You Bet Your Freedom 13 | piercing bondage story

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"As anyone watching so far knows, we've whittled the field down from twenty-five to two. While we're waiting for tonight's competition, we've finally gotten the order from one of our special prize winners, Sofronia. Let's bring out her chosen prize."

Peggy, the former cheerleader, was carried out on a stretcher. Her hair had been recombed out, then put back into pigtails with red and white ribbon bows at the base of each. White anklets and white tennis shoes with red shoelaces had been put onto her feet and white shoelaces bound her ankles together with another set of laces binding her wrists in front of her. She had then been forced to her knees and her wrists then forced between her legs and tethered with another shoelace to her ankle tie. Even her ballgag was a red ball attached to white straps that were buckled tightly beneath her pigtails. As a final touch, the plastic handle of a red and white pom-pom had been inserted in her ass.

"She's headed out on her way to you now - congratulations again."

Jeff moved along to where Mia and Yumi were still being forced to straddle the notched wood. Mia was currently done up in chopsticks. Her ballgag had been removed and her tongue trapped between a pair of them. A pair of chopsticks were also above and below each breast and connected with rubber bands, then two more sets of chopsticks had been used to trap each nipple.

Yumi had been used to demonstrate piercings - one chain led from the top of the piercing through her tongue to her nose piercing and two chains for the bottom of the tongue to her nipple piercings. She also now sported a piercing in her navel.

"Yumi and Mia will be being joined by our other loser later tonight. The SSKer who was able to guess our finishing order will have their pick of the three - as special thanks for his behind the scenes help, the other two ladies will be taken back to Mister Mistoffelees by the Cat Crew members who will be working with us tonight."

"In the meantime, we're about to hold auctions for our remaining unclaimed losers, so don't go away."



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