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Part 3: Happy Anniversary!

After washing her hands, Jade checked her reflection in the small mirror. She was shocked to find how dishevelled she was. Most of her carefully applied makeup had gone What little was left was in runny streaks down her face. Her long dark hair was a disaster.

Melissa was waiting for her in the kitchen as she emerged. "Feel better now?" she asked. "Why don't you go take a shower and clean up while I whip up some lunch for us both." She added ominously, " - then I'll tie you up."

Jade could not resist - she had to know. "How are you going to tie me up?" she asked Melissa.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," Melissa sharply replied. She went on, "Two things I can guarantee - it'll be tight and you won't escape! That good enough for you?"

Somewhat abashed, Jade meekly nodded. "That's better," Suddenly more conciliatory, Melissa said, "Why don't you go on up to shower and change while I fix lunch?"

Jade headed up to shower while Melissa bustled around the kitchen, selecting the various implements she would need to prepare lunch. It would be nothing fancy, she decided, just a light salad and a glass or two of wine. Melissa looked forwards to tying Jade up very much indeed. In fact she had long wanted to tie her friend up for a long time but she had been unsure how to approach Jade about it - until Jade had solved all her problems by directly approaching her. Melissa already knew how she wanted to tie up Jade but she felt that didn't mean Jade should know her intentions beforehand. Melissa grinned as she heard the shower go on.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Jade slowly undressed, admiring her magnificent perfectly proportioned body in the mirror. Her glossy brown skin glowed in the light. Not a single blemish, save for the fast fading ropemarks, showed - Jade had always taken good care of her body and skin. Her belly was as slim, lean and hard as a washboard. She cupped her breasts in her hands, savouring the feel and texture of them. They were one of her best features and she knew it. Her breasts were not overly large, being only slightly larger than ripe melons but they were beautifully formed and firm. Jade wondered how the ropes would feel against them. I wonder if I will have to wear a crotchrope? Jade found herself staring at the small triangle of dark curly hair covering her womanhood. Before she really knew what she was doing her hands had crept down there and were gently caressing it. Jade felt the growing wetness soaking her fingers as she fingered her clitoris. She longed to feel the silken touch of a crotchrope invading her pussy. No doubt Melissa will ensure I'm wearing a crotchrope… Just to make me hot for Michael…Suddenly it occurred to Jade that she really should be leaving her puss alone. She ached for Michael's cock inside her even more. Jade hungered for relief but it could wait for later. She could hardly wait for the man she loved to take her and use her. Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for….

Once the water was at the correct temperature, Jade stepped in the shower and let the cascading spray wash away all her worries. She stood under the stream of hot water, letting it flood her body with warmth and well being. Jade thought about the afternoon and evening to come as she washed her long lustrous hair. How will Melissa tie me up? she thought. How will Michael react? I hope he likes it… Despite her growing excitement, Jade also found herself becoming increasingly nervous. She wanted to be tied up but she also had no idea what to expect. Jade knew that Melissa would have something extra special planned for her. This would be no ordinary bondage… Soaping herself down, Jade reflected that no matter what happened it would be a new experience for her and that knowing Michael as much as she hoped she did, (her whole world had been rocked to the very core with the discovery of his bondage magazines and paraphernalia) he was sure to receive the shock of his life. He was also likely to take full advantage of her helplessness, tied up, as she would be. Jade certainly hoped so anyway! Her nervousness lessened a little as she found herself looking forwards very much to the rest of the day to come.

After towelling herself dry, Jade slipped on her favourite pair of lace panties although she dispensed with the bra for once, pulling on a slippy little red satin top and black hotpants. She loved the way they clung tightly to her pert little butt, the way they emphasised the contours of her bottom. Happily, she bounced back downstairs for lunch.

"I see you're looking better already!" Melissa commented. Staring at her shorts, "I love your hotpants!"

"Thanks" Jade said.

"Ready for lunch?" Melissa asked.

"Sure am!"

"Great! After we've finished eating, you go up and do your hair and make-up while I sort out the stuff." Melissa did not have to mention what kind of stuff - they both knew. Uncharacteristically, both were quiet during lunch. Conversation was desultory, touching on various unrelated subjects. The word bondage or ropes was not mentioned once. Sensing Jade's change of mood and apprehension, Melissa sought to keep the mood light, choosing instead to tell a few funny stories from her old work, involving some of her earlier experiences as a department store salesperson.

Lunch finished, the dirty dishes piled in the sink, Melissa casually asked, "You ready?"

Jade grinned back and replied, "I'm as ready as I ever will be…" Only a slight tremor in her voice betrayed her nervousness.

"Good on you," Melissa warmly said, "Honey, if you are feeling uncomfortable or its hurting, just tell me, OK? Don't try to be brave. Don't forget to use the 'safe word' too!"

Jade nodded - yes.

Melissa continued, "I want this to be a fun thing for you as well as being memorable."

"Thanks," Jade whispered, "You're so caring…"

Suddenly a little embarrassed, Melissa replied, "Aw look, its nothing. I'm doing this because you are a special friend to me." Wordlessly, they embraced, before walking upstairs, hand in hand. Jade went into the bathroom to make herself up and do her hair. Although she was still nervous, she felt better, knowing that whatever Melissa had planned for her, it would not hurt. It might be uncomfortable, she knew that but it would not be painful - it was not what love bondage was all about. Melissa had explained the concept of 'love bondage' to her in the car ride to the 'Bound For Pleasure' shop earlier that day.

Jade applied only the minimum of makeup to her face - she had always believed that it was not necessary to overdo the makeup. From her point of view, makeup should complement a person's looks not try to artificially disguise a persons face or features. She added a little foundation and some rust coloured blusher to highlight her cheeks and help emphasise her dark liquid eyes. Jade painted her lips red with her favourite lipstick. The whole effect was to make her look younger and sexier than she already was. How will Michael be able to resist this…? she thought. Jade brushed and blow-waved her hair so that it hung in softly waving glossy black curls, framing her beautiful face. Finished, Jade considered the sylph like beauty that stared back at her from the mirror. Waoww, she thought, I look beautiful. Remembering what she had read in Michael's e-mails and stories, He thinks that there are few sights more beautiful than a lovely young tightly tied up girl and I intend to be the most beautiful of them all…

These happy thoughts uppermost in her mind, Jade suddenly could hardly wait for Melissa to begin tying her up. Jade floated out of the ensuite and entered the bedroom. Meanwhile Melissa had not been idle. Jade gasped at the mass of neatly cut and coiled white ropes laid out on the bed. She knew whom the ropes were intended for! Melissa smiled when she saw Jade enter. "You look lovely," she said.

"Thank you," she shyly replied, staring at the ropes on the bed. Surely Melissa doesn't intend to tie me up with all these, does she?

As if reading her thoughts, Melissa commented that yes, she did intend to use most, if not all the rope in tying her up. As she said, "I'm sure Michael will have lots of fun unwrapping his present." The joke was enough to break the ice and Jade giggled helplessly.

"I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds me like this," she said dreamily.

A little wistfully, Melissa replied, "So do I…"

"I'll tell you all about it." Jade promised.

"You do that," Melissa said, "I bet you will have a great time tonight - lucky you!"

Still neither of them made a move for the ropes. Jade looked at Melissa. Melissa looked at Jade. Finally Jade broke the impasse. Unhesitatingly, she crossed her hands behind her back.

Jade looked directly into Melissa's eyes. "Tie me up," she said very softly. "I want you to tie me tight please," she added. Jade walked over, hands still crossed behind her back, turned around, facing away from Melissa and presented them for tying.

Melissa needed no second urging. Picking up a medium piece of rope, she ordered, "Take your clothes off." Melissa waited while Jade slowly divested herself of her clothes until she stood there clad only in her lace panties. "Take your panties off." Jade's dark eyes never left Melissa's own eyes as she slipped off her panties and flung them to the side. Shyly, for Jade was unused to letting anyone other than Michael see her in her birthday suit, she stood naked in front of Melissa's admiring gaze. Once Jade had finished undressing, Melissa said, "Place your hands behind you palm to palm." Seeing Jade did not really know what she meant, Melissa placed her hands so that they were facing palm to palm.

As the ropes once again looped and tightened around Jade's tiny wrists, she quivered with sheer excitement knowing that she was going to be tied up, properly tied up, really tied up, for the first time in her life. She could hardly wait to see how Melissa planned to tie her up and for her to finish roping her up. Melissa methodically cinched and knotted the rope binding her hands behind her. She really knows her stuff, Jade thought, I don't think I'm going to get free in a hurry… But then, smiling inwardly to herself, do I really want to get free? I want her to tie me tight!

As if realising Jade's desire to be tied up tight, Melissa picked up another, longer piece of rope and said, "You are going to love this!" She doubled and looped the ends before looping them around Jade's arms just above her elbows, pulling the rope ends through the loop. Carefully, Melissa adjusted the loop just above the elbows and began gently tightening the loop until her elbows were almost touching before wrapping the rope several times around her arms. Jade could not believe the way she was being tied up like this - Melissa had hardly begun and she already knew that she would be staying tied up until Michael arrived. As Melissa pulled the cinching tight, the ropes around Jade's arms tightened, pulling her elbows together so they touched. Jade gasped in shock as her elbows kissed each other - now she knew what it was like to be totally helpless. "Having fun, Jade?" said Melissa as she pulled the last knot tight.

The way her elbows had been tied together dramatically altered her posture. Her arms and shoulders were pulled back which forced her to stand much more erect than before. Jade noticed that her breasts were thrusting out forwards much more proudly than before. More than anything else, it was the effect that her bondage had on her tits, which made her feel totally exposed and vulnerable. She had never felt so wonderfully helpless in her life. Although the way her arms had been bound behind her felt very different, Jade loved the way the ropes felt. She could not wait for Melissa to continue tying her up.

Melissa was impressed with the way Jade's elbows touched each other with such ease and said so. "I can't believe the way your elbows touch each other like that - not many people can make them touch." Then, "Are you OK?"

"Oh, yes!" was the emphatic reply, "I'm really enjoying this" Jade said, turning this way and that in order to get a better view as she admired her bound hands and elbows in the mirror. The sensations and feelings that the ropes engendered in Jade momentarily threatened to overwhelm her - she had never experienced anything quite like this before. Suddenly Jade knew that bondage would now be a part of her life from this moment on.

"Excellent." Melissa said as she picked up another piece of rope, "Come on, I want to finish tying you up."

"So do I," Jade said softly.

"Wow! You really like this don't you?" Melissa enthused as she looped the rope and draped the ends around Jade's neck, forwards over her shoulders and let the ends hang in front of her. Melissa stepped behind Jade and passed the ends backwards between her arms and body before attaching them tightly to the elbow cinching. After knotting these, Melissa led the ends down to her wrists and looped them several times, taking care to work any slack out in between each loop, around the cinching between her wrists, thus preventing any kind of access to the knots for her hands. What little was left was passed back up to her elbow ties and carefully knotted off.

It was then Jade realised her wish to be tied tight was to be granted with interest. Freedom was fast becoming a remote impossibility. It would be easier to reach the stars than to escape her bindings. Idly she thought, I might escape… And the Pope might become a Protestant too… While she waited for Melissa to continue tying her up, Jade fervently hoped she would be unable to escape. Despite Jade's great unwillingness to be able to get free, she realised it was only human nature to want to test her bonds, to see if escape was, in any way, possible at all. She hoped not. She wanted to be tied up as inescapably as possible, both for the pleasure of being bound and for Michael to discover later that evening.

Jade watched while Melissa leisurely selected and uncoiled a long strand of rope. At a leisurely pace, she approached Jade and began tying her upper arms to her side, just above her breasts. As each successive coil was applied and snugged tight, they pressed down more and more on Jade's breasts, forcing them out forwards. The effect was not painful, rather, it felt intensely erotic. After looping the rope around her five or six times, Melissa continued binding Jade's arms to her body. She wound the rope around her body directly below her breasts, which pushed them upwards so that they were now being pushed upwards and forwards. Jade stared spellbound at her bound breasts while Melissa continued tying her up. The feelings the ropes engendered in her were incredible. Melissa tied a knot in the middle of the lower coil and passed the ropes up through the valley between Jade's breasts, over her right shoulder, under the elbow cinching and back over the left shoulder, taking it back to the point of origin and repeating. Finally, Melissa used the remaining ends to cinch her arm ropes to both the harness and the elbow tie. Jade stared downwards with utter fascination at her bonds and the swollen nipples on her breasts. She loved the way that the ropes squeezed them like that. She squirmed happily. Such a nice feeling…

Methodically, Melissa went on lashing Jade's arms to her body. Another long piece of rope was looped around her waist, just below the elbows, neatly wrapped around her body five times and firmly cinched between her body and arms. Yet another rope was lashed around Jade's body just above her hips, pinioning her wrists to her body. Like the others, this too was tightly cinched and knotted off. Jade tried to move her arms but found she could not. All she could do was wiggle her hands and fingers a little. Suddenly Jade understood how the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic mummies must have felt - except she was a real live, breathing mummy. Happily, she wriggled this way and that, savouring the way the ropes felt against her body.

"Does that feel all right so far?" Melissa asked. "Are you OK?"

"Oh yes, I'm fine!" Jade happily answered, wriggling her hips for extra effect. Cheekily she added, "I bet I escape though."

'Oh will you now?" Melissa said. 'Lets just see about that!" Staring at her captive, she continued in a thoughtful tone of voice, "One thing I do know, you talk too much…" She reached for the ballgag.

"No, no, don't gag me please!" Jade wailed, "I'll be good, I promise!"

"I seem to remember you saying just that before." Melissa replied. "Why is it that I don't believe you?" she asked in mock sadness, picking up the gag.

"Please! No!"

"Too late!" Melissa said as she popped the bright red orb in Jade's mouth and buckled up the straps, forcing the ball deeper in her mouth and cutting off all coherent speech with the application of each strap. Finally, she snapped a padlock on each buckle, thus ensuring that in the improbable event Jade managed to get free, the gag would not be coming off.

Melissa snorted with laughter as she regarded her bound and gagged friend. "There now, that's better… I think I like you much better like this, you always were such a chatterbox!" she said, placing one well-manicured hand on her shoulder. Jade glared at her in mock anger while resolving to pay Melissa back in full coin someday… If only she knew what I was thinking… Melissa mercilessly went on, "By the way, I know a another way to slow you down…. Stand still," she cooed, taking a medium piece of rope from the nearby bed.

She threaded the rope between Jade's bond hands and her back and attached it to her wrist tie, letting the ends dangle on the floor behind her. "Guess what's coming?" Melissa belled in an ominously sugary sweet tone of voice. Jade had a very good idea what was coming. Seconds later, Melissa confirmed her suspicions by passing the ends between her thighs and passing them over her waist rope. Carefully, Melissa parted Jade's pussy lips with her hands and lovingly inserted the ropes between them before snugging everything tight. Jade moaned with delight as the ropes came into contact with her clitoris. Her whole body was on fire as the ropes insistently rubbed against her most private parts. Melissa continued pulling them tighter, watching as the ropes disappeared up Jade's soaking snatch. Jade continued to moan loudly. She could not help herself, so aroused was she.

Melissa laughed loudly with Jade's reaction to her crotch rope. "You DO like this don't you?" she said, as she knotted the ropes around her waist rope before taking and tying the remaining ends to the tie in front of her breast ropes, which tightened the crotchropes just that little bit more. "It's called a variable crotchrope," she said. "The more you struggle, the more it will rub on your hot little cunt." She went on, "That's what you want, isn't it?"

Jade eagerly nodded her head - yes!

"I was going to put the vibrator up your lovely little puss but then I decided you should save it for Michael's cock." The thought of Michael fucking her while bound like this gave Jade an indescribable thrill. She wished Michael would do just that. She closed her eyes imagining Michael thrusting deep inside her. She wanted Michael very badly - it had been many weeks since they had had sex. There once had been a time they used to screw several times a day, every day. "Mmmm," she moaned with such longing in her voice, that even Melissa had no trouble realising the direction of her thoughts.

"Having fun, aren't we?" Melissa enthused. Without bothering to wait for an answer, "I know exactly what you want and you're going to get it…" She continued, "Well, better do your legs now."

Swiftly and efficiently, Melissa firmly bound Jade's legs together, tying and cinching ropes at the ankles, above and below the knees and her thighs. The knee and thigh ropes did not feel especially tight and Jade wondered why. They were certainly snug but not terribly tight, by any means. Suddenly Jade noticed how little rope was left on the bed. She looked askance at the bed, realising that most of the two hundred feet that they had bought earlier that day had been used to tie her up. Melissa had not been joking when she'd said they would need two hundred feet of rope. Jade was amazed how much rope had been used to tie her up to this point and she had a nasty feeling that Melissa still wasn't done yet. She knew Melissa would certainly want to hogtie her just like the girls in those magazines. Jade hoped so - the hogtie had seemed like a very inescapable position to her. After all, she'd told Melissa that she wanted to be hogtied just like them earlier that day. It was overkill and she realised that she would not have it any other way. Jade was looking forwards more and more to seeing Michael's reaction when he walked in and found her like this.

Gently, Melissa helped Jade lie face downwards, on her stomach on the bed. Melissa took care ensuring Jade was comfortable, placing a pillow for her to rest her head on. "Jade, like I said, you are going to be here for a while, so the least I can do is ensure you are comfy!" Melissa continued, "Seriously. Once I've finished tying you up, I'll stay with you just to make sure you are OK until seven or so - then I'll leave. But I'll still be waiting outside until I see Michael arrive. If he has not arrived back home by 8.30 then I'll come back in and untie you if necessary." Melissa was rewarded by a look of pure gratitude in Jade's eyes. Although Jade had wanted to be tied up tight, she'd been feeling a little nervous about being left alone for that length of time, never mind the tightness of her bondage. Five or six hours was a long time for anyone to be tied up especially someone like Jade who was still relatively new to bondage. She needed the comfort and security of Melissa's presence while she waited for Michael to arrive home.

Suddenly Melissa was all business. "Ok, Lights, action, camera!!" she exclaimed. Her smile widened as she ostentatiously selected a medium piece of rope and doubled it. "You know what I'm going to do?" she asked. Tremulously, Jade nodded - her wish was about to be answered - she was going to be hogtied whether she liked it or not. Jade wondered what being hogtied like that would feel like. Very helpless, I think! She giggled to herself.

"Yes, I'm going to hogtie you now - can't have you escaping now can we?" Melissa sneered in her best TV villain's voice and failing badly. "When I tie someone up, gal, they stay tied up!" She leant over and attached the rope to the cinching between Jade's ankles before threading the ends between her bound hands and back. After taking up the slack, Melissa gently took Jade's ankles in one arm while pulling the rope tight with the other, forcing her legs and feet backwards. Melissa kept up a steady pressure until Jade's feet were touching her outstretched fingers. Swiftly, she passed the remaining rope ends between her legs, around the cinching and back towards Jade's hands. Melissa pulled the ropes tight, dramatically tightening up everything. As Melissa busily worked away, Jade marvelled how much tighter everything suddenly seemed to be. The ropes binding her ankles, knees and thighs were much tighter now. She could really feel the ropes pressing deeply into her bare skin. Jade could no longer wiggle her legs around at all - suddenly she realised why Melissa had tied them relatively loosely compared to her hands and arms. In fact, she could hardly move around at all. The ropes had not been tied so tightly as to cut off the circulation but tight enough to prevent any real movement. Melissa looped the ropes around Jade's ankles one last time after carefully snugging up everything, passed the ends around the cinching between her elbows before taking the ropes back around her ankles again and attaching it all to her elbow tie and harness. "Like I said, 'When I tie someone up, gal, they stay tied up!'"

As Melissa picked up yet another piece of rope, Jade wondered how much more Melissa could possibly tie her up. Jade was already bound and gagged about as tightly as she would be in her short life to date. Not even an Egyptian mummy had ever been treated like this, she thought. Casually, Melissa doubled the rope, looped it around Jade's ankles and upper thighs, before wrapping it five times around them, effectively hammerlocking her legs immobilising her still further. Jade was astonished to discover she could not move her arms, body or legs at all, so thoroughly and tightly she had been tied up - movement was restricted to ineffectually wriggling her fingers.

Suddenly Melissa noticed the way Jade was experimentally wriggling her fingers around. Having anticipated this, Melissa pulled out the two millimetre rope she had secretly bought at 'Bound for Pleasure' while Jade was still tying her self up in the fitting room and cut it into two separate lengths - one for each hand. The sudden ominous silence worried Jade - she wondered what Mel was up to. Suddenly, with a horrid shock, she knew what her friend had been up to as Melissa looped the first thin piece of rope around her fingers and set about securing them all together. The final touch was to lash both thumbs together. Jade could not now move a single portion of her anatomy, nor would she be able to unpick a single knot in the unlikely event that she could reach any.

"There!" Melissa spoke, great satisfaction and pride evident in her voice. "Finished! Let's see you get out of that!" Jade bucked and strained against her ropes but they held firm. Jade didn't want to be able to get free but at least she had to make the effort if only to know that escaping from her tight bonds would be absolutely impossible. Melissa had taken great care to ensure nothing would slip or loosen. Realising this approach was doomed to failure, Jade laid still and tested each of her bonds in turn with a similar lack of success. It took her scant seconds to realise that every knot had been placed well out of reach of her hands and fingers. It did not help that her fingers were unavailable too, so thoroughly they had been tied too. Defeat writ large on her beautiful face, Jade slumped on the bed. She knew that she would be staying tied up until Melissa or more likely, Michael decided to release her. For the first time in her life, Jade realised what it meant to be really tied up, to be truly, absolutely and totally helpless with no possibility of escape whatsoever. Melissa had done far too good a job of tying her up for there to be any chance of freeing herself. She knew this was not going to be like the movies where the heroine always seemed to be able to wriggle her way to liberty.

Melissa burst out laughing at the expression of defeat on Jade's face. Ostentatiously, she checked her watch. "Its only two in the afternoon and you've given up already? You still have five hours to get free, I guess," she laughed. "How does that feel?" Jade glared at her in mock annoyance. "No way I'm going to let you out of this!" Melissa gloated. "You wanted to be tied up so you can stay tied up!"

"MMMMMpppfpphhhhhhhhhh" Jade replied, thrashing against her bonds, attempting to free herself and exact retribution on Melissa. "mmmmmmppfhhhh- mmmmph!" Jade could hardly believe how much she was enjoying herself, despite Melissa's silly taunts. But than she would, wouldn't she? She knows I can't get back at her now... Slowly it dawned upon Jade that the harder she struggled against her unyielding ropes the more insistently the crotchrope rubbed against her crack. It was driving her wild. Jade needed to come so badly it hurt. Totally forgetting the immediate presence of her friend Melissa, Jade began humping against her crotchrope in a frenzy of total abandon. Jade lost herself to the ropes holding her fast and the growing warmth in her groin while she bucked and humped against the crotchropes. Suddenly the pressure built and built within her until she could no longer stand it - Jade climaxed in a titanic shuddering orgasm, leaving her drained and spent. Jade cried out into her gag while she jerked convulsively against the ropes as she came and came, her love-juices spurting out of her and soaking the crotchropes and bed. Slowly as Jade regained awareness of the world around her, she noticed Melissa staring at her in amazement. Suddenly acutely embarrassed, Jade blushed and turned her head away - it really had been quite a performance. Jade felt shocked at the way she had revealed her naked desires like that so openly. On the other hand, she decided, she didn't really care either, what Melissa thought.

Melissa smiled at Jade and placed a hand on her shoulder in wordless understanding. Gently she squeezed Jade's shoulder before saying, "Honey, I'm pretty hot myself… you know! Wow, I couldn't believe that!"

Neither could I, Jade thought. If only Michael had been there to see that! Jade happily relaxed while she slowly came back down from the dizzying heights her orgasm had taken her to. Sex with Michael had never been quite like this, as wonderful as it had always been with him. Jade had a feeling that it was about to get still better in a hurry.

While Melissa relaxed in the chair with a book, Jade lost herself to her bondage. She had never felt so helpless, yet so free in her life. All the cares and pressures of her work and life had vanished, to be replaced by the ropes. The tight ropes were all encompassing, consuming her very being. Jade's bondage became the centre of her existence as the ropes pressed on her all over. They felt like a lover's touch but everywhere over her body at the same time. Michael's hands could only be in two places at once but the taut cords caressed Jade everywhere. Dreamily, Jade strained against the unyielding ropes, relishing they way they tightened and loosened as she flexed her muscles. An hour into her bondage, there was still absolutely no slack or give in any of the ropes binding her - Melissa had done an excellent job of tying her up, Jade knew, with a mild chagrin that she hadn't been able to escape. On the other hand, I gave it my best shot and I still couldn't escape! she mused. Bondage would just not be bondage if I were able to escape - besides I want to be here when Michael comes home… The thought of Mickey screwing her while still bound hand and foot made Jade feel very hot in her nether regions. Once again, Jade wanted to come but she decided to wait until he arrived back home. It will be the most beautiful thing we've ever done in our lives, she thought.

The hours passed as if in a dream. Time ceased to have any meaning for Jade as the ropes enveloped and took her over. Slowly Jade found herself drifting off to sleep. Jade fought to stay wake so as to experience every moment of her bondage more fully but she discovered herself relaxing to the extent sleep overtook her. She closed her eyes and was out to the world seconds after that. When Melissa looked up from her book to check if Jade was OK, she was greatly amused, even a little startled to see that Jade had apparently drifted off to sleep. A silly little smile played around Jade's lips as she slept. A little drool issued from her gagged mouth while she slept. Melissa grinned. She could not help wondering what pleasant kind of dreams Jade was having. She hoped that they could play these games more often - it had been a very enjoyable day for her too.

Slowly the fog cleared and Jade groggily awoke. At first she was unaware of her surroundings while her brain kicked into gear. Initially Jade drowsily wondered why she could not move. That's strange, why can't I move? she thought sleepily. Jade tried to stretch her arms as she was wont to do upon waking but found she couldn't. Something tugged against her hands and ankles as she did so. It felt like she was bound all over. And what was that thing doing in her mouth? With a sudden shock, she realised that she really was tied up - hand and foot. Fingers lashed together. Her hands were attached to her feet! And that thing in her mouth was a gag! A ballgag - she could not say anything at all, let alone call for help. For a moment, Jade could not work out why she was so tightly and helplessly tied up until she saw Melissa grinning at her.

"Did you sleep well, dear?" Melissa asked.

Suddenly it all came back to Jade - the way she had asked Mel to tie her up so that Michael could discover her. Squirming happily in her bonds, she nodded - yes!

"That's good, darling. You know, I was quite surprised when you fell asleep."

So was I! Jade thought. A sudden thought hit her mind - what time is it? How long before Michael comes home?

Accurately guessing the train of thought Jade's mind was taking by the change in expression on her face, Melissa quickly looked at her watch - she'd become so engrossed in watching Jade that she had also forgotten the time. "Um, lets see… ooh! It's half past six! Not long before Michael gets home dearie…"

Had she really slept that long? Jade was stunned. Despite the tightness of the hogtie Melissa had put her into, strangely it did not hurt. Although her jaw was beginning to ache some from the ballgag that had been filling her mouth for the past five or so hours and some muscle stiffness, she felt fine. Jade wondered what she'd been missing for so long. She wriggled about, relishing the feel of the tight ropes binding her so securely. Melissa smiled sympathetically, knowing exactly how Jade was feeling. Bondage does have this effect… she thought.

Jade's initial surprise quickly turned to elation that Michael would be home in very short order. She could hardly wait to give him his very special anniversary present - Jade was quite sure that it would be a wedding anniversary that neither of them would forget for a very long time to come. One thing was certain - there would be plenty more anniversaries to come after this one! She especially looked forwards to Michael's reaction as he saw his lovely wife so tightly bound and gagged. Jade felt certain that none of the girls in any of the bondage magazines or videos that she had looked at had been tied up quite as tightly as herself. Michael had better appreciate this! she thought. Almost immediately, Jade chided herself for being so negative - Of course he will! It will… blow his mind! Suddenly, Jade felt strangely nervous. Despite knowing how much Mickey loved bondage, she was still not absolutely certain how he would react.

Jade was so lost in her reverie, fantasising what Michael was going to do to her later on that night, she did not hear Melissa speaking to her. "Uh, excuse me?" Melissa said, gently shaking her on the shoulder.

Jade blinked with surprise. "O-mppfhh!" she squawked.

The look of surprise on Jade's face was so comical, Melissa burst out laughing. Snorting with barely suppressed mirth, she commented. "I wonder what you were thinking about… hmmm?" She went on, "For a moment, you seemed so far away. I hate to spoil your daydreaming but I just wanted to say that I'm leaving now."

This was it. Suddenly Jade was entering the unknown. The familiar security of Melissa was about to vanish - to be replaced by her husband! She trembled in part ecstasy, with part nervousness. Jade wished she could speak - she really wanted to say 'Thank you' but the ballgag filling her mouth forestalled any speech.

"Hush. You don't have to say anything… I know how you feel," Melissa said in a soft voice. Gently squeezing Jade's shoulder, she continued, "I hope you have a great time tonight." She leant down and kissed Jade where her lips would have been but for the ball forcing them apart. "Don't worry, I know you will have a wonderful time tonight… lucky you! Just don't forget to tell me all about it. OK? I want to know every gory detail!"

Melissa flashed her wonderful smile at Melissa, and stood up. After drawing the curtains tightly shut, Melissa walked back over to her bound and gagged friend. Checking her watch, she observed, "About fifteen minutes before you-know-who gets home!" Preparing to leave, she said, "Don't forget that I'll be waiting outside. Just in case… Bye!" With a cheery wave, she turned and walked out. On her way out, Melissa flipped the light switch, plunging the bedroom into deep darkness. Jade could hear the receding click of Melissa's high heels on the wooden staircase as she tripped her way towards the front door.. Seconds later, the door thudded shut. A heavy silence descended on the house. The only sounds to be heard were Jade's own soft breathing and the occasional snatch of far distant birdsong.

Jade was alone. Helplessly tied up and alone. She had never been more helpless or more excited in her life. Tied up, as she was, there would be no release until someone, hopefully her own Mickey, came to give her her freedom. The knots were totally inaccessible and the ropes too tightly tied for Jade to wriggle her way to freedom. She strained against her bondage, the cords biting into her soft skin. The ropes and knots held firm. They felt heavenly against her. Jade's groin was on fire where the crotchrope was directly rubbing against her cunt and clitoris. The slightest twitch and that wickedly devilish crotchrope shifted, rubbing insistently against her by now inflamed and tender pussy. The ropes were soaked from her own love juices. The musky scent of Jade's arousal was sweetly redolent in the quiet bedroom. She'd never been turned on quite like this before. The combination of Jade's tight hogtie and that crotchrope was almost too much for her. She wanted to come very badly. Jade wanted, no, needed Michael more than she had ever done in her life to date.

Her thoughts turned to Michael. Her Michael. The only man she had ever really loved. Michael who had been so good to her, whom had given her everything, most of all his love. Jade thought of him and everything he had done for her over the years. This was to be more than an anniversary present, it was Jade's declaration of her love for him. By arranging for herself to be tied up, Jade was giving him the one thing that she had been unable to give him to date - a shared love of bondage. Jade did not need to be in bondage merely to make him happy - she wanted to be tied up. This is something we can truly share together, Jade thought. The last few days had been a revelation to her - not only had Jade discovered Michael's dirty little secret which he had so assiduously concealed from her but also that same discovery led to the realisation that she loved to be bound and gagged. It must have been a latent thing inside me just waiting to be discovered, she reflected.

By now it was fully dark outside. The sunlight no longer illuminated the room, even if only partially. The heavy curtains blocked out what little light made it through from the streetlights. The only sounds to be heard were those of the occasional passing car. Jade tensed as she heard each car approach. None slowed and turned into their driveway.

Michael would not see her tied up on the bed until he turned on the light. Melissa had purposely drawn the curtains and turned the light off before leaving in order to magnify the shock for Mickey when he turned on the light. She could not see the bedside clock from where she laid on the bed so she had no way of telling the time. Jade would receive little warning of Michael's impending arrival until she heard his car coming up the driveway. The sound of the big eight-cylinder engine was unmistakable.

Time passed. While Jade had no way of telling what the time was, she knew that Michael was late. It had been quite some while since Melissa had left. She began to worry. Jade wanted so much for Michael to find her like this and fuck her brains out.

Suddenly Jade heard the familiar deep rumble of the V-8 as it turned into the driveway. Michael was home. Her heart lurched and went into overdrive. Jade could feel it beating much more rapidly than usual. The moment of truth had arrived. What would he say?

Jade heard the car door slam, and more distantly, footsteps travelling up the cobblestone pavers towards the front door.

Miserably, I approached the front door. I was not looking forwards to yet another long evening full of awkward silences and monosyllabic conversation. I was also aware that when we did fight, they all too frequently occurred on weekends. I still had no idea how to broach the subject of bondage to Jade. The closest I'll ever get to tying Jade up is when I fantasise about tying her up and making love to her, I thought as I turned the front door key. I wonder what she would look like in a really tight hogtie? Absolutely beautiful, I think. My penis grew hard as I imagined Jade lying there, bound and gagged, with a ballgag in her mouth. I gloomily reflected it was a sight I was never likely to see. Jade was just too straight to engage in that kind of 'kinky' sex. I thought about the red rubber suit I had bought for her. I knew that I would never see her wearing it.


Jade stiffened in anticipation as she heard the key turning and the 'click!' of the deadlock as it disengaged. Trembling from both excitement and nervousness, she waited for Michael to find her.


The hallway and the rest of the house were eerily dark as I stepped through. It was also funereally quiet. Too quiet! Surprised, I stopped. Where's Jade? I thought. Normally, the lights would be blazing, a log fire crackling in the grate, dinner ready and waiting. Jade always started early and finished early. She was rarely home later than six-thirty. Suddenly I panicked - what if she's left me? The probability that Jade had left me was high, given our recent problems. She had been getting pretty fed up with me of late. My heart congealed into a deep ice-cold ball of dread as I called out for her, "Jade? Where are you?" I called out.

No answer. The house remained coldly, stonily silent. My heart was slowly breaking as I searched downstairs for her without success. As I entered the kitchen, I spotted a plain white envelope lying on the kitchen bench - my heart sank like a rock - I knew what it would be. I did not want to open it. It would be the end of all my dreams, the end of my life without her. I knew I had lost her. Lost her…. Tears welled in my eyes.


Jade giggled silently to herself as she heard Michael calling her name, a note of real panic evident in her voice. She wanted so badly to reply, "Here I am!" but the ballgag muffled all speech. Even if she yelled at the top of her voice, the sound would only carry a few feet. Michael would not be able to hear her entreaties. She would have to wait for him to find her.


It was for me, as I knew it would be - my name was neatly written in front. A morbid fascination made me open it. I wanted to cry as I slowly unfolded the crisp white notepaper.

August 18

Happy 2nd Anniversary, it read. The bonds of love grow ever stronger each year. Come on upstairs for a very special surprise…
Love, Jade

Surprised, I re-read the note. This was not what I had expected. What surprise? What on earth is she talking about? I thought, as I carefully perused her neat handwriting. I was certainly surprised. Well, only one way to find out. I stood up and hurried upstairs in the direction of the bedroom.

I hesitated as I reached the closed door to our bedroom. I wondered what kind of surprise she had in mind for me. Jade's behaviour and demeanour of the morning had suggested nothing of the kind. I opened the door.


Creeaaakkkk… The door opened and a figure stood there, vaguely illuminated by the light from downstairs. A tidal wave of sheer excitement and adrenalin rushed through Jade as she waited for the light to go on. This is it! She thought. Happy anniversary! Jade waited eagerly to see the look on Michael's face. She had been waiting a very long time for this moment. Jade had been tied up for nearly seven hours by now.

The bedroom was in stygian darkness. I could make out a vague huddled shape on the bed but that was all. Where's Jade? I wondered. What surprise? My fingers fumbled for the light switch and found it. I flicked it, bathing the room in light.

The sight that greeted me was so unbelievable that all I could do was stand there and gape in shock. My eyes were seeing but my brain was not registering. Jade's eyes crinkled with laughter, as I stood there with my mouth hanging open. I had not, not even in my wildest fantasies, expected to see Jade tied up like that on our bed! Someone had hogtied her so tightly she could not move an inch, I saw. Ropes encased every inch of her lithe body. The white ropes looked great against her brown body. A bright red ballgag protruded out her mouth. My penis grew rock hard as I noticed the way her elbows had been lashed together behind her. I had often wondered if Jade's elbows could meet. Now I knew…

I was stunned enough that it was long moments before I could react. The sight of my beautiful young Vietnamese wife bound and gagged about as tightly as I had ever seen anybody tied up was beyond all expectations. She could not possibly have tied herself up like this! I thought. What happened? Who did this to her? Why? A million questions flashed through my mind as I stood there and took in the unforgettable sight of my hogtied and gagged wife. Jade's eyes crinkled further as she noticed my consternation. The chest! I thought as I noticed it standing there. A muffled 'mmmphpttthhh' that could only have been laughter issued from Jade as I checked that old seaman's chest. It was locked. So where did the ropes come from? And that gag? I wondered. I stared at her, catching my breath at last. "Wha? Who did this to you?" I blurted out. I was still in a state of mild shock as I slowly approached Jade.

{[Click for full size image]} "Uurmmpphh mmeee" she mumphed in reply to my question. She had to be asking me to ungag her. I had to find out. Quickly, I unbuckled the ballgag, my mind a maelstrom of confused, jumbled emotions and thoughts. This was literally a dream come true. I was still having trouble believing what I was seeing as I unbuckled each strap. I noticed the way she had been so tightly tied up with what seemed a million miles of white rope, the way the cords bound Jade's arms so tightly together behind her, the way her hands were touching her ankles. With a thrill, I noticed what had to be a rather tightly tied crotchrope passing between Jade's delicious ass cheeks. I love crotchropes. My cock grew still harder as I took that unforgettable sight in. The twin round orbs of her pert little bottom squirmed with totally unfeigned pleasure as I slowly stroked them. I hoped that I wasn't dreaming as I gently eased the ball, slick with drool and saliva from Jade's mouth. She took a deep breath, gulping for air.

"Happy Anniversary."



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