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"Marjani, Mia, Nicole and Yumi. They've all made it this far, but only two of them will go any further. Our competitors are being fitted with the last of their gear for this round now."

The camera panned over the four women who were all currently kneeling. All had been fitted with upper body harnessing that included a collar around the neck. A 1-1/2 inch strap from the front of the collar went between their breasts and thinner side straps attached to that strap ran above and below to snugly trap the breasts between them. Those straps also connected to a 2 inch strap coming down from the back of the collar. The back strap featured attached wrist cuffs, so the women's wrists were locked into position, one on top of the other with their lower arms parallel to their shoulders. One odd addition - ankle weights attached to each ankle and each woman had been re-gagged with wiffle ball gags. Each of the ball gags was a different color. Each woman was also blindfolded.

"One reason we needed some time before the start of this round was the necessity of adjusting this next contest to the heights of our survivors. Assistants, are we ready? Then remove the screens from our next challenge."

When the screens were removed, a large square post was revealed. At the center of each side, but at varying heights, one-inch thick notched wood extended six feet. Supports every foot along the length insured the strips were rigid and each side's supports were painted in a different color to match the ball gag colors sported by the women.

"Gentlemen - get them into position."

Unable to see what they were being led to, the women didn't fight as much as they likely would have had they known. Even so, the attendants had their work cut out for them and most were fairly tired by the time all of their squealing and squirming charges were in position.

The strips had been put at a level for each woman so that the ridges cleaved them between their legs and they were only able to reach the ground with the balls of their feet. The attendants held the women back against the pole as Jeff continued to speak.

"Our contestants have to work their ways off of their individual strips. They will remain blindfolded - with no way of knowing how far they have left to go or how far along their competitors might be. The first two women to clear their strips will be going to be cleaned up, have a light lunch and allowed a bed for a nap before the final round tonight. Our two losers will be outfitted with spreader bars and will get to continuing 'riding' their strips until the winner is decided. During the break between rounds, they will also be used to demonstrate different styles of nipple restraints as well as other nipple accessories."

"The whistle will sound to begin the competition - it will sound again when the first woman clears her strip. When it sounds for the third time, the round will be over. Everyone clear? Good - assistants, leave the field now."

The feel of the notched wood pressing into their sex combined with the thoughts of having to endure that plus nipple torture for the rest of the day was incentive enough to start making their ways down the strips. There was no way for them to lift themselves clear of the notches, so the process was more one of slowing dragging themselves along. At least the wood was very smooth with no splinters.

Nicole showed her own determination, starting and keeping a rhythm to her movements even though the sensations made her moan into her gag. The moans turned to a sigh of relief when she finally cleared the last notch. As the whistle sounded, she sank to her knees - her journey had taken her about fifteen minutes. It had felt more like an hour.

The whistle blast startled the remaining three. They had no idea who just won, but they knew that it wasn't them and that they only had one more shot to get free and they all redoubled their efforts. One more time, Marjani's legs made the difference - she cleared her strip with Mia only inches behind her. At the whistle, both Mia and Yumi screamed into their gags even as their ankles were already being trapped.

"We'll be getting Mia and Yumi ready for a busy afternoon shortly, but first, here they are - the last two out of our field of twenty-five. Nicole and Marjani will be going at it tonight to determine our winner, but they're going to be needing their rest. Gentlemen?"

He waited until the two had been taken to the waiting van before continuing.

"We've requested Mister Mistoffelees to supply two of his infamous 'Cat Crew' to lend a hand with tonight's finale and we expect them to be arriving at any time. In the meantime, I believe the next round of exhibitions are about ready to start, so don't change that dial."



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