You Bet Your Freedom 9 free bondage story

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The four women on the stage were exhausted. Things had been set up so that each of them was forced to be active for five minutes at a time, then they had a fifteen minute breather while the other three were made to take their turns.

An anal plug had been inserted, then Bobbi had been mounted on the cockpole which had short, thin L-shaped brackets on either side. Her big toes were cable strapped to them, leaving the rest of her feet exposed. She soon found out why. Whenever her segment began, if she wasn't moving on the deeply inserted cock, either the power would be turned on to the anal plug or one of the attendants would brush the bottom of one of her feet - sometimes with a feather, sometimes with an ice cube. It made for a long five minutes. Not that the other four really had it easier.

The next cockpole was bolted into position during Bobbi's five minutes, which is when it dawned on the three squirming women who were being held waiting that they were all going to be doing what Jeff called a pole dance all night long.

But they were wrong. At least two of them were. Paige was put into stringent rope bondage similar to how Mingmei's shipment ties had been. The differences were there were no stands going across her breasts and no loops.

As Bobbi was allowed to stop, Paige was laid near her, on her back. Blindfolded, the first drips of hot wax on her nipples was her first indicator of how her next five minutes were going to go.

Emily was forced to mount the second cockpole - after watching Bobbi, she fought her toes being tied into place more than she'd fought the cock's insertion. Not that it prevented them from being bound - or the douche tube from being inserted into her ass. Her assistants made her keep active by alternating between icy water entering her rectum or hard pulsing water hitting her nipples with the occasional tickling on the soles to keep her from guessing what was next.

Maria was, like Paige, laid out in strigent bondage on her back. But instead of hot wax, she got the feeling of ice on random portions of her body without warning during her five minutes. And when the cycle started all over again, Paige and Maria were flipped over onto their stomachs. This round, Paige got the ice while Maria experienced the hot wax across her exposed ass-cheeks.

One thing was for certain - never had any of the four been so delighted at the arrival of dawn.

Jeff moved in front of the camera as the women began to be removed from the stage.

"First - a note. Yesterday, we asked you to pick your guesses for who would manage to make it out of the ring first. All winners not only will be receiving a high-quality set consisting of double-locking handcuffs, toe cuffs and thumb cuffs, but they were also put into a drawing for a bonus prize. Congratulations, SSK member Outlander - you get your choice between the ladies now being carried from the stage for cleanup.

"Twenty-five down to eight. We'll be getting the contestants ready soon for today's session - which could well be a long one. Today's will be divided into three rounds. Part one will take us from eight to four. Then from four down to the final two. And tonight - hopefully around sunset, we will know who the final girl standing is. So stay tuned for the final day of You Bet Your Freedom."



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