You Bet Your Freedom 6 | breast bondage story

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The cameras move to show three motorized treadmills arranged like wheel spokes with their handles facing each other to form a triangle. Not that any of the three women being forced to keep up a steady pace on them can use the handles. Their wrists are still firmly cuffed to their belts.

To keep them encouraged to keep up, each woman is attached to the other two by wires running between their nipple clamps. And to keep them from deciding to just go off the back of the treadmill, each had a thin alligator clip fastened to the bridge between her nostrils that was tethered to the otherwise unused handles. And if that wasn't bad enough, their constant movement was cranking the dildos up to high.

"Let's make the circle. Round one's unfortunate Vinita. Bad luck to happen by just when Mia and Jessica decided to cooperate. And Vinita's left breast is attached to the right breast of the second race's loser, Peggy. Peggy is a former cheerleader - she looks the part with those blonde pigtails, doesn't she? And Peggy's left breast is attached to our final loser, light brunette haired Gabriela. Her pert little nose isn't original equipment, but we're assured every other part of her is as nature designed."

"And.... choice of one of these ladies goes to one of our female SSKers - congratulations, Sofronia. Please contact us with your choice and comments you have on our little show. The remaining two will be auctioned - but don't reach for your remotes. Today features yet another elimination round - this one will be held at night and we hope we have an elimination round that will keep your interest while it keeps you guessing."



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