You Bet Your Freedom 8 | woman bondage story

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"We're almost ready for the start of the second half of tonight's round. Let's take a look at the preparations and explain the rules to you."

Jeff moved over to where the women were standing, four on each side of a wooden crossbeam between two poles. Different colors of glowing plastic tubing were around each woman's neck, wrists and ankles. Plastic clothespins were also glowing with matching colors and clipped to the nipples of each woman with the chains leading to the wooden crosspiece adjusted so that all of them had to stand with her heels slightly off the ground to avoid pulling. The leather belts and crouch straps were back, but instead of the wrists being strapped to the side d-rings, their thumbs were attached there with thin cable ties.

"By random lots, we have divided our contestants into two groups of four. Jessica and Emily are the blue pair - for the night play, we've got them tagged with the appropriate color glo-jewelry. Mia and Paige are the red pair - Marjani and Bobbie are the green pair - Maria and Katrita are hot pink. Only one member of each team can go on to the next round."

"Oh - and one thing to remember, contestants. As added incentive, the four ladies eliminated will get to spend the rest of the night until dawn keeping our night-owl viewers entertained."

Muffled moans and curses made their ways around their gags as he and the camera moved in for closer shots.

"As you can see, all our contestants have been outfitted with the crouch straps again, but these have a little twist. Movement will still cause the plugs to speed up, but instead of speeding up their own, they'll be speeding up the plugs of the woman they're paired with."

"To win, a contestant has to pull free of her nipple restraints, run across the field and up the ramp onto the podium and assume a kneeling position in front the attendant wearing her color."

He then indicated a much closer platform that was curtained off. At his nod, attendants moved behind each woman to keep her in position. It wouldn't do for anyone to get a head start.

"Let's see where our first eliminated contestant will get to demonstrate."

The curtain was pulled back and a spotlight flared to life to illuminate a large dildo at the top of an adjustable pole. It didn't fail to have the desire effect on the women.

"Listen up, contestants - you will only be warned once. In a moment, the attendants will be releasing you. You are to remain perfectly still until you hear the starting whistle. If you do not, you will be immediately eliminated. Alright - attendants clear the playing field."

The second the whistle blasted, Mia did the odd manuever of starting to run in place as quickly as she could pump her legs. Or at least it seemed an odd manuever until Paige gasped and started to writhe under the influence of a building orgasm.

The strategy wasn't lost on the others, but they didn't have the element of surprise that Mia had pulled on Paige. Once she was sure that Paige was thoroughly distracted, Mia squeezed her eyes shut and hauled back against her chains hard. The muffled squeals when the clips came free distracted Bobbi so badly that Marjani got a breather and put it to use the strong legs she'd shown at the race. Bobbi was soon joining Paige in forgetting exactly what it was she was supposed to be doing.

Despite the fact that Mia had pulled free first, Marjani recovered from the sting of blood returning to her tortured nipples at about the same time - and her legs were longer. Marjani reached the ramp a good three feet ahead of Mia and Bobbi recovered from her orgasms just in time to have her clamps removed. When it dawned on her why, she began to struggle but with an attendant firmly in control of each arm, the outcome was never in doubt. She was taken behind the cockpole and held there so that she could look at it while the rest of the competition played out.

In all, it took nearly three more agonizing minutes, but Jessica and Katrita eventually joined Mia and Marjani kneeling on the podium. As Paige, Emily and Maria were being freed from their nipple bondage and drug to the other stage, Jeff came back to the camera again.

"Well, that was a lively little round, wasn't it? For those of you up all night, our four losers will be providing entertainment until dawn and tonight, we have a bondage DJ who will be taking your requests. We won't be able to get them all on the air, of course, but we will try to accommodate as many as possible. Stay tuned for that and for the recaps of today's events coming up soon."



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