a couple of coils of rope. Jade shivered with excitement when she saw the rope Melissa was carrying - she was about to be bound properly for the first time in her life.

"Wow," Melissa exclaimed when she saw the way that Jade had tied and gagged herself, "You sure did a good job!"

Jade wriggled happily, delighted that Melissa seemed to be so impressed with her handiwork. She gently mmppfhhhh'd for Melissa's benefit. Tenderly, Melissa placed one arm around her shoulders and asked, "Are you OK? If you're not enjoying this or if it's hurting you we can stop at any time you like, ok?"

"MMMpffppHHHH" Jade vehemently nodded, signalling that she was just fine. If only I wasn't gagged, she thought, How can I tell her how much I am enjoying this? Seeing the rapt expression on Jade's face, Melissa gently said, "Don't worry, you don't have to tell me… I do know how much you seem to be enjoying this." Suddenly grinning, "Michael is a very lucky man, I don't think…" She embraced Jade and hugged her tightly. Jade hugged her back and they held each other for what seemed an eternity. Melissa tenderly kissed Jade full on her ballgagged mouth before breaking away. Jade's eyes were wet with silvery tears as Melissa briskly said, "Well, time to get a move on!" More gently, "Put your hands behind your back."

Only a true bondage enthusiast could possibly appreciate the deep emotional impact of these simple words for they symbolise the beginning of bondage, of being physically restrained and helplessness in the thrall of another. Jade felt very emotional as she turned around and placed her hands behind her back for tying. For the first time she truly understood what bondage meant to Michael and why it had distressed him so much that he had not been able to share his passion for being tied up with her. She could hardly wait until seven o'clock when Michael arrived home. I just can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees me all tied up and gagged…

Jade shivered with delight and not a little apprehension as the rope looped then tightened around both wrists behind her. Carefully, Melissa cinched Jade's bindings tight and knotted the ends out of reach as before. "Stand up." Melissa ordered. With a little difficulty for her ankles were already bound, Jade moved to comply. Quickly, Melissa looped a long coil of rope around Jade's tiny waist and bound wrists just above her hips and pulled each loop tight. Six or seven loops later, Melissa cinched the rope tight between her back and wrists, pinning her hands to her back. Melissa took the last and longest coil of rope, using it to tightly lash Jades arms to her body, above and below her breasts. After cinching the cords tight, Jade took a step back to examine her handiwork.

"This is so you can't wriggle out," Melissa lectured. "I don't want you escaping on me just yet…"

But I don't want to!! As if I could anyway! Jade thought happily. For the first time in her life, Jade was now well and truly bound hand and foot. Her brain was a tumult from all the sensations her body was receiving - the taut ropes above and below her breasts, at hands and ankles and the vibrators inside her, locked in by the tight crotch rope. Jade's eyes were enormous as she stared at Melissa. Sensing her mood, Melissa kissed her on the lips and the portion of the ball protruding from her ball-gagged mouth even more tenderly than previously. Jade had never felt so close to her friend than before. She wanted to hug Melissa but the way her hands had been bound behind her prevented her from doing so.

Carefully inspecting Jade's bondage, it suddenly occurred to Melissa that she had never behaved in this way before. She giggled silently to herself. Bondage has this effect… Melissa felt deliciously wicked and wanton the way she had behaved earlier. She could hardly believe the manner in which she had tied Jades hands behind her back on the spur of the moment like that. Or the way she had brought those vibrators and used them with such devastating effect on Jade. However, she did not care - it must have been the excitement of the moment! she happily thought. It was at that point, Melissa wished that she could be tied up with a vibrator up her own sweet little puss. Melissa still could not believe the way she had fingered Jade like that prior to giving her that 'present'.

"Your first real bondage… why do I get the impression you seem to be enjoying this?" Melissa asked. "Do you like being tied up?" It was a rhetorical question - Melissa knew very well how much Jade appeared to be enjoying herself.

Of course I like being tied up! I like it very much… Jade smiled as best as she could at Melissa, through her gag, trying to convey her true feelings how she felt. She wriggled happily, savouring the way it felt to be properly tied up hand and foot. She never wanted this to end.

"Rick!" Melissa called out.

"Yes? How can I help you, madam?"

"Please be a dear and take her out to the car." Melissa said. "Put her in the boot."

Vastly amused by these goings on, Rick was only to happy to oblige. "Certainly! It will be a pleasure, miss."

"I'm quite sure it's a pleasure for you," Melissa riposted.

Unabashed, Rick grinned at her before effortlessly picking up Jade and carrying her out back over one broad shoulder. Jade was astonished not only at the ease which he had picked her up like that but also the cavalier way she was being treated. She felt like a sack of potatoes, the way she had been slung over his shoulder and bodily carried out. For the first time, Jade realised just what it was like to be truly helpless.

{[Click for full size image]} Gently, Rick deposited Jade in the boot and helped make her comfortable on the large sheepskin rug inside, laying her head on the soft pillow provided. Before closing the boot, Melissa leant over and said, "In case you were wondering, I had this planned all along… that's why I put these in the boot… I'd been hoping to get the chance to tie you up and put you in the boot for the drive home. Have a nice trip!" With Melissa's words still ringing in her ears, the boot-lid clicked shut plunging Jade into darkness.

Jade distantly felt rather than heard the door slam and the car settle slightly with Melissa's weight inside. A few moments later, the engine started - Jade could feel it idling. However, the car did not move off for a few minutes - She must be speaking to Rick, Jade thought. He was so nice… I liked him. I know Melissa liked him, I saw the way she was looking at him...

At last the car moved off. Jade could feel the wheels bumping over the bluestone cobblestones of the narrow alleyway behind 'Bound For Pleasure.' The motion was like nothing she had experienced before - after all, it was not everyday that she rode in the boot of a car while bound and gagged. A few seconds later, the car stopped then suddenly turned and accelerated swiftly. Almost immediately, the motion became smoother. Jade lost herself to the sensations of her bondage - she had never been tied up quite so inescapably. Her mind was a tumult of emotions and feelings. Jade had no way of articulating her feelings only that she was loving every moment of this. She loved the way the ropes felt, the strange sensation of the gag in her mouth and the manner in which she had been so easily rendered helpless. Yet Jade felt strangely safe - she knew that Melissa would never hurt her. She'd never felt so alive or happy since the early days of her marriage to Michael.

Jade decided to see if she could escape her bonds. She pretended that she had been kidnapped for ransom - escape was imperative if she was to save her own life. The cruel kidnappers were not known for their respect for human life. The ransom deadline was only hours away. Jade shivered with a delicious thrill of terror as she experimentally tested the ropes lashing her hands so tightly together behind her. It did not take her long to realise escape would be impossible. There was no slack or give in the ropes, regardless how much she wriggled her wrists. Jade flexed her fingers as much as possible but found that the knots were nowhere to be found - Her captors had taken great care to place them out of reach. Jade soon found that her ankles and knees were equally tightly bound. She would be staying put until they arrived at their destination, wherever it was. She resigned herself to her awful fate, never to be seen or heard of again…

Suddenly, the car surged smoothly forwards and continued to accelerate until the speed levelled off at a constant hundred plus or so - we must be on the freeway now, Jade thought, not long to go now… Jade fought her ropes but they held fast. They remained firm, implacable. Meanwhile, the twin vibrators continued to drive her to the edge of virtual insanity so frustrated was she at her inability to achieve orgasm. Jade had never been more aroused in her life but the damnable capricious randomness of their operation was driving her crazy! By now, Jade was hot and sweaty from fighting the ropes that held her captive. Her hair was a mess and she knew that she must look awful.

Suddenly the speed washed away rapidly and the car's tyres scrunched on gravel. Have we arrived? Jade wondered. A few moments later, her unspoken question was answered when the car glided to a stop and the engine turned off. The car rocked gently as the unseen driver got out. Any moment now, Jade thought. Seconds later the boot lid popped open. Jade blinked her eyes as the warm sunshine washed her with its radiance. "How are you feeling?" a beaming Melissa asked, "Did you have a nice trip home?" She stared at the by now quite dishevelled and flushed Jade lying there, still firmly bound hand and foot.

Without bothering to wait for an answer, Melissa rolled Jade on her stomach and unbound her feet and knees before helping her out of the boot, a manoeuvre achieved only with some difficulty since her arms and hands were still tightly bound together behind her. Somewhat shakily, Jade leant against the car, regaining her balance and equilibrium. Quickly, Melissa hustled her into the house lest any of the neighbours should see her and call the police. Now that would be embarrassing to say the least, Melissa thought. Perish the thought! Even more hastily, she propelled Jade through the front door and closed it behind them. Satisfied that they were secure, only then did Melissa untie Jade before ungagging her.

"Enjoy yourself, because that's the last taste of freedom you're going to get for a while," Melissa said while Jade stretched herself deeply and luxuriously to chase the stiffness from her arms and legs. She leant forwards and untied Jade's waist and crotch ropes. Looking directly into her face, as the last ropes fell free, Melissa asked, "Did you enjoy these?"

Jade was still feeling slightly too stupefied to reply so Melissa confided, "I bet you liked it! My last boyfriend used to tie me up, put a vibrator up my cunt, turn it on and leave me there for a few hours." Gently, Melissa withdrew the dripping vibrator from Jade's pussy. The withdrawal of the vibrator left Jade feeling strangely empty. She wanted to come so bad it hurt, but she knew Melissa would not let her. Before Melissa removed the buttplug, she inserted her fingers up Jade's snatch and gently fingered her clitoris. Jade moaned as Melissa's probing fingers sent shocks of excitement travelling up and down her body. Just as Jade felt the first throes of orgasm, Melissa abruptly stopped what she was doing.

"Awww, please!" Jade wailed. "Keep doing it!"

"No," Melissa replied. "I want you nice and ready for when Michael gets home." Saying so she pulled out the buttplug. It came out with a wet plopping sound. Jade felt her rear hole strangely distended. Suddenly realising she needed to pee real bad, Jade dashed off to the toilet with a totally undignified haste. Panting, she closed the door behind her, squatted down and exploded inside the bowl. She had never felt such relief before. While sitting on the toilet, Jade contemplated the red rope marks on her slender wrists and ankles. That was fun! I never realised being tied up felt so good. I think I like this, she mused. She thought about the bondage still to come - she'd be tied up for just on six or seven hours. I hope I can take this, she thought. Of course I can! It'll be fun!! However her thoughts failed to relieve her increasing nervousness. She still had never been tied up really tight before and had not Melissa earlier promised not to cut her any slack? Jade knew the earlier bondage had been nothing compared to what was coming - strangely, she found herself looking forwards to it.



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