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    You Bet Your Freedom, part 1
...He tied her firmly above and below her knees, tightly roped her ankles and used the kite string to bind her big toes together. Then he turned his attention to her arms, looping rope above her elbows and cinching it tighter and tighter until her elbows were only two inches apart. Then he tied a second rope around the middle of the elbow tie before lifting her struggling and mrrphing form over to a tree. Tossing the free end over a sturdy looking branch, he hauled back on the rope until she was moaning from the strain, then he pulled it once more before tying it off. Then he backed off to look over his rope work.

"Alright, Aretha - you have three minutes. If you escape in three minutes, I can't target you again for ten minutes. And in case you didn't read the next section of your contract either, failure to escape eliminate you. And elimination means that you will be tortured, sold or killed depending on the votes from our viewers. We give our audience what they want."

For the next three minutes, the cameras recorded Aretha's struggle from nearly every angle. She did manage to get her hands free, but with her elbows bound and pulled up, there was nothing she could reach with her hands that would help free her. At the end of the three minutes, Jeff came up to her and gave her a sharp blow across her ass-cheeks...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 2
...As the women were tired and arrived in small groups of four, they were easily processed by the attendants. Each was fitting with a snug waist belt secured by a padlock. Records from their interviews had been consulted - right handed women had their right wrist cuffed and locked to the belt, the opposite for the left-handed ones. For over-night, the ball-gag and bridle gag wearers were switched over to ring gags and the bottom half of their bikinis removed. Dinner consisted of gruel that they had to feed themselves through the ring with plastic spoons in their off-hands and squirter bottles of Gator-ade...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 3
..."Mia here is going to be used to demonstrate today's handicap for our contestants. As the ladies would have known if they'd read their agreeements, each day's trial gets a bit trickier. Today the contestants will be wearing rope bras that will also pin their upper arms to their sides in stringent upper body bondage done in the Asian style. They will also be provided with a nice tight crouch rope that should provide them with some interesting stimulation when running."

As the cameras continued to be trained on Mia, her wrists were released but she was held in position while the rope-master did his work quickly, tightly and well. Tears welled in her eyes as he pulled the crouch rope extra-tight before tying it off as extra punishment for her lack of cooperation. Other cameras followed the other women as they were forced to endure similar treatment...

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    You Bet Your Freedom, part 4
...A remote shot showed Cameron - already partly dressed for shipment with the body sheath already enclosing her to her navel and buckle straps fastened at her ankles, mid-calves and knees. One hand was free and guided into a velvet bag. It only took one threat of making her travel wearing nipple clamps to encourage her to draw out one of the slips inside. Then the broadcast switched cameras back to Jeff.

"We'll be announcing today's winner shortly, but first, let's have a look at who they will have to choose from."

All of the women were still in their rope bras and crouch straps. In addition, their lower legs had been individually bound to their thighs, with more of the Asian rope-master's handiwork at mid-calf and ankle level. Each was sat in front of one of the manacles that had held ankles the day before - today they had been locked around joined wrists. There was currently a great deal of mrrmphing and struggling going on as the captives had just been shown the over-sized alligator clips the assistants were holding in their hands. With wires attached. Other assistants were kneeling by the women. The frozen water popsicles in their hands were being used on the women's nipples - which did nothing to decrease their struggles as the frigid touch made their nipples into hard nubs...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 5
..."Whoa - look how anxious the little vixen is to get into her gear. Help her out, boys, while I explain the special features of this little number to our viewers. First off, both front and rear devices are live and naturally equipped with long-life batteries. We tested the brand in similar equipment and got a full six-hours of service from them. But the added bonus is a little device our research department came up with - a motion sensative control. What does that mean? That means that the faster our girls move, the faster the speed of their internal toys. Their wrists will all be cuffed to the sides of their belts to prevent any interference with the straps. Oh - and if that isn't enough for them, we have one more wardrobe addition. They all get a set of clover clamps on their nipples as incentive. I'll explain to you and to our contestants what that incentive is once our five contestants have all been properly outfitted. While we watch, let's see who is in our first group of the day."...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 6
...The cameras move to show three motorized treadmills arranged like wheel spokes with their handles facing each other to form a triangle. Not that any of the three women being forced to keep up a steady pace on them can use the handles. Their wrists are still firmly cuffed to their belts.

To keep them encouraged to keep up, each woman is attached to the other two by wires running between their nipple clamps. And to keep them from deciding to just go off the back of the treadmill, each had a thin alligator clip fastened to the bridge between her nostrils that was tethered to the otherwise unused handles. And if that wasn't bad enough, their constant movement was cranking the dildos up to high...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 7
...The nine woman were arranged in a semi-circle facing a wide-screen television. The crouch straps and belts from earlier are gone and they are all seated backwards in wooden chairs. Their legs are each cable-tied to their corresponding chair at ankle and mid-calf and their arms cable-tied to the sides of the chair backs, elbows pointed down with ties at the wrist and elbow. Their thumbs have been press against the chair back's top rail and cable tied as well...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 8
...Jeff moved over to where the women were standing, four on each side of a wooden crossbeam between two poles. Different colors of glowing plastic tubing were around each woman's neck, wrists and ankles. Plastic clothespins were also glowing with matching colors and clipped to the nipples of each woman with the chains leading to the wooden crosspiece adjusted so that all of them had to stand with her heels slightly off the ground to avoid pulling. The leather belts and crouch straps were back, but instead of the wrists being strapped to the side d-rings, their thumbs were attached there with thin cable ties...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 9
...As Bobbi was allowed to stop, Paige was laid near her, on her back. Blindfolded, the first drips of hot wax on her nipples was her first indicator of how her next five minutes were going to go.

Emily was forced to mount the second cockpole - after watching Bobbi, she fought her toes being tied into place more than she'd fought the cock's insertion. Not that it prevented them from being bound - or the douche tube from being inserted into her ass. Her assistants made her keep active by alternating between icy water entering her rectum or hard pulsing water hitting her nipples with the occasional tickling on the soles to keep her from guessing what was next.

Maria was, like Paige, laid out in strigent bondage on her back. But instead of hot wax, she got the feeling of ice on random portions of her body without warning during her five minutes. And when the cycle started all over again, Paige and Maria were flipped over onto their stomachs. This round, Paige got the ice while Maria experienced the hot wax across her exposed ass-cheeks...

    You Bet Your Freedom, part 10
...Mia was once again zeroed in on to be used as the demonstration model. The one nearest her leg length, Etsu, was put back-to-back with her and then their thighs were strapped together (Etsu's left to Mia's right and vice versa). Each was forced to cross her wrists in front of her and they were tightly bound with rope. Then a thin knotted crouch rope was run very tightly between the two women's wrists. Once the attendants had the crouch ropes as tight as they could get them, the thigh straps and knee spreaders were removed from that pair as the other three sets began to be joined together in the same fashion...


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