You Bet Your Freedom 4 | nipples bondage story

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"Here we are - back at Loser's Row. The judges inform me that we had multiple winners on last round, so the prize will be given to the SSK member among them whose name is drawn at random. The winning name will be pulled by Samarkand's prize of choice, Cameron."

A remote shot showed Cameron - already partly dressed for shipment with the body sheath already enclosing her to her navel and buckle straps fastened at her ankles, mid-calves and knees. One hand was free and guided into a velvet bag. It only took one threat of making her travel wearing nipple clamps to encourage her to draw out one of the slips inside. Then the broadcast switched cameras back to Jeff.

"We'll be announcing today's winner shortly, but first, let's have a look at who they will have to choose from."

All of the women were still in their rope bras and crouch straps. In addition, their lower legs had been individually bound to their thighs, with more of the Asian rope-master's handiwork at mid-calf and ankle level. Each was sat in front of one of the manacles that had held ankles the day before - today they had been locked around joined wrists. There was currently a great deal of mrrmphing and struggling going on as the captives had just been shown the over-sized alligator clips the assistants were holding in their hands. With wires attached. Other assistants were kneeling by the women. The frozen water popsicles in their hands were being used on the women's nipples - which did nothing to decrease their struggles as the frigid touch made their nipples into hard nubs.

"You will, of course, remember our amply endowed Sue from the first round today. An excellent choice for any breast man, I think you'll agree."

At Jeff's nod, the attendant applied one clip to each nipple. As with the butterflies, each wire ran to a central control panel and began to deliver a light electric sting randomly.

"Next to Sue, we have the delectable Cathy who told us at her interviews that she's Jamaican by birth. Easy to believe with her rich coffee coloration. Her breasts are a nice handful and not surgically enhansed, although she has already had piercings in both nipples. Her navel is also pierced."

"Mingmei here proved to have had some martial arts training. And found out the hard way that so have I. Not very well endowed, but her willowy figure and flexibility are very appealing. The electric blue streaks are a good hint about her personality, so this one's likely to be a challenge."

"June is a former cheerleader and prom queen. And yes, this golden blonde hair natural as are those blue eyes. She's petite as well - she stands just five foot two and has about the dantiest feet I've ever seen."

"Finally, Elizabeth. Ample figure and platinum blonde hair. She told us she wanted to be an actress and specifically wanted to get parts playing one of her two idols - Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield. With her curves, she'd be a natural."

He paused and looked back down the line of women - all now equipped with the nipple clamps. He smiled at their grunts and struggles. Made for good viewing in person as well as over the air.

"And the judges have just informed me that the name of today's big winner goes by the alias of DrDevice. Operators are standing by to take your preference - bidding will begin on the remaining four shortly."

"Right now, lots are being drawn redividing our fifteen remaining contestants into three groups of five, which means tomorrow that Loser's Row will only have three occupants. DrDevice, if you have any suggestions on how they can entertain our viewers, please pass them along when you make your selection."



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