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"The sun is starting to sink low and we're ready to begin our last trial. First, let's welcome the two members of the Cat Crew who have been sent to lend a hand - Monkustrap and Jennyannydots. Thank you for coming."

The two just gave a wave from the side - as per agreement, no camera facial closeups - which Jaki thought was just as well. They had both been given Safari style clothes to wear - khaki jackets and pants and straw hats - which Monk wasn't necessarilly thrilled about. And the equipment they were expected to use wasn't what they were used to, but that had to be expected. As Monk had muttered, the main thing was not to do anything horribly embarassing in front of a bunch of viewers who were both regular and potential users of the Corporation.

"And now - let's bring out our finalists."

Nicole and Marjani were looking around suspiciously. For the first time since competition had started, they were clothed again - although not in anything more substantial than their bikinis - and fully free of all bonds. No gags - no hobbles. The only addition to their bikini were a red wristband for Nicole and a blue one for Marjani.

"Here's how this last round works. Out there in the brush among the trees are ten flags - five red, five blue. The first woman to collect the fifth flag of her color will be our winner. But while you're hunting the flags, you will be hunted in turn. If one of our hunters gets two hands on you, you are tagged. And every time you get tagged by our hunters, one restraint will be applied. If you do not submit to the restraint being applied after a valid tag, the hunters are allowed to get as physical as needed to make you submit, so if you want to waste as little time as possible, it would be to your advantage to cooperate. After a restraint has been applied, you will have five minutes of time to work in before you can be tagged again. If it reaches the point that neither competitor is able to continue gathering additional flags, the one that has accumulated the most flags at that point will be declared the winner."

"Monk and Jenny - you have five minutes to get yourselves ready. Good luck. Ladies, you can take those five minutes to have a drink, stretch out or just rest."

On reaching the trees, the first thing both Cats did was to get rid of the safari hats and jackets. The layer underneath was camoflauge. Jennyannydots dipped into a pocket and pulled out a container about the size of a compact. Opening it revealed three wedges of camoflague paints. She quickly streaked her face with almost tigerish stripes of black, green and brown. Glancing over, she could see Monkustrap making his own pattern on his exposed flesh. They had the advantage, of course. They could be anywhere, but the women had to come to where the flags were.

They decided where their equipment point would be and left most of their gear, including the safari clothes, there. After all, once they used a restraint, they had five minutes to get the next and relocate their quarry. And unlike the women, they knew exactly where they were going. Preparations complete, Jenny gave Monk's hand a squeeze for luck as the whistle sounded. If they could have seen the predatory glint in the Cats' eyes, the two competitors would have been even more leery of approaching the trees than they already were. But they couldn't dawdle - the sun would be down soon and hunting the flags in the dark was even less appealing.

Nicole had just caught sight of her first flag when she suddenly was knocked off her feet by a green and black blur dropping from above. Her landing didn't do her dignity any favors, but Nicole knew that had to have counted as a tag. Swearing a bit, she nevertheless remained still and even opening her mouth to admit the wiffle ball gag. Once Jenny buckled it snugly and applied a small padlock, she helped Nicole back to her feet and gave her a swat on the ass before disappearing back into the shadows. Oh well..... at least she had her first flag. Tucking it into the side of her bikini briefs, she took off, determined to find more before her five minutes expired.

Marjani was spooking at every shadow. She had actually accounted for three of her flags so far, but had failed to claim a single one. Monk was watching and waiting patiently - she had to make a move eventually. Especially as a chime sounded for a second time - which meant Nicole was now holding two of her five flags.

Even as Nicole stood to decide which way to go next, a buzzer sounded. What she didn't know was that was the cue that her five minutes of free time had just ended. She figured it out when she suddenly felt hands clenching around her left ankle. Her startled scream sounded loud in the relatively quiet even with the gag in place. Standing still, she was cursing as Jenny rose and strapped a two-inch thick padded belt around her legs at mid-thigh. The belt was tightened very snuggly, then padlocked like the gag had been before Jenny went back to the shadows and left her to start making her way again. Much slower now.

The chimes signaled that Nicole had gained her third flag before Marjani finally made a mad dash to grab her first one. Her screams briefly shattered the calm before Monk's hand clamped down over her mouth. He had his hands full for a bit as the paniced woman forgot everything Jeff had said about co-operating to avoid losing time. But Monk was hardly a rookie and he had the advantage of strength over her. He managed to get her wrestled to the ground and gagged without a great deal of difficulty. Once it was locked, he didn't bother to help her up - he just moved off of her and let her fend for herself.

Still, Marjani seemed to have gained some nerve and quickly grabbed her second and third flags that she'd already located before her five minutes were up - that quickly, it was a tie race.

A dry twig snapped at a bad time turned Marjani's attention toward the approaching Monk and with a bleat into her gag, she was off and running. She really should have paid more attention to where she was running because she literally ran right to a waiting Jenny, who easily tripped her up. In a short time, she was wearing the thigh belt and the two Cats were off in search of Nicole.

While Marjani was wasting a lot of her 'free-run' time, Nicole seemed determined to make every second count and managed to grasp number four just as she was tagged again. When she started off after her fifth and final flag, she was wearing a pair of handcuffs.

But by that time, the end seemd a foregone conclusion. Nicole reached the last flag even as Marjani was being handcuffed. When the whistle blew to signal the end of competition, she tried to break away. Tried being the operative word as she wasn't able to escape Monk's grasp.

"Just under half an hour - and we have our overall winner. Well done, Nicole. A car is standing by to take you back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation. In the meantime, we have another winner. Congratulations to SSKer Lobo - you've won your pick of Mia, Yumi or Marjani."

"And our thanks again to Monkustrap and Jennyannydots for adding an extra element to our round of 'capture the flag' - whichever ladies aren't chosen by Lobo will be ready to travel back with you in the morning."

"But we aren't done yet - stay tuned for the highlights of the competitions. Also, we'll be showing you segments from the original interviews with our contestants as well as giving out the order details for those of you interested in purchasing DVDs."

~"I've got all of the qualifications now to be a medical file clerk, but after some on-the-job training? That work just seems so restricting. I guess I'm really looking for a position with a bit more freedom."~

Jeff clicked off the large screen television.

"That was a clip from the interview of our overall winner, Nicole. Let's get a view of what Nicole is up to right now."

Ignorant of the cameras placed to track her every moment, Nicole was stretched out and relaxing in the bathtub, which was easily triple the size of a standard one. She was, of course, quite nude.

"Nicole, as you can see, is enjoying her relaxation time. At the end of her week, there will be a special celebration dinner at which time she will be given her real prize. Nicole will be given as slave to our own Master Abductor - what slave could ask for more? We'll doubtless be seeing her lovely features in bondage videos in the future."

"A side-note to Mister Mistoffelees - we're still awaiting Lobo's decision as to which of the three lovlies he wants for his own, but Monkustrap and Jennyannydots assure us that they don't mind roughing it here at our resort for an additional day."

"And good news for the fans of our little show - response was favorable enough and the funds raised by the sale of our eliminated contestants sufficient to warrant a second season of You Bet Your Freedom. Our scouts have already been sent out to start looking for potential contestants for our next show."

"We'll be continuing to show highlights for the remainder of tonight, but this ends the live portion of our broadcast. Thank you for joining us and we hope you come back for more. This is Jeff Palmer, signing off from SSK Resorts."



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