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"Welcome to the first round of the final day of competition. Seventeen women down, eight women to go. The ladies have been divided into pairs again, but this time, not by random lots. We've paired them up by leg lengths - for reasons you'll see shortly. As with the night round, only one member of each pair will move on the the next round."

"As you will note, all of our contestants are currently equipped with spreader bars at knee-level. Those will not be part of their final gear, but enough of that - let's watch the preparations."

Mia was once again zeroed in on to be used as the demonstration model. The one nearest her leg length, Etsu, was put back-to-back with her and then their thighs were strapped together (Etsu's left to Mia's right and vice versa). Each was forced to cross her wrists in front of her and they were tightly bound with rope. Then a thin knotted crouch rope was run very tightly between the two women's wrists. Once the attendants had the crouch ropes as tight as they could get them, the thigh straps and knee spreaders were removed from that pair as the other three sets began to be joined together in the same fashion.

"Very simple contest - we have marked our field with three lines. The blue line in the center is where our contestants will start. On either side of the blue line is a white line twelve feet away. Whoever manages to get their pair across the line that they are facing at the starting signal will our winner. And each of our winners will get an hour of relaxation between events in a warm jacuzzi. As for our losers? The four eliminated will spend that hour aided in an instructional session for our audience on whipping, spanking, caning and flogging."

"Speaking of winners and losers - SSKers, get in your choices for who will fall in which round. Remember, at the day's end, only one will remain. And our overall winner will be taken back for a week of fun and relaxation at our luxury hotel before being whisked off to enjoy the rest of her rewards for being our big winner."

"Assistants, if you will position the contestants while members are logging their votes, we will be ready to begin shortly. Contestants - at the sound of the whistle, it's all up to you."

Other than Mia and Etsu, the other pairs were Jessica and Nicole - Marjani and Katrita - Marissa and Yumi. When the whistle sounded, the struggles took very different forms.

Already shown to be an accomplished hopper, Yumi chose to clench her legs together and hop. Marissa mewled her distress at the jerk on the already biting crouch rope and was having definate trouble trying to dig in her own feet to keep Yumi away from her goal.

Marjani again showed her leg strength and took one small step at a time, dragging a squirming Katrita along with difficulty.

Mia again proved herself to be a tricky competitor. The second the whistle had sounded, she had thrown her head back to collide with the back of Etsu's head. Unprepared for anything like that, the offguard Etsu was dazed enough that Mia had drug within two feet of her goal before Etsu began to recover and fight back. It was too little too late and Mia was the first woman to get across her line.

Jessica and Nicole seemed near evenly matched in both strength and determination and fought against each other so hard that they ended up toppling to their sides. Jessica had the wind knocked out of her more and Nicole was quick to take advantage of that by getting up onto her knees. She started walking on her knees toward her goal and Jessica, with her legs out flat, was never able to get her own legs back underneath her. Nicole's knee walk was slow and painful, but she crossed her line just after Yumi hopped over hers. Last one across was Marjani, still dragging a now weeping Katrita.

"Competition is definately heating up here and we hope it heated some of you up as well. As our winners go off to enjoy their rewards, we'll take a moment to apologize for the delay in auctions - we're still waiting to hear from SSKer Sofronia before that group is ready for the block. We have received Outlander's request - congratulations on your choice of Maria. As requested, she is being bound in simple, but very snug roping. Due to distance, we won't be shipping her all the way in a canvas satchel, but she will be tucked into one for delivery once she hits your area."

"Just four competitors left - Marjani, Mia, Nicole and Yumi. Which two will battle it out for the grand prize? Stay tuned."



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