You Bet Your Freedom 2 | bikini bound bondage story

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As the 'survivors' finished their rounds, they were taken back to their rooms. But not to the plush hotel from before. The new destination was more like a prison dorm. Each cell was only five foot square and the cot took up over a third of that space. There was also a tiny 'camper-style' toliet.

As the women were tired and arrived in small groups of four, they were easily processed by the attendants. Each was fitting with a snug waist belt secured by a padlock. Records from their interviews had been consulted - right handed women had their right wrist cuffed and locked to the belt, the opposite for the left-handed ones. For over-night, the ball-gag and bridle gag wearers were switched over to ring gags and the bottom half of their bikinis removed. Dinner consisted of gruel that they had to feed themselves through the ring with plastic spoons in their off-hands and squirter bottles of Gator-ade.


Meanwhile, back at the trial area, Jeff was strolling down a row of five bound and struggling women. Each had had her wrists bound with white rope, then had their elbows drawn together and tied as well. All done on camera, of course. Each had been guided to a platform with a ten inch wooden skirting. But instead of being taken up onto the platform, they were backed against it and their ankles locked into the manacles bolted to the skirting every two and a half feet. A good part of the struggling was caused by the Venus butterfly that had been carefully attached to each woman's bikini briefs. These had been specially modified to be controlled from a central panel that was currently programmed to give each woman a different random pattern of activation times and speeds.

"Before we announce our lucky winner, let's get a better look at our losers here today. From group one - Aretha, sporting the Halle Berry look from the Bond movie, Die Another Day."

She squealed into her gag as he dipped his hand inside her bikini top and pulled out her breast. It was the same even mocha color as the rest of her.

"We have an all-out sun-bather here."

Tweaking her nipple, he left the breast hanging over the top of the bikini's cup and he moved down to the next woman.

"From group two, Colette - our brunette Cajun contestant in her itty-bitty black patch and string bikini - yes, another sun-worshipper."

"Group three - Angelina from California in a zebra print bikini.... this blonde, bronzed lady has tan lines. "

"Group four gave us the dark blonde curled Cameron in her metallic rose bikini - peaches and cream British-style complection here. Not a tan-fan apparently."

"Last, but certainly not least, from group five, black-haired Anna in an equally black snakeskin bikini. Tan lines for her as well."

"The live auction for these lovely, but unlucky ladies will begin shortly, but first, we have a ruling from our judges as to who our lucky winner of the day is. Congratulations to SSK member Samarkand. You have won a prize package - you get your choice of whichever one of this ladies is to your taste shipped directly to you with a deluxe, custom fitted full-body bondage suit not only included but also encasing your prize. And as our first winner on our first broadcast, you get an added bonus. Gentlemen - if you would."

Two of the attendants forced a woman with long, copper-red hair onto the podium. From the bottom up, she was dressed in black vinyl thigh length boots that buckled at the top. Hobbles at her knees and ankles kept her legs under control. Her micro-kini was also black vinyl and her arms were firmly encased in a black latex sheath and a tether from the tip was fastened to her knee hobble. Most of her face was obscured by the black leather trainer buckled over and around her head.

"And here's that bonus - an unbroken, fiery redhead named Rebecca who happened to be the only one of our finalists that actually read the contract instead of just signing. When you call in your choice of the other five to our secure hotline, you also get to state your preference on how tomorrow's bevy of losers will be arranged for the cameras. Do we stick with the manacles? Do you prefer a stringent hog-tie? You name it, we'll arrange it. All for you for being today's big winner."

"Bidding will begin immediately after Samarkand calls in with his choice, so stand by."



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