You Bet Your Freedom 3 | rope bondage story

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"Hello and welcome to all you early risers - and those of you who simply haven't gone to bed yet. We're at the staging area to watch our remaining contestants as they get ready for today's competition. Lots were drawn on behalf of the teams, so the first group competing today with be group five. And here they are...."

One camera shifted to the entrance of the holding cell area as the first four women were herded out. The waist belt and wrist cuffs had been removed after breakfast (oatmeal/applesauce mush with juice in a squirt bottle) and the waist belt was cinched around mid-thigh on each woman. The gags that they had chosen were also reapplied where necessary.

They minced out with their hands kept flat on the top of their heads. Stopping earned a stinging lash from a supple branch across the ass - moving a hand earned a lash on the breasts. Their bikini tops were little protection from the swats so the hands didn't move much after the first time. The bikini bottoms hadn't been returned, so their cheeks didn't even have that much protection.

The area they were being herded into was an open bay with showerheads installed overhead. While one man stood by each woman with the switch in hand, a second man stretched out a rubber ring attached to a floor anchor with one hand and guided the woman's right foot into the circle with the other. The cuff wasn't escape proof by a long shot, but it wasn't like the women were going to be left unguarded. Especially with cameras trained on each of them. They were nothing more than making sure the women stay on their camera marks - and weren't able to try and dash away.

The switch attendants remained in place as their counterparts removed the bra tops - hand movement punishment moved to their ass so that it didn't get in the way of removals. Then the counterparts left briefly only to return with small buckets of very soapy water with a fleece mitt for each woman. Failure to make use of the mitt to wash thoroughly was punished by the switch - these blows aimed at their thighs.

One of the women - a small Chinese woman named Mia - was being particularly stubborn. A spreader bar was brought out and attached just above her knees and a stainless steel chain was lowered from next to the shower head. A cable tie was run through the bottom link then cinched tightly around her wrists as the attendants held them over her head. Her attendants then fetched handled scrub brushes and did her washing for her. She kicked up quite a fuss even through her gag when the bristles rubbed over her breasts and even more of one when they scrubbed between her legs. The spreader bar made any attempts to prevent the scubbing impossible and the two men did a very, very thorough job.

When they were all fully lathered, the showerheads spurted to life - the water was obviously a bit cold from the reactions of the women beneath. Once rinsing was complete, each was briskly toweled off and then freed from the ankle loop and taking to the next staging area. All except for Mai.

Cameras zoomed in on the petite Asian woman.

"Mia here is going to be used to demonstrate today's handicap for our contestants. As the ladies would have known if they'd read their agreeements, each day's trial gets a bit trickier. Today the contestants will be wearing rope bras that will also pin their upper arms to their sides in stringent upper body bondage done in the Asian style. They will also be provided with a nice tight crouch rope that should provide them with some interesting stimulation when running."

As the cameras continued to be trained on Mia, her wrists were released but she was held in position while the rope-master did his work quickly, tightly and well. Tears welled in her eyes as he pulled the crouch rope extra-tight before tying it off as extra punishment for her lack of cooperation. Other cameras followed the other women as they were forced to endure similar treatment.

"Don't forget - copies of this broadcast as well as DVDs dedicated to individual contestants will be available for purchase. DVD will be at the bargain price of $9.99 each or $200 for the full set. Those placing advance orders for the full set today will also recieve a bonus DVD of the women during their interviews. The ultimate in before and after shots - don't miss out."

As the four women were loaded into the van, the next group of four began to be herded out for their preparations.


"We're almost ready to go - we've already had a good look at Mia, let's take look at our other contestants. Next to Mia, we have Katrita. Her heritage is half-black and half-Polynesian which has produced her lovely skin tone. Her cranberry hair is a dye job - and these pert breasts also didn't come from nature. Still, they do look nice."

"Yumi is Japanese-American - absolutely beautiful skin and I hope the cameras pick up the blue sheen from her hair. Just lovely. Let me check that crouch rope.... oh yes, she's a sensative one."

"Last of this group is the strawberry blonde Sue. Take a good look - despite the ample size, our experts have assured us that her breasts are all her own. Alright all you SSKers, now you've seen them all - place your votes on who you think is going to fall this round."

"Remember, ladies - the same rules apply as yesterday. First one to be caught and kept for three-minutes is the one that gets eliminated. And none of you have seen any of the ones that were eliminated yesterday again, have you? Keep that in mind as we start the next round."

"You have three minutes before the chase starts. Ready.... and let them go."

All the women took off, but Mia ducked into the trees first and hid instead of running. She watched silently as the three minutes ticked off and since she wasn't breathing hard, she didn't attract Jeff's attention as he started off after the other three.

Once he was out of sight, she eased back out and, as the cameras followed, she darted over to the gong and gave it a hard kick. Once it sounded, she ran back into the trees.

Rope in hand, Jeff turned, startled at the noise. He certainly hadn't rang the gong - but now, just ahead of him, Sue was coming out of her hiding place. He smirked and when it dawned on her that he didn't have a captive with him, she bleated her panic around the ball in her mouth and turned to run. She didn't get far before she felt his hands on her, dragging her down.

With skill born of much practice, he quickly tied her ankles and then drew them back to tie them off to the back of her rope bra. Leaving her on her stomach, he just smiled at her.

"You have just three minutes to avoid the fate that Anna met yesterday. I suggest you get on your feet fast."

To give credit where it is due, Sue certainly didn't fail from lack of trying. By the time her three minutes were over, she was drenched with sweat, but hadn't made enough progress to escape.

"Too bad - good effort though. Gentlemen? Take her away."

As he walked back toward the gong, he finally spotted Mia in the shadows. Laughing, he hit the gong.

"We said undercutting your opponents was within the rules, but I don't think any of our judges thought of that trick. Congratulations on making it to the next round, Mia."

As he motioned to one of the cameras, Jeff smiled a very contented smile. He wondered just how dirty the remaining women might be playing by the next round - and was looking very forward to seeing it in action.



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