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"I don't know why I agreed to this," Brad asked himself out loud as they parked the car and walked up to the front of the building.

"Because you want to show me how much you love me and trust me and so I can be sure that you don't misbehave while I'm at Claire's hen weekend," Kate reminded him.

Kate rang the bell discretely labeled, 'Lock Up Inc.' and waited for a reply.

Brad watched his girlfriend as she tried to peer in through the frosted glass. They had only met two months earlier and he had at once been blown away by her bubbly personality. She was also cute with long blonde hair and a curvy and attractive figure and looked great casually dressed in her blue jeans and black jumper.

The door was opened by a young woman dressed in a smart trouser suit with her long dark hair tied in a bunch at the back.

"Hi I'm Annie," she smiled, "and you must be Kate?" Brad followed them inside, resigned to the fact that he wasn't going to be introduced.

"Just the weekend?" Annie confirmed as she checked the booking on the computer before leading them through a door and down some stairs. She unlocked the door at the bottom of the stairs and entered a small room with a row of small metal doors along one side. She walked up to the last door and pulled it open.

"Here are our cells," Annie smiled. "They are constructed out of one inch thick steel and surrounded on all sides apart from the front with thick concrete." Annie opened the door wider so that they could look inside.

She continued the briefing. "The cell is 6 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet tall with a small bed at one side and a small toilet and a tap at the back. There is a TV that can be projected on to the wall if you chose. There is also ventilation through these holes here. Each hole is a maximum of 1 inch in diameter to ensure no chance of escape."

"Perfect," Kate smiled, "he won't be able to get up to much mischief in there."

"First things first," Annie smiled, clearly enjoying this part of her job. "Do you want to lock him up using any restraints, handcuff or foot cuffs for example?"

"Umm, I wonder," Kate smiled as she looked at Brad who was wondering how much worse this could get.

"Yes… both," she concluded.

Annie took a pair of each out of a nearby cupboard. "Do you want him to undress first?" she asked. "It's a good way to make sure he hasn't got any concealed keys or a phone."

Kate smiled at Brad, "Yes, strip to your boxers."

He slowly complied.

"Nice," Annie smiled. "I can see why you want him locked up for safe keeping."

"OK," she continued, "do you want to lock the cuffs on him or shall I?"

"You can," Kate replied as she watched Annie quickly and professionally chain Brad's wrists and ankles together.

"Now these cuffs are all uniquely keyed," Annie smiled. "So these are the only ones that will open those cuffs. Do you want to keep them or shall I?" she asked.

"I think I will," Kate replied as she pocketed the keys. She then examined the cuffs locked around Brad's wrists. "No way out of those," she informed Brad.

Annie continued. "Now before he goes inside, let me explain how this cell locks. Firstly, there is the client's key which you keep and 10-digit code that you set. Without both the key and the code there is absolutely no way this cell can be opened before the 'failsafe' day is reached. For this cell that is one month from locking. In other words, if you lock the cell and never return, your friend here will be inside for 30 days minimum."

"I think that would be a bit excessive," Kate smiled.

"Yes, but remember," Annie warned, "If you lose the key or forget the code, then we physically can't free him until then."

"Secondly…" Annie continued, "You can chose to additionally padlock the door top and bottom."

"Yes I've bought a couple of padlocks for that," Kate smiled.

"Obviously the cell can't be open with those locks in place and we won't even attempt to cut those off until after the 30 days," Annie explained. "Some women like to pass these keys on to a girlfriend just to increase the number of people necessary to free him.

"Finally," Annie said, "there is the master key which I will hold. Without this key the cell will never open. The way it works is that I will keep this key on me at all time, and I mean at all times, and so if you want to open the cell when I'm off shift, then you need to call me on this number. There are of course no duplicate keys."

"So if you're ready, we can lock him up," Annie smiled.

Kate looked serious for a moment, "OK, inside," she said as she gently pushed Brad through the small doorway. Brad ducked to get through the doorway and sat down on the bed.

"See you in two days time," Kate smiled as she pushed the heavy door closed. Brad heard a loud thud echo around his metal cell. He knew his freedom was now gone until they decided otherwise.

Outside the women continued with the proceeding. Kate turned her key a full turn and removed it from the keyhole. It soon joined the cuff keys in the front pocket of her jeans. Annie turned her key and likewise pocketed it in her suit trouser pocket.

"Now the combination," Annie smiled.

"Right, something easy to remember," Kate smiled as she tapped her secret code into the keypad.

As she finished the number, a red light appeared above the door.

"That it," Annie smiled, "Another one locked up."

Kate finished by locking the door with her padlocks and added those keys to her growing collection.

"I should be on duty on Sunday evening when you release him, so just bring your keys with you then" Annie smiled. "Unless you decide to keep him under lock and key for a little longer".

On the way out, Annie gave Kate the videophone for speaking directly with Brad in the cell and for calling in requests for the cell, such as turn out the lights, turn the TV on or off, set a certain temperature or request or deny food or drink.

Annie smiled, "With this phone you will be able to control the little freedom that he has left. There will always be one of us here, myself, Imogen or Emma".

Kate smiled to herself. "Before I leave, could I request that the lights be turned out, he has no TV, no food or drink and say a nice cold 10 degrees until tomorrow morning."

"Done," Annie replied, "Have a good evening".

At the Hen Weekend

Kate arrived at the hotel and joined the Claire and the others in the hotel bar.

"Nice dress. Does Brad trust you to behave yourself this weekend?" Claire asked as Kate walked up to the bar in a short revealing red dress.

"Probably not, but at least I can trust him to be good," Kate smiled.

"He didn't agree to that place you were talking about did he?" Claire exclaimed.

"Aha!" Kate giggled. "He is… as we speak, sitting in a tiny maximum security cell."

The conversation soon got the attention of the rest of the group.

"To get out, he needs four keys and a 10 number code," Kate explained to the growing group.

"The woman who runs the place has one key, I have the two padlock keys in my purse and the fourth key is, well… safe," Kate smiled as she took the two padlock keys out to show them.

"In fact, maybe you girls should look after these two just to add to make his escape even more impossible."

There was much interest and Kate gave one to Claire, the hen, and one to Rebecca, who unbeknownst to Kate was seeing Brad behind her back.

"Now you must look after them. Without these, Brad can't be released for 30 days."

"Really?" Claire smiled as she hid her key.

Later that night, Kate went outside to make a call.

"Hi," she said as she tried to make out Brad's dark figure on the videophone.

"Hi," he replied as he sat up from the bed.

"Sooo.... how are you enjoying your time as my prisoner?" she purred.

"Its dark, cold, no TV and there's no food," he complained.

"I know! My orders," she whispered.

"What do you think of my dress?" She held the videophone at arms length.

"Nice," he replied as he looked at her figure wrapped tightly in the silk dress.

"Oh please let me out of here," he begged.

"No way," she giggled.

"You do still have the keys don't you," he asked.

"I have one just here," she purred as reached down between her legs and angled the phone so that it looked up at her knickers.

"Please…" he asked again.

She shook her head. "Its staying nestled right where it is. And anyway the other keys are with Claire and Rebecca and I'm sure there is no way they'd give me those keys back until you've served your time. Four keys; the property of four different women, none of whom are willing to release you, all of the keys required for your freedom. Looks to me like you'd better get used to captivity," Kate purred. "You could be there for a while."

The Discovery

"I can't believe it, Brad is seeing someone behind my back!" Kate exclaimed as she came off the phone. "Rachel saw him with someone last week."

"The bastard!" Claire joined in.

"Well he's chosen a bad time to be found out! He's staying in that cell for the whole month! Maybe much longer if I can arrange it!" Kate hissed.

Rebecca heard the conversation and was concerned. It was her that he was seeing and he had been on the verge of telling Kate it was over. Shit. She would have to get him out; there was no way he could stand a month in solitary isolation. Louise was a keen martial artist. She should be able to deal with a few women. She confided in Louise who knew about her and Brad.

"Shit. I need to get him out of there," she whispered.

"Well you have one of the keys, that's a start," Louise replied.

"Yes and Claire has one, Kate has one and the woman at the 'Lock Up' place has the last. Shit how do I get all those?"

"I'm sharing a room with Claire," Louise offered. "C'mon, let's search her room for the key."

The women searched the Claire's room but found no key.

"She must have it on her," Rebecca sighed as she threw the last of Claire's clothes back into her suitcase.

As she finished speaking, Claire came into the room. Rebecca closed the door behind her and locked it.

"What are you doing?" Claire asked innocently.

"Just give us the key Kate gave you!" Rebecca snapped.

"No way, that bastard is staying behind bars," she replied.

Rebecca grabbed her and pulled her down on to the bed. She sat astride her chest and pinned her hands down. As Rebecca sat down on top of her, her skirt rode up. Claire looked at Rebecca's legs, they were bloody fit and too bloody strong.

"Search her pockets," Rebecca ordered Louise.

"Got it," Louise smiled as she produced the second key.

"Right now in my bag is a pair of handcuffs," Rebecca smiled, "they were intended for you later on, but we will just have to shackle you up a little early."

Rebecca led Claire into the bathroom where Louise locked her wrists behind her back to the radiator.

"Since you enjoy keeping someone in captivity, I'm sure you'll love being chained up here," Rebecca smiled as she pocketed the handcuff key. The women turned up the TV to drown out any cries for help and left her to enjoy the rest of her hen weekend chained to the radiator.

"The other two might be a bit harder to obtain," Rebecca mused as she put the second key on to her ring.

They knocked on Kate's door and found her sitting on her bed crying.

"Do you want us to take care of him?" Rebecca kindly offered as she sat down next to her.

"No, I can do that myself," she replied. "Without my key and combination number he won't be going anywhere for the next four weeks at least."

"Combination?" Rebecca repeated somewhat concerned.

"Yes 10-digits, 10 billion possibilities. Just watch him try to break that."

Rebecca decided to act. She pushed Kate on to her back and sat astride her.

"Well I may as well tell you that I'm the one seeing Brad and I really don't want him locked up for a month. So make it easy for yourself and hand over the key and your combination," Rebecca smiled.

"You bitch!!" Kate exclaimed as she tried to fight off her assailant.

But with Louise's help, Kate was soon subdued and lying on the floor with her hands and feet bound by shoelaces.

"First the key," Rebecca smiled as she stood above her friend.

"Fuck off," she hissed back.

Rebecca kicked her back and Kate cried out in pain. Kate still said nothing.

"I'll sit on your fucking face," Rebecca threatened.

Kate looked concerned as Rebecca undid her belt and pulled down her jeans. Louise tapped her mouth closed with some packing tape and Rebecca crouched down over her victim. She then sat down with all of her weight on Kate's face and clamped her thighs tightly around Kate's head.

"Its all gone very quiet," Rebecca noted as they waited for the inevitable sign.

Finally Kate knocked on the floor as a sign of surrender. Breathing heavily, she pointed to her jeans. Louise checked her pockets but found nothing.

"Better try the knickers," Rebecca said as she maintained her threatening position just above Kate's head.

Louise pulled down Kate's jeans and turned Kate over on to her back.

"Key number three… Inside her knickers," Louise smiled. She reached inside Kate's underwear and detached the key from the ring that held it in place.

"Smelly, but it'll work," Louise said as she handed it to Rebecca.

After a further half an hour during which time Kate became further acquainted with Rebecca's arse, the friends had what they hoped would be the correct combination. They then called Annie on the phone that Kate had been given.

"Hi, I'm Kate," Louise lied, "I need to open the cage tonight."

"Already?" Annie replied. "I thought he was there until Sunday?"

"Change of plans," Rebecca replied.

"OK, I'm at a night club right now I'll be there in an hour."

The Rescue

They left Kate hog-tied on the floor of her room and made for their rendezvous.

"We're here for Kate," Rebecca smiled as she walked into the front office.

"Sorry it has to be Kate in person. I'm not opening the cell without her express consent," Annie firmly replied.

Rebecca grabbed Annie by the wrist and twisted her hand behind her back. Rebecca's martial arts skills made it easy for her to overpower Annie and they were soon into the cellar and outside of Brad's cell.

Louise unlocked the two padlocks and dropped them to the floor. She then typed in the combination and to their relief it was right.

"Your arse is one hell of a instrument of torture," Louise joked as she turned Kate's key in its hole.

"Right and the last key," Rebecca asked Annie who was still wearing a miniskirt and Lycra top from the nightclub. Knowing she was beaten, she removed the final key from a concealed pocket in her skirt.

"And you call this security," Rebecca smiled as she turned the last key and opened the door.

"Hands up," came a voice from the other end of the cellar.

They turned and saw Imogen, Annie's partner in the company standing with a pistol pointed at them. Brad came out of the cell to watch the proceedings.

"You two strip to your knickers," Imogen smiled.

Rebecca and Louise slowly complied.

"Inside," she continued.

Rebecca and Louise were now inside the tiny cell with Brad.

"Before we seal them in…" Annie chipped in, "I just want to add to their fun."

Annie took eight pairs of handcuffs and foot cuffs and started to chain the three of them together in a tight and intricate pattern. She then took some lengths of chains and padlocks and continued the web. She finished off by chaining Brad's neck between Rebecca's thighs.

"If I were you I'd be concerned. I'm going to return these keys to Kate and let her decide how long she wants you to stay incarcerated" Annie said as she blew them a kiss and slammed the cell closed again. All the keys were turned, the padlocks locked and a new combination chosen.

"Now to return these keys to Kate," Annie smiled, "I'm sure she'll treasure them more than ever."


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