You Bet Your Freedom 11 | spreader bar bondage story

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Jeff viewed the four women with a smile. He approved whole-heartedly of the arrangements. Practical as well as pleasing to the eye.

The one furthest to the right on the stage was Etsu. A three foot spreader had been attached to her ankles before she'd been forced to lie down on her stomach and extend her arms above her head. A hook had been screwed into the floor planking and her hands were bound together and tethered to that hook before rope was fastened to the middle of the spreader bar. The rope had been run over an overhead pipe and pulled until Etsu's feet were suspended four feet above the stage. She was being used to illustrate how even light punishment on the sensative soles could be a powerful motivator.

Next to her, Marissa's ankles had been crossed, bound and tethered to another floor hook. Her forced kneeling position with her arms bound behind her at the wrists and elbows made her breasts jut out prominently. Which made them an excellent target for a flogging demonstration. Though the red lines on her abdomen showed attention was being paid elsewhere as well.

Jessica had also been equipped with a spreader bar before her hands were tied above her head and tethered off above to leave her in a standing Eiffel Tower position, facing the rear of the stage. The welts already criss-crossing her ass and the back of her thighs were the marks left by the cane snapping against her tender flesh.

Katrita had her side to the front. She was bent over the back of a low chair, her thighs bound to the chair back and her wrists tethered to the front legs. Which left her bare ass very prominently stuck out for a round of discussion on the relative differences in various spanking gear.

"We hope you're all enjoying the between contest exhibition. I'm told that everything is nearly ready for competition to begin, so we expect to begin the second contest at the top of the hour."



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